Season 3 Episode 4

All in the Family

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Miguel pushes Dexter to tell Ramon about Freebo's death.

    This was quite a good episode with Deb having a case with a dead husband and a grieving wife but what not many people saw was that the wife wasn't his wife and it's the first time we see the real Quinn when he plays Deb to get a confession on his own The killer had no idea that Quinn was on to him and you could never tell he knew from the beginning Dexter also manages to get Miguel to not think about telling Ramon because he is unstable This episode had a nice ending with the proposal which I knew would happen because of the season finale episode name.
  • Commitment Written by Adam Fierro Directed by Keith Gordon

    Dexter: "Role playing, such an important part of growing up. When we were kids whatever role Deb assigned me, evil monster, treacherous Nazi, horrible alien, I played them to perfection."

    In life, there are roles to play and Dexter is definitely someone who knows that better than anyone else, given how he brags about playing them to perfection but even Dexter is forced to admit from time to time that there are some roles he's a little shaky on playing out.

    Being a father isn't always something that comes naturally to him. The way he blurted out to Cody and Astor that Rita was pregnant was a massive no-no. Cody seemed more interested in the idea of a puppy rather than a new sibling and Astor took upon herself to act up a little.

    In general I don't mind Cody and Astor as kids and Astor raised the kind of questions any kid in her situation would do as well. Plus, she's at the age when she will defy Rita a bit more so playing up at the Prados wasn't exactly an unrealistic thing for her to do. I think the good part of Astor acting up was that it seemed to be a one-off thing. Rita talked about her earlier in the season trying to assert her independence and rebelling does factor in it. I liked that Rita made the effort to iron things out with Astor as well instead of letting it fester.

    Bringing up marriage was surely an inevitability I guess though there is nothing wrong whatsoever with two people having a child together and not getting married. Rita herself that she didn't want to get married because she was pregnant and Dexter didn't exactly come out with the most romantic of proposals either at first.

    Towards the end of the episode though, Dexter came out with one hell of a proposal that even I totally bought. The fan part of me wants his feelings for Rita to be real, there's definitely been enough in the space of three seasons for us to believe that he has genuine feelings for Rita and Rita obviously believed in it if she was willing to accept his proposal at the end.

    Rita did have a fair amount more to do in this episode, which is always a good thing because reading four books worth of this series, Rita is just one of the characters that works better on screen than in print.

    Friendship with Sylvia aside (nice that we actually see Rita interacting with someone other than Dexter or her kids), Rita also got fired at the wrong time. I understand losing it with snooty customers is a major no-no but Rita was right when she called the woman a **** There are some people out there who do genuinely thrive on being pains in the backside for no reason.

    Speaking of pains – how effing annoying is Ramon? I know I'm supposed to sympathise with him because he's lost a brother and because Miguel is bonding more with him than with Dexter but I just don't want and this episode more than made sure I wouldn't feel sorry for him either.

    Even with Dexter playing both brothers off each other, I still couldn't care less for Ramon. Drinking yourself into a stupor, causing bar fights and hissy fitting on Maria's lap is not the way to get justice for Oscar's death. Miguel wanted to tell Ramon but even if Dexter didn't have to worry about his hide, he was right in knowing that telling Ramon about Freebo's death would be bad all round.

    Dexter's little acts of sabotage worked exactly how he wanted them. It was clever to make Miguel believe that he was coming round to the idea of letting Ramon in on their secret prior to Ramon's little bar brawl. Dexter can pat himself on the back for that but he's still essentially stuck with Miguel wanting to be his friend.

    Speaking of Miguel, Maria's also seemed to have a U-turn with the guy. Why else would she go to Chicky Hines's lawyer (I think her name was Ellen) and give her that testimonial. The cupcake and scotch scene was certainly a nice moment but I'm not entirely sure if Maria should be treading on Miguel, especially given how much Matthews hates her. I'm just saying, might help to tread carefully.

    I can also take it then that Deb decided to go with Internal Affairs and spy on Quinn after all. Even with an episode absence, Yuki's still a pain and I wish Deb would get back to her sarcastic self and sock her one. Besides we haven't seen too much to actually suspect Quinn of being corrupt.

    Deb even tried to get Anton to talk about his friendship with Quinn and even he didn't have a bad word to say against her. Quinn was also excellent during the whole Fiona case as well, even if he forgot to tell Deb that they were playing good cop/bad cop. I didn't exactly blame Deb for blowing a gasket there.

    Fiona was definitely psycho-stalker personified with her murder of a man that she claimed was her fiancé but clearly he didn't even like her. The fact that she was so convinced she belonged to the guy was scary as well. Deb was naturally disgusted by her but Dexter seemed to be impressed.

    As for Masuka and Angel, both of them seemed to be making impressions and not particularly good ones. Masuka couldn't muster anyone except Dexter to attend his speech (Forensics Quarterly again?) and got one hell of a dressing down by Quinn. Is it wrong that I actually felt a little bad for Masuka? I'm not keen on his pervy jokes either but he's hardly Topher from Dollhouse either. Even Masuka has a sense of right and wrong.

    Angel getting busted with a hooker who turned to be Metro vice cop Barbara Gianni really did take me back. I guess it's because I view Angel as such a family man that him sleeping with hookers would be a shock. From Barbara's perspective, I can understand why she wouldn't be so sympathetic towards Angel.

    If Dexter's marriage proposal was touching and heartfelt, then Angel's apology to Barbara is equally effective. To be fair, the guy has had a rotten time – divorced, not being able to see his daughter, getting stabbed by Rudy and falsely accused of rape by Lila. They're not excuses to seek out hookers but still, there were enough for Barbara to realise that Angel wasn't a creep either.

    Also in "All In The Family"

    Some of the episode titles on this show are pop culture reference, so was this one a reference to the sitcom of the same name?

    Rita (re Astor/Cody): "We should tell them."
    Dexter: "About the baby?"
    Rita: "I don't want them to hear from someone else."

    I noticed that Rita was wearing the dress that Julie Benz wore in the Season Three promotional shots in this episode.

    Dexter (re Fiona): "Forensics are gonna need her clothes."
    Deb: "Why don't you tell her?"

    Rita: "The honeymoon suite's the best room."
    Female Customer: "There's always a better room."

    Why didn't Rita tell her boss that she was pregnant when she was castigated about her absences?

    Dexter: "It's your secret spot, right?"
    Ramon: "Not anymore."
    Dexter: "I'll keep it between the three of us."

    Dexter (re morning sickness): "They say this part should pass soon."
    Rita: "They say I should be glowing. Am I glowing?"
    Dexter: "You are to me."

    Not to sound like a nark but shouldn't Rita have gotten health insurance way after she got Paul behind bars? Though come to think of it, that's also something I should look into.

    Anton: "What do you need?"
    Deb: "A stiff drink for a **** day."

    Quinn (to Masuka): "You're like the foulest person I have ever met."

    I should've mentioned it in my last review but Quinn's first name is Joseph. There was a priest in my home town with the same name.

    Angel: "Does any part of you think that there's any part of me that's proud of what I've done?"
    Barbara: "No part of me really cares."

    Dexter: "Raw emotions, not your forte, huh?"
    Deb: "What's that supposed to mean?"

    There was no Harry in this episode and Dexter didn't kill anyone in it either.

    Miguel: "I have only one person I can trust anymore."
    Dexter: "Yourself?"
    Miguel: "I was thinking of you, actually."

    Dexter (to Rita): "You're what makes me real. I want us to always go out for banana splits, and replant the lemon tree that keeps dying, and I never ever want to miss a pizza night. And that's how I know I want to marry you. Because something as simple as pizza night is the highlight of my week."

    Chronology: I don't there's been any time yet. Is Rita even past her first trimester?

    For an episode that plays on the themes of role playing more than family from time to time, there's no confusion in its message to me. "All In The Family" keeps things ticking over beautifully so that it's really hard not to be interested in everything going.
  • Brilliant!

    This episode has so many good moments. Dexter's proposal is just brilliant, and how he doesn't know how it's "supposed" to be done, so he finds inspiration from a sociopathic woman that has made up her whole life. Rita is just lovely, she always appears so fragile, but at the same time so very strong. I was surprised that Dexter was careless enough to say to the bouncer at the bar that Ramon was bothering that guy, I mean, the guy who was hit can easily just say that the guy who left just before told him something. I don't know I thought that was a bit out of character. But again, brilliant episode. I wonder if Dexter will have to kill Ramon or if he can turn Miguel against him.
  • Not the best Dexter ever.

    Dexter continues to establish itself as one of the best dramas of the 21st Century, but every great show has a few weak episodes. Even though it was only average, this was still a great showing compared to most of the stuff on TV today.

    I just don't like this whole marriage storyline between Dexter and Rita. This series doesn't need pregnancy/marriage episodes to remain interesting. It has a unique premise that makes those topics obsolete.

    I do like the friendship brewing between Dexter and Miguel. Two great actors in Michael C. Hall and Jimmy Smits and the two just mesh so well together. I am excited about what's going to happen when they do finally tell Ramone about Freebo.
  • dex is engaged

    not the best episode ever but better than the previous one .
    ok for me the best part was debs case that was interesting altough i also enjoyed dexters atempts to make ramon look "trust unworthy" wore nice to see.
    the thing about this season is that all the plots altough interesting are very slow paced wich can be a problem if you have a 12 episodes season but it also tells me that the writers are being careful with the plot and geting ready to an awesome resolution to everything.
    but if the previous seasons have showed me something is that the later into the season we are the better the episodes are .
    loving dexter so far
  • Proposal!?

    Once again, another gem of an episode. Who would have thought there will come the day when Dexter Morgan would propose! Rita and Dexter decide to let the kids know that a new playmate will be joining the family soon and Dexter's blunt revelation of "We are having a baby" was not taken well by the kids. Cody's reactiong of "I want a puppy" when asked whether he preferred a sister or a brother was hilarious! Its heart warming to see moments where Dexter struggles to fit into normalcy. For a moment he loses sense of who he is and what he does and embraces the idea of actually having a family although his spontaneous proposal was rejected.

    Quin is shaping up to becoming more and more of a mystery and although his storyline is not currently involoved in anyway to Dexter's I hope it would not merge into it as it is refreshing to have another strong and seemingly independent side storyline to follow too. And we all want to see Deb get that badge!Deb's lines on this show are just brilliant and it's has if I cannot wait for her reaction to anything or anyone that she becomes involved with.

    Matsuka's appearances are comedic heaven as usual. The writers are using him well by not overdoing it but boy do I wish we could have more of him. His reaction of "..but I am funny" to Quin's revelation of him disgusting people was fantastic. Can't wait to see how or if he deals with this in anyway in the next episode.

    Dexter's marriage proposal consisting of a few 'borrowed lines' is finally accepted by Rita and the kids. But now the question arises..How would this work? How can he continue his secret night life with the family around? We are simply loving how the show is evolving! Cannot wait for next week!
  • Starts off slow, but ends up raising the season to a higher level than the first three episodes.

    The show Dexter always starts out with a development stage at the beginning of each season, which leads up to the final few episodes. This part of the season usually is much slower than the final few episodes for this reason, but usually includes enough to keep viewers hooked to find out what is coming up next. During the first three episodes this season, I felt that it was kind of lacking compared to past seasons, even for early development episodes, despite having a few interesting scenes and side-stories.

    As this fourth episode started, I felt that it would be another sub-par episode. In fact, that is what it was for the first part of the episode. But then the episode started to evolve, and also helped to evolve the season as a whole. First, the story involving Dexter and Miguel reaches a new level as Miguel tries to convince Dexter to let Miguel's brother in on their secrect about Freebo's death. Dexter, on the other hand, feels like this would be a mistake, and tries to convince Miguel of this. I really liked the way that Dexter goes about doing this, adding some pretty interesting, and sometimes humorous scenes. It also gives Miguel some very good development, especially within the last scene as he talks about everything that's happened with both of his brothers in the last few episodes. It also brings Miguel that much closer to Dexter, as he realizes that Dexter is the only one he can really trust.

    The story with Debra is also starting to take off, although it still has a lot of room for more development. I liked the story involving the woman whose husband was killed, and how it could influence her taking the side job that she's being asked to do.

    Also, it seems like they are going to be developing some of the side characters more starting this episode. Angel, Maria, and Masuka all seem to have stories slowly developing, and had some good moments within this episode. I liked the story with Angel and the hooker, which actually ended up giving him more of a human side. Masuka is confronted with the truth about how people see him. And Maria gets more development through her friendship with Miguel, and the story of the old case of Miguel's. While I'm not sure how much these stories will play in the future (especially Angel's), it is nice to see them getting more screen time.

    Overall, it is still in its early development stage, so it isn't as great as some of the best episodes of the series, but it has definitely improved over the first three episodes, even though it started off a little rough. It does give me higher hopes for the future of the season.
  • A bit of Role playing...

    The main theme that glued this episode together was role-playing; Dexter was playing the role of father and husband. Dexter gives Rita Proposal in which she refuses at first when he delivers a heartfelt proposal, she accepts. Dexter was also good at manipulating Ramone throughout the episode when Miguel thought it would be safe to tell him that Freebo has been layed to rest.

    What is it with Quinn, he was so good at slyly convincing the fragile murderess Fiona to spill her secrets to him - and totally deceiving Deb in the process makes you wonder why Internal Affairs is sniffing around. Elsewhere Batista's attempt to get with a hooker backfired as it turned out be an undercover cop, Maria gave up some information on Prado. What is Masuka still doing on the show, I think they should send him back to Chuck he was hilarious.
  • OK! OK! I give in.

    OK! OK! I give in. Everything else is simply irrelevant.

    It was like having a ringside view of the Gods, as they sent chariots of fire racing across the burning sky, crisscrossing in their deadly dance and we cared not, for the spectacle was all that mattered.

    Where in the world do I start?! Trust? Family? Feeling human? Goodness? Duty? Love? An Act becoming Reality?

    No. None of it can be done justice.

    I will venture a few observations. Build a few vain sandcastles on the beach, while I wait for the glorious next tidal wave to wash over me, only to find my bearings again, and stupidly start over. But what is a person who reviews things, if not vain?

    Dexter seems to be becoming the mask he wears. He so badly wants to fool himself - to love, to truly belong, to be Real. And Miguel and Rita are pulling him out like the irresistible tide. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot change an act into reality. The Brother line from Miguel struck my heart like an arrow. We once again feel the open wound of how badly Dex wants his brother back – the only thing that was truly his. The only person he could be himself with.

    I am not usually prone to worshiping things. But after the improbable and giddy heights of seasons 1 and 2, we have finally penetrated the stratosphere and reached the heavens. Yet we a still rising. How could this be, if there is no such thing as the divine? Surely no mortal is privy to such awesome power.

    I feel like a blind man, on the top of a hill, dancing frantically in the pouring rain while I hold my crown in one hand and a sword in another. In a lighting storm. Yes, reality is going to hit me sooner or later, and the broken promises and crushed expectations are going to hurt. But I don't care, because this moment of insanity is pure ecstasy.
  • As closure from last week is provided, the plot thickens and the action rises.

    "All in the Family" is the fourth episode of the third season. As most know the fourth episodes usually provide closure for the first 1/3 of the season and gives us a look at what we can expect for the next 1/3.

    So "All in the Family" completes it's task. It also gives us a look at somethings that were present in the first season but missing in the second. The reason the second season was so popular was because it was mainly focused on Dexter. While this entertains everyone it isn't the best writing for a show that plans to continue on. So as Dexter steers away from the books and starts to become a show. In a series of a books a lot more happens in one book then what would usually happen in a season of a show. So by effect the pacing slows down. Which means our viewers who just want to see Dexter kill somebody, are disappointed. And also while the books focus more on Dexter because the show must focus on all characters. Season 3 is becoming a great transition. It isn't easy just to leave the books and they are doing what no show has done before. I really just got to give the writers "a hand" and compliment them on there amazing job with the first four episodes.

    Character development from Rita at work, then Maria messing with Miguel's case, Debra and Quinn having it out, Dexter and Miguel spending more "Quality" time, and then Dexter proposing to Rita.

    This episode builds up to the next four episodes of this season and provides as an above decent turning point. The action continues building up but not at the pace the viewers expect. It's a good episode that will improve after we see how it has built in to next weeks episode.

    But until then this episode has given us a lot to think about. And hopefully, now that this episodes has satisfied our long overdue character development, we will soon be satisfied with some long overdue action and suspense.