Season 4 Episode 3

Blinded By the Light

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Dexter has problems with the neighborhood watch.

    In this episode Dexter finds his new neighborhood has a watch team after it has been getting vandalized but all the security isn't good for Dexter It's good to see the Trinity killer case is slowly building up as we are seeing more of him but Lundy is still trying to prove he exists I liked the part where Dexter pushed Astor in the pool trying to fit in This episode shows Dexter's camouflage isn't as easy as he thought it would be.
  • Average to say the least.

    The only interesting thing this episode gave me was more back story to the trinity killer..
    Seems he's reliving the murders of his parents & maybe the bathtub murder was a recreation or his wifes murder.. 

    The way he poured out a drink and said, "don't worry, your next" The next victim will be a man suffering a bludgeoning..... Tells me it's probably his father, with the suicide being his mother. Highly likely he didn't commit these initial murders.. 

    Then we've got dexter stalking a neighbourhood vandal, which I found hilarious and not in a good way,  I realize dexters situation is very different now and this story is very fitting to his situation, the writers did a good job portraying that but it's really not what I tune in to see..

    Quinn seems very desperate to get dexter on side, maybe he's hiding something much bigger than a few missing dollar bills. 
    Something has to develop from this, I don't want another Quinn/Yuki side story that just falls flat on it's arse.  

    So, very average episode.. But with the build up of more story surrounding the trinity killer and an inevitable meeting with Dexter in store.. Season 4 promises to be very watchable.        
  • The last couple of episodes have been on a slow burn, but the quality is still good.

    I started watching Dexter this season on TV (I just got Showtime, so I had to rely on DVD's for the previous three), therefore I was used to flying through episodes. Watching the show on TV, I realized how much the show relies on slow buildup in order to reach a larger payoff. It's not possible for me to watch all the episodes in a row anymore, so I'm having some adjustment issues.. that being said, tonight's episode had a little more of the dark humor that Dexter is known for, with Dexter's whole neighborhood watch predicament and his problems with Astor growing up. Watching him try to figure out how to find the vandal was great and was worth a few chuckles.

    I also thought it was nice to see John Lithgow getting to do something.. I think he plays an intriguing character and he definitely gives the Trinity Killer an eerie mood.. but in the midst of Dexter trying to balance out his life, the Vacation Murders, the whole Deb/Anton/Lundy triangle and LaGuerta and Batista, it seems like some of the storylines get thrown to the backburners. Hopefully the pace picks up a little bit in future episodes.

    Still, the way the writers leave little plot points hanging in the wind is amazing. For instance, watching Quinn get all worked up over Dexter, I couldn't help but thinking that he may eventually get the urge to look into Dexter's life, Doakes style.. and with Deb still looking into Harry's past C.I's and Rita getting more and more suspicious of Dexter, it seems like there are multiple chances for him to get caught this season. If anything, it's the potential for danger that makes this season so intense so far. Hopefully they can keep it up.
  • This is the Dexter we have been waiting for.

    After two okay episodes Season 4 Episode 3 finally gets the show back on track. This episode was action-packed, humorous, and even John Lithgow was enjoyable as the Trinity Killer. I really did not buy the seasoned actor in the role for the first two hours, but here he pulled off the dark and eery persona perfectly. While he may never fully shed the comedy part from his skein, he was convincing tonight for sure.

    I also liked the fact that there was a real mystery tonight with just who was the neighborhood vandal, and a nice twist thrown our way when the perp was finally revealed. The show needs more things like this instead of Dexter sees bad guy, Dexter kills bad guy, Dexter goes home.

    And for the first time this season I am looking forward to next week's episode.
  • Dexter takes on the neighboorhood

    Dexter gets to know his neighbours a little better but all is not well on his patch as the actions of a vandal causes a neighbour to deploy motion sensitive lighting not exactly what Dexter needs. After a little detective work he figures out that a teenage boy has been behind all this mischief and decides to scare the crap out of him, this is a funny sequence because he runs smack into a neighbourhood watch who pursue him around in the dark. He gets his sweet revenge the next night only to find out it's the boy's father that the vandal. Elsewhere the "Trinity killer" gets to work as he forces a female to jump a building to her own death. Of course Lundy thinks this is the work "Trinity", He convinced the woman to jump through fear alone, threatening her children with the same fate if she didn't kill herself, very clever indeed.
  • Dexter tries to track down a neighbourhood vandal as his life begins to take its toll. Batista and Laguerta get a lead on the Vacation killer and Trinity takes another victim.

    Season Three was the best thing on TV last year and the signs for this season seem pretty good. But this ep shows what seems to be lacking in this season is a few too many secrets and quite a lull to kick the season off.

    This week Dexter's struggle to fit into a suburban life seems to be taking its toll. He looks out of place and is having trouble dealing with a teenage Aster. When the neighbours complain of a vandal on the loose and they set up a watch group to catch the culprit. Dexter knows this cautious attitude will be a problem later down the line and takes it upon himself to fix the matter.

    Meanwhile, Trinity has taken another life, following a pattern that he has lived for over three decades. As Lundy continues to search for Trinity before he takes another life Dexter is fascinated by how this killer can be so successful and so blatant at the same time. On another side note, Lundy's presence is confusing Debra and muddling her relationship with Anoton. Something has got to give on that little story arc.

    Also, Batista and Laguerta are keeping their relationship on the downlow but come a cropper when they get in a shootout with the suspect for the Vacation Murders three hours later than they were supposed to arrive at a scene to question a possible ally of the suspect.

    There are a couple of more characters to delve into but I will leave it there. This was another good ep with lots of pluses to tak away from it. But what this ep lacks that was there all season 3 is a certain excitement and sharpness. I am one of the many people who like the constant evolution of Dexter and with him now in the burbs things are changing. But I feel that they are taking too many steps back for the sake of change. Oh is it just me or is Rita being a real cow this season, she says they are a team but she makes all the decisions in the house. I think Dex needs to grow a pair and tell her whats what from tim to time!