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  • Taking it up a notch

    How is this possible? I want it to work between Dexter and Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski). Of course, this is absolutely against the code we've come to love and respect across the seasons but Dexter's code is falling apart and this season is important in that Deborah knows what's going on. Will she bring Dexter back to his code, convince him to give it up or will he drag her down with him?

    I predict an eventual series finale where Debra exposes Dexter and then shoots him dead.
  • dexter, just die already!

    i keep watching dexter out of custom, but i don't enjoy this show anymore... not like i used to. it's getting more and more predictable, i can't empathize with ANY characters and i can't believe how DUMB they are that they haven't found out about dexter yet. dexter is losing his edge, sometimes he's a psychopath, sometimes he's a fool in love. news flash, baby: psychopaths don't fall in love! and what about harrison? he was used when it was interesting for the show and now he's gone, just like that? puh-lease!

    at this point, i hope dexter gets caught, goes to jail and dies in the electric chair. and i hope laguerta is the one who finds out about him! i'm glad next season will be the last one. they can't milk this show anymore...
  • Things have got complicated for Dexter.

    On the previous episode Dexter let Hannah go because he thinks she is perfect with Lila being drawn to his darkness and Lumen drawn away Hannah is perfect In this the episode Hannah sees that Dexter his having trouble with the crime writer so she poisons him which helps both of them and after that she has proven how dangerous she is Things get complicated for Dexter when Issac gets out of prison ,now Deb is asking Dexter to kill Hannah the woman he has feelings for and is La Guerta onto Dexter because I don't know what she was looking at near the end.
  • Chemistry

    Finally, an interesting dilemma posed by the show, and not to spoil it for others, but it was finally a good cliffhanger to close out the show.

    I am enjoying Yvonne Strahovski's character on the show, finally a good partner for Dexter Morgan, after disappointing attempts with Julia Stiles and Julie Benz.

    Other than Dexter and Hannah, not much is great this season though, and this episode highlighted that.
  • great episode

    sister or lover? damn that's hard
  • it was great

    I thought it was a nice episode. There was one part I couldn't help myself from laughing at. When Deb and that guy was at her place in the beginning after dinner. All I could think was that she should do a deep background check on him to make sure he is not a serial killer. How messed up is her sex life that that was my first thought about someone new for her?
  • Chemistry indeed

    For me, this was the best episode of this season. Finally, we move away from the constant Deb/Dex struggle into new territory: Dexter falling in love with someone he tried to kill. The above-mentioned chemistry between Yvonne Strahovski and Michael C. Hall is amazing and it was enough for me to be on the edge of my seat the entire time.
  • Dexter Exposed Literally...And More.

    Dexter as a series and character has managed to reposition itself, almost totally as compared to the previous seasons shared continuity. The series is very involving at a critical time. Strahovski as Hannah is a very interesting twist on the usual villian. Dexter is more exposed than ever due to Deb's awareness and his own weakness for Hannah. Many interesting things are happening that, for once, do not have to depend on Dexter's table. I like the differences and the pace of this season and that is a good thing since Dexter is a show with a way too short season. Things are stacking up creating tension one constantly feels. This is fresh and good writing that makes the series seem it can keep going.
  • Hard Hearted Hannah

    Dexter deals with sexy aftermath of his inability to kill Hannah last week, and a naked Hannah holds a knife to his throat and makes him tell her why he does what he does and he tells her in a deadpan manner. Miami Metro discover the missing blood evidence and Isaac walks free and they scavenge the crime scene in the bar where the shootout took place but the sewage has been "accidentally" tampered with and there is no recoverable evidence obviously work of the Koshka Brotherhood. Isaac's line about "Miami still being overcrowded by one" was awesome even though things are now more complicated since a patrol car is following Isaac at all times until he leaves the country. The true crime writer, Sal Price, gets mixed in with Hannah and Dexter and threatens to let it slip that Dexter was lazy in his blood spatter report on the Wayne Randall murders to let Hannah remain free and Dexter agrees to tell Sal anything he knows and how he was the last one to speak to Wayne Randall before he dies. Dexter tells Hannah that their encounter can never happen again but they both realize that Sal is playing them for information and Dex says that he'll take care of it. LaGuerta continues her suspicions and admits that the Barrel Girl case theory with the BHB is going nowhere and Deb discourages her from continuing and reiterates that all of the evidence still points to Doakes being the BHB and to let it die. Deb is clearly torn in this case when she talks to Hannah's late husband's sister who agrees to let them exhume the body of her brother to find out if he was poisoned with aconite which is her signature poison. Deb uses the evidence of Hannah's old boss being poisoned by aconite in her pocket so all she needed was tissue from Hannah's dead husband but the body wasn't embalmed by Hannah's choice so without tissue they can't run the toxicology tests. It was good to see Deb let loose and just enjoy the company of nice romantic interest, even though he was a killer. Dexter breaks into Sal's apartment while Sal is at Hannah's getting the real story behind her killing participation in Wayne Randall's spree and deletes all of the files Sal has on his computer about Hannah to protect her. He also takes evidence from his bathroom to link him to the murder of a jogger who was the subject of a true crime novel he wrote. Hannah tells Wayne that she stabbed the woman and he then leaves and arrives at Dexter's apartment where he is told by Dexter to back off or else he will have the evidence released to match Price with the jogger case to which Sal's reaction indicates that he really did kill the girl and is afraid of the repercussions and Dex's lizard brain hasn't been wrong in pure instinct all season. Isaac's brief scene with Dexter where he claims to want to move "heaven and earth to snuff out his life" with just the added twist of the police following him so he will have to get creative. Batista confronts Quinn that he was in the evidence room and may have taken the evidence with his ties to Nadia and the club to which he denies and Angel seems to believe him. Quinn then goes to the club owner George and tells him that Nadia is done with the Brotherhood and George simply laughs and tells him that he can mess him up to which George said that the same goes for him and that having a cop that will do stuff for them is a good thing. Quinn does give Batista the ten grand he got from the Brotherhood to Batista claiming inheritance to invest in it so that he can feel less guilty about betraying Angel's trust. Hannah poisoned Sal, who collapses right before Dex can convince him to back off and leave him and Hannah alone and Sal hits his head and the police are called. Deb knows that it was Hannah, but the toxicology screen comes back clean for aconite and when Dexter goes to her house to chew her out for killing Sal when he said that he would handle it they realize that they were looking out for one another. Interestingly Hannah wanting so emphatically for Dexter's name to be left out of Sal's writing showed that she cared but she's so mysterious. Dexter's memory of distinguishing her from the women of his past like Rita who was ignorant of it, Lumen who needed it, and Lila who was drawn to it was effective in that the writers really are trying to differentiate her character from Dexter's past loves. They end up going at it again, and Hannah's admission of putting a little "extra something" onto one of Sal's pens was a clever way to switch things up by using different poisons, much like she is a take on Poison Ivy from Batman. LaGuerta continues going over evidence in her side investigation and finds Dexter's name on a boat registry which firmly puts him in her crosshairs for future episodes and her finally maybe taking serious all of Doakes' claims about Dexter being a total weirdo and up to something. The ending of the episode, after Hannah gets away with Sal's poisoning and while Hannah is in bed with Dexter Deb gives him the greenlight by telling him that there has to be some justice and for him to do his thing. Her saying that alone is a huge step in her development this season from going to total repulsion to wanting him to go vigilante on someone she thinks deserves it, even though weirdly she wasn't okay with him dealing with Isaac Sirko who has clearly killed way more people in his life than Hannah McKay has. Two finals things: first Hannah's sister-in-law saying that Hannah disconnecting from her dead husband's family afterwards was a nail in the coffin for her guilt, two her revealing that she was the one that wanted a child and her husband not wanting one was chilling but she claims it and I'm not entirely sure that I believe it since even Dexter calls her "a very good actress," so the real truth of the whole thing will remain up in the air for now. Dexter flexed some comedic muscles too how he has to analytically think of chemistry and how two elements that a dangerous have to separate to stop a dangerous reaction was clever way a scientific mind like his would analyze and justify his need to not be around Hannah as well as his road runner reference to Isaac while having his life threatened. Seeing Quinn in such a tight spot make me finally sort of feel for him and I wouldn't be surprised if he were to reach out for help from Angel or Dexter who he once had suspicions about in his Nadia/Koshka entanglement. But Dexter really is in some deep water and what with juggling Isaac, Hannah, the odd case, Deb nagging him about killing Hannah, as well as LaGuerta now being on his back will leave him a very busy boy for the next five episodes.
  • Chemistry

    This episode was great. I mentioned it before but the chemistry between Hall and Strahovski is great and there's enough pressure on Dexter to keep the season interesting. During the previous seasons the antagonists find out about Dexter in the few last episodes which makes this season a bit more fresh. Isaak, Hannah and Deb know about Dexter's hobbies (And LaGuerta seems to be closing in on him as well) so every major character (+LaGuerta) of this season is putting some pressure on Dexter and it's great.

    I know it's not going to happen but I really think that if Dexter has to choose, Dexter should kill his sister instead of Hannah because it seems like people are forgetting that Dexter doesn't really have emotions (and if he does they are only towards Harrison and maybe Astor and Cody) even though he speaks of love sometimes. I think it should be made clear to Deb and the audience that no one can control Dexter or turn him into a normal guy who does normal stuff.

    Hannah and Dexter would be great together because as we see in the episode, Hannah doesn't try to change Dexter or control him... She just looks out for Dexter and even though Deb looks out for Dexter, it seems like she moved on from trying to change Dexter to trying to control him to fulfill her wishes.
  • Just ONE WORD

    AWESOME EPISODE!!!! (Alright, make it 2, the episode was so good that it deserves that!)

    For those that didn't watch and are here reading and seeing the rates of it, just see it for yourself. As good as the forth episode of the walking dead for sure!
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  • Chemistry

    Chemistry was a perfect episode of Dexter and I really enjoyed watching because the character development and plot progression were phenomenal. It was interesting to watch Dexter and Hannah interacting. I also liked how Deb was yet again put into a dilemma involving her brother. There were lots of great scenes and intriguing twists in the story. I liked how every thing played out and the complexity of the multiple cat and mouse games going on. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Perfect Recipe for Disaster

    Damn it, I just wrote a review and it got cleared. Bullet points.

    1. Dexter is not Deb's lapdog. He's not going to respond to her kill request with a "Yes, ma'am." His code is always based on evidence, conducted by him personally. And this time around, he's gone through a lot of effort to keep Hannah looking innocent on the books.

    2. Tox screen came out negative...making Hannah's bloodless methods far more efficient than Dexter's slasher routine. Also, she seems to be this weird combo of Rita (Desire for Family), Lila (Acceptance of Dark Passenger), and Lumen (Partnership in Blood).

    3. LaGuerta's investigation will be at the forefront of the next episode. She's closing in. Her a-ha moment has arrived. It actually reminded a lot of Hank's W.W. epiphany at the end of Breaking Bad's last episode of this year.

    4. Here's to hoping Quinn will live! (At least a couple more episodes...)

  • Getting Better and Better

    The last couple seasons of Dexter have not been up to standards but this one totally changes everything. Better writing, faster paced, and even the acting is stronger. Plus, Yvonne Strahovski ;). Wow. Glad to see my favorite show back and with a vengeance.
  • Series should be removed!!!!!

    This is a stupid show/series, this is a series that should be cancelled. Imagine a serial killer is looked at as a good person, I think you guys have an IQ deficiency.