Season 8 Episode 6

A Little Reflection

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 04, 2013 on Showtime
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Dexter and Quinn both look into Zach Hamilton as a potential murder suspect. Meanwhile, Deb goes undercover in a new case that has personal attachment for Elway.

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  • Another old idea the writers should have stayed away from...

    ... Dexter considers taking an apprentice. Five episodes from the show's definitive end. After eight seasons of not going there. A boring spoiled teen that we don't know or care about is about to become, in a completely unbelievable, unprepared way, one of Dexter's special friends. And just as suddenly and unrealistically, he becomes Dexter's "spiritual son".

    The idea actually exists in Lindsay's books, where I didn't like it either, and where the protege was poor little Cody.

    But as with Laguerta's death, the show should have either gone with what was in the novel, or discarded it. Not discarded it to reuse it hastily in the last season just to milk some more the dead cow that this show has become.

    LaGuerta could die in the first novel, where she was an obscure police officer nobody cared about. But she couldn't just get shot to death after seven seasons to hide all the loose ends of an inconsistent plot. Not after she had become such an important character, or at least not like that.

    Same goes with this ridiculous spiritual son. It's just too late, too sloppily done, too much evidence that the current writers didn't even really watch the previous seasons. I think their background must be the telenovelas or something. At this point, it wouldn't surprise me if Laura Moser wasn't dead but woke up from a 35 years coma, to hug Dexter while revealing she has an evil twin, Dr Vogel, who's really the mother of season 2 Leila.

    I should have listened to my instinct when it told me to not even bother watching anymore as soon as Debra realised she wanted her brother to be the next notch on her bedpost.moreless
  • Dexter gets a protege

    A good episode of dexter this week, with Dexter firstly tracking Zack with intentions of killing him, but then deciding to take him on as his protege, I'm looking forward to how this develops, but somehow feel that this will not end well, especially for Zack!

    Bad call with Batista promoting the female detective over Quinn, not that I think Quinn is the best man for the job, but because Bastista should not have led him on for so long only to let him down.

    The storyline with Deb and her boss on the stakeout seemed pretty pointless, unless there is more to this coming up soon. Do we really need another story arc this close to the final?

    Surprise entrace for Hannah, there must be better ways to say hello than drugging the coffee!moreless
  • A Little Reflection

    Another okay episode of Dexter. It's just not as good as it can be, and the idea of a protege seems a little forced, but they do give me a few laughs, and occasionally a few shocks, such as the ending this week.

    Solid, but come on, it's the final season, we need better than this!
  • Warning: Reflection Is A Weakness

    Clumsy. That's the word that comes to mind trying to take in so many things which are simultaneously undermining Dexter's world. Dr. Vogel's character, a psyhriatric professional, is developing into her own brand of psychopath herself. A bent doctor who is on her own crazed belief in some experiment centering on those who kill for the need. Seems utterly hard to swallow, but she is certainly steering Dexter as evidenced by his release of Zack Hamilton. Dr. Vogel is right back to being a major obstacle right as she was "in the family" sort of speak.

    Deb and Dexter continue on their "uneasy truce" as they re-connect as her "treatment" progresses. It's clear the bond they have isn't one that can be plowed under. Dexter cares for Deb and his son in ways that a typical psychopath, generally, does not. Nothing big here, but going forward it most certainly will be, thus Dexter must protect these two at all costs.

    Quinn continues to be a "bag of hurt" as try as he may he keeps getting punched in the gut as evidenced by his rightfully being passed over for promotion to sergeant. His need to prove himself, however, is intensified as he is "set" on closing the Riverra murder case. There is some coming conflict between Quinn and Dexter being telegraphed here adding to the "landmines" Dexter must negotiate. While not a clear and present danger, Quinn's presence envelopes like a fog.

    Deb's dynamic with her boss still seems like a side story of convenience - theres not much to it at this point. Perhaps this will change as he's using his family problems as a bridge to have a relationship with Deb? He could be much more of a complication though it's anyone's guess if this is going to develop as Deb mostly keeps referring to him only as a boss.

    Masuka's daughter likely has a secret, but when Vince decides to help her financially he gets rebuffed because she's, supposedly, on a "higher plane", . wanting to meet her father for the right reasons. Whatever this side story means, if anything, to Dexter seems distant in the present. The odds are it won't remain that way too much longer.

    Thus, a rather lackluster and clumsy episode where the "big" expected action to flesh it out will have to wait. Things are really bad for Dexter, yet he says he's much better. Is having a junior psychopath to bond with and train better? As if to make sure we get that isn't the case the "bombshell" of the episode is dropped in the last minute with Hannah's drug-laced return. We've been waiting for this since a pre-season spoiler and it hit, right when any of a number of other things could potentially bring 'ol Dex down. Dare we expect a great episode will take these problems into a critical mass. Tune in next week there's lots to jump offmoreless
  • The excruciating demise of what used to be a great show

    This is the first episode of the season with a half decent scene in it, when Deb is wired at the bar. Aside from that, this continues the dramatic decline from the show Dexter used to be until half way through it's lifespan. More infuriatingly condescending narrative from Dexter, spoon-feeding us all the plot; more dumbing down of Miami Metro (Quinn's stakeout scene was laughable) and an absurd turnaround from Dexter wanting to kill Zach to wanting to be his spiritual father in the space of a couple of minutes.

    The decision to preview a season-long promo at the end of the first episode destroyed the tension of Hannah's entrance at the end of this episode, and as soon as Deb started blacking out it was quite obvious what was happening. Her character is quite interesting so it'll be curious to see how she's woven into the storyline.

    Vogel as a character is now beyond parody and is an utter waste of a good actress - she's making decisions that defy any reasonable position she should take, and serve only to support a very tenuous plot. And so the decline of what used to be a terrific show continues. It's all so disappointing.moreless
Bethany Joy Lenz

Bethany Joy Lenz

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Sam Underwood

Zach Hamilton

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John D'Aquino

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Sean Patrick Flanery

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Darri Ingolfsson

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