Season 3 Episode 9

About Last Night

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 2008 on Showtime

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  • "MIGUEL" !!!!!!!

    This was a terrific episode with the two main story lines building up more than ever with George King kidnapping Anton in the last episode means it's a race against time to find him before George King is released The friendship between Dexter and Miguel has proven not to last long when Dexter finds out that Miguel Ellen Wolf and Dexter taught him a lesson Dexter who hasn't really been involved in the Skinner case that much gives George the look that one day he could be his victim now he has been released The ending though was brilliant with Dexter finding out Miguel has been playing him and it the episode makes it look like Dexter went crazy but really he was calm and just said goodbye to Miguel Such a brilliant ending in a brilliant episode.
  • Dexter discovers Miguel killed Ellen Wolf.

    Dexter continues to be one of the strongest dramas on television its third season. Michael C. Hall and special guest star Jimmy Smits give excellent Emmy-worthy performances every week. This episode was no exception.

    But what is still missing is that blow away episode. One that really tricks and deceives you as to the outcome and one that really gets you talking about it for days after.

    There were very few flaws here. Almost every scene was entertaining, excluding those with Maria LaGuerta who is really starting to irritate me. Luckily the cast is strong enough to make up for her minor annoyance.

    The near-end scene with Quinn and Deb finding Anton was exciting, although I have to question the realistic nature of driving a car through a building. Overall another great episode. As much as I loved the dream sequence of Dexter snapping I'm still waiting for the finale where I think I will be blown away.
  • Used Written by Melissa Rosenberg And Seth Reynolds Directed by Tim Hunter

    Sylvia: "When you've been married as long as we have, you know when your husband is lying."
    Dexter (to himself): "Something to look forward to."

    For someone as usually perceptive as Dexter, he should've spotted a long time ago that Miguel was a loose cannon. It's at this point in the season where things heat up. In the first year, Rudy was getting close to Dexter and the second had Dexter discover that Lila was unhinged.

    Miguel's unhinged behaviour has become apparent in the last few episodes and after showing up on Ellen's doorstep in the previous episode, there's no mystery as to what happened next. I know a few people thought that Miguel and Ellen might have actually been in cahoots together but I watched that scene again and she looked uneasy when he paid her a house call.

    Harry taunted Dexter on both Ellen and Miguel disappearing at the same time and it wasn't until Dexter dug an unopened grave that he found her body. Damn it, no more Anne Ramsay on this series and more misery for Maria. First Doakes, now Ellen. Is Maria bad luck for people?

    I'm kidding but thanks to the discovery Dexter has begun to realise how dangerous Miguel actually is. I also think for the first time this season, I properly and passionately loathe Miguel, even though Jimmy Smits continues to knock it out of the ballpark with the character.

    Miguel made the mistake of thinking he was untouchable. His attempts of apologising to Dexter about taking on a solo project were blatantly insincere and even when Dexter attempted to prove a point to Miguel by leading the authorities to Ellen's body in his own roundabout way; Miguel was still not getting the message.

    Miguel has pretty thrown the trust issue at Dexter in order to gain it and to influence Dexter's decision a fair amount of times this season. It should've been obvious that he would never have given Dexter a blood stained shirt that would incriminate him in Freebo's murder.

    Giving Dexter a shirt covered in Bovine surprised me, though I'm also surprised in retrospect that Dexter didn't analyse the blood on the shirt until now. Dexter piecing together that Miguel was using him made for a powerful moment. It also yet again shows that Dexter does feel emotion and rage is pretty **** powerful to feel. I so can't wait to see how this rage is gonna play out.

    Miguel's pretty pissed on Dexter's respect all over the shop and when he went to sympathise with Maria over Ellen's death, I found myself quite disgusted watching that scene. Perhaps Maria will be smart enough to piece together that Miguel bumped off her new pal.

    When he wasn't bumping off Ellen, Miguel also managed to frak up things for Deb and Quinn regarding George King. Mystery solved – King's the Skinner and Miguel made it possible for him to roam the streets again. Of course Miguel might be stupid enough to think he can take down the Skinner but he could easily end up becoming a victim of him as well if Dexter fails to kill him.

    It was nice at this point that we're finally getting in deeper with the Skinner and though he's a good threat, he's no Rudy. I even think Lila is better than him but I think one of the reasons why the Skinner isn't as successful is given how little we've had of him at the start of the season and also how dominating Miguel has become these last few episodes as well.

    Poor Anton was the latest victim of madman King but surprisingly enough, the scenes where he was getting skinned weren't as gory as you'd expect. I sure would like to know why the Skinner is doing what he does and why he's targeting certain people. I assume that with Anton, it's because he was a CI but why did he go after the others, like Tegan for starters?

    Deb lost her cool more than a few times in this episode. I love the girl to bits but she has been reckless in the handling of this case and she played into King's hands with her violent outburst during the questioning section this week. It's a good job that she had both Quinn and Maria to pull her back at different points.

    Quinn sort of came into his own this episode. It's also his fault that Anton was put in harm's way so I liked that he drove a car into King's hideout to rescue the guy. When he and Deb weren't arguing over their collective screw ups in this case, they actually made some headway in their working relationship. If Anton's done as a character, then that probably paves the way for Quinn to sweep Deb off her feet.

    With three episodes left, I'm wondering how things are going to fare out for Dexter and Rita and baby on the way. Rita's been spending the last few episodes either as a sounding board for Sylvia or channelling her inner Bridezilla to Dexter's derision so in some ways this episode didn't offer her anything new. It's a shame because Julie Benz should get more to do on this show.

    However Rita did at least get one intriguing scene with Miguel where she told him that he was being an idiot. It's fairly obvious that Miguel isn't used to being talked down to and if it wasn't for wanting to keep Dexter onside, I have a feeling he probably would've ripped Rita a new one for sticking her oar in.

    As for Angel and Barbara, they still seem to be the happiest couple right now on the show. Funnily enough, even spending time with Masuka hasn't given Barbara the urge to leg it. As for Masuka commenting on Barbara being the 'wikipedia of perv', maybe it indicates something serious or maybe it's just a defence mechanism that Barbara uses to deal with men like Vince. I'm sure we'll find out sooner rather than later on that one.

    Also in "About Last Night"

    This season keeps playing with Harry as a fantasy figure. Getting him to wave Ellen's hand was so inappropriately funny.

    Dexter (to Deb): "Anton's a big guy, lot of skin. That's supposed to be comforting."

    Did I hear right in King saying that he owed Freebo money? Is that why he murdered Tegan?

    Anton: "I can find you money."
    King: "I don't want your money. I owe Freebo that money. This is about respect."

    Masuka (to Angel/Barbara): "Hey, get a room. Actually don't."

    Harry, Miguel and Dexter were all singing the same song at one point in this episode, it's was kind of disconcerting.

    Rita (re Sylvia): "Either way you violated her trust."
    Miguel: "I just needed space. I have everything falling apart for me right now. Oscar, Ramon, my cases."

    Dexter (re Ellen): "She wasn't guilty."
    Miguel: "Apparently we have a different definition of the word."

    Was Anne Ramsay even credited for this episode? I know all she had to do was play a corpse but I don't remember seeing her name in the end credits.

    Dexter (re George King/Skinner): "I hope we meet again. I'd like to get to know you better but how well can you know someone? How much do you wanna know?"

    Dexter (re Miguel): "I didn't create a monster, I was used by one. He used me."

    Dexter's imaginary blow up reminded me of Six Feet Under when some of the characters used to do that as well.

    "About Last Night" continues to set into motion both Miguel and the Skinner plots and while it's obvious that both are going to be killed by the finale, it's certainly going to be interesting getting there.
  • Dexter finds out that Miguel has been using him in this thrilling episode.

    Wow, that was intense. From the ending of the last episode when Miguel turned up at Ellen Wolf's house it all hits us. He is dark and evil, Dexter has helped unleash a monster. The whole episode was genius...everything started to fall into place for Dexter, he was being played...badly. How he realised what crap Miguel was talking when he linked it to the conversation his 'friend' had with Rita.

    I loved how Dexter dug Ellen up...just to prove a point. It was a hard scene to watch as Maria was devastated and I actually liked Ellen as a character. There are so many moments that stood out here...the main one being Dexter's fury exploding which sadly turned out to be in his head. He looked so angry though...someone lied to him. Miguel is a dead man.

    I feel so sorry for Deb...she is always unlucky in love. That is a huge understatement. It was intense watching her desperately search for Anton and some answers. I especially liked when she jumped on the 'Skinner'. I actually thought they might kill him off...but luckily Deb finds him in a nice conclusion. But is it me or do her and Quinn have a lot in common? Their language is one thing but I wouldn't mind this since I'm liking him as a character.

    With only 3 episodes left I can look forward to more scheming from Miguel, how Dexter deals with him and what will become of Deb? I cannot wait, this show is awesome.
  • We get to know Miguel better

    So Miguel shows his true face, Dexter uses his intuition and investigation skills to find out what Miguel really has been up to while his wife thinks he's cheating on her. Dexter does however reveal this to Miguel which I think is a shame, I don't think he should have let Miguel know how much he is actually aware of. The scene in Dexters lab was great, at first I actually thought it happened, and I thought to myself "How is he gonna explain this?" Fragile Rita gets deceived by Miguel which is horrible. But I'm counting on Dexter to sort everything out, it's just a matter of time before he has to kill Miguel now. It's just not acceptable to have someone so impulsive and untrustworthy knowing about his secret... Don't get me wrong, what I would like the most is obviously for Dexter to get rid of his urge to kill and live happily ever after with Rita and the kids, but that is impossible with Miguel hanging around knowing so much. Also, it wouldn't be much left of the show then...
  • the end of a friendship and the beginig of a great story arc.

    so after last episode this one was bounded to be awesome and it delivered. first of all the miguel-dexter friendship comes to an end with miguel killing ellen wolf and dex is going to teach him a lessom wel actualt a discustin lesson (ellens body) also the whole miguel interrogating the skinner was interesting and i have a theory that it might have to do more with the fact of the skinner being related to freebo and oscar maybe that with killing dex ( altough that would make for an awesome arc for the rest of the season) also poor anton but he survied at least deb and quinn wore both great on this one.

    p.s: loved masukas perverd wikipedia joke lol
  • By far the best episode of the season

    After the boring Dexter dealing with Rita`s pregnancy, marriage and Camilla angles, things are finally moving in the right direction.
    So they are really going towards the Dexter vs. Miguel storyline. Well it was bound to happen and I guess it is for the best interest of the show itself.
    Miguel did kill Ellen, no suprise here as the character gets darker and darker. Just like with Lila and Rudy, we have another killer who actually makes Dexter looks like the good guy. For once this season, Harry was not frustrating, he was really getting on my nerves in previous episodes. Not much about marriage, hormones and other pregnacy`s all for the good of the show.
    Subplot about the skinner was great this time around. I said I would be dissapointed if the Skinner were to be Quin cause that would be too preditible. Well the fact that there prime suspect was actually the Skinner is even more dissapointing. But anyway the good thing is that the Skinner story is about to colide the Dexter- Miguel (probably deadly) conflict. They teased a Dexter break-down..I actually bought it, hilarious stuff. Also loved the politics (wise, insight, follow the lead)by Miguel as he manipulates both Rita and Dex.
    Awesome epiosde BUT I have some big reserves on the direction things are about to take.
    The Dexter-Miguel friendship is past thing now, at least for now. Doesn`t that just bring another Doakes situation? I didn`t want to see Doakes go last season, but the situation he was into totally condemned was obvious he would die. Now, Miguel have manipulated Dexter, used him and Dexter is a problem for Miguel...doesn`t that put Miguel in a "Doakes Situation"? I sure as hell hope not cause first, that would be lame & repetitive and second, I think Miguel has the potential to go futher than this season. I do hope they work something acceptable here and don`t mess up things like last season.
    Anyway, the show looks like it`s back to best (at least for now). I guess it is the start of a deadly game between Dexter and Miguel. Skinner will definitly get into it..he had that unrecorded conversation with Miguel, my guess is that Miguel realised Dex is a problem and asked for his Death.
    Besides what about Quinn? There were much build-up around him..still think there`s something weird with him. Wonder if we know everything about the Oscar-Freeboo situation...Miguel may not be a total stranger to what happened.
  • Did he just lie? To *ME*?!!

    "Did he just lie? To *ME*?!!"

    Dexter. Oh Dexter. Where do we start with you?

    How about feelings? He *finally* feels something intensely. And that too the most powerful emotion known to man. His trashing of the office and subsequent cool response were amazing. How does he switch from raw animal rage and cooly calculated machine at the flick of a switch? Either way - we have another breakthrough for his character.

    Miguel - oh Miguel. Wise person. Insightful. Saving lives. You lawbreaker - twisted lawbreaker. We had such high hopes for you, but the twinkling stars quickly turned out to be an asteroid hurtling at our delighted faces. Beating, strangling and stabbing? *Somebody* made this a little too personal. No - you have just played with a fire you do NOT understand. You fool. Thanks for all the growth and trust - it was all interesting while it lasted.

    The storm has arrived and the butterfly must now die. We watch with utter, captivating and borderline worshipful rapture.
  • This show is so ahead of the curb compared to what is out there...

    To see Dexter now is an understatement. He is a serial killer. He is really someone who you do not cross. The Dexter and Miguel story is as strong as Season one`s Ice Truck killer. To know Dexter`s secret is one thing, but when it is an assistant attorney that knows it! I can`t wait to see the conclusion to this story line!!! It will be something to see how the writers can pull both story lines together. I like the new partner of Deb. I get the feeling he is a key to the conclusion.

    Dexter is really mad, and there is no one that can stop him!
  • Who's the master here?

    Wow! A twist I never quite expected.

    I had the feeling that he did kill Ellen Wolf at the end of the last episode. Exposing the body was a smart move, but then to find out at the end that Miguel could possibly have been using Dexter from the start!!!! WOW!

    I always pegged Miguel as a little bit unstable and frustrated and that finding Dexter when he wanted to kill Freebo gave him an opportunity to do things he never could before.

    Now I am wondering if when Miguel went to kill Freebo, if that wasn't his *first* time! Is miguel really as unstable as he appears, or is it an act and is he as cold blooded as Dexter?? Well, Dexter has had more training, where Miguel could have been self taught.

    Wow, and still 3 more episodes to go!!
  • Dexter teaches Miguel a lesson and learns more about him

    Sil thinks that Miguel is having an affair just because he didn't come home till dawn. Dexter goes to confront Miguel, he finds out Ellen Wolf didn't turn up at the Station so he starts doing some digging on his own (Quite Literally). Dexter pops over to a cemetery the only way Miguel knows of to dispose of a body. BINGO! He hits the Jackpot and finds her body. Now to teach him a lesson, Dex digs up the body to leave for the Feds to find, Dex thinks he has learned his lesson. Meanwhile, Deb and Quinn bring in King for questioning in the Skinner case. They can't crack him and have to let him go, they try through Mario and Success He tells of a small shed King rents. Quinn drives the car through the cinderblock wall, and they find Anton alive.
  • And the exciting is back!

    I think it's one of the episodes which keeps alive the thriller and the suspense from the 1st series. We know Miguel visits his lawyer-rival just after he shared the "Dexter experience". But I must say it's a fine piece of scripting, because like Dexter we have our doubts and hopes he didn't do it,he's not guilty.And for a long time we feel again Dexter's doubts,fury and inner fights which makes us to want more and more of Dexter, and can't wait for the next episode when "some thing special" has to happen, tomorrow or any time soon!
  • Deb frantically searches for Anton when it's revealed that the Skinner has abducted him. Things take a turn for the awesome when Miguel goes rogue.

    Dexter discovers that not only did Miguel not go home after they killed Billy Fleeter, but is now lying to him about it. Later, he overhears LaGuerta on the phone trying to find Ellen Wolf and realizes that something maybe up. He goes to her home, discovers blood, then sees a vision of Harry and heads over to the graveyard (that's what he taught Miguel to do to get rid of bodies). There he finds Ellen's corpse, and realizes that Miguel has gone against the code and killed an innocent woman.

    Dexter then confronts Miguel about his solo mission, and Miguel insists that his definition of guilt is different from Dexter's. Dexter decides to teach Miguel a lesson, and uncovers Ellen's body to be discovered, which it is. Miguel agrees that he should be following Dexter's code, and tell him he is wise. Later, when Dex is Rita, he realizes that Miguel has been feeding him a line of bs when Rita tells him that Miguel used the same words, describing Rita as wise etc. This leads Dexter to test the Freebo-bloodied shirt of trust and friendship, and finds that it's not Freebo's blood on the shirt at all, but bovine (cow) blood! This sends us into the most awesome fake out of a raged out Dexter! It looks like it's game on for Dexter and Miguel, now that Dexter has figure out that Miguel is not a monster he created, but a monster that's manipulated him all along!

    Random Thoughts: - So many wonderful possibilities now that Miguel has gone rogue! - Miguel might be more of a sociopath than Dexter, and masterfully playing Dexter like he has all season leaves a lot of questions to be answered.
    - Has he always known that Dexter was the Bay Harbour Butcher?
    - Was Oscar Prado doing his dirty work for him with Freebo when Dexter interrupted him? Was he ever a junkie or just Miguel's avenging angel? - I can see Dexter being manipulated by someone, only because Dexter was feeling emboldened after last season's escape. Otherwise we know he has a great sociopath radar (like with George King in this episode).
    - Over the top save by car crashing into the building was just a bit much.

    Bottom line: Best episode so far this season!

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  • The two main threads of season three are advanced, and the viewers are left at the edge of their seats wanting more!

    What an amazing episode! I wouldn't go out on a limb and call it the best Dexter episode yet, but it was very close. I was wondering how the writers would continue from the previous episode, but they made a very wise choice to avoid directly answering the "Did Miguel do it?" question until later in the episode. I really had no doubts that Miguel did in fact do in Ellen Wolf, but to have that linger a little while (with clues coming in from Sylvia's crying over Miguel's very late arrival home and Ellen not appearing at a court date) was compelling. The writers played it very cool, letting it all simmer in the best possible way.

    And simmering seems to be a common description of the season's two main plots. The Skinner case must be nearing its conclusion, but it feels very strange that Dexter has made only a few passing references to this man. Except for a casual comment of "I hope we meet again; I'd like to get to know you better" Dexter has not revealed any "professional" interest in this man. Will the police be able to nab him? Will Dexter add him to his collection? Will Miguel? I am very curious to see how this ends.

    The conclusion of the episode had to be the greatest switch the show has made so far. In a mere hour we went from believing that Dexter is mentor to an all-too-willing but all-too-emotional acolyte, to now asking how much experience the ADA has. I can honestly say that I had no doubts about the authenticity of the bloody shirt when it was given to Dexter in "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", but when Miguel made his "I'd be a fool not to follow your lead" speech to Dexter, I began to have doubts. (Of course, the opening rehash of previous events helped me remember about the shirt.) I have trouble believing that the Miguel storyline will end in just three more episodes. Perhaps their dance will continue into season four.
  • Dexter fears that Miguel has killed another person and questions their friendship. Anton is missing and Debra must find the skinner before he claims Anton as his next victim.

    I am a big believer that one should never give a perfect score to an episode. But this episode has to be an exception for me with the Season hitting its peak with only 3 episodes left. The quality of Dexter this season has been terrific but this episode takes it to new heights.

    This week Dexter uncovers that Miguel has killed Ellen Wolfe and Dexter now musyt teach Miguel a lesson for killing an innocent person. Dexter discovers the truth about Miguel and is enraged by it and the plans are already in motion for Miguel to meet his end.

    Debra discovers that Anton has been taken by the skinner but the prime suspect isn't talking. Deb must figure out where Anton is before he is killed. This is another great story arc that leaves just enough to make the last 3 eps interesting for Deb and Anton.

    This episode is so good for many reasons. Firstly all the main characters get their moment in the sun and they don't waste it with some great story driven moments for all. But without the doubt the crux of this ep was Dexter's grand reveal of Miguel's true self, we all knew that Miguel was the "villain" of the series but the way in which this is realised by Dexter is truely brilliant. I literally can not fault this episode with the right balance of light and dark moments coupled with a great ending that just teases you with more to come. If there was oneep to watch this season, this is it!
  • This is the most interesting and mind-blowing episode of the season. Miguel kills Ellen Wolf, we find out who the skinner is and Dexter finds out he has been outsmarted.

    Ohh, Dexter. So, let's start with the begging. In the morning, after the kill with his special buddy, he finds out that Miguel didn't go home the night before. The question Dexter has on his mind is where did he go? He goes to his house and after they talk comes one of the most amazing and important quotes of this episode "Did he just me?". After he finds out from Laguerta that Ellen is missing, a thought just won't leave him alone. Did Miguel actually killed Ellen? The thought will soon vanish, as he finds Ellen dead in a cemetery hole. Dexter confronts Miguel, and his "so called buddy" tells him they should go they're separate ways. Dexter shows Miguel that he's not untouchable by digging up Ellen's body and waiting for the police to find her. Miguel "surrenders" and Dexter calms down. But his peace will soon blow of as he finds out about Rita and Miguel's little chat, in which Miguel used the same exact words he used in their previous conversation. Dexter is morbidly surprised. He goes to the lab and checks the blood on Miguel's shirt and just like that, rage fills Dexter in a way that has never happened before. And so, for the first time, Dexter feels something inside. Anger. Dexter has been outsmarted as the blood on the shirt appears to be bovine. Miguel was playing him this whole time. I can't wait to find out why!

    The scene at the end was priceless as we see the manifestation of pure anger. And it all ends with the other most amazing and important quote of the season: "I didn't create a monster, I was used by one. He used me."

    As for the skinner, I was expecting someone more close to the main plot, not some miserable f*cking tree-trimmer. Someone that at least knows Dexter. Now I just hope there's someone controlling that King person.
  • Best episode. Best episode ever.

    While TV shows in the 21st Century are entertaining, emotional, dramatic and adventurous, it is very rare, even in the highest budget of shows that a storyline takes a turn in the most unexpected of ways and proves to be clever, shocking and amazing, while also not being completely ridiculous. In this episode of Dexter, the writers have pulled that off and so much more. This season has been great so far, last episode was the highlight-so-far where we saw Dexter finally putting his full trust into Miguel. While, sure many people did suspect that Miguel would not turn out to be the best friend that Dexter imagined, I don't think anyone suspected him to be outsmarting Dexter and 'using' him since the very beginning. Dexter's outburst of anger at the end was really the turning point we were waiting for, proving Dexter is only Human, and more importantly, not Super-Human.

    The skinner story was also equally dramatic but I was hoping it wouldn't rush to the happy ending so quickly.

    We have officially been set up for the remaining and concluding episodes of season 3 and I'm sure the roller-coaster has only just taken off.
  • Dexter is MAD

    After all this time Dexter finds out his "friend" was lying. And he has made Dexter mad....

    I was kind of wondering where the season was going. All episodes have been great, but this has given it a whole new level. One i thought wouldn't be reached.

    Is he a pro like Dexter? How many has he killed? Is he going to go after Rita? So many questions yo be answered. The scene where Dexter got mad sent a chill, a side we have not seen of him, real emotion.

    And the skinner ran away, but that saved Anton. I guess we say goodbye to the poor guy that helped them find him....

    This season will go down as the best if the last couple are like this. The writers of this show deserve massive credit.