Season 6 Episode 4

A Horse of a Different Color

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Best Episode so far


    I have been really enjoying this season so far, but this episode set the pace for the season. From start to finish I watched it with full attention. Watching it a second time now. With a supposed 'big event' happening in the sixth episode I think this is one of the best season so far. Come on guys, there is no way last season should be getting higher ratings then this season!

  • back on track


    after season 4 with the trinty killer the show felt like it lost its edge but with this new season the spark is back. dex seems more focus and the relgion is funny cause can a killer belive in god? yes most people have killed in the name of it. I read a review that said the show gloryfies a killer and the it's bad blah blah blah. The truth is the morals of our world is shads of gray. the show is showing the struggle of a man. Dex may be wrong to take a life but if a killer killes your family and somones avenges that is it wrong. To be obtuse and say oh this is right or wrong than why watch the show? in this season it shows that faith has no bias. People may be really evil but some "monsters" maybe more complexe so is the world to me dexter has always nailed these views so the people who review on such a one sided view should look at the world and see where we live and what is happening around us. I saw good job dex causing a great show sparks debat!

  • Amazing Grace


    This week's offering of Dexter was rather macabre. Starting out by saying that the horse thing was one of the most heinous and outlandishly brutal things that I've ever seen on anything, and the body on the table having been sawed apart and put back together was hideous, this is why I don't eat dinner when watching this or the Walking Dead. Anyway, Michael Anderson (new dude from Chicago) links the four horsemen murder to the previous fruit vendor killing with the symbols to the Book of Revelations. Masuka discovers that Rian was selling the ITK prosthetic arm and fires her after outbidding the auction, good to see that he ultimately values his job more than some tail. Dexter goes through a crisis when Harrison's appendix ruptures and he has to rush to the hospital to having Harrison go into surgery. Sam shows up to give him guidance and Dexter even asks God or whatever higher power for help and Sam shares a rather personal story about his father and how he turned to God. The profound belief of not wanting to do what he was doing anymore wasn't pushed or preachy, it just was. Its this raw simplicity that makes Mos Def's performance so solid is that he is unique and buys what he sells in his own way without coming off as the everyday Bible thumper. Travis goes on a date and again the question of Geller's really existing comes to mind because when they were in the cafe before Travis asked her out she didn't seem to even see Geller but she was obviously doe-eyeing Travis. But later when Geller tells him free will was created for a reason he goes and has sex with her after a date and Geller's just there, he knows where he is even though he only knew her first name, or he followed her. Evidence to the contrary though says that when Dexter examines the horseman's remains he notices that the body doesn't match the neatness of the fruit vendor and the same person who cut them may be a different "Doomsday Killer" as they are now calling him so that could be the case. The fact that there is a real person named James Geller who disappeared and stole a magic sword and disappeared three years previous tells us that there was a Geller, but he may just be like a Tyler Durden to Travis's Travis. Deb gives anembarrassinglyfrank speech at the press conference but it turns out to be a hit with the public and Matthews for that matter. Seeing LaGuerta purposefully try to sabotage her is gimmicky and boring, as well as Quinn and Angel getting high and not really contributing at all this week. The real winner is Dexter's somewhat nudge towards transformation as Harrison comes out of surgery perfectly fine, it's great to see him and Sam be friends and relate even though they don't believe the same thing. Dexter's explanation of being drawn to science is relatable to me as well and this episode was really about how faith is more than yourself. Travis and Geller's killings seemed downright strange at first but then I realized that the writers had done this one purpose, thinking back Dexter has encountered many killers and never once been this off put by their methods because all the other killers were just satisfying their need to kill by killing innocents and Travis and Geller are much more about their message and what they have to say to the world so this is truly unlike anything that Dexter has ever encountered before and kudos for the freshness in a Season 6 of a show to keep the ideas up. Things at the end turned out a little like a saw movie with the trap of the Angel of Death and the trap, but for some reason Travis is looking on and Dexter sees him so now he can begin the hunt. Easily said that things are finally picking up here, and somewhere down the line Dexter will owe God or whomever something for having saved Harrison or at least it'll be brought up again. And Imaginary Harry saying that it's strange in the first place for Dexter to talk to him was a nice meta touch on their own methods. I want more of the Doomsday storyline details because we're a third of the way through the season and though Travis is becoming more fleshed out Geller or Geller Durden is only menacing and takes all of Travis's happiness away so more on that would be great. But other than that things are going swimmingly, way to go Dexter!

  • This episode got me really interested again in this season of Dexter. I was starting to look forward to Homeland more than Dexter, but "Horse of a Different Color" got me sucked back in...


    I can't remember this episode in chronological order at this point, so I'll just do a "things I liked/didn't like" format.

    Things I liked:

    Brother Sam: Mos Def is a great actor, and I love his character so far. I loved the awkward moment when Deb asked he and Dexter if they're friends when he showed up at the hospital.

    Ryan: Ryan's hot, and so far that's strictly the only reason I like her. It doesn't seem like she could just be done and off the show, so I looked at her wikipedia page and it says she is in 7 episodes of this season... so apparently she has some more damage to inflict.

    The Doomsday Kill: Their kill reminded me of the scene in "Silence of the Lambs" when Hannibal hangs up the dead officer like an angel. It was creative, dark, and I liked it. Does anyone else think that the Professor is only in Collin Hanks' head?

    Dexter's nanny: She's hot too, and I'm hoping her and Dexter hook up, since I can't (why else would she be in the season?)

    Things I didn't like:

    Dexter the medical examiner: One of the biggest strengths of Dexter seasons 1-4 were the very tight and plausiblestory lineswith minimal holes. Dexter all of the sudden being the medical examiner isn't a "hole" per se, but it's one of those things that instantly popped up in my head as something that didn't fit.

    The whole religious backdrop?: This I'm not sure about... so far it has added to the story and is going along fine. I just hope it doesn't get too intense and make things come off weird- I can't explain what I mean I could just see it getting weird(er) than I would like. Thoughts?

  • The countdown begins as "The Doomsday Killer" evolves into a serial killer - staging ever more elaborate kills while leaving enigmatic clues revolving around the Book of Revelation.


    Episode four begins with Dexter's struggle with his lack of faith. He sees that there is a power of renewal with brings peace to those who believe. Though he sides on science he can't deny that science has done nothing to make faith obsolete. Sam, The Good Shepherd Auto Repair guy, raises the fact that Dexter, though choosing science, does believe in something greater than himself. Dexter has a seed of doubt about his empty view of things as the beginning sequence closes.

    The story shifts immediately to the crime shown at the end of the previous episode: an elaborate recreation of the four horsemen of the apocalypse melded to another victim which has been dismembered and displayed on the mannequin riders posed on the four horses. The killer wants credit as he displays his omega emblem prominently on the forehead of one of the horses. Dexter comes to the conclusion that the "Doomsday Killer" is a man of faith, though he's a "horse of a different color", meaning his skewed interpretation of his religious beliefs must be imposed upon mankind who falters by the choice of freewill. Soon, Dexter discovers the killer is sending messages through numbers hidden in the victims on small pieces of paper. There seems to be, perhaps, a loose connection to clues Dexter's brother, the "Ice Truck Killer" used…But, it is more enigmatic. Soon a department meeting raises Deb's new replacement's stock as he connects the killer to acting out the book of Revelation. Dexter surmises the numbers separate days of the killings and they are a countdown. Dexter starts reading Revelation and it makes him question that with the graphic horror depicted why anyone would find comfort in a faith of which this is a part of. Sam and Dexter interact once more and Dexter finds it interesting that Sam brings up human nature is a driving force in how each person's faith, and their actions, differ. Dexter realizes he is going to have to really delve deeper to understand this killer and he notices there are differences which indicate two different people are involved. Dexter believes the killer has an assistant who must be working under his influence. As this act closes Dexter's son may be feeling ill from a "bug" or something?

    Masuka realizes his new hire is a huge mistake. Debra dresses as a professional, but her first news conference is anything but as she goes into the mode of being "Deb" while fielding reporter's questions. Battista and Quinn get wasted while working in the field. Things are spinning out of control and Dexter is gripped with fear of his son's welfare. Harrison suffers from an alarmingly high fever and is rushed to the emergency room due to a ruptured appendix. Sam comes to the hospital offering Dexter "backup" in his time of need. Dexter comes back to his thoughts of things larger than himself as Sam tells him we have to surrender things we can't control. Their conversation turns to Sam relating to Dexter how his earthly father misled and used him for evil, meaning he misplaced his belief which eventually led to prison. In prison, while Sam was attempting to kill a man he despised, he had a revelation to let the old Sam, who had believed in the wrong person go. He literally saw the light and he began his path to redemption leading to the man he now is. Dexter is, of course, conflicted, but he sees there is a need to relinquish things he cannot control. Dexter asks God for help by praying he is willing to submit himself in this time of need. Soon the doctor tells Dexter Harrison came through well and we see Dexter struggles with what he has prayed and what he has a hard time still accepting. Dexter's father comes to him in Harrison's hospital room and tells Dexter he has to admit his prayer was answered. Furthermore he submitted himself in his prayer. Dexter, being obstinate, says he was desperate to which his father warns him he should be ready to follow through on his word. Things are settling back down to a more "controlled" status, but is Dexter still in control? There's a shift starting to occur within Dexter and there are many things, the viewer senses, which as a result will soon unfold.

    Battista and Quinn return from their "excellent adventure" with a big break as they now have key evidence who the "Doomsday Killer" is likely to be. Masuka proves his worth as he realizes something strange in that the second murder involved an ancient artifact such as a sword. Even Deb escapes the wrath of her boss as her openness has been embraced by the public at large. Everyone seems to have come out of the swirling chaos, but is it only temporary? The "Doomsday Killer" strikes a third time, officially becoming a "serial killer", insuring everyone's reprieve to be temporary. The highly symbolic, and very elaborately staged, third murder actually made the department complicit as an unwitting officer tripped a wire causing the victim's death to occur in front of everyone's eyes. In one moment everything is changed and the department seems helplessness and inept.

    Wow, things really are ramping up, and fast. The season is getting better by the episode. We are mandated to stay tuned…In a word, excellent.

  • Travis and Professor Gellar keep their plan moving forward while Dexter's son gets sick.


    I was very torn on this episode. Half of the time, I was insanely frustrated with how ridiculous the writers were. Scenes like Batista and Quinn getting high in his new car? Masuka having girl problems with his new interns? It's terribly dull and very stupid for a show that's been as good as Dexter to do. On the other hand, we already have Dexter figuring out who is behind these attacks: Travis (Colin Hanks). It was a big moment for the show, mostly because it's the earliest we've had him figure out who the bad guy is.

    The episode was just a mixture of good and bad, with the good outweighing the bad (barely) in the end. What elevated the episode was the long monologue that Brother Sam gives near the end of the episode while Dexter waits to hear about his son. It's an extremely restrained and minimalist performance by Mos Def and it could easily be an oppurtunity for him to win an Emmy. It was such a good scene that I immediately forgave the ridiculous plots going on with LaGuerta, Batista, Quinn and Masuka. It also helped that the plot involving Deb being lieutenant continues to reap rewards for Jennifer Carpenter. Her character is getting the most to do out of all the supporting cast and I'm enjoying it so far.

    After a few episodes of focusing on stand-alone kills, the season seems to be ready to focus on the main plot of the season: the stuff with Travis and Professor Geller, who have been nicknamed the Doomsday Killers. There's a lot of questioning going around about whether or not Geller is even alive; if you look back throughout the last few episodes, there's never a scene where Geller actually interacts with other people. He only interacts with Travis. It's an intersting point, but right now, it appears that Geller is an actual person who has been missing for awhile. He's also obsessed with religious prophecies It should be interesting to see how Dexter catches up with him.

    Honestly, I considered rating this episode much lower at first. But boy, Mos Def saved the day and I decided to rate it higher.

  • 604


    I am not crazy about the religious overtone with the murderers in this season, but I can appreciate that this is a good season thus far and this was a very entertaining episode. Witnessing the death was good and now that the police have the mastermind as a suspect I am anxious to see how they handle it taking 8 episodes to catch him.

    This episode was really Dexter at its best. Great murder and a great conversation between Mr. Morgan and Brother Sam.

  • A Horse Of A Different Color


    A Horse Of A Different Color was a perfect episode of Dexter and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development for Dexter and Travis. The episode had scenes of goodness and scenes that were dark. I enjoyed Gellar lecturing Travis and taking control of the situation, though it is still unclear if he is actually corporeal or just a figment of Travis's mind. It was fun to watch Deb in her new position and it was great that she did well even with the help of Captain LaGuerta. It was also interesting that Vince's assistant did what she did, and that seemed to be the extent of her character. The ending was great, now Dexter has seen the way. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • thius episode was the best episode yet of this season there was laughing (with debra and the cloths... and the drugs smoking with quin and batista) the murder in the end remind me scence from the saw movie. it was amazing! can't wait for the next epiosde...


    thius episode was the best episode yet of this season

    there was laughing (with debra and the cloths... and the drugs smoking with quin and batista)

    the murder in the end remind me scence from the saw movie.

    it was amazing! can't wait for the next epiosde...

  • Graphic violence versus imagination, thoughtful Brother Sam, no god complex, surprising investigation and captivating evolution (Spoilers)


    Poor girl. Her violent death was specially enduring to watch considering she looked so pretty and seemed so nice. It reminded me of The Trinity Killer first cut in the bathtub. What was the point of showing it when they decided not to reveal how they dismantled the runner ? I'm not sure what their intention was but in my opinion the episode would have been better without it. Graphic violence is such a lazy way to shock the audience when they could have used the characters to decrypt the crime scene. It would have left what really happened to our imagination, making Gellar and Travis plan even more evil. However the mistake Deb and her team made was what triggered the mecanism and the first thing I wanted to do was to rewrite the scene and save the girl. As for Travis I wonder why he was there. To easily get caught ? He probably had remorse so let's hope he'll find a way to free himself from Gellar's control because for the moment he's only a puppet. In fact I'm surprised they have already a lead on them so it seems this season should be quite different from the others…

    Brother Sam confirmed the high impact it should have on Dex. The character is well designed because he made mistakes and found salvation when he saw the light, a sign he interpreted as divine. In fact his story really surprised me because it's quite similar to Dex's one. They both had father issues and it's only recently that he questioned Harry's code. As for a sign I think it was Lumen but apparently he forgot all about her, damn writers. That's why I was so surprised they actually mentioned Cody and Astor. It's disappointing the second isn't featured yet considering her role in season 5 was interesting. As for the surgery arc I didn't like how it was handled. What about covering doctors god complex ? I wasn't asking them to both summon John Locke and Jack Shephard for a new Science versus Faith epic battle but things should have been more psychological. At Dex calling Sam a friend was reminiscent of Miguel, implying that he could actually be not what he seems. Last but not least what surprised me the most was that he cracked the two numbers code in front of everyone when he used to keep all discoveries for himself to catch the killers first. I suppose it's related to Deb's new career but in all cases it's definitely a good thing because he's slowly learning team work, even he didn't tell anyone about the two potential killers. He cried, he saved Lumen, he almost prayed… His evolution is definitely captivating to follow ! From monster to mere mortal ?

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.