Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2006 on Showtime

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  • In our second chance to get to know Dexter we learn more about him, from the number of cases he has worked (exactly 2103), to what food is perfect for eating while driving (bananas, or a "pulled pork" sandwich) and what drives him to do what he

    This episode did not have the fast pace of the first one, but it did give us a better look into who Dexter is and what drives him. He struggles to identify with everyone else in his life, and despite the fact that his sister Deb obviously loves him, even she can tell they are not "close."

    When she asks him why it is that they don't talk about "brother/sister" stuff, Dexter's reply says it all "Our dad was a cop, you're a cop, I work for the cops, for us this is brother/sister stuff."

    I am not sure how much I am going to enjoy Lt. LaGuerta and her obvious attraction to Dexter. I have yet to find her to be very compelling. This episode's highlight for me was finding the frozen fingertips. I am really going to enjoy watching the competition and interaction between Dexter and the mysterious "Ice Truck Killer."

    The whole Deb with a married guy, double-date with Rita part of the episode could have been missed and I would not have cared much. I get that Deb is a complex person who would have trouble in getting a stable relationship, I get even more that Rita and Dexter are truly dysfunctional. I just didn't need to get to know Shawn, the mechanic.

    Unless of course he turns out to be the Ice Truck Killer. For me, I am waiting for next week to see what happens, since Dexter feels the killer has invited him to "come get me" and he has vowed "I will."

    I can't wait.