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  • "Free" episodes?

    I thought this was supposed to be "free" episodes?!
  • The start of the best show.

    I have watched all the Dexter episodes and its the best show on TV It all started with this episode which made all the others successful In the pilot we see how Dexter has two sides to him with one of them being shown at the beginning where he kills bad people and the other being a blood spatter analyst for Miami Metro helping his sister Deb to get promoted to Homicide This is also the episode where we are introduced to the Ice Truck Killer a killer Dexter admires because he kills and cuts people up leaving no blood at the scenes The Ice Truck Killer has also got a connection with Dexter because he leave a doll in Dexters apartment at the end.
  • Dexter

    The first episode of Dexter was a really good one and was the perfect way to start the show.Dexter is a forensics expert with a sister and girlfriend but he has a dark side and is hiding the truth from the people he know because he is a vigilante serial killer who kills people the police can't catch.In this episode he is seen killing two people who have done bad things but haven't been caught and Dexter brutally kills them.We see Dexter when he was younger having problems with his urge to kill and his dad gives him the idea to kill bad people who got away and that is where Dexter had got the idea from.When a serial killer who kills people in an ice truck leaves no blood on the victims it gets Dexter thinking and interested in the case especially when he follows an ice truck that leads to him finding another victim when a head is thrown onto Dexter's car.In the end the ice truck killer leaves a model of a victim in Dexter's fridge and it is left with Dexter targeting this ice truck killer so things are going to get interesting.
  • Brilliant study of a psychopath who kills other psychopaths.

    If you truly want to understand the character of Dexter you need to read a book called, "Without Conscience" by Dr. Robert Hare. Dexter is a psychopath, which means he has no true inner emotions. Every time he smiles or frowns, he is acting for the sake of those around him. Psychopaths make great actors (think about this the next time you wonder why there is so much immorality in Hollywood). Like all psychopaths, he is charming and manipulative. Only his police chief seems to realize he's a psychopath, while the other cops think he's just a great guy.

    Flashbacks tell the story of Dexter and his father, Harry. His father, a cop, realizes Dexter is a psychopath after he finds a hole filled with dead dogs. The two talk about this while on a boat in the middle of a lake. His father just happens to know a lot of guilty men who need killing. Instead of drowning his son, his father decides to teach Dexter how to hunt other killers. This becomes what Dexter calls "The Code of Harry".

    The writing and acting are brilliant. I can tell they have read extensively about psychopaths because they have the characteristics of psychopaths down cold. The eyes look slightly different, dogs sense he's not like other people, and he manipulates people at every step, bringing in donuts and engaging in friendly banter - even though inside it means nothing to him. Psychopaths can also learn to follow moral codes, just as Dexter does.

    They got the sex part wrong, though. Most psychopaths seek instant gratification and usually overindulge in sex, drugs, alcohol, or anything else that gives a rush. Also, his girlfriend doesn't like sex because she was raped by a druggy, when in fact women who have been raped seem to go the other way in terms of sex, becoming perverted. But maybe not all the time, so the writers deserve the benefit of the doubt on that.

    There's a few improbable things by the writers. Namely, he's on a date and glances over his shoulder to see a crime scene that happens to be by the same criminal he was researching. Miami is a big place, and the chance of just happening on the crime scene at the same place and time as the other cops is so improbable that the show loses some credibility there. Overall this looks like the show could go in some interesting directions.
  • Finally, a successful criminal show pilot!

    Michael C. Hall does an outstanding job portraying Dexter, as he brings to life a criminal sociopath in this episode. His performances should earn him an Emmy nomination, if not the best Actor Emmy.

    The writers and producers succeeded where others (Heist and Smith) failed in their pilot to draw the viewers into the show. They deserve a well earned congratulation for this accomplishment.

    This all being said, one needs to remember murder for any reason is wrong. The show doesn't glorify Dexter's act, but explores the background, actions, and thoughts of Dexter and those around him. Neither this episode nor the series is for children of any age or adults having mental issues with hurting others. For the rest of the adult world, though, Dexter takes us on an intelligential, out of the box, and (I hate to say it) fun ride.
  • it was shoking

    to see serial killer with moral,yes, that's something new, at-least for me.
    and now i wanna see more and more of him.i think i'm Dexter junkie.
    it is perfect first episode, everything is told about Dexter,his family,his job, and so on. and he is crazy,as well, and only person who see him as crazy man is that evil fighting Sgt. James Doakes (Erik King).and that's it. for rest of police department,his just Dexter with donuts. nice.perfect placement for serial killer.and he is lady's man as well.all of them seems to love him. and that is another score for writers. cos as we all know serial killers are friendly,nice and women love them,as far as they know what the hell this guy is doing in night. and not some old creepy uncle with chain saw,and sir,Dexter is good looking too.
  • 101

    A very strong pilot for this show, I was completely disturbed throughout this whole episode, but this pilot managed to be original and captivating, something you almost never find on network television. Which is why this is a series on Showtime. All the characters were intriguing and likable, all the plots were dynamic, and I just wanted more of this show by the end of this episode. I have to say, I'm really glad I tried this show out, because I'm already feeling hooked to this show just by watching the first episode, something pilots are supposed to do.

    The story line is incredibly original, and the writing is fantastic. A serial killer who kills serial killers, just a very interesting plot, almost comedic in a sense. We've got ongoing arcs going on this season, since things are left up in the air by the end of the episode, which I am excited about.

    So all I have to say is that this has been one of the best pilots I have ever seen on a television show.
  • The perfect introduction

    This is one of the best examples of a introductory episode I can recall. A great plot alludes to many exciting stories ahead, with intriguing characters - the most interesting being Dexter himself. Its not just the nature of the series. Nor is it the witty and light-hearted dialogue that is the perfect offset against the dark & gruesome scenes. So many factors make this a must see episode, in a must see show. The host of relationships between supporting cast that are only hinted at, just promise to ooze interest in the episodes ahead. The flip between Dexter's past and his conception as a serial killer, together with Halls wonderful narrative, blend into the perfect partners to deliver as I said earlier the perfect introduction. All of this is executed w/o overdoing it on the gruesome levels, that one may expect from such abhorrent subject matter. So much so, that the hour will pass w/o you even noticing, imparting just enough of Dexter's current situation, his past, his issues but, leaving you wanting oh such more - as all great introductions should.

    Roll on episode 2.
  • One hell of a premiere.. Perfectly establishes all lead characters.

    With Season 4 of Dexter coming soon, I figured I'd go back and watch all of the episodes again.. and I have to say, the first episode of Dexter packs quite a punch. It sets up the plot that carries through the entire season and introduces a number of different characters, all different and all flawed. It also gives Michael C. Hall to showcase his acting chops, which are incredible in this show.

    The show begins and ends with a murder, and in between, we learn a little bit about what drives Dexter Morgan, serial killer extraordinaire. The supporting cast is surprisingly strong, but underused in the pilot (fortunately, as the show goes on, we learn more about each character).

    The plot with the Ice Truck Killer is compelling, mostly because they carry the plot out over the course of the season. The reason I don't like shows like CSI or NCIS is because the cases are solved in one episode.. there's no time to get to learn about each person. With The Ice Truck Killer, each episode gives us something new. In the pilot, we not only learn that he's killing hookers but that he knows about Dexter and his killing habits.. Very interesting indeed.

    While some shows have pilots that are less than stellar, Dexter started off strong and has continued that way to this date.
  • For sure, promising start...

    I had seen one or two episodes somewhere before this from season one and they were so promising I thought to borrow the dvd-s from friend and watch it from the start. And even if I knew some of the shades of the story because of those other episodes, as a pilot, that episode really worked well - slowely and very cleverly it starts to tell the story and now and then there is a twist that really brings something new.

    I love that this is not just another of those cop shows. There are quite many of them but this one surely stands off - what an intriguing story. I mean the story, scenery set, is just purely stunning and it will work.. for sure.
  • It's cleverly written and they really put meaning to all scenes that you get to see. The story evolves slowly, but clever. It's like an anaconda that slowly comes up, then gets you into it's grip and when it does it never lets go.

    My friends recommended me this show, so after a while I picked it up and started watching it. It sucked me right in from the beginning. The story is really something else, it's funny but dark... You know the dark is hiding in every scene, the ambience is grungy, sad and did I mention it's dark?! There are not very many shows with the same vibes, not unless they're sci-fi horrorish shows. It's cleverly written and they really put meaning to all scenes that you get to see.
    The story evolves slowly, but clever. It's like an anaconda that slowly comes up, then gets you into it's grip and when it does it never lets go.

    The main character 'Dexter' is very well played, his confidence and acting make it worth the watch by itself. All in all, it's worth a watch to say the least. :)
  • I haven't decided what to think about this show yet.

    This show is quite strange. It's kinda like a csi but way stranger. I couldn't stop watching the episode, and I want to watch the next one. so I would say that is a good sign, it just that the show is kinda sick and twisted. I can't wait to see where the show goes, and seens I am playing catch up I am glad that I don't have to wait long to see where the show goes. Someone told me to watch the show and I am glad now that I checked it out I am just suprised that haven't heard of the show before. Strange very strange.
  • Bloodless

    No sé, espero que esto mejore, pero la verdad no lo creo, al menos no mucho. Todo se trata de un tipo medio loquito al que le gusta la sangre y anda matando tipos por ahí porque sí. Que tiene una hermana policía y una novia que tuvo grandes problemones (dos hijos entre ellos) como él y por eso se tienen el uno al otro y se arrumacan. Eh... qué más? Una jefa que le tiene ganas y él no, cómo le voy a dar bola a la vieja esta y un cadaver sin sangre y un camión refrigerante y sigo viendo esta serie o no?
  • Wow

    Fantastic! The beginning of a legendary Drama. Sticks you to the end of your seat from beginning to end. You never want to change the channel or shut off the TV when you see Dexter. Look out Weeds, Dexter the Dark Defender is the new boy in town. If I were you badguys I would be fricken afraid from my good good ol boy Dex. And now I have 30 more words to produce. So. hip hip


    hip hip


    Dexter! Dexter! Dexter! Dexter! Dexter! Dexter!

    Dexter is the sweetest new drama to hit the television set. When we see sex we want blood!
  • Yes, it's another cop show.... but its creepy twist makes this one different. Honestly.

    Friggin' awesome! I loved it. Seriously twisted and is something I have never seen before. Carefully plotted and extremely interesting. I didn't really like Michael C. Hall in Six Feet Under but I love him as Dexter, he portrays him so well and does a really great job. The first episode sets the scene: through flashbacks, we're shown Dexter's troubled childhood. Orphaned as a small boy, his sociopathic tendencies are picked up early by foster father and homicide detective Harry Morgan, who guides Dexter into using his criminal urges for good - or at least less evil means. I absolutely love Doakes who doesn't think Dexter is a good guy; he is hilarious with his continuous swearing at Dexter and picking on him.
  • If you told me a few years ago that I'd be watching a show in which the main character is a serial killer who kills his victims graphically on-screen, and that I'd enjoy it, I'd say you were crazy. How times change.

    Several people suggested I'd like this show, so I nervously tuned in. It's a very dark show, obviously, but strangely hypnotic. The concept is really out-there, but it's a very well crafted show, and the writing is especially fantastic. Entertaining, thought provoking, and brave, it's some of the best writing I've ever seen. Sometimes it can be hysterically funny, too. I just about choked to death when I saw that Dexter's boat, used to dump the bodies of his victims, is named, 'Slice of Life'. Subtle, yet very effective.

    While all acting on the show is top notch, a special mention has to go to Michael C. Hall's unbelievable performance. His monologues are blunt and don't sugarcoat things. He is a monster, he admits it, and doesn't seem to care. He has this presence on screen, and it is hard to take your eyes off him. This may sounds cheesy, but I look at him, and I KNOW that this man is a predator. His victims don't stand a chance. The mystery is confusing and exciting. The dismembered Barbie in the freezer could have come off as lame, but it was actually very creepy. How does the murderer know about Dexter, and what does he want? These questions are answered in the explosive season finale. Give the show a chance. You won't be disappointed.
  • The first episode of Dexter left me feeling both sick and intrigued.

    The introduction of Dexter's character and what he does is shocking and not for the squeamish but establishes him as a vigilante. I love the idea of the show; the whole premise is both fascinating and unique and definitely appeals to my crime-scene show tastes. The idea of basing a show on a psychopathic murderer is both bold and original. That being said my first thought about the episode as a whole is whether Dexter can become a likeable character. Don't get me wrong, I definitely think he is a good character and there will be a lot of interesting places the show can explore around his personality. But main characters need to be likeable, I think, in order to carry a show. But this is obviously a question that will be answered as I continue to progress through the series.

    The supporting characters didn't really grab me as much as Dexter himself. His foster sister, although you can see the writer's trying to make her seem likeable, actually just annoyed me more than anything.

    As a whole, I thought the episode was interesting and intriguing and I am definitely interested in continuing to watch the show. As pilots go, I thought it was very strong and established Dexter, his history and "lifestyle" very well. Although I will continue to watch the show I do, however, think being squeamish will probably stop me from becoming hooked!
  • Interesting.

    After watching the pilot episode I think it was average but I will watch it again. I think the storyline is good. A serial killing blood spatter expert that only preys on murderers. Whoever thought that up is twisted themselves. I like the lead role of Dexter but I am unsure of his sisters part. She seems kind of out of place as a cop in my opinion. The detective that does not like Dexter is pretty funny. I hope the upcoming episodes have a little more action in them, I thought this one lacked that. All in all I thought it was ok and will be watching more episodes before I have a clear cut opinion on the show.
  • The Pilot Episode To Dexter.

    In My Opinion This Is The Perfect Pilot Episode. Its Gripping From The Very Start Due To The Unusual And Shocking Introduction To The Main Character. We See Dexter's 'Dark Side', One That He Hides From Everyone Else. Within The First Few Minutes We Witness The Gruesome Murder Of One Of Dexters Many Victims. From This Point I Was Hooked And Intrigued. Were Then Introduced To The Charecters At Dexters Job. Dexters Sister, Is Currently Looking For A Promotion In The Police Force And Is Constantly Looking For Clues In The Form Of Asking Dexter. Another Is Detective Doakes, A Foul-Mouthed Cop Who Has A Grudge Against Dexter Due To His Creepiness. Overall, Dexters Is Shocking And Gripping Edge Of Your Seat Entertainment Which Is Completely Different To Most Things On T.V At The Moment. The Only Bad Point However Is The Lack Of Personality In The Characters. But As The Series Progresses We May Get To Know Some Of The Characters A Bit More.

  • I did not REALLY like it but it left me more than intrigued enough to watch more.

    Eventually I became quite taken with this show. I watched the first 6 episodes consecutively because I was feeling pretty sick and had nothing else to do that was interesting. It must be a very controversial show for many people due to what happens in the story. This episode gives us a preview of what is to come but it really wasn't what kept me watching. It was only due to the reviews that I watched more episodes. Looking back at this episode I see that it was actually pretty good. Don't give up if you dislike this first one though.
  • Start of something great ... spoilers

    I think I am going to really enjoy watching Dexter. Michael C Hall seems to be a good actor. That good infact I may try and watch a few episodes of Six Feet Under just to see if he is a good actor in that. I like how Dexter narrates his thoughts and feelings like he's communicating with us the audience. The people who make Dexter and the writers, infact everyone who has something to do with Dexter should give themselves a pat on the back because it is fantastic. I hope that all future episodes are as great as this one.
  • Something different on tv-a serial killer who works for the police

    I had never really understood what this prigramme was about when i first started to hear about it on Understood a bit more when FX was advertising it, but still never wanted to watch it...until its on itv1-a channel i have in my room! I make a point of watching it, and now am hooked. The whole plot with Dexter being a killer is fun to watch-i find him very funny! And the interaction he has with people is great. Its not like the other shows on tv right now, and i love it!!! The new killer as well with the bloodless girls seems like a challenge. The actor Michael C Hall seems right for the part, and before this i had never heard of him at all. Im looking forward to seeing how season 1 develops, and then two, and then 3 (im quite far behind). OO yeah and his relationship with his girlfriend (i forgot her name)was also good-how he acts with her, and the sex part ha! All in all a brilliant new show to soo add to my dvd list-with the first episodes being awesome!!
  • Disturbingly captivating.

    Wow! What a pilot! I don't get Showtime, but I'm still surprised that I had never heard of this show. Dexter the show is seriously chilling. Dexter the man is seriously distrubing. I haven't seen another show like this in a long time, if ever. The dismantled, dead bodies, devoid of blood were grotesquely fasinating. Dexter's excitement after looking at the bodies and thinking about the killer was kind of icky. Or course, I wanted to take the moral high ground and turn the show off thinking how terrible it is that Dexter's a serial killer but God help me, I was just too fasinated!
  • Fantastic pilot episode.

    I'm already addicted from the first episode. I love Dexter.

    It's like good vs bad serial killers, and Dexter is good. I feel like I understand Dexter, which is strange considering he's a serial killer. Interestingly enough, he has standard. He goes after the poeple who do harm to innocent people.

    His foster sister and girlfriend I found compelling characters and they seemed very real. I felt sorry for his sister when they were at the meeting and everyone laughed at her.

    The ending was great with the cut up Barbie doll in the fridge. An invitation to play. I really want to see the game.
  • just so damn good!

    Showtime is now officially a pain in the backside for viewers who like high-quality television -- and that's not a wallet-specific reference. With the dark, creepy but utterly compelling "Dexter," you could argue that Showtime has a trifecta of top-notch series worth shelling out money to see -- "Weeds," one of the best shows on television; "Brotherhood"; and now "Dexter." The pay channel has been searching for an identity for ages and is slowly proving that you can't just ignore it anymore. However, an argument can be made -- though Showtime won't want to hear it -- that until it gets two more high-end series, the option to wait and get the episodes on DVD or Netflix might be more appealing than shelling out the monthly charge. "Sleeper Cell," "The L Word" and even "Penn & Teller: Bull -- !" are fine in their way, but when it comes to the cold, calculating decision making based on cash, they are not nearly enough. At least with "Dexter," starring Michael C. Hall from "Six Feet Under" and based on the novel "Darkly Dreaming Dexter" by Jeff Lindsay, there has to be a legitimate discussion of ponying up for the goods. ("Weeds" alone is worth that for some people, but a one- or two-season commitment to a series is not the way to build long-term confidence; viewers want to know they can hang onto something for four or five years. That said, "Showtime" did pick up a 10-episode second season of "Brotherhood" when the numbers hardly merited it, so that's a positive sign.) "Dexter" will no doubt divide an audience, what with the premise being that by day Dexter is a blood-splatter analyst for the Miami Police Department -- an expert in his field -- and by night, well, he's a sociopathic killer. Also an expert in that field. The twist, as it was laid out in Lindsay's book, is that not long after young Dexter Morgan is taken in by a foster family, his foster father, Harry (James Remar in a low-key role), a Miami police detective, comes to understand that Dexter is different. He's killing animals. And chopping them up. Before he came to the Morgans, something was lost for good in the boy. As he got older, that desire to kill grew, and Morgan senior took the unique (but loving) route of teaching Dexter to direct it at those people who really deserved it -- killers, rapists, serial drunken drivers, etc. "Dexter," then, is a case study in situational ethics. What's the difference between rooting for him and rooting for Tony Soprano, the mob boss and killer? Dexter is solving a lot of crimes in his day job. And while committing a lot of crimes at night, he's cleaning up a lot of paperwork. Vigilante justice? Sure. But it goes beyond that. Dexter likes it. He really likes it. What makes the series work so well is twofold. Hall is magnificent; it's another sterling performance from him. But instead of being pent up yet emotionally explosive, like his David Fisher on "Six Feet Under," he's cool and calculated and entirely without compassion as Dexter. That makes him alluring, in a strange way. That he kills bad guys is the free pass to like him, unless you're hung up on actual justice and against, say, strapping bad people on rubber-clad, plastic-wrapped killing tables and sawing them up but good. The second element is humor. As Dexter's voice narrates the series, his inner world is revealed. He's dryly funny. He has a spot-on representation of himself -- he knows he's "a monster." But he clings to Dad's teachings -- his retribution killings are the only good way to handle his need for blood. Or as Robert Greenblatt, entertainment president for Showtime said: "It's not your mother's 'CSI.' " Indeed not. Though it does contain more than enough gruesome lab scenes and a certain fanatic vengefulness about dissecting others, so that if you have a yen for forensics, your interest might be piqued. Of course, anything as daring and original as this should be trumpeted to the masses if it indeed does cross a social line that will be discussed in supermarkets and dinner tables (and water coolers) everywhere. People will be talking about "Dexter." Maybe not rabid endorsements. But it will be dissected. As well it should. "Showtime" has taken a unique, bold premise and put just the right actor into the role, while testing the boundaries of what people will find acceptable. That's always the ultimate challenge -- providing grown-ups with difficult fare. "Dexter" certainly fits that bill. It forces viewers to buy in or opt out on the whole situational-ethics thing. It makes them cringe by being shown depravity but also entertained because it's funny, well written and smartly paced. Also, one of the clear drawbacks of the premise is addressed early. Specifically, is this really going to be a every-episode kind of arrangement? Will he kill each week? And won't that be boring, not to mention a deal-breaker at the church social? "You watch what? And you like it?" A mystery that involves a serial killer unfolds and ensnares Dexter in it. The killer begins to leave messages and hints, taunting Dexter to solve his bloodless crimes. Dexter, in turn, is very impressed. And very curious. It's impossible not to like where that's headed. So, yes, Showtime has another gem on its hands. The channel's batting average is rising, along with its standards. That may be good for quality, but it's a real pain for people who want to see high-end drama without paying for something that's not HBO.
  • Great beggining

    eing a horror fan it is very hard to find many things that have a whole lot of appeal to me. Dexter however is just dark and twisted enough that it really keeps me interested, the killings are very well thought out. This is not to say that the show is super gory, most of it is implied gore, which works very well. The acting is amazing . Michael C hall is the perfect incarnation of Dexter and it almost as if Jeff Lindsay wrote the character for him, The seires does stray from the story in the book a little bit, but I feel the changes are for the better. Another thing I really enjoyed about this series , is i can watch it with my girlfriend who absolutely hates gore and horror , but loves csi and law and order the show has a lot of elements that appeal to both of us, so we can sit and enjoy it together which happens very rarely so this show hit a major home run with me!
  • Review

    Very good character introduction I thought. Loved the way they introduced the main character of the show, never a scene without him. Judging by the episode I dont think there will ever been a scene without him. Loved the voiceover by Micheal Hall, it really helps to add to his character devolopment. We can really get inside the head of this person and try and put together why he is doing what he is doing. The flashbacks were another great way to see how he got from how he was to how he is now. Dexters relationship with his sister is average, to me, and could be expanded on a little better in future episodes. Right now she seems desperate to get help from her brother as she isnt where she wants to be in life. Dexters relationship with his girlfriend was one of the more interesting pilot interactions to watch. Love the fact that Micheal Hall never gets to have a relationship with a woman in any show that I have seen him in. From being gay in Six Feet Under to not wanting to even touch a woman in this show I found that to be comedic. Hope to see those two continue to interact throughout the duration of the season. Overall, I say this for every show I have watched to date - The Pilot did what a pilot is supposed to do. Make me click the next episode on my DVD Player. Fantasic, dark start to this young series.
  • A great addicting eposide

    I have just started watching this show and I got hooked after I saw the first episode and its great and so much better than a lot of series i have seen even though i thought that it wouldn't be any good after i knew that it revolved around a blood spatter forensics analyst by day and serial killer by night but i watched this first eposide just out of curiousity and ended up taking all the eposides from my friend and start watching them. I actually thought that it wouldn't like a lot of people but you cant help but like it. Anyways, Dexter is simply brilliant!
  • pretty good

    Dexter is the serial killer of serial killers. but he could have been easily the bad guy, but with the guidance of his foster dad, his urge to kill have been harnessed for good. it's an interesting take on a murder mystery. we see flashbacks of his twisted childhood. the life that he lives is not a normal life. Dexter is a likable character since we're shown enough backstory to make us understand his way of thinking and that he is on the side of justice. the murders are gruesome. and one serial killer will continue on for several episodes. it's a way of getting us to keep watching it. it's a pretty good start for this show.
  • Pilot episode introducing Dexter and the other characters

    Thrilling, scary, original, fascinating. These are just a few of the adjectives that spring to mind when trying to describe this first episode of Dexter.

    It's scary to look at things from the perspective of a serial killer, a serial killer with a certain code who only kills people who deserve it, but a serial killer nonetheless. It upsets the normal expectations people have when starting to watch a new series and in this case it promises to be an excellent series if this first pilot episode is anything to go by.

    Great script and cast and an original and intriguing idea for a new series...
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