Season 1 Episode 7

Circle of Friends

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2006 on Showtime

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  • Loved this show BEFORE this episode...

    then this episode blew that love off the chart! The range of emotion I felt at the end of the episode will likely never be matched by another. Anyhow, I simply HAD to comment here (first time I've done so) and to give this episode the perfect 10 it so deserves! Wow!
  • Only Dexter knows the Ice Truck Killer is still out there.

    Throughout this episode everyone thinks the Ice Truck Killer is Neil Perry who looks good for it but I never thought it would be him because its too early It was a great ending where Dexter talked to Neil Perry expecting to find out how he knows about him and much more but Dexter finds out that Neil Perry isn't the Ice Truck Killer when he has no idea who Dexter is Neil Perry just wanted to be famous and it will come as a shock to everyone when they find the real Ice Truck Killer is still out there.
  • When the police think they have caught the ice truck killer Dexter learns the shocking truth that he is still out there.

    This was an episode that led us to believe that the police had caught the Ice truck killer and that Debra had found him but when Dexter goes to confront him the suspect doesn't know who Dexter is and that was the killer ending that tells you the Ice truck killer is out there and only Dexter knows it and I don'y know how he will explain it to anyone because if he told them how he knows it won't be good for Dexter.Also in the episode Jeremy the boy Dexter let go is back and he had killed someone else and Dexter tries to help him because they are both alike but it ends with Jeremy killing himself.
  • Connections

    So, they are after ice-truck killer again and Deb seems to make a break with Angel and they are after the guy - they get him and going trough his house, they find so much that seems to be connecting him to Ice-truck killer. Did they got the man?

    And there is also that Jeremy, the boy from couple of episodes back.. Dexter thinks he has killed again and almost gets in the middle of Jeremy's arrest while trying to grab him again`(?)

    And I also liked the developments on Rita's side - Paul is back, acting all nice.. In the end, this was the episode what played quite long with the question - did they really caught they guy.. and the ending was just stunning
  • killing and drama with comedy... could it get better?

    I loved this episode it mixed the killing and drama with comedy. It's great that Dexter's girlfriends ex is back it brings hole new levels of drama into the picture. I had a feeling that the suspect wasn't the real killer so I had a huge grin on my face when at then end when they reveled that it wasn't. I still think it's the doctor that did it and even more now that he told his story about his mom and never being about the put her back together all the pieces, but at least it's better for Dexter this way. The new drama with the sister liking the partner and the doctor is good stuff I can't wait to see how it all plays out. I am glad that the sister isn't still mad at Dexter for all the stuff her pulled last week.
  • Finally get it

    Ok, ya entendí este show: se trata de un asesino serial que debe pasar como una persona normal en este mundo tan normal. Un asesino serial!!! Dexter es un asesino serial!!! Entonces por qué parece tan estúpido, tan normal? Es porque el actor que lo interpreta lo es o es porque lo que se quiere demostrar es que cada persona más allá de su personaje o más allá de lo que se conoce de él es eso, una persona, y como tal tiene una vida común y corriente (salvo que salga, por ejemplo, a matar gente de noche de día se baña, come, trabaja, tiene una pareja, etc., etc.). Igual que la haya entendido no quiere decir que sea una serie del carajo ni mucho menos...
  • "Who the f*** are you?"

    I find it weird to feel sorry for a serial killer, but Dexter, I love him to death. (no pun attended). My favourite part was at the very very end when he was sitting with the "supposed" ice truck killer and Dexter says 'hi' and the "supposed" ice truck killer says 'who the **** are you?'. And Dexter just smiles. You know he's happy, and he never really is. Game still on guys. I hope Paul gets it, I love that Rita stood up to him. It's not nice to mess with kids heads. And Rita was right, Dexter is really sweet.
  • Review

    What made this episode good is the fact that you knew the whole time that the man that they caught wasn't going to be the real Ice Truck Killer. The question now is what is going to happen next - does he strike again and reveal that he is still at large or will he single out Dexter to have a one on one type of conflict? There were a lot of good scenes in this episodes. In fact this was one episode where I didnt think that the filler scenes were just thrown together at the very last minute. Loved watching Rita stand up to her husband, though with his swings I highly doubt that the storyline we saw there is going to be coming to an end anytime in the near future. I think Dexter is going to have to handle that problem. Now the attention shifts to who is the real ice truck killer. I've narrowed down my guesses to about three people. The first is Harry, the dead father. I have not seen his death yet so I refuse to rule him out until I see him dead. He makes the most sense as the person seems to be targeting Dexter. The only problem with that is I dont really see a big pivotal moment so far in Harrys life to lead to such a violent swing in this direction. The doctor that Deb is currently involved with just joined the list, only because I think it would be a briallant man to get involved with Dexters sister. The final is the man at the police station who took away the story from Maria. Only because he isn't around much and the twist would likely be an easy one.
  • Dexter meets an old friend and fears the capture of the Ice Truck Killer.

    Great episode, though not quite as superb as last week's episode.

    In this episode Dexter meets the young killer again whom he let go in a previous episode. The guy killed again and seems a true serial killer like Dexter. It almost seems like Dexter plans to become this guy's Harry, and mentor and tutor him in the ways of a serial killer with a 'sort of' conscience. Only killing those who deserve killing is the motto and when the guy commits suicide Dexter is genuinely upset.

    Debs and Angel think they've caught the Ice Truck Killer and so does everyone else, uncluding Dexter, until the last scene of the episode. When the guy doesn't know Dexter, the grin on Dexter's face is priceless, for it means that this guy is NOT the Ice Truck Killer...
  • Not Yet Written by Daniel Cerone Directed by Steve Shill

    They say lightening strikes twice and this week the return of two characters only go to prove how much of a point there is in that saying. It also sees a mixture of emotions for Dexter as well.

    Remember that creepy Neil Perry from "Love American Style" who acted like a potential breakout witness for Deb and Doakes but essentially turned out to be a waste of time? Well while he may not have been useful all of two weeks ago, he certainly becomes rather important now.

    Instead of actually just being creepy, this guy has turned out to be a rather disturbing so and so when it's revealed this week that he's been snooping around recent crime scene and giving the local cops the creeps along the way. Now why would he be so interested in the recent goings on of the Miami PD?

    It doesn't take long for Deb and Angel to take a visit at Neil's rundown little trailer home to have a peek round and it's even less longer when they hit something of a jackpot. Okay so Neil's clever enough to evade capture but clearly this is the only time in this episode where he gets to display that so I still remain unimpressed by this pathetic loser.

    Neil has something of a passing interest in the Ice Truck Killer and we find that there's a lot of newspaper clipping to that effect. In a weird way, it's not exactly surprising that someone besides Dexter has a school boy admiration for the local psycho nor is it equally surprising that Deb and Doakes are convinced they've finally got their man. Could Neil Perry really be the Ice Truck Killer? Only if the writers wanted to ruin their good work with a cop out, so fortunately the answer to that question is a no. It would be way too easy to reveal the identity of someone that we are so gonna have to wait another five episodes to learn. As long as it's better handled than The Carver reveal in Nip/Tuck I'll be pleased.

    However Neil Perry seems to have way too much stuff to plausibly make you see why everyone else would think he's the ITK. There are plenty of people who will see this episode and will automatically know that Perry is a herring but thankfully the writers are smart to give you stuff that makes the likes of Deb and Angel not look like idiots even if they're wrong again.

    Exploring Neil's van, it does turn out while he may not be the ITK, he still poses a threat to society and while having an interest in taxidermy isn't grounds for arrest, burying a random woman stuffed outside his trailer is more than enough evidence to put this **** in jail for a long time.

    Deb and Angel are able to further prove their better policing skills this week when they track Neil to a motel where he's about to kill another woman. One of the most effectively creepy moments from that scene however is the way Neil defiantly sings as he's getting arrested. That's nearly enough to make me scared of the guy.

    If I'm being honest instead of seeing Neil behind bars, I would've taken more pleasure in seeing Dexter display his dicing talents on Neil but instead we have to make do with the more conventional ways of the law dealing with scum like Neil. In some ways you almost feel like jail really isn't a deterrent or punishment for this bloke. He literally doesn't give a damn about the fact he's been caught.

    This is more than emphasised during LaGuerta's interview of sorts with him. Now I'm the first person to think that Maria is a prized dolt but I had to compliment her on the way she just sat and had a cigarette while Neil went on and on and how she silenced him by commenting on the fact that Neil no so secretly craves the imminent media he's gonna get from this. After all, he's only delighted that people think he's the Ice Truck Killer and we all know the real one is gonna be pissed off with someone else taking their glory. The only person who knew good and proper that Neil was another killer was Dexter, our Boy Friday on serial killers when he isn't being one himself.

    However repeating a similar pattern from the previous episode, not only did Dexter realise that once again Deb was wide off the mark but he also tried to tell and she blew him off. Dexter might start drawing unnecessary attention on himself if he keeps disagreeing with his sister but Deb is gonna end making a serious blunder if she doesn't at least take her brother's advice on board too.

    Of course what's even more hilarious is that for the last 15 minutes of the episode, Dexter is somehow convinced that Neil Perry might be the ITK and when he gets the confirmation that he isn't the look of relief on Dexter's face was priceless. In another weird way, Dexter is actually speaking for the audience who want a more satisfying and personal reveal of the ITK, instead of some dangerous random loser most of us would rather forget existed.

    Deb on the other hand none the wiser that again she's in the wrong goes to celebrate Tony Tucci getting a new hand and leg at the hospital and keeping with the end of his last episode, Tony is a more happier state, especially given that Shanda the hooker has restored his sexual confidence to the extent where even Deb has a little flirt with Tony.

    It's also quite interesting to see that Doakes also shows up to the hospital more on the hope of seeing Deb on a social basis rather than meeting Tony. He also didn't do much of a job hiding his disappointment when Deb was flirting with Rudy the doctor too. Now as much as Doakes' aggressive ribbing of Dexter can be a bit grating (but essential), I'm really open to the idea of him and Deb hitting it off.

    However it doesn't look that that will be happening just yet as Deb and Rudy also seem to be getting a lot more acquainted. I don't know what is it but Rudy kinda give me the creeps in the same way Dexter gives Doakes the creeps. Maybe there's something in that.

    Still at least Deb is getting some action. Perhaps LaGuerta should follow suit because maybe she mightn't be hissing around like a petulant child everytime the Captain cuts her to size. Even though she was more careful here with the Neil Perry thing, LaGuerta seems to want to be the single person responsible for nailing the ITK despite the fact that any progress so far has been down to Dexter, Deb, Masuka, Doakes or Angel and not her.

    Another return this week also included Jeremy Downs from "Popping Cherry" who reverted to his killer ways all because he couldn't feel anything. Dexter's attempts of catching him got compounded by Doakes but his conversation with the lad is the most honest that Dexter has had with anyone. If Doakes hadn't gotten there first, then Jeremy would be another blood sample in Dexter's collection. The parallels between Jeremy and Dexter won't win awards for subtlety but there are still effective and when Jeremy kills himself because he can't handle being unable to feel, Dexter does actually seem saddened by it. Had he lived, would Dexter have groomed Jeremy like he was by Harry? Quite possibly!

    If professional and killing worries weren't enough for Dexter, then the rather unwelcome return of Rita's abusive husband Paul is certainly set to shake up the dynamic between him and Rita and the kids. Unfortunately Paul is quite the bad odour that won't go away.

    Paul's quick to make his presence known when Rita goes to collect Cody and Astor from school and she has to find out that he's taken them. Rita's rant is cool but in a way you can't blame the lollipop man for Paul, especially when the guy clearly didn't know anything about Rita's domestic history.

    Still that doesn't stop Paul who is quick to make Rita look like she's the bad guy during the surprise visits he inflicts on her. Cody is way too young to remember to anything and despite the fact Astor was thrilled that he wasn't at her birthday party last week, there's a part of her who does want her father too. It's a pity that Paul is a Grade A dick who should let nowhere near kids.

    I love Rita but she was far too lenient with the guy at the start of this episode and while it's great that she got to sound off to Dexter that she would rather to never see her former spouse again, it's only towards the end when she forced his hand into signing divorce papers and agreeing to supervised visits did she actually do anything about it.

    As for Paul, already I hate the guy and wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him for dear life. The guy exhibits signs of potential violence during his latter confrontation with Rita and even tried to hit Dexter. Plus the **** is still using again. Rita better off to just keep Paul away from herself and kids. Or Dexter could actually kill him. Seriously I won't hold it against Dexter.

    The most interesting however involves an intimate conversation between Dexter and Rita where the former tells the latter that he too has a dark side. Besides Rita has a tendency to see what she wants to see she's quick to dismiss Dexter's confession but there might be something in what he's told her. I don't imagine Dexter ever wanting to pose a threat to her and the kids but when she does find out about his other life that will cause damage to her as well as Deb and anyone else who has ever been close to Dexter in anyway.

    Also in "Circle Of Friends"

    The Opening Scene this week saw Dexter flicking knife movements got turned on it's head when he doing something for blood spatter instead.

    Angel: "If I wasn't worried and ten years younger"
    Deb: "I'd still be in high school so keep dreaming".

    What exactly is the proper age difference between Dexter and Deb? In the books Dexter is 37 and in the series Deb is in her late 20's. Even the flashbacks in previous episodes haven't displayed a big age gap between Dexter and Deb.

    Dexter: "They really find the Ice Truck Killer?"
    Deb: "I did".

    Masuka (re DNA): "I can give you a warm sample right here"
    Deb: "I did not just hear that".

    For once there are no Harry flashbacks this week. Perhaps it's a good thing to not feature Harry in every episode.

    Captain Matthews: "You thought of everything"
    LaGuerta: "It looks that way".

    Dexter: "I have a dark side too"
    Rita: "I doubt that somehow".

    Angel is an expert in carpentry according to Deb. There's still no progress between him and Nina either.

    Rita (re Paul): **** bastard"
    Dexter: "Only you can make those words cute".

    Shanda: "Look at that **** – half-human, half-machine"
    Tony: "But all man, baby".

    Why didn't Rita just change the locks after Paul was in jail or when he was released? Might have helped cool the surprise visits this week.

    Rudy: "Have you had dinner yet?"
    Deb: "I would love to".

    Masuka (re LaGuerta): "This is worse than foreplay. Why isn't she asking him any questions?"
    Captain Matthews: "I have no idea but my patience is wearing thin".

    Standout music: Neil Perry's rather creepy version to "Now The Day Is Over".

    Jeremy (sarcastically): "Yeah right, you're a killer"
    Dexter: "I'm empty".

    Dexter: "Hi"
    Neil: "Who the **** are you?"

    Chronology: A week since "Return To Sender".

    There have been stronger episodes in this series' run and with stronger ones to come, the largely predictable in places, "Circle Of Friends" is a bit of a letdown but despite the lack of progress with the ITK saga, it's still a very enjoyable episode no less.
  • Better and better and better...

    I've already listed a lot of reasons why I like this show so much. And this episode comes yet to give me one more. As always there are a lot of twists in the story, a lot of unexpected moments. And when you think it's going toward one direction, it goes another. Seriously, Dexter is day by day facing experiences he doesn't even know how to start to comprehend. All his connections to the world are shaken at once in this episode. First, Deb with her self-assumed jealousy, then Rita with her husband back, finally the Ice Truck Killer being a jerk and the one killer Dexter let live, the one he saw as if seing himself in the mirror, killing maniacly. But at the end, after Jeremy killed himself (what probably rocked Dexter's world more than it already was), Dexter's voiceover reference to the Ice Truck Killer as his only "playmate" left just when Neil Perry proves he's not him and Dexter's smile... Just anthologic!

    Impossible not to stay tuned!

    PS. My theory the Ice Truck Killer is the prostethics guy still stands.
  • I love to see Dexter smile.

    I find it weird to feel sorry for a serial killer, but Dexter, I love him to death. (no pun attended). My favourite part was at the very end when he was sitting with the supposed ice truck killer and Dexter says 'hi' and the ice truck killer says 'who the **** are you?'. And Dexter just smiles. You know he's happy, and he never really is. Game still on guys. I hope Paul gets it, I love that Rita stood up to him. It's not nice to mess with kids heads. And Rita was right, Dexter is really sweet.
  • In this episode Deb gets it on with the doctor, even though I thought she was swinging more Doakes way, Rita's husband is back in the picture, the ice truck killer isn't really the ice truck killer, and Dexter loses a friend.

    The look on Dexter's face when he's in the "Ice Truck Killers" Home, priceless. That's the great thing about this series, it's supposed to disgust you, but instead it makes you laugh. It reminds me a lot of "Dead Like Me". The series has been great, but this episode was the best so far. You finally see Dexter show emotion for someone. I was really hoping the show would let him mold "him" and was disappointed when they cut that off. The whole Ice Truck Killer sequence was hilarious. I could not stop laughing when Dexter was looking around his "doublewide". The surprise at the end was great. Really best episode of the series.
  • Dexter has cemented its place as not just the best new show of this season, but the best in a very long time with Circle of Friends, the best episode to date. I don't give a score of 10 lightly, this show is just THAT good.

    The Ice Truck Killer has been the master of Dexter's life for this whole season. Dexter has been toyed with and tested through each episode. His private life has been invaded, his secret identity compromised, his morality has been tested and he was placed on the brink of capture. And yet this episode has the most cunning deception of all. From the outset of the episode, the viewers aren't going to believe Neil Perry is the Ice Truck Killer, much like Dexter. Despite all our skepticism and denial, the evidence begins to pile up until it seems possible, just possible, that Neil Perry is the Ice Truck Killer. All of Dexter's hopes and dreams of a somewhat kindred spirit are dashed and he's well and truly alone. Then, at the moment when Dexter has accepted the Ice Truck Killer's true identity, he is given indisputible proof to the contrary.

    We see that the Ice Truck Killer is more adept than even Dexter could comprehend and this episode's final moments leave no doubt in Dexter's mind about the skills of his mentor, the Ice Truck Killer.
  • I like where this is headed

    Wow! I was on th eedge for this whole episode and on the floor with the final twist.

    Dexter was at an all time low with lonliness. He didn't have anyone to connect with so when he found out that the ice truck killer was identified and caught he felt even more alone. His playmate was going to prison. But wait... could such a demented genius live in a trailer park creating cryptid road kill? In a genius scene, Dexter waits in a room to talk to the ice truck killer. He enters and sits across from Dexter only to look up and say something along the lines of "who are you?" Dexter's reaction is genius!

    Can't wait for next week.
  • So close, and yet....

    Poor, poor Deb. It sure looked like she'd caught the Icetruck Killer. All the evidence pointed to the weaselly boy next door type guy, and everyone except Dex believed he was their guy.
    You'd think by now, they'd know to trust Dexter's instincts.

    It was good to see La Guerta get knocked down a peg, but as a woman, it bugged the hell out of me to see a strong woman get shafted by a male superior. But it's not much different than what she's done all season to Deb. Hopefully this gives the character a reason to change and become a bit more tolerant.
  • Who is Neil Perry?

    With some hard evidence that directly links Perry to the murders, how can it not be him. He might be a copycat, but he knew things that were not released to the press, and he has pictures. The only thing that doesn't fit is his connection to Dexter, in that Perry doesn't know who he is, but the ice truck killer does. I can't wait to see how this unfolds.
  • What a great episode....

    What a great episode, plenty of twists and character development and the ending is just so perfect. The guy just seemed so wrong, and I loved the canted camera angle at the end, representing the humbleness of Dexter towards his so called master ... Anyway, I wonder if Dexter is going to end up killing Rita\\\'s ex, but he probably has to be 100% sure that the man is till evil, who knows ... That doctor Deb\\\'s seeing now is probably the real Ice Truck Killa, I\\\'m about 85% positive ... this show is my new favorite, can\\\'t wait til sunday!
  • The episode of many twists.

    Well this episode definitely advanced the plot. It was a very carefully paced episode, yet so much has happened. I was probably as surprised as Dexter when Debra and Doakes succesfully located AND captured the Ice Truck Killer. Or, is it the ITK, really? Who is this guy? Who..?

    This guy seems to know very much. He shared his way of killing the hookers. He gave very detailed information, and in the top of that, there was a corpse dug underneath his house, who was his first victim, which on he could do experiements. Not to mention, the car with the wooden door was found at his place too.

    So, who is this guy? The ITK? Maybe. But this guy is not the guy who was sending messages to Dexter. No. This guy isn't him. That is clearly prooved at the end. I don't know what to say. Firstly, I'm happy, because the ITK plot is really interesting, and closing it this soon would be disappointing. However, in a way, this was disappointing too. I was hoping for answers.

    Anyhow. The other storyline focused on Jeremy, the boy who Dexter almost had in one of the previous episodes. But Dexter let him go. Because he found out that the boy was raped, thus, Jeremy only took revenge. However, in this episode, Jeremy kills. Again. But this time... nothing can save Jeremy from his destiny. Or...?

    It was a very interesting storyline. Jeremy, a man-whore, who's empty inside. Dexter recognises himself in Jeremy, so he decides not to kill Jeremy, and rather give him advices like Harry did to Dexter.

    However, Jeremy refuses the advices, and instead of all the pretending waiting for him, he commits suicide.

    The subplot of the episode focused on Rita and her, now released, husband, Paul. Paul wants to stay close to the children, and possibly wants to get Rita back. Of course, Paul doesn't like Dexter. And Dexter doesn't quite like Paul. I think this sub-story will be a crucial plot turning point in the upcoming episodes. This situation, from this point, can evolve into something real... Dexter-ish.

    Last, but not least, we once again see Tucci. But why...?

    Why? Why do we see him? For his 'party'? No, I don't think so. That scene had a deeper meaning. Oh yes. Debra was asked out by the doctor. But... why...? Why is this important for us, the viewers? Easy one. The doctor could be the 'real' Ice Truck Killer. Lots of hints to that. He likes talking about body parts. Plus, the scene where he talks about that, well, it's so powerful. Not to mention the creepy music.

    Good plot twistS coming up. Dexter's great!
  • Another great episode.

    Another great episode. Rita is going from strength to strength but it would seem Paul is going to eventually going to cross the line. That was a great scene between Paul and Dexter at the door - I don\'t think Dexter could have taken him there, unprepared as he was, but he held his ground. And I don\'t think Dexter would kill Paul based on what he\'s done so far - will he bend his own rules before Paul gets a chance to do some real damage?

    Also, its interesting that Dexter doesn\'t go around using his police connection to intimidate people - he didn\'t say anything to Paul or to Paul\'s dealer a few episodes back. Maybe because its his other persona that\'s more dangerous. I almost thought he would still find a way to take Jeremy under his wing - become his \"Harry\", but its just as well there isn\'t someone running around knowing Dexter\'s secret.

    So, Debra connected with the doctor - but they still seem to be setting up something with her and Doakes with some moments between them. I wouldn\'t be surprised if the doctor (wth is his name?) turned out to be the ITK.

    Re: Perry and the last scene - I don\'t know who\'s happier - Dexter or us fans because we want the story to go on.
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