Season 5 Episode 7

Circle Us

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2010 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Lumen tells Dexter about two other guys that have attacked her in the past. Dexter wants to go after these men himself, but Lumen insists on being a part of it. A group of men head into the swamp with dead bodies in barrels. They are lead by a man in a suit, who pays them for the barrels. On his way home, he gets hit by a car. The team arrives at the scene of the accident, and they find five girls in barrels, but the driver has escaped. The car is registered under the name Jordan Chase, a motivational speaker. He happens to be the man behind the tapes Boyd listened to before he was killed. Dexter is racing to identify the driver before his team does.

Jordan Chase and Cole Harmon enter the office. Dexter takes some photos. Chase offers his full cooperation as long as his name is not disclosed. LaGuerta and Batista find out that Cole's hair and finger prints from the scene of the accident were his and they begin to suspect him. Dexter shows Lumen the photos and she recognizes Cole, but not Jordan. Dexter wants to leave this to the police, but Lumen insists they do it themselves. Dexter distracts the team from Cole by planting Boyd as the new target. He puts Boyd's wallet in the car. Vince finds it and now Boyd is their new target. Batista tells Jordan and Cole about Boyd. Cole creates a story about Boyd being one of Jordan's stalkers.

Dexter investigate's Cole's house while Lumen is on the lookout. A man attacks Dexter and Lumen comes to the rescue. They discover a childhood photo of Cole, Boyd, Dan, and an unidentified man. Quinn wants to him and Deb to move in together, but she insists they keep their relationship a secret. LaGuerta assigns them to the Santa Muerta case. During their stakeout at the club, the team realizes the Fuentes brothers are already inside. LaGuerta tells Yasmin to go into the VIP lounge with the brothers. They find out Yasmin is wired and shoot her. Deb comes and shoots Fuentes. Liddey tells Quinn that Dexter has an accomplice. Quinn sees Lumen at the scene. Dexter tells her to leave.