Season 7 Episode 3

Buck the System

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2012 on Showtime



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    • Debra Morgan: (while walking down an alley with Dexter, who is in a steaming rage after just attacking a detained man in the interrogation room) Fuck is the matter with you?
      Dexter Morgan: You.
      Debra Morgan: Me?
      Dexter Morgan: Watching me all the time, living with you is driving me crazy.
      Debra Morgan: I have to watch you Dexter.
      Dexter Morgan: Why?
      When I have the urge to... I called you... didn't I?
      And you talked me down, it worked. Why can't you back off?
      Debra Morgan: Can you promise me that if I wind on your ass that you wouldn't slip!?
      Dexter Morgan: I can promise you that if you don't get off my ass, something bad is going to happen.
      Debra Morgan: What's that suppose to mean!?
      Dexter Morgan: That if I don't control my need, it's gonna control me!
      Debra Morgan: That's what i'm trying to help you do, i'm trying to help you control it!
      Dexter Morgan: No, you're trying to suppress it!...
      That lock it away and the lock is not gonna hold, you saw what happened in there...
      The only way I can control it is to channel it the way Harry taught me.
      Debra Morgan: No. I do not accept that... dad was wrong.
      Dexter Morgan: (calming down) I'm not so sure, sometimes I think he know me better than I know myself.
      Debra Morgan: Think about Harrison... think about what you could be exposing him into.
      Dexter Morgan: I think about him all the time
      Debra Morgan: Sooner or later this is going to catch up to you... and to him....
      ...I'll give you some space... I'll back off, just hang in there with me OK?
      (Deb then walks away)

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