Season 7 Episode 3

Buck the System

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Beat 'Em or Join 'Em

    This week's Dexter continued this season's winning streak after least season's shaky and quite frankly lame final half of the season. The first half of 6 was great but measure of a great show is keeping and adapting arcs that can be sustainably watchable throughout the whole season not just through half. Anyway, Dex and Batista have to go visit Wayne Randall's travel buddy (the guy who threw himself in front of a semi last week) and it turns out to be Chuck's (Yvonne Stakovski) who I believed would have more of a presence not just evade Angel's questions and subtly flirt with Dex. His dropping of the Q-tip was so unlike him it made me giggle sine Dex doesn't really get nervous around women that aren't a big part of his life. Dex also begins hunting a suspected killer of four women, Ray Speltzer. He tries to get out from under Deb's overprotective eyes and imagines casually killing people since he hasn't killed in quite some time. He says that he needs space but Deb won't give it to him. Once more there is no Harrison and Dex's being away from home is just kind of written as "Oh Jaime's taking care of him." Louis gets his comeuppance as Dexter mails the ITK hand back to the forensics lab as the buyer of it being dissatisfied with the condition of it and Masuka fires him. Dexter also manages to mail the sex tape he had with the prostitute last week to Jaime and she breaks up with him. Meanwhile, Isaac finds way to find Victor if he's still alive with a GPS chip that was in the necklace Irina was wearing the night of her death. Apparently it is the key to the cops uncovering Isaac's heroin distribution from overseas so he seeks to keep it tightly under wraps. He gets an IT guy to get the chip in the necklace's last known location which is out to sea at the marina Dexter's boat is at. Isaac goes there with the nightclub owner and finds Louis there about to drill holes into Dex's boat. He says it's his boat and when Isaac threatens to torture him he gives them Dexter's name and that he works for Miami Metro before Isaac shoots him in the head and leaves. He's strangely on track to finding Dexter quicker than most villains encounter Dex in Dexter's history of villains. Isaac and Dex's exchange in the club not knowing who each other are and speaking casually about finding something was well acted particularly by Ray Stevenson who can certainly hold his own against Michael C. Hall. Dex tries to bring Deb in on the Speltzer thing when she tails him to a bar where Ray is flirting with a waitress. Dex says that he can find the evidence for Deb to let him kill Ray but she sticks to her guns. When she goes to LaGuerta to put put surveillance on Speltzer LaGuerta reminds her of the limits of being an officer that they can't prevent crimes so much as solve them. Dex's talk of saving lives comes to her head and she puts a patrol car to watch Speltzer so that Dexter doesn't try anything. Dex searches the cemetery where Ray works and finds an earring that belonged to one of his previous victim's in a mausoleum filled with bulls. Deb sends the patrol car home for the night but watches by herself outside of the house while Ray and the waitress meet for their date at his house. He chokes her and comments that she is strong. Just as Deb is about to drive away she sees strobe lights from the house and breaks into Speltzer's house gun blazing. She works her way upstage which appears to be a haunted house/maze/torture chamber. Speltzer is decked out in a bull suit and fights Deb but Dex shows up and clocks him on the head. They find the beaten to death body of the waitress and Speltzer manages to get away and he had taken the earring from the mausoleum by the time the cops had gotten there. While this was predictable arc wise of "Deb needs to have a scenario where she learns that Dexter's methods are necessary in the world" didn't make it any less enjoyable. Louis is good to be gone since he was an unfleshed out creepy mess that just hung around plotting against Dexter for some reason. But Isaac has my respect as a cold blooded villain an with Deb releasing Dexter from his "cage" out into the "wild" of kill as he wants land it doesn't change that she is devastated from the lesson she's learned. Dex may eventually track down Speltzer, but I think it's much more convincing if we never hear from him again just to solidify it as a "Deb was wrong" point for the show.