Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2006 on Showtime
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Being wrapped up in preparing for his next victim, Dexter finds out that the Ice Truck Killer is aware of Dexter's dirty little secret.

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  • Crocodile.

    In this episode Deb makes progress in the Ice Truck investigation when she finds the truck but Dexter believes it was left on purpose and the painted fingernails inside is a message for him It was good that Debra was promoted to Homicide after Matthews pushed La Guerta to the decision It was very convenient where Dexter killed his victim in this episode The second episode wasn't as good as the first but its a good start to the season.moreless
  • An undercover cop is killed and the ice truck killer continues to taunt Dexter.

    Another good episode to start the season with this episode picking up after the first one.Dexter helps to solve a murder of an undercover cop while he is picking his next victim who was found not guilty in court when he killed a young man while he was driving but because he had been drinking Dexter feels that he will be his next victim.When Debra finds the ice truck Dexter knew it was the one he saw on the previous episode and when they look inside there are fingernails in a big block of ice which is a message left for Dexter.Debra was then promoted to homicide form vice because of her good work even though La guerta didn't like promoting her.While trying to stay on top of the ice truck killer Dexter manages to kill his next victim in a liquor store which was no surprise but when Dexter gets home the ice truck killer had left another message as things heat up for the next episode.moreless
  • 102

    A bit of a step down from the first episode. The first episode was quite fast paced, and this episode in comparison, was very slow paced. So I think this show was still just finding it's footing. Slow paced isn't necessarily bad, just not as entertaining as the last one, although it did bring us some development, sort of.

    Deb becomes homicide, and Dexter gets one step closer to finding out who the ice truck guy is. The murders are almost poetic and well thought out which I'm always impressed with on this show. Another thing that is commendable is the writing of the beautiful monologues Dexter says.

    Michael C. Hall is doing a great job, but I think the writers need to realize this is his show considering how weak the supporting cast is. Keep the focus on Dexter, and this show will survive. Quite an ending to this episode, I enjoyed the side case better than the main plot. Interesting ending, good episode overall.moreless
  • Much focus on char development

    So, the story starts to envolv. When pilot was about getting the know the chars, then now it gets into deep - I mean.. Dexter.. They put so much time and effort trying to explain that char and what he feels and why he does those things and it really works - the way they portrait him in that good way.. it is ironic in some way but they manage to make viewers symphatice with him - char you would not expect people to do that.

    I like the developments around Dexter too - I mean Deb and Rita and the whole little "personal" relationship with Icetruck killer. The way giving the pieces of puzzle and then taking them away.. that game.. it promise to be exciting.moreless
  • good but very slow moving.

    I like the show. Its very strange, and it makes me think cause its quite original. I just want it to move a little faster. I would like to understand the people a little bit more. I want a little bit more back story. I think that it would help to get more emotionally involved with the story. I am going to give it a couple more episodes and see how it goes. I like the the killer is messing with dexter it makes me think that it is someone he knows, and I like that he has a girl but the relationship is twack, His sister is a mess I wish i knew more about her, but I bet it's only a madder of time.moreless
Nina Onuora

Nina Onuora

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Keith Pillow

Keith Pillow


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Sam Trammell

Sam Trammell

Matt Chambers

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Devon Graye

Devon Graye

Teenage Dexter

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Christina Robinson

Christina Robinson

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Daniel Goldman

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When we see the fingernails in the ice they are the same colour as the on the hands of the doll (pink, yellow, purple, orange and green) but when Dexter is looking at them more closely later on one of the nails is blue.

    • When Deb knocks on Dexter's door in the beginning of the episode, Dexter opens the drapes to look outside. There, you can clearly see a light from the set.

    • As Dexter and Angel are comparing the DNA samples from the piece of flesh in Ricky Simmons' mouth and the drop of blood from the kitchen of the Simmons house, the computer screen shows the source of the samples to be "Jimmy Sanders" and "Residence: Jimmy Sanders".

    • During Dexter's flashback scene in which he talks with his father about what happens when a cop is killed, there is a shot in which Dexter's father's mouth on the upper left corner of the screen moves twice without any sound coming from it.

    • When Deb is asked to see Lt. LaGuerta and Captain Matthews, she is talking to Dexter in uniform and on her left shoulder is her radio. It is there when she hugs the Captain after being re-assigned and then it is gone as she stands ready to leave the room.

    • Sgt. Doakes takes down Norberto's photo from the chart. When Lt. LaGuerta later comes to speak with him, not only has the photo reappeared, but he's seen taking down another photo. In the close-up it's the photo on the right in the middle but in the long shot it's the photo on the bottom right.

  • QUOTES (28)

    • Dexter: (Voice over) Unlike the other guys down at the station I love coming to court to rub shoulders with the good people of the sunshine state...and Sasquatch.

    • Dexter: (voice over as Rita begins kissing his ear) Every time a woman tries to do this to me, it... tickles. Still, it's not entirely unpleasant.

    • Angel: (staring at Dexter's intricate blood spatter mock-up using red string) You must've been a motherfucker at Cat's Cradle.
      Dexter: I never played it.

    • Dexter: (voice over) The worst thing about finally putting together a puzzle is finding there are missing pieces.

    • Chambers: All right. Okay, okay, it--it was me, only it wasn't me, it was the booze. It takes me over.
      Dexter: That's a point of view to which I'm not entirely unsympathetic. Neither you nor I is in complete control of our destinies. Although, at the moment, it would seem I have the upper hand.
      Chambers: I'm sorry. Really, I'm so sorry.
      Dexter: You've done this too many times to be sorry.

    • Deb: Why the different nail polishes? What the hell is this guy thinking?
      Dexter: (Voice over) He's thinking "Tag Dexter you're it."

    • Dexter: (Voice over about Chambers) Sure hope he doesn't go out there and kill himself, that would be tragic.

    • Dexter: (Voice over) Not Guilty. Matt Chambers may have found a way to beat the system, but so have I.

    • Lt. LaGuerta: Why go to all this trouble? What's this sick son of a bitch trying to tell us?
      Dexter: (voice over) Not us. Me. My freezer, the painted doll's fingernails. I think he's trying to impress me. And it's working.

    • Vince: Vince Masuka only swings one way.
      Deb: Yeah, from vine to vine.

    • Rita: Pick a date.
      Dexter: I pick you. (voice over) And I pick my sister to chaperon.

    • Dexter: (voice over) Lately, the thing that surprises me most about Rita is how much I like being with her. But whenever that happens with a woman, when I feel comfortable with her, it all goes wrong.

    • Rita: I want some alone time with Dexter.
      Astor: Are you gonna kiss him?
      Rita: Actually, yes.
      Astor: Cool.
      Cody: Gross!

    • Dexter: (voice over) Our boss, Lt. LaGuerta. In keeping with her total sense of entitlement, she has this attraction to me, and I thought I was creepy.

    • Lawyer: And how long have you been doing blood spatter analysis, Mr. Morgan?
      Dexter: Almost twelve years.
      Lawyer: You've been involved in quite a few cases then?
      Dexter: 2,103.
      Lawyer: Give or take.
      Dexter: No. 2,103.
      Lawyer: Then it's safe to say blood is your life.
      Dexter: Safe to say.

    • Dexter: (voice over) Another beautiful Miami day, mutilated corpses with a chance of afternoon showers.

    • Angel: (in reference to Sgt. Doakes) What crawled up his ass?
      Deb: He hates lab rats.
      Angel: Well here's a headline, it's lab rats that make us cops look good.

    • Dexter: (voice over) I see their pain, on some level I even understand their pain, I just can't feel their pain.

    • Deb: (after discussing a case with Dexter) Why is it we never talk brother/sister stuff?
      Dexter: Our dad was a cop, you're a cop, I work for the cops, for us this is brother/sister stuff.

    • Dexter: (Voice over) Look at them, they can laugh and play, it comes so easily for them. Even though I'm not one of them, even though sometimes I can really be a monster. Today, I'm just a sea monster.

    • Dexter: (voice over) I dream, I dream I'm floating on the surface of my own life, watching it unfold, observing it, I'm the outsider looking in.

    • Dexter: Seems like a nice guy.
      Rita: They could barely keep their hands of each other.
      Dexter: (Voice Over) I can kill a man, dismember his body, and be home in time for Letterman, but knowing what to say when my girlfriend's feeling insecure....I'm totally lost.

    • Dexter: (voice over) My sister puts up a front so the world won't see how vulnerable she is. Me, I put a front so the world won't see how vulnerable I'm not. I don't care who these fingertips belong to, only what my new friend out there is trying to say.

    • Dexter: (Voice over as he puts Matt's slide in the box) Matt Chambers, welcome to your last change of address. You'll like it here, you and your neighbors have so much in common.

    • Dexter: We have an elephant in the room, and its name is sex.
      Rita: Tell me about it.
      Dexter: As far as I'm concerned, it can just stay in the corner and mind its own damn business.
      Rita: It's easier said than done.
      Dexter: Yeah, but it needs to be right. For both of us, or it won't be right for either of us. I don't want that, do you?
      Rita: No. You know, I can't believe I found the one good truly decent man left on the planet.

    • Dexter: (voice over) He came back and left nothing behind but a message. "Come find me", and I will. There are no secrets in life. Just hidden truths that lie beneath the surface.

    • Dexter: (voice over) If God is in the details, and if I believed in God, then he's in this room with me. I just wish he'd brought an extension cord.

    • Dexter: (voice over) Ice truck killer returns, dead undercover cop, it's a typical day in the neighborhood.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Rita: You're snarfing them down like the Cookie Monster.

      The Cookie Monster on Sesame Street is a furry blue monster with googly eyes that likes to eat cookies. Since 2006, the Cookie Monster has undertaken a healthier diet and tells kids that cookies are a "sometime food." Although Jim Henson first created the character in 1966 for a General Foods commercial, the Cookie Monster didn't appear on television until 1969 and was originally voiced by Frank Oz.