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This is a follow-up for Patsully's yesterday post

So what is your favorite season/s of Dexter, and why?

For me it is like this:

#1 Season 4, Dexter the Family Guy and most importantly these Two Words: Trinity, Rita(R.I.P :( ).

#2 Season 7, Debra knows about Dexter "Dark Passenger",Hannah(Dexter's "True Love"), Isaak(i love that guy), the death of LaGuerta, what's not to like?.

#3 Season 1, getting to know Dexter the Killers Serial Killer, the brother of Dexter, Dexter's Past, Dexter Killing his Long Lost People Serial Killer Brother Brian.

#4 Season 2, the Bay Harbor Butcher investigation, FBI Agent Frank who suspects Dexter of being the Butcher, Doakes framing himself :) , Dexter seeing his "Trophies" with the FBI, Lila, and Doakes death.

#5 Season 5, Dexter's guilt for Rita's death, Dexter's newborn Baby, Dexter's affair with Lumen, the pursuit of the group of Serial Rapists/Killers and their leader Jordan Chase.

#6 Season 3, Dexter propose to Rita, Dexter become the Serial Killer Guru, Dexter kills his only Student/Partner/Friend/Best man at the time, Dexter is captured by the Skinner(a Serial Killer) he escapes and kills him and make it look like an accident and escape from the place before the police notice him and frame the Skinner for the killing of his Partner in killing Miguel Prado(Serial Killer Wannabe), and gets in time for his wedding.

#7 Season 6, the Doomsday Serial Killer, Nah, i really hated that season, the only good thing in that season was brother Sam, he had great moments with Dexter and almost made him feel human and feel mercy, but that Dick Nick(who shot Brother Sam) ruined it all :( .

What about you??

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