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Ok, after showing the flashbacks of Matthews telling Dexter that his father killed himself, i had a Eureka moment, and said to myself: "Vogel killed Harry!"

Then when Deb wanted to see the rest of the videos i became more sure, because that means that Vogel is hiding some videos from Deb and Dexter, which means that there is something to hide, then i saw the video which Harry said in: "I don't think i can live with this"

Which confirmed what i was suspecting: that Harry didn't commit suicide, not only because of that, but some things that don't fit in with Harry committing suicide:

- Law enforcement don't OD to commit suicide - usually -, they use their guns or shotguns and blast the hell out of their brains, but never ODing, that doesn't fit the usual suicide profile for police, and also because chemicals are women's usual weapon for murder and Vogel is indeed a women(of sorts) so if she were to kill someone, she would probably poison him, or in Harry's case make it seem like he ODed

- Harry is arrogant, when he adopted Dexter and knew he was a "sociopath" he didn't want him to go to a mental institution , he broke everything he believes in so he could right his wrong, because he thinks that he is the reason why Dexter became what he became(using his mother as a CI, causing her to die, and Dexter seeing all of it, and making him a "Monster"), so when he says that he can't live with that, i don't think he means that he wants to kill himself, i think he means that he wants to make things right (confess to the police about what he and Vogel were doing with Dexter)

What i am wondering now is: When is Dexter going to find out, and when are we going see Vogel on the "table" ??, and most importantly are we??

What do you guys think??, am i crazy, or spot on?

(Full disclosure ,"Lex1fan" already commented on the review post saying that Vogel killed Harry(he beat me to it), but because he doesn't seem to be a member of this - glorified - community(i can only see the top 20 members so i am not sure) i decided to post this discussion to see if i am(and Lex1fan) are the only ones thinking this too, or if everyone else or some people are also suspecting the same thing)

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