Season 2 Episode 3

An Inconvenient Lie

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2007 on Showtime
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Dexter sets his sights on a new victim: a murderer, so repulsive, it seems only fitting that he's a used-car salesman. Dexter almost admires the man, though, for his smooth-talking charm and effortless lying, which Dexter knows he lacks himself these days. Dexter's been unable to lie to Rita about his midnight activities, which has her thinking that he's a drug addict. She's threatened to leave him if he doesn't commit to a 12-step program to deal with his supposed addiction. While in this recovery, though, Dexter meets a sexy, mysterious woman named Lila.moreless

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  • Dexter meets Lila

    In this episode Dexter goes to the recovery place and meets Lila who knows about Dexter's darkness and can tell he is different from everyone else Throughout the episode Dexter keeps insisting that he doesn't want to go to recovery but helps him in the end when Doakes finds Dexter at the recovery and it makes Doakes think that Dexter is an addict and it covers Dexters real truth This episode shows Dexter learning off other killers when he is about to kill them, this time it was about lying which Dexters victim did really well and what Dexter doesn't seem to do very well but now Rita won't want Dexter to go to recovery when she sees his sponsor.moreless
  • I love that the girlfriend pushed it and now she is freaking out over it.

    This was a great episode it had everything in it. Drama, killing, and developing plot. I hated that cop following Dexter around it was starting to get annoying, so I am glad that he isn't doing that anymore. The whole thing with Dexter at NA was great cause it lets us see him in a different light, and it shows that although he thinks that he doesn't have any feelings in reality he does. I can't believe that his sister is the one that is moving the investigation closer and closer towards Dexter, if she only knew that it was her brother that was killing people.moreless
  • Amazing episode.

    I had a long break between watching this episode and last one.. and I even wonder, how I managed to put the dvd aside after last episode, because this one just caught me in the action and I did not even noticed how the time passed. It was great episode. I mean, the way Dexter gets into all kind of storylines: trying to deal with Rita as he has found that he cares about her more than he thought. Dealing with Doakes who never leaves him alone and that storyline got a really surprising ending but a brilliant one. In a moment I thought he is in real trouble but no.. that happened to be his savor. And then maybe the most fascinating part was the way Dexter has to deal with the case. They are all after him and by every step he makes, they get closer. His sister realizes the pattern and that FBI man had a talk with him what was just too.. if they put everything in right context, they can figure it out. But we all hope there comes somekind of very good storyline as the story is catching the motion..moreless
  • Season Two Begins

    This is the beginning of season two, I feel. A lot of the first two epsiodes revolved around trying to introduce a new concept (Bay Harbor Butcher) when the main characters were still reeling from the Ice Truck Killer case. It doesn't look like there is going to be a season-long arch in terms of a killer, just the investigation into Dexter and his murders. I'm so interested to see how this storyline is going to pan out with Lundy, who by the way is a great actor. I saw him on my favorite episode of Criminal Minds back in the day and he did a brillant job. Can't wait to see more Lundy / Dexter interactions, the one in this episode was very dark and real. The connection of people with criminal recrds was brought up in this episode by Deb, which should be interesting. Lila is a character I think Im goign to see a lot more of. She hasn't been devoloped at all, but Dexter seems to have struck a thing with her which may begin to drive Rita up the wall about this whole program. Overall, good episode with a lot of dark scenes that were written and performed very well.moreless
  • Putting Out Written by Melissa Rosenberg Directed by Tony Goldwyn

    Dexter (to Narcotics Group): "I just know there's something dark in me. I hide it. I certainly don't talk about it but its there. Always. This dark passenger and when he's driving, I feel … alive".

    Going to a Narcotics group is something I will hopefully never have to experience. As one of my friends recently pointed out to me, I've got an addictive personality but then again, name one person who isn't addicted to something? Luckily for me, my addictions are dangerous or damaging to my life or anyone else's.

    As for Dexter, it's different. His compulsion to kill is somewhat remedied by Harry's code. If it wasn't for Harry's code, Dexter would be possibly killing anything that looked at him in the wrong but luckily a code and his own sense of justice just keeps him to killing those more deserving.

    Last week Rita had it out with him about the shoe. I stressed that while he was right to admit to assaulting Paul, pretending to be an addict wasn't the smartest thing that Dexter could've done. This episode only went to prove that belief in spades, even if Dexter is adept at faking it.

    The first meeting he goes to is played for laughs. Dexter watches a few people go on repeatedly about their vices and how said vices have damaged their lives. Instead of feeling sorry for these people, Dexter just rolls his eyes in boredom and decides to skip the rest of the meeting.

    However one thing Dexter did wrong was to tell Rita that he didn't stay until the end. In Season One, Dexter could've gotten away with this but here, Rita is pretty adamant that either Dexter sticks it out or they are done. I like seeing this stronger assertive side to Rita but I just wish that we weren't seeing this element of her at Dexter's expense though.

    Dexter to his credit manages to stick it out at a second meeting and in a bid to get some chip even talks about himself. Of course, Dexter is a master of faking and he spins a pretty lame story that everyone watching, even if it's their first episode of the show could see that Dexter was lying through his teeth.

    One person in particular who could see through Dexter's surprisingly unimaginative story is Lila. Before she even uttered a word, Lila made her presence felt by staring at Dexter. Well to be honest it looked more like she was sizing him up but then again, Dexter does have that certain effect on people.

    Joining Lila for a coffee is something of a wake up for Dexter. Seeing through his crap story is all well and good but when a complete stranger starts making rather personal and perceptive comments about your psyche, it doesn't take much to get a little nervous. In fact it's enough to make Dexter want to quit NA for good.

    Probably best known for playing Stacy on Hustle, British actress Jaime Murray is seemingly fine in the role of Lila. Like all British actors playing British characters on television, Murray has to heighten her accent just to emphasise that she's from Britain. Fortunately it's nowhere near as bad as you'd expect it to be but it is a little distracting when watching Lila.

    I'm not exactly sure how I'm supposed to feel about her as a character. While it's nice to see someone actually understand Dexter's darkness and be okay with it, the last person who did that was Rudy and we all know what happened with him. It also doesn't help that there is something of a distinctly creepy vibe about Lila too.

    Dexter's scared enough of her prying to try and quit and when he brings it up to Rita, he gets dumped. It's only when Dexter decides to take NA seriously and adopt Lila as his sponsor does Rita take him back. That being said, it's interesting to then see Rita looking threatened by Dexter hanging out with Lila. Another thing the episode tried to highlight was an underlying sexual chemistry between Dexter and Lila.

    Rita shouldn't really worry for now because this episode actually went out of it's way to prove that Dexter loves her. Okay so there's the fact he's taking the NA stuff seriously in an effort not to lose her but there's also the fact that when Roger trashes Rita's name, Dexter loses it and kills him.

    Roger's this week's victim and he's also an accomplished liar at everything. Dexter figures out he's been killing women and even when he confronts the evil salesman, Roger still tries to deny it. Then Roger also lets his sexism get in the way and Dexter does us all a favour by killing the scumbag.

    Of course with Rita, Lila and Roger all playing heavily on his mind, it's almost perfect that it's this episode where Doakes finally gets Dexter. First there are the snide comments in the elevator and then there's Doakes going for the jugular by accusing Dexter of being connected to the Ice Truck Killer.

    This however doesn't compare to the fact Doakes revels in thinking that Dexter is an addict. Dexter might have been feeling like the man of the moment when he bared himself in NA but he also perfectly conveyed a look of dread when Doakes showed up. Of course Dexter thinks this will keep Doakes at bay but something tells me the opposite is more likely to happen.

    Then there's Lundy. He's already proved to be a perceptive guy in the way that he knew Doakes wasn't the sort of cop to play with other. His brief conversation with Dexter gave off the distinct vibe that he wasn't so trusting of him. As threats go, Dexter should worry about Doakes but also keep an eye out for Lundy as well. Right now he doesn't have the luxury of being able to relax.

    Being the new serial killer in town is definitely causing ripples. While Dexter makes some wry observations that Deb hunting for him makes for an awkward family dynamic, there's also the fact that Masuka is getting him to look at his own handiwork to boot.

    Dexter feels more annoyed than moved when seeing all of his corpses and even tries to get himself away from doing as much as he can. He's not the only one who feels like evading responsibility. After all, the still hurting Deb is also pretty keen to distance herself from this particular case.

    With everyone else being excited about working on solving the Bay Harbour Butcher case, Deb feels like she can barely hack it. In the interviewing stage, she tries to get Angel to convey to a woman in Spanish that she can't help her and then she tries twice to get out of the case.

    It seems Lundy's perception of people also has a positive sting to it as well. He deliberately put Deb on this case because she was involved with Rudy. It's not a shocker to learn this and you also wonder if it's a good way of getting Deb to sort her demons out once and for all too.

    Refusing to let her go proved good for Lundy. Deb interviewed a young man and learned that his father was an abusive criminal who evaded justice. Deb then went to Lundy and the two of them deduced that the victims were criminals. It didn't take much for them to consider that this could be the very pattern.

    As a viewer, while I seriously don't want Deb to learn that Dexter has been slaughtering Miami's less savoury population, it's just nice to have a reminder of Deb's capabilities. She might be flighty and head strong but at the end of the day, she's a better cop than other people.

    The other person in question I'm hinting at would be Esme. Now I like Esme reasonably enough and while I sympathise a little with her, I'm also finding her recklessness incredibly annoying. There's a reason why domestics are supposed to be left at home after all.

    For the past two episodes, Esme's allowed herself to be distracted by her cheating fiancé. At this point it has become too problematic as not only is she making an ass out of herself during TV interviews about the Bay Harbour Butcher but it's Maria of all people who is having to cover up to for her.

    Angel can tell that Esme isn't up to the job and both Lundy and Captain Matthews aren't too thrilled with Esme's handling of the media. However when Matthews gives Maria the opportunity to score her job back by bad mouthing Esme, Maria refuses to take the bait and accuses Matthews of being sexist.

    Now Maria probably has a point there and it's rather honourable that she's willing to defend Esme. Maybe Maria has gone through something similar without support or perhaps it's further efforts on the writers' part to show us that she's not a terrible person but either way it's admirable and reckless.

    It's admirable because it shows that Maria has loyalty within her but it's also reckless because she's spiting Matthews as well and if Esme doesn't get her act together, then something disastrous might happen and it could look bad for Maria as well.

    Also in "An Inconvenient Lie"

    The previously on bit are still rather long but I liked seeing some clips from the first season again.

    Dexter (re Caroline): "No self control lost everything. Same whiny story, over and over again for the last ten minutes".

    Because of BHB fiasco this episode saw the office being littered with as many people as possible. Lundy (re Esme): "I wish your Lieutenant would consult me before the press".

    Matthews: "I'll rip her a new one if I can find her".

    Counsellor: "You've got three minutes to share if you want".

    Dexter: "Really?"

    Drug Addict: "Go ahead. You're among friends".

    Maria got a little suspicious of Dexter's new minivan. It's the first time these two have interacted at all this season.

    Lila: "Tell me exactly how full of **** are you?"

    Dexter: "I'm not full of anything".

    Lila: "It was a nice performance in there. Where did you download it from –"

    Dexter (re NA): "I swear to you, I'm better off alone".

    Rita: "I pray you'll change your mind".

    Rita was smoking again in this episode. Deb did a lot of that Season One as did Maria a few times. Is it to convey stress or has Rita always been a smoker?

    Esme: "I seem to have my hand up my ass this week".

    Maria: "It's called being human".

    Dexter: "So is this it?"

    Rita: "It's up to you Dexter".

    The guy Deb was interviewing at the end looked a little familiar. I'm wondering which one of Dexter's victims who he is?

    Maria (to Matthews): "You know what neurotic means – non male. The same bull**** sexism I put up with when I was in charge. I won't dignify the rumours. Pasquale's fine".

    Doakes: "I know you're a good liar too".

    Dexter: "Yeah but not good enough".

    We learned in this episode that Dexter is a jujitsu expert and that he was also originally going to go to med school.

    Dexter (re corpses): "You're hoping they'll talk to you?"

    Lundy: "The ones with heads anyway. They always speak in the end. You gotta ask the right questions".

    Dexter: "Which is?"

    Roger (re killings): "No I wouldn't".

    Dexter: "You did and you'll do it again. That's why we're here".

    Deb is still making no effort to move out of Dexter's, even though he's less anxious about her being around the place.

    Dexter (re Lila): "That's my sponsor".

    Rita: "What, the guy in the blue shirt?"

    Dexter: "No, the one next to him".

    Chronology: A week or two since "Waiting To Exhale".

    Giving us all a nice examination in the drawbacks of lying as well as those who actually believe in their own fibs, "An Inconvenient Lie" is definitely an exciting episode. So far this season is striking well enough.moreless
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Don McManus

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    • Masuka: Lead fucking investigator. Translation -- everyone's bitch.

    • Doakes: (to Dexter) Stay clean and stay out of my way. We won't have a problem... Oh and you owe me a new Michelin, you motherfucker.

    • Dexter: So you're single?
      Brunette: (hesitates) Yeah...
      Dexter: Makes it tougher to afford those big-ticket items, like cars and... houses. You rent an apartment?
      Brunette: A house. You know, I hate sharing walls. You can hear everything.
      Dexter: Tell me about it. No pets though, right?
      Brunette: Is this a come-on? Because it's a little weird.
      Dexter: Must be why I'm still single. (leaves abruptly)

    • Masuka: (to Dexter) I need your help, buddy. The pressure's fucking redonkulous.

    • Masuka: Say it.
      Dexter: (sighs) You're my daddy?
      Masuka: Sounds weird when you say it.

    • Angel: You know, Pasquale is just caught in a cycle of reaction. She's not co-creating her own reality.
      Dexter: You know those words don't actually mean anything, right?

    • (Dexter speaks to his NA group)
      Dexter: I'm Dexter, and I'm...not sure what I am.
      NA group: Hi, Dexter.
      Dexter: I just know there's something dark in me. I hide it. I certainly don't talk about it. But it's there. Always. This dark passenger. And when he's driving, I feel...alive. Half sick with the thrill, complete wrongness. I don't fight him. I don't want to. He's all I've got. Nothing else could love me, not even, especially not me. Or is that just the lie the dark passenger tells me? Because lately, there are these moments when I feel...connected to something else, someone. And it's like the mask is slipping...and things...people...who never mattered before, are suddenly starting to matter. It scares the hell out of me.
      (NA group applauds)

    • Dexter: (voice over) They weren't meant to be put together again. They were meant to remain in the silent shadows, keeping their secrets. Now they're exposed to the glare, reflecting my darkness like some grotesque carnival mirror. Harry was right. Nothing stays buried. Perhaps not even me.

    • Lila: Like a thousand hiding voices whispering: "This is who you are". And you fight the pressure, the growing need rising like a wave, prickling and teasing and prodding to be fed. But the whispering gets louder, until it's screaming: "Now!". And it's the only voice you hear... the only voice you want to hear. And you belong to it... to this... shadow self. To this...
      Dexter: Dark Passenger.
      Lila: Yes. The Dark Passenger.

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