Season 6 Episode 4

A Horse of a Different Color

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Amazing Grace


    This week's offering of Dexter was rather macabre. Starting out by saying that the horse thing was one of the most heinous and outlandishly brutal things that I've ever seen on anything, and the body on the table having been sawed apart and put back together was hideous, this is why I don't eat dinner when watching this or the Walking Dead. Anyway, Michael Anderson (new dude from Chicago) links the four horsemen murder to the previous fruit vendor killing with the symbols to the Book of Revelations. Masuka discovers that Rian was selling the ITK prosthetic arm and fires her after outbidding the auction, good to see that he ultimately values his job more than some tail. Dexter goes through a crisis when Harrison's appendix ruptures and he has to rush to the hospital to having Harrison go into surgery. Sam shows up to give him guidance and Dexter even asks God or whatever higher power for help and Sam shares a rather personal story about his father and how he turned to God. The profound belief of not wanting to do what he was doing anymore wasn't pushed or preachy, it just was. Its this raw simplicity that makes Mos Def's performance so solid is that he is unique and buys what he sells in his own way without coming off as the everyday Bible thumper. Travis goes on a date and again the question of Geller's really existing comes to mind because when they were in the cafe before Travis asked her out she didn't seem to even see Geller but she was obviously doe-eyeing Travis. But later when Geller tells him free will was created for a reason he goes and has sex with her after a date and Geller's just there, he knows where he is even though he only knew her first name, or he followed her. Evidence to the contrary though says that when Dexter examines the horseman's remains he notices that the body doesn't match the neatness of the fruit vendor and the same person who cut them may be a different "Doomsday Killer" as they are now calling him so that could be the case. The fact that there is a real person named James Geller who disappeared and stole a magic sword and disappeared three years previous tells us that there was a Geller, but he may just be like a Tyler Durden to Travis's Travis. Deb gives anembarrassinglyfrank speech at the press conference but it turns out to be a hit with the public and Matthews for that matter. Seeing LaGuerta purposefully try to sabotage her is gimmicky and boring, as well as Quinn and Angel getting high and not really contributing at all this week. The real winner is Dexter's somewhat nudge towards transformation as Harrison comes out of surgery perfectly fine, it's great to see him and Sam be friends and relate even though they don't believe the same thing. Dexter's explanation of being drawn to science is relatable to me as well and this episode was really about how faith is more than yourself. Travis and Geller's killings seemed downright strange at first but then I realized that the writers had done this one purpose, thinking back Dexter has encountered many killers and never once been this off put by their methods because all the other killers were just satisfying their need to kill by killing innocents and Travis and Geller are much more about their message and what they have to say to the world so this is truly unlike anything that Dexter has ever encountered before and kudos for the freshness in a Season 6 of a show to keep the ideas up. Things at the end turned out a little like a saw movie with the trap of the Angel of Death and the trap, but for some reason Travis is looking on and Dexter sees him so now he can begin the hunt. Easily said that things are finally picking up here, and somewhere down the line Dexter will owe God or whomever something for having saved Harrison or at least it'll be brought up again. And Imaginary Harry saying that it's strange in the first place for Dexter to talk to him was a nice meta touch on their own methods. I want more of the Doomsday storyline details because we're a third of the way through the season and though Travis is becoming more fleshed out Geller or Geller Durden is only menacing and takes all of Travis's happiness away so more on that would be great. But other than that things are going swimmingly, way to go Dexter!

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