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what do you think will come of Voegel by the end of this season? It seems like she treats Dexter like a science experiment, trying to fit him into the 'psychopath' box, but is mesmerized by the fact that he is so attached to his sister. In the preview, it shows her writing about Dexter, possibly having him as the focus of a future book. If this is true, than Voegel obviously has a hidden agenda to expose Dexter and reveal him without him wanting this. I get a bad gut feeling about this lady....what do you guys think?

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Jul 20, 2013
She is getting old so she has come to see how her greatest experiment has turned out. And she is dismayed to find that he isn't actually a socio-path but has been driven to become a, very successful, killer by Harry and herself.
It will be interesting to see what her reaction will be.
Jul 16, 2013
I think it's clear that she won't be 100% right about Dexter. She might be the serial killer, she might be grooming Dexter to kill for her or she might be benign. I hope she isn't completely discredited later on, I would prefer the show to be more nuanced than that.
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