Season 7 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Boring

    The whole episode could have been contained is 2 or 3, five minute scenes. Lets get on with the real show. The investigations, the planning and the executions of those who deserve it.

    I believe it was a big mistake letting Deb's get involved in the first place.
  • It wears off already

    Besides the Oscar-winning performance by Jennifer Carpenter, it gets more and more boring to watch the final season of Dexter. Now the writers are piling up storylines and characters so they all can explode in the very last episode or two and have a grand finale with lots of fireworks. For me this season was unnecessary as the final season of Heroes.
  • Whyyy?

    I was super disappointed with this episode - ENOUGH OF FILLER EPISODES! WHERE'S THE ACTION?!

    I understand the writers need to build for some super awesome cliffhangers but come on now.

    Anyone else here thinks Dexster should've killed Hannna?
  • Argentina

    They were going for a Mad Men style conversation with Dexter and Isaac in the end, but it just came off as very boring. Jennifer Carpenter's performance was strong though where Debra professed her love for Dexter. Out of the norm for this show, but a good scene.

    Still, nothing special here.
  • Weird!

    How the hell does Dexter not know what a booty call is? Hannah has to teach him what it is it's is so SAD!

    But awesome performance from Jennifer Carpenter this episode just the best person in the series.
  • @d-phrag

    Apart from the fact, that I really enjoy this season so far and think the comparison with the last season of Heroes is hardly fair...

    PLEASE before you comment something, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT! The following season will be the last one, not this!
  • Argentina

    I cant stand for Hanna to be kidnapped. It make more sense for Her and Dex to get Issac.
  • Love and War

    A slower episode of Dexter this week as we reach the 2/3 of the way through the season point and the writers continue to find a way to juggle Hannah and Isaac and keeping Dexter as busy as ever. First off, kudos to the writers for making Hannah a stable connection for Dexter to have (at least for such a short time). I feel that while her character stumbled to get my attention at first her function in being with Dexter doesn't feel as if it's going to turn out like the other women in his past. Let's recant all those he's "trusted" before. Lila was drawn to it and was crazy and arson-esque, Miguel was brought under his wing but was already a sociopath so it evolved into his death, Lumen saw it and got out clean, Rita never saw it and only thought he was a junkie like Paul, Travis doesn't count, Deb isn't a romantic interest, and Brian Moser was too evil for Dexter's code to let him live on so Hannah really is quite different. Showing a softer side to Isaac really went to the grassroots of his character and his heart to heart with Dexter over being outsiders and in another life being very good friends was striking and once again showed Ray Stevenson's acting chops. Dexter's cutting of the assassin, sent by the Brotherhood to kill Isaac, was a nice bit of irony because Isaac may well have been taken care of had he not tried to break into Viktor's apartment at all. And what was up with the donut shop shooting? That was just lazy, the whole four slo-mo seconds that Dexter saw Isaac after he saw him take the first show with the suppressed pistol, haven't we already established that Isaac is a damn good shot after the Columbian bar incident a few weeks ago? LaGuerta moving down the boat list and finding out Dexter changed marinas back when the BHB case was hot is pushing her in the right direction but knowing where she's going Dexter may have to deal with her. Quinn is further blackmailed by George (the nightclub owner), who leverages a recording of their conversation about Nadia's freedom for the blood evidence going missing and makes him watch over a heroin deal later that same night so he is truly under their thumb now thanks to his involvement with Nadia so there isn't much wiggle room for his character now. Angel secures the lease on the restaurant and everybody goes to hang out and eat there. Astor and Cody's return was welcome since it's good to see how they're doing and even if it is midseason having them interrupt at any point in Dexter's life is like someone quoting perfect instances of Murphy's Law. The scenes that ignited this week were Hannah and Dexter's discussing how Isaac wants to kill him and how he killed Viktor and how she let him borrow her van, and Deb finding out that Dex is seeing Hannah after all that crap about him caring too much about her to let her make him do a kill on her. Her admission of last year's nearly absurd story of her being in love with him was a nice re-up since it hasn't been in play an awful lot and Jennifer Carpenter oddly made it work as an admission and Dexter's stunned reaction was pretty spot on for how someone would take something like that. The humorous parts of the episode, like when Isaac in on the couch of Viktor's apartment while Dexter is going over the assassin dead in the kitchen whilst Isaac heckles the crime scene was pretty brilliant. Hannah and Dexter's chemistry also worked and the Argentina metaphor stuck for the places everyone would rather be, and Isaac's sad tale humanized him as a man with money and power but no happiness. Where Deb and Dex fit into each other's lives now is complicated since the kids will surely be gone by the end of next episode. But Isaac will keep coming and Deb will go further off the deep end. Dexter's plan going into the gay bar after Isaac and his resolution after his interaction with Isaac about them "not having to do this," but Isaac can't let it go because of the nature of love. Also, Dexter not knowing what a booty call is was another funny bit. Hannah pointing out that Dexter is lucky to have a family to fall back on in his anonymity marks many a time that someone points out how fortunate he is to have them. Isaac's pointing out what Dexter did to Trinity and Viktor being a contradiction show the humanity of Dexter's web of hypocrisy that this season is opening us up to, no longer just having us look through Dexter's lens of "it being necessary" by giving us other characters like Deb to call him on his crap when he's just flat out wrong. I figured Dex might tell Deb about Hannah after the gay bar scene but leave the bad timing and ways of finding out to go to Deb being too observant for her own good. Overall, this was a very strong building onto Season 7's foundation and giving us more Isaac but of a different sort. George is now moving against him and Isaac is now surrounded by the police, Dexter, and the Brotherhood no longer behind him. Maybe he will ask Quinn to do the deed of killing Isaac and we'll find out where he draws the line since a lot of this season is stretching characters to their limit. Also, good on the writers for making this exploration of love and family feel new since we already know that the question of Dexter being able to love that was posed over the years has been more than questioned and answered. My only gripe is ghost Harry explaining Deb's believing Dexter's lie as being in love with him since I believe a sense of loyalty as "siblings" plays into it a little more than just her being in love with and that their bond still goes deeper than that even after all that's happened. Deb is just so conflicted and her emotions about Dexter are pulling her every direction so good on Jennifer Carpenter for not being able to make sense out of it because I don't think any human being would. Also Isaac being non-stereotypically gay was a nice different portrayal than the typical "gay" character that most shows don't get a very human level on and his replaying Viktor's final message over and over was touching in a sad and an albeit creepy way.
  • Argentina

    Argentina was a superb episode of Dexter. I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written and full of drama, intrigue and suspense. The character and plot development was awesome and it was interesting to watch how events unfolded. It was great watching Dexter balance every thing and it was cool to see Cody and Aster again. I liked how every thing played out and the ending was outstanding. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Dexter refuses to kill Hannah

    After Deb surprisingly asked Dexter to kill Hannah Dexter refuses to kill her but the person Dexter wants to kill is Issac after he was released from prison Dexter really got luck in this episode when Issac went to shoot him when Dexter was getting doughnuts but he dropped his keys so the bullet missed but it is long from over between Issac and Dexter Also didn't I expect Deb to tell Dexter that she loves him and we don't really find out what Dexter is thinking I feel like La Guerta now has an idea that Dexter is the Bay Harbour Butcher but it is unclear how she has suspected Dexter.
  • loved this episode

    One of the best of this season. Conversation between Sirko and Dexter reminded me a lot of the style of season 2 episode the dark passenger. Heavy subjects of life described by the great authors behind this show. Hanna (don't know the actress's name) plays a great role as well.

    Thought they couldn't pick it up after the last two disappointing seasons, gladly I'm wrong.
  • Brilliant, brilliant and brilliant

    The magic returned in one of the best episodes ever this week. Compelling storylines, surprises, and the fast cutting at the end showing most of the main characters was superb. The only drawback? We want more Vince. He's a cool cat - and piss-funny.
  • Critical Mass Achieved

    Even though Dexter didn't have a victim on his table it would be hard to imagine more of a low burning intensity than this episode delivered. Deb not only admitted to Dexter she was previously thinking she was in love with him, but she realizes that Dexter likely didn't acquiesce to her request to kill Hannah simply because he was in love with Hannah. The presupposes Dexter can love someone and that in itself is an enigma. This makes both Deb and Dexter move toward a very open vulnerability which the results of are hanging in the air.

    Issac (sp?) has fell from grace with the eastern bloc mafia due to his carelessness in attempting to kill Dexter which has so far not succeeded, but has brought unwelcome attention to his associates therefore signing his own death warrant. Still he must kill Dexter and he strangely opens up when Dexter follows him to a gay bar. Issac is gay and Dexter killed his significant other. What follows is one of the darkest and most heavy dialogues Dexter has ever had with anyone, it is telling beyond the words spoken. Issac lets Dexter know he is still going to kill as Dexter offers his suggestion that Issac disappears to Argentina thus the title of this episode.

    Suddenly Dexter is a father again as Cody and his two stepchildren are thrust back into his lap due to their grandfather's sudden hospitalization. Astor isn't angry at Dexter anymore, but she is indulging in an illegal habit, pot smoking. Dexter and Deb confront her, but they are too far gone themselves in their own strange place to do much. This is definitely something adding to the tense situation, but how isn't exactly clear. Dexter turns away from Deb at Deb wants him out of her home only to turn to, you guessed it, Hannah.

    I mentioned Dexter didn't have a victim on his table, but Dexter did, in fact, make a kill. Yes, a totally uncharacteristic one as he was lying in wait for Issac only to find a contract killer was already waiting. The contract killer caused a reaction we have never seen in Dexter which is, basically, killing in self-defense. As if Dexter was special ops he takes the killer down impressively. This can't be underplayed....Dexter is a self-contined C.I.A. style killer and not just the unique serial killer we've grown accustom to. Add another layer to the new focused and self-assured Dexter portrayed this season.

    There is yet more in this episode because it is very transitional and covers so much ground it is unusual. It is a very good episode though and much groundwork is being laid into place for what's next. Transitional episodes are many times simply not as involving, this one is different and is complex and interesting. I recommend it highly as one who has watched from the beginning. It is a critical set-up episode with great intensity and is a must see.

  • I'd forgotten about that

    Wow, I'd forgotten about that, about Debra's little secret. I guess she really is more stuffed up than Dexter. One of the weaker episodes so far but definitely setting the scene for the great season finale. I'm just glad we've got a season 8.
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  • oh yea

    well for me this the best episode of this season so far , i wish the writers would use issac to launch much fireworks , wtg dex
  • best episode till now

    like the title says... the best up-til now. For my likings. This had it al. Drama, suspense and action. Debra is one talented actress. I wouldn't mind to be as f*cked up as her ;) GREAT episode. !!
  • Slice of life!

    This is exactly how I imagined that Deb would tell Dexter how she feels about him. In the middle of conversation, super out of place. No surprise there it's her style really. I am not sure he has no feelings for her. Remember the first reaction of Deb when the therapist ask her if she is in love with her brother? I don't know if he had the time to think about this. I can't wait for him to stop and actually process this. He is busy you know ... And LaGuerta finding the boat and read slice of life on it...That was great really I wonder if she is going to be next victim for Dex
  • This was craaazy!

    This was craaazy!

    Deb: "You're a serial killer and I'm more f#@*ed up than you are!"

    It was funny; yet weird.

    Deb spilled that she's in love with her brother :D

    This "I go for you and come for me relationship" with Dex and that psychopath's intense.

    Isaac's gay?!? I guess there must be another reason for being so intent on revenge.

    Now on to LaGuerta... she's on to us Dex and I loved how Yvonne Strahovski has really blended in with the series.

    Well... like Isaac said... "Till next time."