Season 8 Episode 1

A Beautiful Day

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 30, 2013 on Showtime

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  • A retrospective view to Episode 1

    Actually, I found this episode very promising, a little bit too slow, but all in all rather nice, was really looking forward to seeing more. I hoped we could forget seasons 6-7 as a nightmare and enjoy a wonderfully written ending to a great show. . Sorry, but Season 8 did not deliver... Still vague hope for last two episodes, very vague indeed.
  • douchebag dexter

    sheesh, dexter is even more of a douchebag in this 8th season. why can't he just die? and what about that old lady, you think someone's FINALLY onto him, and then... she just wants to protect him and says he's f*cking perfect? well, you don't have to be very bright to know that the old lady is the new killer, of course. what a load of bull crap dexter has become. debra is the only good thing in the show right now, acting like she is supposed to. but i hate how the writers make everything seem so easy. how was the investigation about laguerta's death? how could they blame estrada if he was already dead???? the really good thing in this episode: we discover it is dexter that needs debra, and not the other way around. BUT they want to play the psychopath card again, like he has no empathy blablabla. what about him falling in love with that annoying blond? pshychopaths do not fall in love, and i will never 'forgive' the writers for destroying dexter, the character.
  • A Beautiful Day

    Taking into account some uneven writing and acting throughout, the season premiere actually set the stage pretty well for what will be Dexter's final test (and maybe his toughest yet). I already have my theory that the killer is specifically trying to play a game with the blood splatter analyst, and somehow the new doctor is involved, but hopefully for the sake of this being the final season they come up with something a little less predictable than that.

    Shaky at times, but there's been worse season premieres throughout the show's history.
  • Not so beautiful for Deb

    The season premier was good as expected. I'm glad that they cut out all the suspense and showed that Dr Vogel knows something. It was very obvious. Now that we know that she knows I can't wait for episode two! As far as Deb falling apart, it has been a long time coming. To admit you are in love with your brother and only faily member had to do a number on her initially. Then her killing LaGuerta send her over the edge. It will be interesting to see how this season ends!
  • Some good parts, some not so good

    The season premiere was ok, but not great. Some good stuff: Charlotte Rampling as Evelyn Vogel. An interesting addition to the cast. Evelyn is a mysterious character and it will be interesting to see if she is good/bad or something in between. Sean Patrick Flanery is another good addition to the cast, but we did not learn very much at all about the character. Debra has sometimes annoyed me and I do not like the path she has taken either, even though it is easy to understand her downward spiral after the events of last season. I am also tired of characters like Quinn and Jamie. They dont add much to the show, except showing off their bodies.
  • The drawings

    The drawings are not Harrison's. They are Dexter's which means Harry probably went to Dr. Vogel when Dexter was very young to figure out how to deal with his obvious disturbing mental state. How else would she know about Harry's Code?

    Debra is doing the typical running from the truth behavior; thrill seeking and escape drugs. Her only other recourse to stay sane would be tell the truth and pay the price since she is not a sociopath like Dexter. She not only did something horrible, she has a huge secret. Murdering someone has enormous consequences, especially for someone who has such a deep sense of justice. She believed in the law with her heart and soul.
  • Moving In Double-Time?

    Things we know: this is the final season, Debra has morphed into a different person, and Dexter has never been more potentially exposed and vulnerable.

    And so the beginning of the end begins. Six-months have passed since Deb's murder of LaGuerta and immediately we drop into a clumsy memorial for LaGuerta which dedicates, of all things, a park-bench. If this isn't uncomfortable enough we also learn that Battista is returning because all he wants to do is "take down bad guys". Is this going to be a problem for Dexter? Well, it telegraphs it might be, but immediately we see an uncontrollable side of Dexter imminently more virulent. Add to that a few other things such as Deb's self-imposed exile from the department (she just stopped coming in) as she, more or less, has disappeared. Dexter's world, where it had "Harry's Code" and a general "safe" order has totally evaporated as it has descended into a chaotic dis-order in which he has little control.

    The department's business, however, must go on. A grisly murder investigation ensues in which a mysterious Dr. Vogel, a psychopathic expert, suddenly appears at a department briefing. It's clear while she will be assisting the investigation her central point of interest is anything but the murder itself. She's clearly talking directly to Dexter. If things could get even more uneasy for Dexter they just have multiplied exponentially.

    A trek to Ft. Lauderdale by Dexter ends up with a face-to-face between him and Deb. While he truly still cares for her it certainly appears the person she has become is devoid of the things she once held dear, that includes Dexter. Deb is "out-there" and she is working as a PI without any fear for her own safety or, for that matter, procedural correctness. She explains she hates Dexter and blames him for what she has become. This is the best part of this beginning of the end. It underscores the mess Dexter's past miss-steps have culminated in. If there was ever a shred of nobility to what Dexter believed in he lost it and now he's taking down innocents that threaten to include Deb.

    "A Beautiful Day" is fast becoming Dexter's Hell on earth. While this episode is obviously a "set-up" for things to come it still wastes no time in it's haste to create a darkness which one would guess portends some very bad things. Whatever points lost for fast-forwarding six-months can be overlooked as the episode gets so heavy in it's darkness. Witness the introduction of Dr. Vogel, the viewer doesn't even have to wait until the next few episodes for her impact, it's dropped like a nuclear bomb in the last minute. This episode that started out less than gracefully, almost laughable comes to mind, has self-corrected into a looming catastrophic nightmare. All this and Dexter performing a rare impromptu murder himself. This series final season has just ended with a huge "ramping-up" of Dexter's decent into quite possibly his own self-destruction. With this ending of the first installment it seems things are on-track for the big-finish the series deserves. So, starts wonky, but is almost immediately corrected with a tremendous latter-half.

  • Darkest Hour Part 1

    Dexter began its final season last night and I have to say I frankly expected more. After the upsurge of quality throughout Season 7 that harkened back to the Good 'Ole Days Season 8's first episode was surprisingly lacking. First off, the six month time jump was just clunky. At LaGuerta's bench memorial where the awful expositional dialogue seemed to be spoken by all the characters. Also, Jaime is now sleeping with Quinn? I knew she had weird taste in men with Louis, but Quinn? Come on, you can do SO much better Jaime. Btw Quinn is still a mega-D-bag who can't get a storyline to save his life beyond "let's have sex and keep getting Another misfire of the premiere was the intro of what could've been an intriguing character, Dr. Vogel (a forensic neuropsychologist who is an expert on the psychopathic brain). This seemed to fit too well into the body of the week that had the part of the brain that processes empathy missing (could she have been the murderer? I wonder). But her scene with Dex in the morgue was totally lacking in suspense as we had already seen this scene so many times before and done best in Season 2 when he was being grilled by Lundy about past sloppy case work. She did end up knowing about Dex being the BHB and had drawings of Harrison's to show him (how she got her hands on them is beyond me though). Though Dexter's paranoia about her seems well justified seeing as how she just "called Matthews out of the blue" to help the department. And if she knows about Harry's Code she should also know that he's broken it SO many times that she's not safe at all. But what she wants is what makes me intrigued by her even if her intro was sloppy as all can be. But Deb is now working for a private company catching bail jumpers and the like and has shacked up with one who stole millions in diamonds and is trying to fence them off. Her scene with Dexter was the real meat of the episode in the store where she explains that she "killed the wrong person in the container" at the end of last season. Kudos to Jennifer Carpenter for nailing Dex for being so blind to what it's like to be her, not caring about her own safety when a hitman may be coming to kill her new beau. Then Dexter kills him right in front of her with a knife and she calls it into the police and still protects her brother. Also, bringing Batista back from the whole "I Quit" thing was really lazy to me as a viewer; they made such a big deal about Mike Anderson's passing last year that they should've at least been consistent with his motivation rather than having him make a complete 180 like that. Dexter was really unhinged this episode, almost killing a guy who cuts him off in traffic, then killing Deb's new But seeing her self-destruct was to be expected and the fact that Dex hadn't been looking for her with more effort before this episode for the six month period (without talking to him for so long) strains believability. But Ghost Harry is right that the best thing to do is to leave her alone, but now that she's turned her back on him Dex now realizes how lost he is without that support in his life. Without Hannah or Deb, nothing makes sense. He can't even properly parent and gets blood all over Harrison's little dog toy (thank you for not having him kidnapped such as in Season 6). While there were several missteps here (messy introductions, yawn-inspiring expositional dialogue, a lack of direction, less stakes) the episode did deliver on the Deb-Dex scenes which are bound to be the meat and potatoes of this season's dynamic and had a shift in tone that makes it feel like the end-game given the gloomy overcast shadowing of Miami as Vogel hands Dexter the disturbing pics his son drew. My advice would be to stay tuned given that a premiere is not reflective of an overall season so hopefully with the intros out of the way the season can get to where the main conflict will be coming from (the brain killer perhaps? Vogel? Deb? who Also seeing Dexter unhinged like this and unsure who to turn to feels a bit unique with no fallback for one of the first times in recent memory as he resorts to violent outbursts at random people and his own son even. But Dexter is finally ending, IMO long after it should've despite last season's amazing Isaac/Hannah/Deb stories, but hopefully this season will not pull any punches and will up the ante as Dexter's fate of "will he pay the price?" or "will he get away with murder?" will finally be answered definitively.
  • The beginning of the end.

    I am really excited about this being the last season but also a little sad and hopefully Dexter can finish on a high note I really enjoyed the season 8 premiere which starts 6 months after the death of La Guerta Dexter might think the death of La Guerta has solved all his problems but it has only created new ones now with Deb hating Dexter more than anyone I can't believe how it's ended up like this between the two of them because in the earlier seasons they have had a strong relationship It was really interesting to see the appearance of Dr Evelyn Vogel who has apparently come to help with the Brain Surgeon murder but Dexter finds it has something to do with him and that she knows a lot more about him than he could imagine.
  • Great start.

    This season is somewhat different, in the way DEXTER approaches things, he is much more volatile, unstable which can only mean he will be more unpredictable and thus more fun to watch.

    The most important part, the presentation of the villain, hasn't come yet, although the crime was shown, and a description appeared.

    This doctor Vogel is also interesting, I thought she was Dexter's mother, seeing she talked to him so confident.

    The Debra story will also add to this show's unpredictability.

    I think the writer's intention is to make us believe that the ending will be very unhappy and sad, but somehow I doubt it. A happy ending seems more possible.

    All in all, I think this season will be a blast and by far the best.