Season 7 Episode 1

Are You....?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2012 on Showtime

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  • All on the Table

    Following right after last year's cliffhanger ending Dex tries to calm Deb down by telling her that he snapped when he had killed Travis. After a full out verbal war Deb agrees to stage Travis's death as a ritual suicide with the holy sword from last season making it look as though the knife wound had never happened and then they set the church on fire erasing all traces of evidence except for Dex's bloodslide that fell into a paneled drain. Deb finds it hard to deal, realistically so, and wonders how Dex can be so cool about it all. LaGuerta, at the crime scene discovers the blood slide and puts it into evidence but later when Masuka tells her that Doakes was the only one who had ever taken blood slides at crime scenes she takes it back from evidence presumably to posit her own theory of why it was at Travis's crime scene. Travis's death is ruled a suicide. Sadly Detective Anderson, the best cop on the show besides Deb was put down in this episode for trying to help an Eastern European gangster change a tire. Shouldn't have identified himself as a cop, well maybe not he still would've been killed either way for seeing the girl in the back of the trunk. I was hoping he would live through it but I guess the actor had better things to do. It's too bad he was one of the few things about Season 6 that was interesting besides Mos Def and to see him go out like that was as disgraceful as Lundy buying the farm the way he did back in Season 4. Anyway something had to go down to put Batista and Quinn at odds again and jump start the Ray Stevenson story line. Louis remains an enigma as he calls Dexter a douche and cancels all of his credit cards. Is it so bad Dexter doesn't want his stuff touched by weirdo babysitter boyfriends like Louis. And how can Jaime still be with him if he's "weirder the more she gets to know him?" And why does he cancel Dex's credit cards? Out of revenge for being a dick? Or for a bigger ambiguous reason that we haven't been exposed to yet? Although the real magnet of this episode was seeing Deb put together that Dexter didn't commit a crime of passion and the similarities of ITK and Dexter's style and how Travis's kill room was just as perfectly set up as ITK did to his and her realizing through memories of being tied up the truth about Dex and Rudy's dualistic secret of being killers. The fakeout honestly got me as Dexter goes to kill Viktor Maskov and not to flee the country after Deb found out his secret. Viktor Maskov is the killer of Anderson and the Eastern European stripper in the back of the car. Dex says he needs it to settle his mind even though it couldn't be a worse time for it. However, the kill in the unclaimed baggage in a post 9/11 world was a bit of a stretch even for me the ingenuity of using the canoe as a bodybag was darkly comic. What's most upsetting is how confident Dexter is that Deb will keep his secret and let it rest at that. Deb isn't the type to just give up and not question things that are in front of her unfortunately for him but fortunate for us as viewers. Even though I wholly disagree with the whole "Deb and Dex wanna bone" underlying theme the flashback Harry not letting Deb keep a dog because of what Dex might do to it really showed the kind of fear Harry had all along about Dex's Dark Passenger until he ultimately killed himself over it. Dex fears the same thing and the scene where Harry was telling Dex that Deb would never get over it if she ever found out was astoundingly resonant as Dexter comes back from a fresh kill to find Deb having gone through his stuff and finding all of his kill equipment. This all results in the believable path of her having caught him in the lie of working Anderson's case when Masuka was in fact, getting Jaime to spill that Dex worked such insane hours, her questions about the plastic wrap, the apron and the knife. Rather than let her get a compromised view of Dexter's true self she's seeing the whole dang package, just like she ultimately did in the books. This is a much more effective way to get it out of the way rather than having us as an audience play cat and mouse game of "will she ever find out all of it?" the whole season. This paves the show to even darker territory and gave us a much better cliffhanger for next week than did last season's finale. Great reboot for the series and I hope that Season 7 can pick up the steam that was lost in Season 6 by going for obvious plot things such as Gellar not being real, etc. But so far things look to be on the right track. It's Dexter's worst fear, someone close to him (mainly Deb), having torn his place about with his knives laid out, his blood slides, and everything and asking the golden questions of "Have you done this before? Are you a serial killer?" And Dex, as if in a nightmare simply replies, "Yes."
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