Season 7 Episode 3

Buck the System

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Season continuing to be a surprise

    - Spoilers ahead -

    I'm shocked at how fast this season is going - which makes me question as to whether that is a good or bad thing. In 4 episodes Deb has gone from being distraught at her brother being a serial killer, to her 'understanding it'. Furthermore, 'The Brotherhood' - who I am assuming to be the 'season bad guy' - know who killed Victor. Hopefully this won't signal a slow down in pace over the next few episodes, as I've been quite impressed as to how tense and smooth each episode has been thus far.

    Debra is feeling like a bit-part character at the moment. She doesn't really have any grip on the decisions that Dexter makes, and now that he's moving back to his own house I can't help but think she will have an even less an impact on his actions. Hannah McKay however I can see being in it a little bit more, as there seemed to be some chemistry there (whether that was intentional remains to be seen).

    I'm definitely disappointed at the death of Louis, the whole build up concerning his character just seems pointless now. I have a feeling that Dexter will be under suspicion of his murder though; blood on his boat, body dispensed in the sea (Deb will see the links) and so on.

    The season ahead looks promising, with layers of story available for the writers to explore - lets just hope it's coherent and not rushed!

    P.S I feel sorry for his son Harrison! Never see the poor lad.