Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2006 on Showtime

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  • Dexter the Crocodile.

    It seems to me that the balance is important to Dexter as he and his father spoke of the world spinning out of control and that it could be set right. Then when Dexter was in the men's room with Gurrero it appeared he was going to go after him then it cuts to the scene were he has the drunk driver..and he thinks that Gurrero is in a business that will more than likely end in his demise anyways so he balances the grief and loss the teenage victim's family felt(and all the others the guy had killed or paralyzed) by killing off the drunk driver. Plus balance was achived to some extent with the stabbing death of Gurrero's henchman who had killed Simmons and mortally wounded Simmon's wife so it was something that didn't evoke the killer in Dex. He seems to hunt out the ones that get away with what they do and pretend to be upright or normal citizens..which is ironic ... since Dex does the same thing even going so far as the facade of the job and girlfriend...his social skills are practiced because hasn't got any. He is meticulous when investigating his prey though as to be sure they are truly guilty which I'm not sure if a true sociopathic serial killer would do this....he may be the thinking man's serial killer...hide in plain sight kind of guy. It is definitely a show that makes me think for several hours after watching it. It's difficult to decide whether what he is doing is evil...but then again..ofcourse it's evil.