Season 2 Episode 6

Dex, Lies, and Videotape

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2007 on Showtime

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  • Dexter has a copycat.

    Dexter finds himself in some tough situations in this episode which starts with the camera from the last episode that saw Dexter wiping his boat and then Lundy mysteriously asks Dexter to go to the crime scene of a copycat of the Bay Harbour Butcher and asks him what would you do if you was the Bay Harbour Butcher That seemed strange but we find out Lundy couldn't have seen the footage and that he just doesn't like Masuka Another problem for Dexter was breaking up with Rita for Lila which I don't think should've happened Then there is Dexter's biggest problem because if Miami Metro didn't catch the copycat Lundy would give the case to the FBI but Dexter got to him and left the body to be seen for the first time so Lundy would know he was dead and Miami Metro will keep the case.
  • Chances for worst

    I loved the episode. I mean the mess Dexter is getting: first the videotape, then the dinner and everything coming out of it and Stokes, ofcourse. If something can go wrong, for sure, it did went wrong for Dexter. But I loved the new possibilities it opened up for the character and I am sure we will get some great storylines from there.

    I really like the writing of this episode. The inner struggle of Dexter and how it has been reflected. It was been catching, and even if (like many other things), we do not like what he does, you always seems to be excited to know what comes next.
  • Nutshell review: Dexter 2x6 - Dex, Lies, and Videotape

    Suspensful, but out of character

    Okay, - everything involving the Bay Harbour Butcher case was good, but the copycat killer and the love triangle was a bit of a stretch. Dexter changing "sides" so quickly is just really not something he would do, and even the blindest can see how Lila is bad influence. Dexter's mask is definitely fading away but I'm not sure if I'm liking that. Doakes making a comeback - good
    More about Harry - good

    Overall, Lila's character(who came out of nowhere) is changing the show and Dexter's character too much, or at least, too quickly. But the storyline itself is satisfying enough to overcome that error.
  • Not That Night.

    Best. Response. Ever. Anyways, the episode was much like the rest of Dexter Season Two - Average. The storytelling this season hasn't been the best quality. Last year we had the big over-arching Ice Truck Killer for 12 episodes and this year we have bits and pieces of the Bay Harbor Buthcer case being run by Lundy and Dexter struggling to find out who he really is. Lila is making Dexter do things that I'm not a fan of, which is ironic consdering that he kills people for a living. But thats besdies the point. I want to say I dislike Lilas character, I really do. But I don't. I like her character, but she has caused a rift between Rita and Dexter that has made me grow to DISLIKE Rita / Dexters combination and ENJOY Dexter / Lila. My favorite season one pair (Dex and Rita) are no longer the two characters that I want to see on screen. I like Lila's character, but I am ready for the big twist regarding her. Something has got to happen with her soon I would imagine. Inside storylines like Doakes / Maria and Deb / Lundy have not been entertaining to watch. In fact, Deb / Lundy have one of the oddest relationships of any television series ever. Here's the hoping the second half picks up.
  • Dexter is getiting in deep now.

    The crazy cop is starting to drive me nuts. I just dont understand why when he has NO reason to, is he staking Dexter. I can't believe that rita found out about the new girl maybe that means that he is finally going to be all about the new girl. They are both super crazy and I think that they could be perfect for each other. I couldn't believe that he told rita the truth when she was questioning Dexter about the whole sex thing. I think he told her that cause he wanted it to be over. Telling her that he had sex with the other girl was a sure relationship killer.
  • Rita breaks up with Dexter as Dexter is trying to be the new version of himself

    Dexter is pretty much the most amazing show on TV right now I think. I really loved this episode. As much as I love Rita and Rita's kids, and even love Dexter being with Rita and the kids, I am totally drawn to him having this relationship with Lila. She understands him and I don't think she would even be upset if he told her who and what he really is. I think she would try to help him and even be there for him. I also totally called that something was there between Deb and Lundy. I think its cute that her new boyfriend noticed it too, and I really like him so I would be sad if she left Gabriel for him because he's way too old and she is only drawn to him because he reminds her of her dad and she feels like she didnt get enough attention from him when she was a kid because he was always so preoccupied with Dexter. I am soooo interested to find out where they are going to go with this Laura/Harry affair thing. Such an amazing twist. I cannot wait until they carry out this storyline even further, I wish all the episodes of this show were all on at once because I can't ever wait to find out what happens next!
  • I came into this episode with high hopes. After one of the best episodes of the season last week, Dex, Lies and Videotapes turned into a disappointment.

    As I pretty much figured, the camera aiming at Dexter's boat turned into the "Jesus Sketch" of season 1. It's discovered that while the cameras were recording, they were not able to be viewed until the police headquarters could upgrade their equipment. Dexter then used a fire drill to delete the footage. Will they discover that he's done this or notice a chunk of time is missing? Or is this storyline conveniently swept under the rug?

    The bulk of the episode is centered around the love triangle that you either love or hate. While it's certainly something you'd never expect after watching Season 1, it can be frustrating to watch at times. Most fans who loved the Rita/Dex relationship will cringe when he finally sleeps with Lila.

    This episode also focused on a vigilante copying the Bay Harbor Butcher. Dexter eventually finds the guy and slays him. But it just didn't seem very satisfying like the rest of his kills.

    And the episode ends with Rita pressing Dexter to tell the truth, and to his credit he does. He admits that he's slept with Lila, in a move that I'm sure surprised a lot of us.

    It's not much of a cliff hanger though. This one competes with episode 4 for worst of season 2. Sure there was tension throughout the episode, but it never went anywhere or was paid off. FBI Lundy pulled off another great performance. Perhaps he knows a lot more than he's leading on.

    We're half way through this season, lets hope things pick up fast.
  • This episode was the worst..........\

    I am seriously done with this show. I can't believe that Dexter actually slept with that piece of trash Lila. Rita is definitely too good for him. I absolutely cannot stand the character of Lila and someone needs to get rid of her. I don't care who it is, whether it's Dexter, Rita, whoever. I have hated this character from day one. She has turned our favorite serial killer into a sniveling crybaby. I just can't get into Dexter being one way his whole life and then with just a few NA meetings, he's sharing deep, dark secrets and having feelings that normal people have. Let me know when Dexter, or whoever, offs Lila. If he sleeps with that trash again then I really hope that Doakes takes him down. I would love it if Rita got Dexter sent to jail for what he did to Paul. He deserves it after what he did to Rita. I would give this episode a 0 if the stupid thing would let me.
  • 'Dexter' never fails to deliver.

    Not an episode goes by where there is a suspenseful moment, or a twist (even minor - such as Lt. Maria LaGuerta sleeping with the other woman's fiance), or a cringing moment. Every episode is wonderful, and there are no fillers in this series.

    Personally ,I like Rita, and wish he would stay with her and the kids. But I have to consider the impact Lila is having on his life, and his 'addiction'. Today he revealed he no longer *needs* to kill. He still does, and has no remorse, as long as the person truly deserves it. But he doesn't start to itch if he goes too long without killing. Big breakthrough for Dexter there.

    The problem with his relationship with Rita is that he has to hide who he is constantly. With Lila, he can let a bit of his true self out to her. He can refer to his 'addiction' to blood and killing without actually directly talking about it. But I do hope he and Rita work it out.
  • great development Anyone can get a hold on the songtitle played during the loving action?

    Dexter is diving into his new found persona and finds his job, his girlfriend and theirfore live as he knows at stake. Nevertheless he stays cool, well just until he get`s to know his sponsor a little bit better. Since he always wanted to protect Rita from himself (and his past) it's quite a suprise, that he ends his relationship by admitting the sidestep. The viewer can only guess if his relationship with his sponsor does go further, the thing for shure to say is, that his addiction to killing becomes less important to him. So, no more blood ?
  • I didn't give it a 10 just because i'm waiting for next episodes to do it.

    The evolution of the character is getting more interesting every episode. A non human guy who is turning into human step by step in front of our amazed eyes. The character of Lila is the center of this season. Not just because she is the hottest gal in all shows but because she is changing our Dexter for good. In the first season he was so predictible, I'm not saying not interesting, I'm only saying that you could know his feelings all the time. In this season you never know what he is really thinking and what can he do in the next scene. That's why I feel this season much more interesting than the previous one.

    Best show ever.
  • I'm not sure what to think about this.

    My biggest dislike so far this season is Lila. One of the things I enjoyed about Dexter is that he seems like a cold, intelligent, killer. And for some reason, Lila is changing him into someone different, very different. He has changed everything about him because of her. I liked the old Dexter. And we as viewers have enough to bite our nails over by watching him trying to cover up himself, then dealing with a wierd chick like Lila. He even left a body for the cops to find. I understand why he did, but he's getting a little sloppy.
  • Captured by surveillance video, suspected by colleagues, dumped by Rita, despised by Rita's mother and admired by a hot sponsor who is seemingly the only person who understands him, Dexter learns to control certain impulses while succumbing to others.

    Fantastic writing! I think it's absolutely brilliant that the writers chose the middle episode of the season to reveal yet another dark side of Dexter's mind. It focuses on the predictability of the supporting characters while exploring the complexity of Dexter's 'apparent' sociopathic mind. Sure, some behaviors may be out of character for Dexter, but that just illustrates a perfect example of 12 step recovery. We are discovering new things about Dexter at the exact same time that he is! Those that dislike this episode are probably just upset at Dexter but once again therein lies the question...good or evil?
  • hmm...mix feelings on this one.

    I really have mix feelings with this episode. While the investigation around the Bay harbor Butcher and Doakes getting in Dexter`s business again was great, I did not really enjoy the Dexter-Rita-Lila thing. I did enjoy it in previous episodes but not this time. The dinner was funny though. They should concentrate more on the Bay harbor butcher story and ending the episode with Dexter going to Lila was not a great ending in my book. I hope they get more mysteries around Lila. But otherwise, the episode was great.
    It seems Harry and Dexter biological mother were very close and seems Harry did blame himself for what happened.
    Interesting episode.
  • Another great episode, though I'm hoping for some great conclusion to some of the storylines that have been bothering me for a while.

    I'm stil not a fan of Lila's. I don't understand Dexter's apparent "attraction" to her, nor do I understand why Dex would throw away the wonderful thing he had going on with Rita and the kids. What would a life with Lila at his side be like for Dex? What does he imagine it's going to be like? Pursuing his drive to kill while having hot passionate sex with a gorgeous -ahem- sidekick. The comic-book life of The Dark Defender? Give me a break. I just hope Dex ditches this nuisance of a woman soon and gathers his wits.

    As for the rest of the episode - not particularly impressed by the sidestory of the Bay Harbor Butcher impersonator. Yes, it was nicely plotted and well done but it still irked me how obvious all of it was.

    But whatever flaws there were to be found in this episode, it was still of amazing quality and genius. Dexter continues to amaze.
  • Crossing The Line Written by Lauren Gussis Directed by Nick Gomez

    Dexter: "You're the one who said I'm supposed to feel my feelings".
    Lila: "Well now I'm telling you to keep them under control".

    Reinventing yourself can be a dangerous process, especially if your belief in another person's way of doing things is so easily decimated. Dexter is having a hard time dealing with Harry's secret about sleeping with Laura and who can blame him? Harry is rapidly going from mentor to hypocrite with passing episode.

    The opening flashback show the flirty side to his and Laura's relationship. You have to wonder if Harry did genuinely care for Laura as well as the fact that he could also be Dexter's biological father. If he is, I don't think the series will waste too much time in clarifying that.

    More importantly though is how all of this is affecting Dexter mentally. When he's with Lila, he's able to express himself in ways he should be doing with Rita. At the start of this episode, their intimacy is emotional but the kind that could make a partner just that little bit jealous. Gail is continuing her witch hunt of Dexter and this week decides to up the ante by forcing him to invite Lila over for dinner. Gail's not a stupid woman and given how freakishly insecure Rita is about Lila, I suspect that was the only reason behind the invite. Apparently you can't be friends with an attractive woman even if you are in a relationship with someone else.

    Lila accepts the invite and manages to make a bad situation all that bit worse. First she kind of baits the many questions that Gail throws in her direction and then she fesses up about some of the more personal details that Dexter has shared with her during the last few weeks.

    Gail really should've taken a career in the police force because her cross examination skills are so potent they can turn an otherwise friendly dinner into an interrogation. She'd even put Jack Bauer to shame with her skills. Of course we all know this because she doesn't trust Dexter and she's doing her best to get him out of the picture.

    Because she doesn't actually know what a decent guy he is, I can't blame her for being overprotective of Rita. While Lila's comment about Rita being drawn to men with addictions was intentionally mean spirited, there was still a valid point behind it. If I didn't like Dexter so much, then I'd flat out that a bat would have better instincts in sexual partners than Rita.

    To Rita's credit, she did make the effort to rise above both Gail's constant questions and Lila's smug remarks but only just. She didn't really like it when Dexter admitted that Lila was helping him and naturally enough she got down right furious when she overheard Lila's phone message and thought Dexter had cheated on her.

    If there's been anything apparent this season, it's that Dexter does genuinely love Rita. He came to that realisation in "An Inconvenient Lie" when defending her honour against Roger but Deb was right to call him out on being a douchebag. Dexter didn't make the best of efforts to try and explain himself.

    Then to make worse after Rita dumped him, he ended up sleeping with Lila. Okay so that's been building since Lila's first appearance and while there a little hotness from their scene, even Dexter should've realised that banging his sponsor was the worst thing he could've done. Lila on the other hand looked like the cat that got the cream. She wanted to sabotage his relationship with Rita and she bloody well succeeded.

    While Dexter didn't technically cheat on Rita, it did cause the end of their relationship for the time being. Dexter at least had the balls to admit he later slept with Lila and Rita managed to tell him to leave without overreacting. Rita also felt sad about the fact that Dexter couldn't confide in her about finding his mother's killer. It just goes to show how little Rita actually knows about Dexter after all.

    Of course Rita dumping him wasn't the only problem Dexter had to deal with. Ever since Doakes spotted him at that narcotics meeting, he's been waiting to get his own back. Following him wasn't bad enough but now Doakes crossed a line by snooping through Dexter's belongings and trying to instigate a fight.

    It's always anything involving Dexter that makes me hate Doakes. So he's totally justified in having suspicions about Dexter but it's the way he pursues these suspicions that makes him into an unpleasant bloke. Dexter even decided to take against Doakes this time by reporting him to Maria.

    In a lot of ways this is both good and bad. It's good because it has to mean that Dexter is finally taking Doakes seriously as a threat but its bad because it's only going to make Doakes more determined to nail him. It also put Maria in a tricky position because while she cares about Doakes, she also has an obligation to take Dexter's complaint seriously as well.

    In the last two episodes we've seen Maria trying to keep Doakes from the deep end. For all his suspicions about Dexter, Doakes is only further proving that he's equally as dangerous as well. Maria still pushed the issue about him killing two men and also busted his balls on his obsessive behaviour. If he doesn't take heed of her (and he won't), Maria will have to do something drastic to keep his ass in line.

    With Doakes and Rita both providing headaches for Dexter, he really didn't need two addition problems to contend with. Unfortunately this seems to be a very bad week for Dexter as now he has to worry about whether or not he's going to be outed as the Bay Harbour Butcher.

    Okay so it was around this time in Season One where Dexter suffered a similar dilemma about being caught but now with Lundy around, he really should be more worried. If only he had listened more carefully to Deb when she was talking about the security being upped on the marina where he keeps his boat.

    The last shot of "The Dark Defender" showed Dexter cleaning his boat and being filmed and now that unsurprisingly came back to haunt him in a big way. With the police going through the footage, Dexter had to think of a way to erase any incriminating material without getting caught or leaving a trace for Lundy or anyone else to find.

    Dexter's method of remedying this little problem is somewhat anticlimactic after its big build up. Basically he pulls a fire alarm which gave him enough time to erase his presence at the marina on the security tapes. Dexter even made a point of musing how childish this was on his part.

    Fortunately the other big problem about a copycat Bay Harbour Butcher turned out to be a lot more interesting. When a petty criminal in John Henry claims to be kidnapped by the BHB, the only real suspect is Ken Olson, who has personal history. Both Deb and Lundy realised the copycat thing earlier on.

    With the BHB becoming an urban myth, it's not surprising that someone out there would take it upon themselves to imitate the guy and dish out their own brand of justice. The writers didn't tease around with this one – it was blatantly obvious that Ken Olson was the copycat.

    However the danger factor lied into Lundy threatening to bring in the Feds if this got out of hand. Deb was worried because she was already beginning to feel that Lundy was suddenly favouring Dexter over her and Dexter was worried because he's suddenly realised that he's digging himself a hole.

    Funnily enough the only way to solve this problem was to kill Olson and let everyone know that BHB was behind it. Olson was misguided but essentially pathetic. Dexter blurted that he was going through an identity crisis before killing the guy. For the time being he's managed to solve a problem but there's no denying that as threats go, Lundy certainly is one to be taken seriously.

    Deb on the other hand came under fire from Gabriel about her relationship with Lundy. The writers haven't been subtle in showing that she's attracted to him and even Gabe teases her about it in a gentle way. Plus Deb was incredibly peeved when Lundy seemed to be spending more time with Dexter than her.

    However she needn't have bothered worried. The only reason why Lundy took such an interest in Dexter was because he couldn't stand Masuka. He even tried to avoid interacting with him as much as possible. It seems that Lundy is another in a long line of people that doesn't appreciate Masuka's inappropriate humour.

    Even though I do like Masuka, I can see where Lundy might be coming from. His jokes are tasteless/sexist/immature and I suppose there's only so much of that you could tolerate before you'd want to bop Masuka one. Of course the hug that Lundy and Deb then shared at the crime scene was awkward. There's definitely sexual tension there. It looks like Lundy fancies Deb as much as she does him. Still not really sure how I feel about that.

    Also in "Dex, Lies And Videotape"

    This episode had one of the shortest previously on bits in the series. All the clips were from "The Dark Defender".

    Harry: "I'll protect you. I promise".
    Laura: "You better. Meet me later".
    Harry: "Laura, the tape's still rolling".

    Okay to ask a stupid question, why didn't Harry get rid of that particular segment of the tape? Surely he wouldn't have wanted anyone to find out that he was sleeping with Laura.

    Lila: "The truth is Dexter, it doesn't matter what Harry did, the truth is you have an addiction".
    Dexter: "Do you think Harry made me the way I am?"

    Deb: "Dexter also enjoys long walks on the beach and enjoys foreign films".
    Lundy: "Then we have got a lot to talk about".

    Both Deb and Maria didn't take Doakes' reveal about Dexter being an addict seriously. I could almost understand Deb but I'm surprised Maria was so casual about it.

    Rita (re Lila): "I never thought I'd say this but I kind of like her".
    Dexter: "Me too. She's been helping me a lot".

    Rita (to Dexter): "I've had it. I've been patient, understanding but there's only so much I can take. You're a liar and a cheat and I am through. It's over Dexter".

    Gail gave a really creepy smile when comforting Rita. I'm beginning to think that woman is pure evil, though Lila could beat her on that.

    Deb (re Rita): "Stop being such a douchebag and go fight for her. She's **** perfect".
    Dexter: "I know".

    Dexter: "Back the **** off".
    Doakes: "You wanna hit me, go for it! I've been waiting for a chance to take your ass out".
    Dexter: "I know the feeling, Sergeant".

    This episode did confirm that Doakes and Maria were at one point in a relationship. It seemed that his obsessive behaviour ended it. Does it make me a bad person for assuming that it would've been Maria's ruthlessness that would've killed their relationship?

    Lila: "What are you thinking?"
    Dexter: "Absolutely nothing".
    Lila: "Guess we found a way to quiet the voices in your head".

    Maria (re Dexter): "You're obsessed".
    Doakes: "I'm not".
    Maria: "You are and I need you to see that".

    A part of the reason why Masuka got on Lundy's nerves was due to the investigation of all computers in the office. That could pose another problem for Dexter as well.

    Maria: "You want to use Dexter again? Isn't Masuka on your taskforce?"
    Lundy: "Yeah he is".

    Kevin: "I'm like you. I take out criminals".
    Dexter: "You do it pitifully".

    This episode title played on a movie like a lot of the titles in the series have a tendency to do.

    Kevin: "I did it because of you".
    Dexter: "You did it because you wanted to".

    Rita: "Leave".
    Dexter: "Rita please".
    Rita: "No, please. Leave now".

    Chronology: A couple of days since the events of "The Dark Defender".

    Another hard hitting episode, "Dex, Lies And Videotape" is a nice way of diminishing Dexter's controlled world by giving him so many problems to juggle all at once. The question is – who is going to be the worst problem? Lila and Doakes are the obvious candidates.
  • Another great Installment...

    After the previous episode Dexter was caught on camera cleaning his boat, he quickly plots a way of destroying that tape. Elsewhere there seems to be a copycat killer on the loose when the F.B.I are called on an Investigation, Dexter soon takes advantage of the Situation when the police find him and bring him in for questioning they get nothing on him, Dexter soon disposes of him.

    Rita's mother suggests that Dexter's NA sponsor, Lila come to dinner. It all goes well but when Rita goes back to Dexter's place she overhears a conversation that Lila leaves on the Answer Machine she breaks up with him.
  • Dexter is going prety well.

    Dexter is trying to be a new person and Lila helps a lot. After the previous episode, Dexter is trying to get rid of the video tape he was captured by and now everyone would see who he really was but Dexter found a way to solve his problem but there are too many others. Rita broke up with Dexter. As Dexter becomes a public hero day by day, a copy-cat killer appears and he tries to become like bay harbour butcher by killing bad people but Dexter finds him. These scenes were clever. At the end of the episode, when we say dexter is back with rita, he chooses to tell the truth and now they are seperate. Dexter wanted that. One of the best tv shows is going really good.
  • Dexter becomes a new person.

    Thrilling episode with one big minus point.

    I really liked how Dexter was talking to his victim: I no longer need to kill you. I still have to kill you but I don't need to. In the context of the series that made perfect sense. Harry's code was based on lies, at least partly. Harry himself did not stick to the code, so Dexter no longer feels bound by it, which makes him question who he is. Lila helped him realise that he decides what he wants to be.

    I'm not certain about the Lundy - Debrah - Gabriel triangle. I'm afraid Gabriel may be right and Debrah is looking for a substitute dad, or something along those lines, though I don't think Lundy feel very paternal towards her. I did like that he explained to her that he didn't prefer Dexter over her, just that he couldn't stand Mazuka.

    The big negative aspect of this episode was Dexter cheating on Rita. I did not like that at all!! Especially the ending showed that he is a changed person, he said it himself. He no longer lies to protect Rita, but it meant hurting her. Sleeping with Lila is a big mistake.
  • I really hope writers know what they are doing.

    I usually love characters development. But in this case, I really think a reset should be done, with Dexter reverting to his old self. I don't fully dislike Dexter having feelings, nor hate Lila as others do -I'm just a big fan of Rita and a Dexter-Family-Guy more than supporting a Dark-Defender-Dexter making out with his hot sidekick.

    I started watching the show because I thought the idea of having a serial killer as the main character was freshly original. Then I learned he was a serial killer who actually murdered serial killers, and I thought "Wow".

    I loved the entire first season, it was like the first season of Prison Break or Heroes. But then, this second season is not about a serial killer anymore. It's about an average wasp who deals with an addiction (bizarre as it can be), cheats on his girlfriend with the first hot one who pay him any attention, and is bullied by a work partner.

    Probably I would watch a show about a man like this, with all those everyday problems, its just there are a lot of shows like this. I miss SO much the serial killer with a code that had his own and unique problems, and his own and unique way to deal with them.

    So I hope to things going back soon. I don't want to watch a show about a forensic Batman and his hot Robin. I want to watch a show about Dexter pretending to live a normal life in order to survive.
  • People being manipulative all around

    Another cool episode with great dialoge. Especially from Masuka, All the herpes jokes and she-male stuff talk with Lundy was priceless! Which was in itself pretty cool cuase it gave Dexter an in with the investigation and Agent Lundy.

    Then you got Lila Using Dexter's answering machine (intentially or unintentially) to piss off Rita and manipulate Dexter. Rita's mom manipulating Rita and using Lila to do it was pretty cool. Dexter is fighting with his demons, Breaking up with Rita, and getting busy with Lila. He's a busy man! Not to mention fighting with Doakes and killing wanna-be vigalantes.

    PS Masuka makes this show so much better!
  • This could be brilliant, but it might end up as a disaster. There's at least a lot of potential building up...

    At first I didn't really know how to think of this episode. As many others I dislike Lila and what she's doing to Dex. But the fact is, Dex is letting it happen. He knows that he's changing, but he goes along with it. And I think it has most to do with his discoveries about his past than Lila's influence. This is just Dexter's teenage rebellion, trying to force himself into being someone he's not as revenge for his father's lies. The writers are hinting at this continually. But most teenagers come back to their senses after a while and I trust Dexter will too.

    Doakes has returned as Dexter's enemy, and I'm looking forward to she showdown between them. There is just more and more tension building up between the serial killer and the military veteran. Things with Rita have been unstable since Dex knocked out Paul, and until Dex finds out more about his past (and hopefully kills off Lila) I think it's going to stay that way. But I am confident that the writers are not lost. I suspect they have us just where they want us to be before they unleash Dexter's Dark passenger yet again, and set things straight. One thing I do miss, though, is the Dexter humour. It's still there, but in much smaller portions. It's often been used to balance the morbid scenes, and there are not many of them now. Perhaps we'll see more of that as well in the future.
  • Great episode, but i'm not sure if that's good or bad

    In this episode we see a Dexter more in touch with himself, more comfotable, more fun, and more naughty :)

    I never been a big fan of Rita, but i'm not sure his relationship with Lila is the best way to go, and i didnt liked her much either. But the bed scene was GREAT, was awesome to see a Dexter passionate about something else than killing.

    But, thats exactly the problem, the past couple episodes have been about Dexter finding himself and other stuff and not about fullfeeling his erges of killing.

    Im afraid that the show ends up going a different path and because just one more criminal/drama show.

    But im trully hoping that this will not happend.

    P.S. Dex has the cuttest butt hehehehe
  • Still cool, but do you ever get the sense it might start slipping?

    Great show, beginning to hot up nicely as the tension mounts and dexter is keeping up his double identity - just. You do get the tension coming through pretty well in the mood and script. Also the short seasons mean that the plot stays pretty pacy and doesnt suffer from early season lag like heroes or lost - though i still think they are worth it.

    I like the "addiction-metaphor" storyline too - mainly (obviously!) because of dexter's hot new sponsor. It must be nice to work in telly land!..... sigh! Personally, i prefered Rita when she was damaged... or was it just the tombraider outfit.. i can never decide ;) I mean its a fairly obvious place to take the plot but i've never really been that convinced by dexter's "urges". Sure he's been taught by harry and all that but he's way too much in control to call it an overwhelming emotional driving force -i still think the show is great.

    Anyway, my worry is that the show is dawdling into familiar territory and there's going to be a bit of a predictable finish to this season. The "will he get caught tension" is probably going to be resolved with a "Oh look he got away with it.. phew!" story arc. I hope, however, that there is more exploration of the character as the plot device he is ie as a comment on different aspects of violence/ vigilantes and the america way. It is based on the "darkly" novels, which i haven't read, but hope do provide more interesting detail that the show might follow. Dont get me wrong - i still think its living up to expectations and still like the show - its just a feeling i'm getting, thats all.

    And there's the whole family and caring for people thing that seems out of place a little or pitched wrong or something. On what show does the hero (anti-) not have girlfriend/ love triangle issues and frankly i don't watch the show for that anyway cos I could, of course, watch the OC, gilmore girls, tree hill, grey's anatomy, housewives, brothers and sisters......
  • Dexter has to clean up some mistakes both personally and professionally

    Dexter has to figure out a way to erase the security tapes showing him cleaning his boat, take care of a vigilante Bay Harbor Butcher copy-cat, patch things up with Rita and figure out what the heck was going on between his mother and Harry.

    Great episode as usual. Dexter really stepped up his relationship with Lila which ultimately led to the demise of his relationship with Rita. I have a feeling there's more to Lila than what we know and we haven't seen the Last of Rita. As much as I like Lila, and I do, I don't see her sticking around past the season finale. As far as Rita goes... she's perfect for Dexter and dude should hang onto her as long as he can.

  • Dexter escapes the videotape danger.He cheats on Rita and than he tells her.Doakes is starting to get suspicious again.

    It was a good episode like the rest of the series.It is original and unic.You can't say anything bad for now because you have to see how the show continues.For now because the character has just started to evolve it is dificult to say if the change is good or bad. Will Dexter's emotions be a problem in his crime/Dark Defender raid time or will it improve it?Will his relationship whip Rita get better or does Dexter have a new girlfriend?Will Doakes discover who Dexter really is or will LaGuerta stop the segeant?
    I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  • More development, more tension, more awesomeness.

    After five episodes, here comes the weird of the bunch. there were so many emotions running rampant, it got hard keeping track, but it sure did pay off in the end. Dexter managed to get away yet again, but just for how long will he keep this up? How long before Doakes finally busts him & all of Dexter's secrets come out in the open? We'll just have to wait and see where the show goes from here, because now, it's any body's game.

    Dexter's relationship with Lila reached a boiling point in this episode, and we can say the same for Rita, though in a completely opposite way. This is a more struggling Dexter rather than the keen, all-knowing Dexter in the previous episodes. I do disagree with some of the things he did in this episode, but will not spoil for those who haven't seen the episode as of yet. Let's just say Dexter was not acting himself because of obvious reasons (tension between Lila & Rita, revelations about Harry & his real mother & Doakes making his life miserable) and might have actually shot himself in the leg with some of his actions. I'm sure all of these oddball situations will have an excellent pay off in the coming episodes as we near the final few of the season.

    All in all, a superb episode as usual, with hints of severe desperation on Dex's part, which might just make his life even more troublesome.

    P.S: People keep on hitting on this episode, and i have no idea why at all. People need to learn and understand that a character has to undergo changes as to keep a show fresh, rather than being the same old for 3 seasons. Such people should just watch Prison Break, who's character never bothered developing in 50 or so episodes.
  • Continuing the descent

    Okay, this is getting really bad now. Did all the writers from last season quit when they moved the show to L.A.? Has nobody read any of the Dexter books (really good by the way)? I know they credit only Dexter Dreaming Darkly in the credits. If they really can't write for the character there are two other books out there... the second one may not work as the villain's acts are too disturbing to be visualized, but the third would fit perfectly with the tone of this season in some ways, e.g. Dexter losing his way.

    Where is the humor? What were there, two funny lines?

    Where is Dexter's inner voice... almost absent now.

    Remember the Dexter that didn't have any feelings? The new Dexter, a SERIAL KILLER remember, says things like "in the past, I would have done anything, EVEN LIED, to keep Rita..."

    Remember the Dexter that didn't understand sex and simply did it because it was expected? That guy doesn't live here anymore.

    I gave the show a two for a few throwaway lines, and the funny hug Debra gave the FBI guy. BTW, not getting his character at all. Any evidence as to why he is this great serial killer hunter yet?
  • Dearly Desperate Dexter?

    Our boy wonder has truly lost his way.
    From being at one with the dark passenger and always in control calculating every turn and waging every reply. Calmly watching the unreasonable emotions and sexual habits of mice and men. Judging only when the all the rules apply.

    Now lost in the mace just like all the other humans with emotions running rampant, sexual desires without purpose, murder without satisfaction and taking huge risks when destroying evidence.

    Now from the first episode the storyline has been nothing short of stellar putting all other series to shame. So I'm sure this episode is all part of the master plan. But is the plan to destroy the superior being Dexter so we can put him in jail and put an end to the show?

    What is next for Dangerously Descending Dexter, Drugs, sex and rock'n roll?