Season 7 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2012 on Showtime

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    Even though Dexter didn't have a victim on his table it would be hard to imagine more of a low burning intensity than this episode delivered. Deb not only admitted to Dexter she was previously thinking she was in love with him, but she realizes that Dexter likely didn't acquiesce to her request to kill Hannah simply because he was in love with Hannah. The presupposes Dexter can love someone and that in itself is an enigma. This makes both Deb and Dexter move toward a very open vulnerability which the results of are hanging in the air.

    Issac (sp?) has fell from grace with the eastern bloc mafia due to his carelessness in attempting to kill Dexter which has so far not succeeded, but has brought unwelcome attention to his associates therefore signing his own death warrant. Still he must kill Dexter and he strangely opens up when Dexter follows him to a gay bar. Issac is gay and Dexter killed his significant other. What follows is one of the darkest and most heavy dialogues Dexter has ever had with anyone, it is telling beyond the words spoken. Issac lets Dexter know he is still going to kill as Dexter offers his suggestion that Issac disappears to Argentina thus the title of this episode.

    Suddenly Dexter is a father again as Cody and his two stepchildren are thrust back into his lap due to their grandfather's sudden hospitalization. Astor isn't angry at Dexter anymore, but she is indulging in an illegal habit, pot smoking. Dexter and Deb confront her, but they are too far gone themselves in their own strange place to do much. This is definitely something adding to the tense situation, but how isn't exactly clear. Dexter turns away from Deb at Deb wants him out of her home only to turn to, you guessed it, Hannah.

    I mentioned Dexter didn't have a victim on his table, but Dexter did, in fact, make a kill. Yes, a totally uncharacteristic one as he was lying in wait for Issac only to find a contract killer was already waiting. The contract killer caused a reaction we have never seen in Dexter which is, basically, killing in self-defense. As if Dexter was special ops he takes the killer down impressively. This can't be underplayed....Dexter is a self-contined C.I.A. style killer and not just the unique serial killer we've grown accustom to. Add another layer to the new focused and self-assured Dexter portrayed this season.

    There is yet more in this episode because it is very transitional and covers so much ground it is unusual. It is a very good episode though and much groundwork is being laid into place for what's next. Transitional episodes are many times simply not as involving, this one is different and is complex and interesting. I recommend it highly as one who has watched from the beginning. It is a critical set-up episode with great intensity and is a must see.