Season 7 Episode 3

Buck the System

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2012 on Showtime

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  • References to Dexter in the Dark (the third novel)

    This episode was crucial - Deborah needed the push to start accepting "The Dexter Way". While it's a relatively slow start to the season, I like the way the writers are pacing themselves.

    I wanted to highlight some of the clever (but obvious) connections between Raymond Speltzer and the Moloch theme in Jeff Lindsay's third Dexter book (Dexter in the Dark). Speltzer is clearly into worshipping (or at least fetishizing) bull-deities. The mausoleum had a bull headstone (which was part of the original design, and probably why Speltzer chose it as his trophy house/shrine). Inside there is a shrine that Speltzer set up, dedicated to the Minotaur - with a photo of the Athenian bust of the Minotaur, and a crude etching of a labyrinth (maze) with the trophy earring in the centre. There was also a pendant with the zodiac sign of the Taurus (the Bull). His chosen method of killing is to don a bull-mask and chase a female victim through an improvised maze, again a mythological reference to the Minotaur.

    Moloch, of course, was the pagan god with the body of a man and the head of a bull. It was the central conceit of the third book, which was poorly received because of its overt supernaturalism. It's clear the writers of the show aren't foolish enough to go down that misguided path, but I like the way they managed to work the reference into the show.

    By the way, I was happy they got rid of Louis, he was a singularly irritating character who (unfortunately) hadn't done enough to deserve Dexter's knife. I just wish the mobsters had played with him a little before dispatching him. They had a power drill, for Chrissakes!