Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2006 on Showtime

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  • One little piece of the puzzle falls into place!!

    A fantastic episode. THe writers really take a hold of you and dont let go until the credits roll. Last week I loved the writing and I loved it this week too.

    So this week we find Dexter going after a guy who killed a teen after driving under the influence. HE says that he has crocodile tears, which yeah totally he did. But I liked the way they made Dexter just bob in the water, like a crocodile. Crocodiles do that thing where only there eyes are above water, it was a nice nod to the title. Anyway besides the DUI guy, Dexter is also dealing with his forensic life too. Wow that was a lot of blood. I really like the scene of the crimes. They look really realistic, as oppose to CSI because of the censors and blood and all that stuff. THe piece of flesh in the mouth was gross but I was disgusted when the blood gushed all over Dex, eww. He is also eagerly waiting for Ice Truck killer to make an appearance. I love this guy already, he is smart and witty, just like Dex. Atleast the writers are taking their time with this guy. Leaving little crumbs along the way. I want to know who he is but if I found out really soon there would be nothing to bring me back. ITs like mental torture and the Truck killer seems to have the upper hand in my opinion. He knows Dex practically inside out but Dex doesnt know the killer. In all fairness the killer wont expose Dex because why ruin your own fun.

    Hooray Deb got her promotion and that biatch leutinant had to say it. I loved that you could just see the distaste in her eyes and the way was saying it. Oh so good! Deb found the wrong guy, he was married. I am glad they put an end to that quickly because that plotline is so overused. I really like the actress that plays Deb, really good!

    OMG poor Rita. I feel so sorry for her. SHe wants to do it but it is so traumatic for her. SHe is a character that I give all emotion to and try to see where she is coming from. I loved the reference to the elephant int he room. THat was cute. Not for nothing Dex should try to clarifiy that he doesnt want sex and that she doesnt need to make all of these advances. He should stop her because she isnt near ready for it and he needs to stop her from hurting herself.

    Easy play to call writers. I totally figured it out that the sargeant guy was sleeping that lady. SO easy to see it wasnt even funny. I still hate his chaarcter and the actor loves to be a total ham. Ugh please do an actor switch. WHat? Its too late, damn!

    Oh what happened to my precious torture scenes. THe DUI guy didnt even get tortured, it was like a casual talk. Bring back the torture, I loved it. Also this is cable why do they shy away from the cutting up the bodies. COme on this is Showtime not NBC, I want to see what exactly he does with the people he kills. SHow them dying!!!!!!

    WHat is with the constant eating these characters do? THey are always eating. Its weird but whatever. Overall a fantastic episode. THe empty freezer definately means this game is going to push forward, maybe at a faster pace. All I know is that the teaser for the season has me dying.. Especially with the final scene of DEx getting cut, OMG how creepy. It is going to be good.