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From reading the comments in the forums and the reviews, it just occurred to me that viewers of Dexter don't seem to really understand the show. They complain about the ending of the series which they say isn't right. They either want a happy ending for Dexter or Dexter's death at the end of the series which for me is what you call sloppy writing. I commend the writers for ending it the way it should. It was a fitting end to the series. Since the beginning, Dexter always wanted to be part of humanity, to be loved, to experience love, to have a family. Either for cover to pretend or wanting it for real, he always wanted that experience. When he finally got that however, the sins of his past would never escape him. That is the reason why he left Harrison and Hannah, that is why he is living alone as a lumberjack. Remember Vogel told Dexter that psychopaths are selfish, so when Dexter realized that by being with Hannah and Harrison made them in danger, he did the most unselfish thing possible, to foresake his happiness. The question, whether or not it was a good decision for Harrison is another story, which might end up as the spinoff. I also believe that Dexter isn't killing, at least for the time being. I think his last kill was Deb, and it was a mercy killing more than any other. Even killing Saxon wasn't part of his ritual but an emotional response to what happened to Deb. It was revenge, anger, grief all rolled into one, it wasn't his dark passenger, it wasn't the need to kill like Trinity but killing for Deb. I don't know why people are so mad at the ending, it seems they never really understood the show and where it would lead.
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Sep 25, 2013
couldn't agree more. very sad but fitting ending
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