Season 7 Episode 3

Buck the System

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Becomning slightly more believable now

    This is a marked improvement on last week's horribly written episode and though I still think the writers are doing a poor job with Deb, her slow-to-accept attitude almost made this episode feel like it should have come before the last one.

    It was pleasant to see Louis killed off. There was definitely potential with that storyline but nothing we haven't seen before in variation. It makes me hopeful the writers have something more innovative and original up their sleeve. The Viktor plot still feels a little trite and tiresome but maybe that will start to blossom.

    On the plus side, this week's true villain was genuinely scary and just the level of gravitas needed to push Deb closer to the dark side. Even Quinn wasn't boring as hell this week.

    I hope to see more of LaGuerta and her hunch about the ice truck killer. I also hope to see Michael C. Hall coming out of this role a little more. As his solitary life of murder has imploded, he's remained frustratingly stoic, where there was opportunity for him to become far more versatile in his depiction of Dexter. I really hope to see him flex more acting muscles as the season continues.
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