Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2006 on Showtime

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  • Dexter began as a highly promising series with quirkiness, darkness, comedy and dysfunction. This episode destroys most all of that.

    I REALLY liked the pilot episode. I loved the pacing, the characters, the twisted premise. This episode was a HUGE disappointment. First off, the ongoing plot with the serial killer that drains the blood is interesting. I loved the set-up of the cat-and-mouse game that Dexter will play with him. But, I felt that this episode really teased us with that storyline while showing us a horrible stupid sub-plot. I hated the main investigation of the cop-killer. I hated all of the cheesey police drama that went on at the station. I hated the obvious melodrama of the cop that sleeps with the dead cop's wife and becomes emotionally involved in the murders. It was just too cheesey too soon. Is this what we are in for? Bad cop drama? I hope not.

    I want to see more Dexter and watch him perform his sick ritual of justice. I want to see how it affects him and how he justifies the whole thing to himself and to the rest of his existence. I am still very interested in his relationship and I want to see if he can turn it into a healthy one, all the while killing people that are "bad."

    Another point is that the producers seem to be trying too hard to make Dexter likeable. The drunk driver was a good enough choice for the killing, but I was intrigued when it seemed as if the drunk driver wasn't really a killer after all. I was looking forward to seeing Dexter doubt himself and wrestle with killing a possible innocent man. The internal workings of a serial killer are what I want to see. Here, it was clearly shown that the drunk driver was a monster that went from town to town killing people from behind the wheel. Does every one of Dexter's victims have to be such a monster? Is that the only way we can stand to watch? Not me. I want to see the shades of grey.

    The dialogue in this episode was not good. People said very heavy things that just wouldn't be said. "So the world just goes on spiraling out of control," is one of my favorite examples. Why do we care what Dexter and his dad talked about? If Dexter's father trained him to be a serial killer, then by all means show that, but please do it without all the crappy intellectual dialogue. Lastly, the antagonist of Dexter at the police station was destroyed as a character this week. In the pilot he was funny in how much he hated Dexter and would watch him like a hawk and call him on anything and everything. This week he was given some pretty heavy and serious material. Can he ever go back to being the guy that hates Dexter in a funny way? Why flesh out his character already? Shouldn't this happen much later when the comedy of his animosity toward Dexter gets old?

    Shape up Dexter or you'll be erased from my Season Pass Manager.