Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2006 on Showtime

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    Always interesting to me to watch the episode after the pilot. You can really get a feel for where the series is going to be going after the second episode. The first episode is designed to make you come back and continue watching, whereas the second one will give you a better feel for the show. Once again I felt the scenes between Dexter and Rita were my favorite scenes. I think the two actors mesh very well together and I think both of the backstorys of the two make it that much more interesting. I find Dexters tactics a little odd - he said in the pilot that he wasn't into anything sexual but he continues to grab and try to find a way to win. Its like hes playing a game to see how far he can get with her. They did go away from Dexter for several scenes - which is where I began to see where the show could lose a little bit of ratings from me. Micheal Hall is the best actor on the show, if not on television today. I think him being in every scene is a big deal and while he was in 80% of this epsiode there were a couple of scenes that I felt were a little slower. I didn't care for the black cop cheating with another cop's wife although I did find all of his actions interesting in hindsight. Did he ever really care about the cop at all or was it all just for his "girlfriend." The double date seemed weird considering that Deb broke up with the man about 20 minutes later, but the odd feeling at lunch made me view a little deeper inside Dexter's character. Overall a very solid episode with only a few minor details I thought were missing.