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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2006 on Showtime
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Dexter is a forensic expert in blood patterns who works with the Miami Police Department. He is also a serial killer, who kills people that the police can't bring to justice. He has to hide his double life from his sister, his girlfriend and his co-workers. He is intrigued by a killer who has found a way to kill girls without leaving blood behind.moreless

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  • "Free" episodes?

    I thought this was supposed to be "free" episodes?!
  • The start of the best show.

    I have watched all the Dexter episodes and its the best show on TV It all started with this episode which made all the others successful In the pilot we see how Dexter has two sides to him with one of them being shown at the beginning where he kills bad people and the other being a blood spatter analyst for Miami Metro helping his sister Deb to get promoted to Homicide This is also the episode where we are introduced to the Ice Truck Killer a killer Dexter admires because he kills and cuts people up leaving no blood at the scenes The Ice Truck Killer has also got a connection with Dexter because he leave a doll in Dexters apartment at the end.moreless
  • Dexter

    The first episode of Dexter was a really good one and was the perfect way to start the show.Dexter is a forensics expert with a sister and girlfriend but he has a dark side and is hiding the truth from the people he know because he is a vigilante serial killer who kills people the police can't catch.In this episode he is seen killing two people who have done bad things but haven't been caught and Dexter brutally kills them.We see Dexter when he was younger having problems with his urge to kill and his dad gives him the idea to kill bad people who got away and that is where Dexter had got the idea from.When a serial killer who kills people in an ice truck leaves no blood on the victims it gets Dexter thinking and interested in the case especially when he follows an ice truck that leads to him finding another victim when a head is thrown onto Dexter's car.In the end the ice truck killer leaves a model of a victim in Dexter's fridge and it is left with Dexter targeting this ice truck killer so things are going to get interesting.moreless
  • Brilliant study of a psychopath who kills other psychopaths.

    If you truly want to understand the character of Dexter you need to read a book called, "Without Conscience" by Dr. Robert Hare. Dexter is a psychopath, which means he has no true inner emotions. Every time he smiles or frowns, he is acting for the sake of those around him. Psychopaths make great actors (think about this the next time you wonder why there is so much immorality in Hollywood). Like all psychopaths, he is charming and manipulative. Only his police chief seems to realize he's a psychopath, while the other cops think he's just a great guy.

    Flashbacks tell the story of Dexter and his father, Harry. His father, a cop, realizes Dexter is a psychopath after he finds a hole filled with dead dogs. The two talk about this while on a boat in the middle of a lake. His father just happens to know a lot of guilty men who need killing. Instead of drowning his son, his father decides to teach Dexter how to hunt other killers. This becomes what Dexter calls "The Code of Harry".

    The writing and acting are brilliant. I can tell they have read extensively about psychopaths because they have the characteristics of psychopaths down cold. The eyes look slightly different, dogs sense he's not like other people, and he manipulates people at every step, bringing in donuts and engaging in friendly banter - even though inside it means nothing to him. Psychopaths can also learn to follow moral codes, just as Dexter does.

    They got the sex part wrong, though. Most psychopaths seek instant gratification and usually overindulge in sex, drugs, alcohol, or anything else that gives a rush. Also, his girlfriend doesn't like sex because she was raped by a druggy, when in fact women who have been raped seem to go the other way in terms of sex, becoming perverted. But maybe not all the time, so the writers deserve the benefit of the doubt on that.

    There's a few improbable things by the writers. Namely, he's on a date and glances over his shoulder to see a crime scene that happens to be by the same criminal he was researching. Miami is a big place, and the chance of just happening on the crime scene at the same place and time as the other cops is so improbable that the show loses some credibility there. Overall this looks like the show could go in some interesting directions.moreless
  • Finally, a successful criminal show pilot!

    Michael C. Hall does an outstanding job portraying Dexter, as he brings to life a criminal sociopath in this episode. His performances should earn him an Emmy nomination, if not the best Actor Emmy.

    The writers and producers succeeded where others (Heist and Smith) failed in their pilot to draw the viewers into the show. They deserve a well earned congratulation for this accomplishment.

    This all being said, one needs to remember murder for any reason is wrong. The show doesn't glorify Dexter's act, but explores the background, actions, and thoughts of Dexter and those around him. Neither this episode nor the series is for children of any age or adults having mental issues with hurting others. For the rest of the adult world, though, Dexter takes us on an intelligential, out of the box, and (I hate to say it) fun ride.moreless
Patrick Michael Buckley

Patrick Michael Buckley

Officer Oliver

Guest Star

Dennis Depew

Dennis Depew

County Jail Guard

Guest Star

Jacqueline Martinez

Jacqueline Martinez


Guest Star

Daniel Goldman

Daniel Goldman

Cody Bennett

Recurring Role

Devon Graye

Devon Graye

Teenage Dexter

Recurring Role

Christina Robinson

Christina Robinson

Astor Bennett

Recurring Role

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    • Doakes: You give me the fucking creeps, you know that, Dexter?
      Dexter: Yeah, I know. Sorry about that.
      Doakes: Fuck you.
      Dexter: Okay. Uhh... is there something I can...?
      Doakes: Yeah, you can give me your fucking analysis on the blood splatter on these killings. You think I'm here to invite you to my nephew's bris?
      Dexter: I didn't know you were Jewish.
      Doakes: Shut the fuck up and write your report already.

    • Dexter: (voice over) Rita's ex-husband, the crack addict, repeatedly raped her, knocked her around. Ever since then, she's been completely uninterested in sex. That works for me.

    • Angel: Son of a whore.
      Dexter: Who?
      Angel: Talking about this hijo de puta, this asshole killer, this maricón savage who makes us work on a Friday night.
      Dexter: Only Mondays through Thursdays--that's what I always say.
      Angel: Of course, cońo, be reasonable. Who wants to work on a Friday night? I have my needs.

    • Dexter: Talk to me about Jane Saunders.
      Jaworski: Okay, I did her.
      Dexter: How?
      Jaworski: In a movie. A snuff film, but I'm not sorry.
      Dexter: Of course not, and now I'm not sorry either. (Dexter swings blade for the kill)

    • Dexter: (Voice over) Animals don't like me, especially dogs. I don't think they approve of what I sometime do to their masters. That dog recognizes me, as easily as I can recognize Jaworski... or any other killer.

    • LaGuerta: Tell me Dexter, how'd you get so smart?
      Dexter: Lots of sleep.

    • Dexter: (Voice over) The problem with eating and driving, which I love to do, is not being able to employ the 10-2 hand position on the wheel. It's a matter of public safety. But there's always a sacrifice.

    • Dexter: (voice over) Salt of the earth these people, and they work hard; but with a solve rate for murders at about 20%, Miami is a great place for me. Great place for me to hone my craft. Viva Miami.

    • LaGuerta: (to Deb) Ahh, Officer Morgan. I didn't recognize you with your clothes on.

    • Harry: Have you ever wanted to kill anything else? You know, something bigger than a dog?
      Dexter: Yes.
      Harry: Like a person?
      Dexter: Yeah, but no one in particular.
      Harry: Why didn't you?
      Dexter: I thought you and mom wouldn't like it.

    • Harry: You're different, aren't you, Dexter?
      Dexter: What do you mean, pop?
      Harry: The Billups say Buddy disappeared. I found the grave, son.
      Dexter: That dog was a noisy little creep, dad. He was barking all night, and mom couldn't sleep. And she's very, very sick, and that lousy dog was yapping at every leaf that blew down the sidewalk!
      Harry: There were a lot of bones in there, Dexter, and not just Buddy's.

    • Dexter: (Voice over) Nice night. Miami is a great town. I love the Cuban food. Pork favorite. But I'm hungry for something different now.

    • Dexter: (Deb dressed as hooker) Geez Deb, where the hell do you keep your gun?

    • LaGuerta: So then he must have already had the head with him in the front seat. Huh, that's weird. Why would he keep it there?
      Dexter: I don't know. So he could use a carpool lane.

    • Dexter: (Voice over) That's it. He's definitely the one. Now it's just a matter of time before he becomes a drop of blood in my glass slide collection.

    • Dexter: (Voice over) But for me, sex never enters into it. I don't understand sex. Not that I have anything against women, and I certainly have an appropriate sensibility about men, but when it comes to the actual act of sex, it's always just seemed so undignified.

    • Dexter: (Voice over) Just like me- empty inside.

    • Dexter: (to Deb) Keep the sex suit on when you're talking to the captain, it'll help your cause.

    • Dexter: (voice over) Blood. Sometimes it sets my teeth on edge, other times it helps me control the chaos. The Code of Harry, my foster father, is satisfied and so am I.

    • Dexter: (voice over) Harry and Dorris Morgan did a wonderful job raising me. But they're both dead now. I didn't kill them. Honest.

    • Dexter: (voice over about the doll parts in his freezer) I suppose I should be upset, even feel violated, but I'm not. No, in fact, I think this is a friendly message, like "Hey, wanna play?" and yes I want to play. I really do.

    • Camilla: You have a morbid sense of fun.
      Dexter: That's probably true...

    • Dexter: (Voice over) No sticky, hot, messy, awful blood, no blood at all! Why hadn't I thought of that? No blood, what a beautiful idea.

    • Detective Sue: See you at the next bloodbath?
      Dexter: I never miss a party.

    • Dexter: (Voice over) Needless to say I have some unusual habits, yet all these socially acceptable people can't wait to pick up hammers and smash their food to bits. Normal people are so hostile.

    • Dexter: (as killer averts his eyes from dead bodies) Look! Or I will cut your eyelids right off your face.

    • Dexter: (voice over) Harry was a great cop here in Miami. He taught me how to think like one; he taught me how to cover my tracks. I'm a very neat monster.

    • Dexter: (voice over) My name is Dexter, Dexter Morgan. I don't know what made me the way I am, but whatever it was left a hollow place inside. People fake a lot of human interactions, but I feel like I fake them all, and I fake them very well...and that's my burden, I guess.

    • Dexter: (Voice over) There's something strange and disarming about looking at a homicide scene in the daylight of Miami. It makes the most grotesque killings look staged, like you're in a new and daring section of Disney World: Dahmerland!

    • Harry Morgan: Remember this forever, you are my son, you are not alone, and you are loved.

    • Mike Donovan: (about killing the boys) I couldn't help myself. I couldn't. Please, you have to understand
      Dexter: Trust me, I definitely understand. See, I can't help myself either. But children, I could never do that. Not like you. Never, ever kids.
      Mike Donovan: Why?
      Dexter: I have standards.

    • Dexter: (Voice over) She's the only person in the world who loves me. I think that's nice. I don't have feeling about anything, but if I could have feelings at all, I'd have them for Deb.

    • Dexter: (Voice over) The only real question I have is why in a building full of cops, all supposedly with a keen insight to the human soul, is Doakes the only one who gets the creeps from me?

    • Mike Donovan: Hail Mary, full of grace, the lord..
      (Dexter slaps him)
      Dexter: Stop, that never helped anybody.

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