Season 7 Episode 3

Buck the System

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Mixed bag

    The focal point of the episode was to have Debra realize that she can`t stop Dexter from killing and there is a certain value to have this particular serial killer cleaning the streets. No surprise here. She obviously was not going to arrest him and if the solution to Dexter`s addiction was as easy as watching him 24/7, Harry would have done it. In the past, they have tried love, fatherhood,, the sister, still Dexter cannot stop, I don`t think any fan will accept the alternative anyway. Dexter is a psychopath and we are rooting for him, we might as well just face it:P. Anyway, since Debra`s discovery, things have been moving a little bit too fast. In 3 episodes, she went from total disgust through "move in with me" to "you have to move out". You`d think that after discovering that the brother she loved more than she should was a serial killer, she would still be in the disgusted phase, especially as the head of the police force.

    Anyway, the entire direction of the season is still promising and overall the show is doing good, especially after that shockingly bad last season(where the show went from one of the best to one of the worst shows on TV). There is still some eye rolling moments though. That last kill scene was terrible. Dexter always had a certain style of cinematography, it made no sense to switch to the free camera style, and it was painful to watch. They wanted to create something disturbingly sick with a killer dressed as some kind of animal and torturing some girl to death but it just turned out plain ridiculous. That killer was probably the worst one in history of the show. How would someone expect to get away with a brutal murder, with death metal music at maximum, along with lightning a flat, that he seemingly trespassed and made a horror chamber out of it...come on, you expect that from bad B-Horror movie from Rob Zombie! A rip off of everything bad about Saw. Also, there are those conveniences. Of course, they are not as appalling as last season`s conveniences (how can they), but i do hope they are addressed. For example, I hope they don`t expect us to believe Larguerta will think Debra`s hunch about that psycho is due to her "lizard brain". This can easily be tight up with larguerta`s interest in the bay harbor butcher and I hope it is.

    As far as the positives goes, Ray Stevenson plays a great villain and will no doubt be one of the highlights of the season. The fact that he is after Dexter now is very promising. Louis death was a surprise since they build him up as a threat for Dexter for an entire season. The fact that he died on Dexter`s boat will probably mean trouble in the future. And there is a new love angle. Aside from Dexter-Rita, those are never interesting on this show. The purpose of that Russian stripper is probably to get Quinn closer to the truth about Dexter. There is big potential here; all angles will eventually lead to Dexter. In the trailer for the next episode, Debra tells Dexter that bad things will eventually find him. The show now has an end date, so I don`t expect things to just miraculously work in Dexter`s favor once again. He is in many aspects not the bad guy but in so many others, he is the bad guyso expect some consequences as the shows approaches its end. I doubt they will ever reach season 4`s greatness again but this should still be an interesting ride.
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