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As many of you may (or may not) know, the synopsis of next week's episode has a particularly big spoiler in it. I'm going to give you a few minutes to decide if you would like to continue reading. More after the jump.




Okay, for those of you ballsy enough to continue, or if you just don't care, someone big will be killed in front of Dexter in next week's episode. This is definitely the direction the show needs to be going, the only question is, since we have three episodes left, is this happening too late?

There are several characters close to Dexter, a few of them would have a huge impact not only on Dexter but on the series as a whole.

First and foremost- Jamie. She's been a minor character in Dexter for the last couple of seasons, primarily as Dexter's nanny. She also happens to be Batista's sister and dated Quinn, so her death would hit Miami Metro particularly hard.

Deb- We're in the final season, so at this point anything goes. Offing Deb will give Dexter the proper motivation to get out of dodge with Hannah and Harrison, since all of his ties with Miami would be severed.

Dr. Vogel- it would be interesting if the Brain Surgeon would take out his own and Dexter's surrogate mother. Not particularly hard-hitting, since we just learned about Vogel this season, but it'd be on par with what we've come to know from the writing staff and their "one and done" characters.

Batista- This is a longshot, I just didn't want to seem sexist.

Who do you think will go?


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