Season 2 Episode 6

Dex, Lies, and Videotape

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2007 on Showtime
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A copy-cat killer follows the lead of the "Bay Harbor Butcher." Dexter must destroy an incriminating surveillance video.

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  • Dexter has a copycat.

    Dexter finds himself in some tough situations in this episode which starts with the camera from the last episode that saw Dexter wiping his boat and then Lundy mysteriously asks Dexter to go to the crime scene of a copycat of the Bay Harbour Butcher and asks him what would you do if you was the Bay Harbour Butcher That seemed strange but we find out Lundy couldn't have seen the footage and that he just doesn't like Masuka Another problem for Dexter was breaking up with Rita for Lila which I don't think should've happened Then there is Dexter's biggest problem because if Miami Metro didn't catch the copycat Lundy would give the case to the FBI but Dexter got to him and left the body to be seen for the first time so Lundy would know he was dead and Miami Metro will keep the case.moreless
  • Chances for worst

    I loved the episode. I mean the mess Dexter is getting: first the videotape, then the dinner and everything coming out of it and Stokes, ofcourse. If something can go wrong, for sure, it did went wrong for Dexter. But I loved the new possibilities it opened up for the character and I am sure we will get some great storylines from there.

    I really like the writing of this episode. The inner struggle of Dexter and how it has been reflected. It was been catching, and even if (like many other things), we do not like what he does, you always seems to be excited to know what comes next.moreless
  • Nutshell review: Dexter 2x6 - Dex, Lies, and Videotape

    Suspensful, but out of character

    Okay, - everything involving the Bay Harbour Butcher case was good, but the copycat killer and the love triangle was a bit of a stretch. Dexter changing "sides" so quickly is just really not something he would do, and even the blindest can see how Lila is bad influence. Dexter's mask is definitely fading away but I'm not sure if I'm liking that. Doakes making a comeback - good

    More about Harry - good

    Overall, Lila's character(who came out of nowhere) is changing the show and Dexter's character too much, or at least, too quickly. But the storyline itself is satisfying enough to overcome that error.moreless
  • Not That Night.

    Best. Response. Ever. Anyways, the episode was much like the rest of Dexter Season Two - Average. The storytelling this season hasn't been the best quality. Last year we had the big over-arching Ice Truck Killer for 12 episodes and this year we have bits and pieces of the Bay Harbor Buthcer case being run by Lundy and Dexter struggling to find out who he really is. Lila is making Dexter do things that I'm not a fan of, which is ironic consdering that he kills people for a living. But thats besdies the point. I want to say I dislike Lilas character, I really do. But I don't. I like her character, but she has caused a rift between Rita and Dexter that has made me grow to DISLIKE Rita / Dexters combination and ENJOY Dexter / Lila. My favorite season one pair (Dex and Rita) are no longer the two characters that I want to see on screen. I like Lila's character, but I am ready for the big twist regarding her. Something has got to happen with her soon I would imagine. Inside storylines like Doakes / Maria and Deb / Lundy have not been entertaining to watch. In fact, Deb / Lundy have one of the oddest relationships of any television series ever. Here's the hoping the second half picks up.moreless
  • Dexter is getiting in deep now.

    The crazy cop is starting to drive me nuts. I just dont understand why when he has NO reason to, is he staking Dexter. I can't believe that rita found out about the new girl maybe that means that he is finally going to be all about the new girl. They are both super crazy and I think that they could be perfect for each other. I couldn't believe that he told rita the truth when she was questioning Dexter about the whole sex thing. I think he told her that cause he wanted it to be over. Telling her that he had sex with the other girl was a sure relationship killer.moreless
Silas Weir Mitchell

Silas Weir Mitchell

Ken Olson

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John Ciccolini

John Ciccolini

Phillip Novik

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Salvator Xuereb

Salvator Xuereb

John Henry

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Jaime Murray

Jaime Murray


Recurring Role

Keith Carradine

Keith Carradine

Special Agent Frank Lundy

Recurring Role

Preston Bailey

Preston Bailey


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Music: "More Love" by Jon Licht.

    • When Masuka and Deb are smoking outside the building, he asks Deb for a light, and we can see Deb's cigarette is almost finished. However, in the next shot, when Deb hands over her cigarette, it becomes considerably longer.

    • Dexter pulls a wall mounted fire alarm pull station as a diversion and then calmly pushes the actuator back in to cover it up. This is not possible with modern pull stations because once the lever is pulled out, the actuator on the station must be reset with a key to allow the fireman to determine which precise alarm was pulled. This also happens with the smoke detectors but in that case a LED remains on to signify which alarm triggered the fire panel.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Dexter: The full force of the FBI, that's the last thing I need. I got to make sure Lundy gets his man, after I figure out a way to erase the marina files and make up with my girlfriend. And then maybe I tackle world hunger, because things can not get much worse.

    • Masuka: (While fire alarm is on) All clear, everybody out! Respect the vest. Don't make me take out my hose.

    • Lundy: Too much background noise over there. Hearing's the first thing to go. Or is it memory? I always forget.

    • Dexter: (pulls fire alarm) (voice over) Apparently the new Dexter is stuck in high school. Maybe I am a late bloomer.

    • Angel: No job, no relationship. You got guns and a minor assault record.
      Olson: And I voted for George Bush. Both times. What's your point?

    • Lundy: (holding an animal cracker) Is this a lion or a hippo?
      Masuka: I think it's a lion.
      Lundy: (takes a bite) Tastes like a hippo.

    • Deb: Olson just came in. Saw himself on the three o'clock news and showed up with his lawyer. I hope we nail his ass to the wall.
      Masuka: I love it when you talk dirty.

    • Dexter: (after having sex with Lila, his sponsor) Which step was that?

    • Doakes: You want to hit me? Go for it. I've been waiting for a chance to take your ass out.
      Dexter: I know how you feel, Sergeant.

    • Lundy: (about vigilante justice) This kind of thing catches on, we're looking at an epidemic.
      Masuka: Kinda like herpes.
      Deb: Fuckin' A, Masuka. I'm trying to listen.
      Masuka: One in four, Morgan. One in four.

    • Video Tech: You can watch streaming video of the marina right now if you want to.
      Masuka: Yeah, maybe we'll get to see some pontoon porn.

    • Gail: (to Dexter) What kind of career choice is blood spatter, exactly?
      Rita: He helps catch criminals, mother.
      Lila: And it makes perfect sense really, what with Dexter's mother and everything. (awkward silence) You know. She's... dead.

    • Gail: Rita's ex-husband shot heroin.
      Lila: Like Dexter. (to Rita) Guess we know your type, don't we?
      Rita: Just can't seem to help myself.

    • Dexter: Your mom told me about your cultural presentation at school. Did your teacher assign you a country yet?
      Cody: (points on globe) Saudi Arabia.
      Dexter: No, that's Israel. I won't tell the Saudis you said that.

    • Angel: (about the Bay Harbor Butcher) Take your time in there. We've never been this close to this pendejo.
      Dexter: (voice over) Closer than you think, amigo.

    • Lundy: Rumor has it you have a knack for tracking serial killers.
      Dexter: I hear the same about you.
      Deb: (sarcastically) Dexter also enjoys long walks on the beach and foreign films.
      Lundy: Then we've got a lot to talk about.

    • Doakes: (about Dexter) I may be out of line with this, but did he fall off the wagon?
      Deb: What wagon? The only wagon Dexter's ever had is a Radio Flyer.

    • Lila: Whatever's inside you is splattered all over that paper that I took from your lab.
      Dexter: Looks messy.
      Lila: It probably is.

    • Masuka: Agent Lundy. So I hear a rumor that you're tracking all our Internet activity. So is it true? Because I can explain all that shemale stuff.

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