Season 4 Episode 4

Dex Takes a Holiday

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Dexter gets 72 hours alone to kill someone.

    When Rita and the kids leave for 72 hours Dexter picks a challenging kill who starts to realise Dexter is on to her This episode had some good scenes between Dexter and Zoey but she had no idea who she was messing with I think the ending was unexpected and has left a cliffhanger for the next episode because it now looks like Lundy's serial killer hunting days are over but there is no way Deb will be killed I think there are a few people who could have shot them from the Trinity killer to Anton.
  • Best episode of Dexter in a long time.

    This is the episode where everything goes haywire in Season 4. Based on the incredible ending, the great preview for next week and the way that the pace of the show is slowly building up, Season 4 could very well be the best since the first season.

    The premise is somewhat misleading.. when I first heard about the episode, I wasn't too excited. I mean, Dexter on vacation? I had an image in my head of him sitting around and not knowing what to do with himself. However, as the episode started, I knew this would be a classic episode, in the vein of older episodes where an episode of Dexter would focus mainly around his need to kill instead of the bizarre relationship between two supporting characters who have never had any romance between them for three seasons.

    The episode follows Dexter on a three day, 72 hour vacation. Rita and the kids are gone for the weekend, so he has a limited amount of time to pursue his next target, something he hasn't been able to do since Benny Gomez. He chooses a female cop named Zoey who's family died from a home robbery gone bad. However, Dexter suspects that she was responsible for their deaths and that she used a fall guy to take the blame. He believes she wanted to get out of the marriage and used this as an opportunity.

    The writers and director kept the episode burning at a medium pace, slowly building it up and building up the tension until we get to the tragic final scene, where multiple plot lines are left hanging in the wind. This is the way an episode of Dexter should be. There's nothing wrong with last week's episode, but I'd rather be watching Dexter being Dexter than Dexter being a family man who hunts down neighborhood vandals. In this episode, we see Dexter slowly worm his way out of being shot by Zoey, being killed by her as she breaks into his house, hide all of this from his family and eventually, kill her.

    As for the Trinity Killer plot, it truly got a lot more interesting. This was definitely a powerful performance by John Lithgow. The scene with him in the bar seemed to be him reenacting a scene from his past.. I still can't figure it out, and that's a testament to the power of this season: there's a lot we don't know still, which means there's still another eight episodes to build everything up.

    I won't spoil the final scene for anybody who hasn't seen it, but it's incredible and leaves you guessing as to who's responsible, what really happened.. It's just something that sweeps you right off of your feet, and not in a romantic way. In a "OH MY GOD" sort of way. That description could actually be applied to the rest of the episode as well. Best of the season, and easily one of the best episodes since Season 1 and 2.
  • Who shot JR?

    Dexter may not be as good as it once was (so many relationships that I often think I am watching an episode of Grey's Anatomy) but at least things are starting to pick up. I predicted from the get-go that the Trinity Killer would go after Lundy and it looks like I was correct. But did he shoot them? I am guessing no. I think Anton did that.

    Dexter fighting a woman was entertaining though and it was a refreshing change of pace for the female to actually be the inferior sex on television for once. Usually the men are made to look like such fools so seeing Dexter pwn somebody was great.
  • Dexter finally gets a well deserved break from his family of course

    Dexter gets three whole days to himself as Rita and the kids go away for a bit. Dexter wants a challenge and chooses his mark, Zoe she's a police officer who gunned down her own family. Dexter doesn't believe her version of events of course he doesn't otherwise he wouldn't be interested in her. He decides to go to the house where she is putting the place up on the market, he comes by as a house hunter and to see what evidence he can find.

    In Zoe's waste disposal unit he finds a fragment of the rubber glove she used when she shot her family before turning the gun on herself, but Zoe isn't that stupid she finds he's a blood splatter expert, she lets him know and Dexter has to back off for a sec. Wait a sec, this isn't Dexter, Zoe follows him to the gas station where she thinks about killing but don't work. Dexter waits to pounce when she pops by his home and does what he does best after a little struggle. Lundy closes on where the "Trinity" will strike next unfortunately so does he as he indentifies Lundy from his picture in the paper, Trinity bumps into Lundy and Lundy gets a hunch. Debbie can't stop thinking about Lundy so she goes around to this hotel room and does what she was going to in the first place, both of them are arm in arm, all of a sudden a couple of shots ring out both of them hit the ground.
  • This was a fantastic episode, this season is yet to disappoint and is really shaping up to be one of the best. I can't wait for the next episode to air.

    Throughout the whole episode I felt like something more was going to happen and the ending completely caught me off guard, I did not expect what happened to happen. The best thing about this particular episode is that it really starts to get the story flowing and starts to fill in some of the pieces that weren't quite final yet. I would definitely have to say that Dexter has easily become my favorite TV drama. Its got such a unique and captivating story-line that it seems to just drag people in.

    Dexter's 'victim' in this episode is well thought out and really steps away from the stereotypical 'criminal' that Dexter would normally encounter. There are also new found emotions that are brought up in this episode that make Dexter seem more 'real' and they help to develop his unique persona. A truly great episode.
  • great, brilliant, amazing ... etc !

    WHat an amazing show we can saw at this episode !!
    "Dexter" is great show always but this episode is beyond my imagination, really. I was waiting what happend when Dexter stay alone without family, so when "Dex takes a holiday" I am defienietly not disappointed what happend. Dexter back on his road in episode we see trully fight beetwen him and police women which one kill her family long time ago. Dex take a challenge and he won. Story of this challenge was courious , not expected and suprising - really good. Next in episode we have also continue "romance" beetwen La Guerta and Batista. Batista say everything about this romance to Dex and later La Guerta talking about that with Dex - defienietly the funiest situation in episode :) ( where was Masuka ?? I miss him :) )

    And of course a lot of minute takes trinity case , Lundy, Debra and their "connection". Lundy was soooooo close to catch trinity killer but he has some lucky and how I think at the end of this amazing episode he kill Lundy and hurt Debra in vacation kille "style".

    What we can expect after next episode ?? I really dont know ... maybe Debra is going to catch the trinity , maybe Dex need to revenge for his sister... just maybe

  • Who did Lundy in?

    I think it's pretty obvious that Lundy is a goner, but who did the shooting? Was it Deb's other amour, Anton? Was it the Vacation Murderer, or could it be Trinity? I believe it was Trinity trying to make it look like the Vacation Murderer by robbing Lundy. He didn't rob Deb, and this story arc will fit well with the inevitable Dexter/Trinity showdown. Dexter, highly motivated to go after his sister's shooter, will lose his admiration for the Trinity killer and be steered by new-found family values. Whoa be the fate of Trinity!
  • Dex gets a break from the family and plans his next kill. Deb makes a choice between Anton and Lundy. Trinity takes the first steps to kill number 3

    I have been reviewing Dexter ep by ep since season 2 but this season I have found a bit of a problem. You see it seems like this season the writers have brought it upon themselves to make every character as important as the next and give them their own story arcs. This ain't a bad thing but it just makes reviewing each ep so bloody hard!

    This week Rita takes the kids to a family wedding while Dexter is left home to cool off. He sees this as a way to catch up on some sleep and find a new person to inflict his own brand of justice on. Thi time round it is a police woman who gunned down her husband and child and framed a gang member for the shooting. Dexter goes through his evidence and confirms that it was her and puts the plans in place to have her killed. This arc speaks to Dexter with the fear that he may do the same to Rita and the kids in order to be free. This fear manifests once again in the form of his father. Deb is having a crisis of her own as Lundy opens up to her about his feelings towards her. This leaves Deb conflicted as she is in love with two men. Deb makes the call in the final few minutes of the ep with some intriguing consequences. I won't spoilt it for those who haven't seen it but it is a real corker. Meanwhile, Trinity puts his plans in place to kill his third victim and complete the cycle. But he is afraid when he notices Lundy at the sight of his next kill. He slyly approaches Lundy but Lundy suspects that the man he has bumped into may not be as innocent as he seems.

    In other news, Quinn is in deep trouble for his encounters with a journalist and Laguerta and Angel are deciding whether to tell the brass that they are an item. Laguerta fears that if it is discovered after they catch the vacation killer it may jeopardize the whole case. While Angel doesn't want to lose what he has.

    Yep, every one has their own little story to keep tabs on. But what makes this ep so good is Dexter discovery of his feelings about his family. Avid watchers will know that for years he has been kidding himself about being someone who feels nothing. Another great touch was the interplay between him and the murder he plans on killing when she is cling-wrapped to the bed. Oh and that ending which will leave most people dying to see what comes of it next week.
  • Dexter makes us cheer for the killer again

    The show's been pacing itself differently lately. Fortunately they stick to the main motive of Dexter's urges needing to be satisfied and once Rita takes the kids for a vacation, Dexter has 3 days to hunt. The antagonist (or is it) is a policewoman who shot her husband and daughter. The reason is unclear - she wanted out? Even Dexter is puzzled, why would a person like her start a family in the first place. Anyway she makes for an challenging target because she is trained, knows about crime scenes and hangs around with cops on free nights. Still for what she did I wanted her dead and dead fast.

    The show explores the relationships between... well almost all of the characters - La Guerta and Batista, Quinn and the reporter, Debra and Lundy and Anton and of course Dexter and his family. From those I think that Debra/Lundy is the strangest. Lundy was suppose to be very calm and thoughtful but now he just shows in and openly admits he showed for Debra. Wasn't he the one the leave her in the first place? There was a lot of relationships going on but not to overshadow the excellent murder for dexter. Also he begins to think about his family, which I find really interesting, actually I think its the show's best strength - change. Just how many show can turn murderer into a father and stay on top? I hope there isn't any tragedies in plans, nah, Dexter isn't like this.

    Masuka was unfortunately left out.

    There is a big twist in the end but an un creative one as well. Unlike the small twist in the last episode (Rita finding Dexter smashing security lights) this week I don't care. I advice finding out what happens because it is annoying
  • WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH when you think the family thing its going to affect the killing part...boom

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH when you think the family thing its going to affect the killing part...boom

    Nice episode about the characters romances and about Dexter has a father and husband.
    A family breaks apart because Rita has to take the kids to a wedding.So Dexter has the house for him, he decides to go after a fellow cop that kills her family so the first step is getting a proof that she did kill her family so he gets a glove that she used in the killing, after that just lure the victim after a moving moment where he sees that he do love his family he kills his new victim.

    The episode ends with Debra and Loundy in the ground after being shot, by who at the start was the jealous boyfriend, but later after watching that Loundy gets his pockets check by the shooter i think it was trinity.
  • And just when you thought the show lost its ideas...

    After a disappointing season 3, Dexter finally returns to its original strength.

    This episode was just great from end to the overwhelming cliffhanger. I already thought that the trinity killer would pick Lundy, but that cliffhanger and the ending sequence of the two on the ground was just creepy and scaring.

    I didn't have much expectations to the season before it began, but I think the writers are really doing a great job. It will be interesting to see how Dexter handles the situation (especially if they really let Debra die... but I don't think they'll push it that far) and to learn about the motives of the trinity killer.

    I'm really looking forward to the upcoming episodes.
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