Season 5 Episode 7

Circle Us

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2010 on Showtime

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  • Circle Us

    Circle Us was a perfectly engaging episode of Dexter. I really enjoyed watching the complex stories all blend together in this episode. Quinn continues his quest to find out more about Dexter behind Deb's back, while Dexter and Lumen grow closer together even as he resists. The other bad guys from Lumen's past are revealed, and things get really interesting! We also saw some action with Los Muertos Murderers and Deb made an important decision. Laguerta's story line had some drama to it as well. This was a great episode because the characters were in pure form, and really delivered an outstanding performance. I can't wait to see what happens next!!!!!
  • 507

    Dexter is always going to be a great show and the Lumen storyline is turning out better than I expected it to be, but I would be lying if I did not say that this season is turning out into a bust. Last year I was suspicious of the show, but it was already very good at the seventh episode, the midway point, and this just is not. They are focusing too much on the other characters, as seen in tonight's episode where Deb may have been on screen just as much as Dexter Morgan, something that should never happen.

    Just not a lot of drama tonight.
  • The season continues unfolding as Dexter and Lumen learn of two more people involved in her assault/rape.

    For every person who says this season of Dexter is great, I've heard at least two more people saying it sucks and that it's boring and doesn't have the same Dexter feel. I couldn't agree more with those who say it's GREAT. Following up a season as fantastic as last season would be impossible for any show, so the fact that Dexter is taking the show in new directions and giving us different plots and interesting developments is fine with me. This episode was the culmination of six episodes, and after spending so much time building up, it feels as if we may finally be reaching that moment in a Dexter season where everything goes crazy.

    Dexter is letting Lumen stay at his old house that he had with Rita, but he doesn't want her coming to his house and interacting. However, things get a little hectic after one of the men that raped Lumen and all those women tries moving the bodies that Boyd dumped in the lake, gets hit by a car and gets the dead bodies strewn all across the middle of Miami. This complicates things for Dexter, mostly because now Deb, LaGuerta and the rest of the Miami P.D is looking for the same people him and Lumen are looking for.

    Things get even more complicated after Dexter learns that the men responsible for her rape were Jordan Chase, a famous motivational speaker, and his bodyguard, Cole. Jordan Chase, played by Jonny Lee Miller (the same guy who did such a great job in Eli Stone) does a great job of playing the innocent man here, even if he is far from innocent. He uses his charm and influence to lie his way out of tight situations, and if this character is the one Dexter will be chasing for the rest of the season, I'm very intrigued to see what will happen.

    As for the rest of the plots, I actually found myself pleasantly surprised. The Santa Muerta case was strangely compelling after a few weeks of it feeling pointless. However, starting two weeks ago when one of the Fuentes brothers cut the boy's throat, I've started feeling a little intrigued about how the plot will wrap up. As for Quinn, I actually wonder whether or not him and Deb will work out, and it seems now the writers are just purposely holding off on the "Quinn investigating Dexter" plot to wait for the finale. It's obvious there will be a huge pay-off, but come on, give us something good here!

    Overall, this wasn't a bad episode at all, especially following last week's awesome one. This kept everything interesting and expanded the story a bit more with the introduction of Jordan Chase and his bodyguard. I'm really looking forward to seeing Dexter take down these guys, but I sure do miss the days when he would just kill people because his Dark Passenger would tell him to. But it makes sense that he'd want to help Lumen... with Rita dead and Trinity dead too, there's nobody to kill to make him feel better. Instead, helping a woman in trouble may quell the pain. And I must say, when Dexter brings Harrison to see Lumen at the end of the episode, it made me happy to see. Perhaps the biggest mistake Dexter made was hiding all of this from Rita.. with somebody who knows him now, he may just have his best relationship ever with Lumen. Who knows...
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Entertaining Bonnie and Clyde, exciting converging arcs, one dimensional Deb, questionable morality, interesting partnership subject, intriguing new characters

    Round and round, like a barrel. The Beauty and the Beast are not dancing yet but I like the way their relationship is growing. If I believed in reincarnation I would consider Rita's soul is now in Lumen's body. But the doll is not entirely broken yet. Unable to strike back all by herself she needed a partner, and that's when Dexter entered the stage in all his bloodiness. Circle Us focused on them and their team reminded me of Bonnie and Clyde. From the inevitable romance to their investigation it should keep us busy until the sixth season. In the same vein as the past installment they kept playing with the troubling resemblance between Lumen and Rita. After the bathtub sequence and considering she now lives at their former home it's even more controversial.

    It leads us to Quinn because with a private detective in his pocket it seems he has the advantage over Dex. That arc developed further and I really appreciate its slow pace because it'll make its unavoidable collision with the others even more thrilling. I'm not really into his crush on Deb because it seems she'll never learn from her mistakes and I wish her character had more layers than meets the eyes. For the moment I think Jennifer Carpenter's tremendous talent is unexploited. Let's hope they'll let it sparkle in the upcoming episodes like it did during the past seasons ! In fact it's not the only element I question because I think the morality is a little light. It's like if the characters lived in a bubble of light, protected by their badges and guns. What about the citizens ? Serve and protect ? Old news ! It also applies to Lumen because even if Dex tries to guide her, like her father did, it seems he's the last person on Earth who can prevent her inner demons to take over. He can't even control his emotions, how could he save her ? Moreover I can't help thinking about real victims. Imagine what the world would be if most of them didn't turn to the police and decided to respond to violence by violence ! Easy to write, harder to think through. So with no doubt the dialogs and usual monologue were enlightening but let's hope they will deepen these elements to make the story more realistic.

    Otherwise I'm starting to miss Harry's ethereal appearances and was hoping to see more Rita flashbacks. Thankfully Masuka's freaking barrel of monkeys was featured for a few split seconds but let's hope he'll be able to top his past performance because the strange sex analysis was a red carpet grinner. Last but not least all arcs are exciting, even the one involving "BatisGuerta", so the best is yet to come. When will Dex learn that Quinn is on him ? What about his sister ? Is the babysitter a former Penthouse Pet ? Seriously even partnership was applied to her so it was a brilliant way to cover the subject. In some way it reminded me of Easy as Pie, when Dex learned about mercy. Let's also not to forget that new characters were introduced and for a first I think the performers did a convincing job. Now let's see how good they're against Michael C. Hall monstrous talent !
  • 5x07

    first at all, in my opinion, this episode is not as bad as this grades suggests, I think this one was more reallistic than the previous one where that man revealed he was one of those men who tortured lumen meanwhile he was captured by dexter. but it wasn´t as good as others.

    the thing I didn´t like here was the fact that lumen was who saved dexter from being killed, I think that this is very convenient for dexter that the only time where he is hit by one of his victims is exactly the only time that he recievd help from a conspiratorial, too casuality for me, but in general this was not a bad chapter, the scene in the night club was brilliant.

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in English, please forgive my mistakes
  • Partners in Crime

    Lumen tells Dexter of her experience and of the different men that held her captive while one of them attempts to move the bodies in Boyd's containers but gets involved in a car wreck and the police identify them while the driver gets away. The motivational speaker Jordan Chase owned the vehicle in the wreck and shows up at the station to clear his name along with his head of security whom Lumen identifies as one of the men. Dexter goes to inspect his house and explores and gets saved by Lumen at one point, but the real downer of the episode was the run in with the Fuentes brothers and Deb had to shoot Carlos, the one with the machete from before, in the head to save a girl's life which will surely have an effect on her later I'm sure and parallel Lumen's loss of innocence. But I think the chemistry between Lumen and Dexter is believable and that they really do work well together now that they do it together and now just him cleaning up after her. Now that we know where we're heading let's sit back and wait for next Sunday to sneak up on us.
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