Season 4 Episode 5

Dirty Harry

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Dexter continues with Lundy's work.

    After the events of the previous episode Lundy's serial killer hunting days are over and because he got too close to Trinity it has got him killed and with Deb injured Dexter is now more determined than ever to find and kill Trinity When Dexter finds Trinity it proves how good Dexter is at finding killers because Lundy is one of the best and for a while he couldn't prove Trinity existed and already Dexter has found Trinity However there was one thing that Dexter and Lundy both got wrong and that was Trinity traveled on his own and was the lone wolf but the fact he has a family proves he is just like Dexter.
  • Oh man, Dexter is back.

    After tonight's episode, I find that I haven't been so excited for a new episode of Dexter since Season 2, when Doakes was growing suspicious of Dexter and his past. Starting with last week's episode, Season 4 hit its stride and doesn't seem to be ready to stop anytime soon. Now that Dexter has finally seen the Trinity Killer and knows who he is, chances are things are going to get pretty tense very quickly.

    Things pick up pretty quick after last weeks episode, with Dexter frustrated at seeing Deb in the condition she's in and trying to fend off his impulse to run out and find the Trinity Killer. However, Batista, LaGuerta and everybody else thinks it's the Vacation Killers who committed the murders. This gives Dexter a chance to do his own investigation.

    Meanwhile, Dexter also has to deal with Rita after she finds out that he still hasn't sold his apartment (even though he told her and everyone else that he had). While her trust in him dwindles, the tension is ratcheted up. The last time Dexter got this close to being caught was in Season 2, and we all know that those episodes were some quality television.

    I think the thing that was missing last season from Dexter was a sense of genuine tension. We got a lot of close calls, but was anybody that worried about Dexter getting caught? Season 2 hit a peak in terms of how close Dexter was to getting caught, and it seemed unlikely that the same thing would happen again. It had some quality episodes, but so far, this season has churned out at least three, counting this one, and it seems that the season is only going to get better from here. Dexter is juggling multiple issues right now, and at least one or two of them is due to come crashing down.
  • Dexter goes in hunt for "The Trinity"

    Retired Agent Frank Lundy is dead and Debbie is badly hurt but not fatally injured, so who did it? My money is on "The Trinity" as he knew that Lundy had a hunch and was getting close, Dexter thinks so too. But the trouble is that no one has seen him. Dexter goes through Lundy's case files in which he quickly snatched from his hotel room before the rest of the Miami Metro Police can get their hands on. Dexter looks for a pattern or anything that can locate or identify "Trinity" the search looks cold until Harry's complete nagging leads him in the right track. He knows when and where he'll strike next, he gets to witness the death of Trinity's third killing via the security system in the building where it happens, and trails him back to his home.

    Just when you thought that Dexter had him "Trinity" arrives home to his family, what?
  • Dexter is the best

    About the episode, its so good. The whole time Trinity is like Dexter, secret serial killer to his family. Of course Dexter is much on a hero side of serial killers, and that is why we love him, right. I just have one dislike in the show, its Deb. I duno, when its her scenes I fast forwards it. I think she is predictable, all she will say is drama. But about the show... This is how an intelligent show looks like. The plot is superb. The scenes also. And a little bit of showtime trademark of nudity, sex, and cursing. I mean its the real life. Here in the Philippines are conservative culture so less people appreciates this kind of show and i pity them because they are missing a masterpiece.
  • Great, great episode.

    If there was any doubt that Dexter is back those feelings were erased tonight with an outstanding installment of TV's favorite serial killer drama. John Lithgow is really starting to become awesome in the role as The Trinity Killer forcing me to eat crow on a previous statement I said disputing his ability to do such a thing.

    But the main reason I loved this episode was the final scene with Dexter searching for Trinity and witnessing him murder the sandwich salesman. Just the kind of action that is on Dexter and no other show on television and the kind of adrenaline-pumping excitement that makes me look forward to this show every week.
  • Dexter at it's very best..

    The writers deserve massive praise this season, it's been way too long since Dexter had me guessing and disecting each and every scene.
    Will Dexter actually kill Trinity now?
    Will he feel admiration for him?
    I loved the look on Dexter's face when he saw Trinity for the first time. 
    I don't believe Trinity shot Deb & Lundy and I'm guessing Dexter will discover this..

    Here's my little theory on who shot Deb & Lundy..
    The shooter made it look like the Vacation Murders MO, winged Deb knowing she'd live so that when they caught the suspects he'd have the perfect opportunity to get Dexter finally on side..
    Your shooter, Joseph Quinn.
    We're still in the dark about who this guy actually is, it hinted on a darker side in season 3. With his stealing of the cash at the crime scene, maybe he's hiding something even bigger than being a petty theif.

    Seems we know the main reason Rita's marriages failed, Jeeeez woman, chill the fudge out..
    Very realistic wife behaviour though :) it's gonna be interesting to see what develops from this..

    I'm so excited with this season, makes me remember how I felt watching seasons 1&2 for the first time and thankfully at the same time makes me forget all about season 3.

    Is it Sunday yet?


  • Dexter is on the hunt for Trinity in the wake of Lundy death. Debra is falling apart and the brass responds to Laguerta and Angel's relationship.

    This week's ep is arguably the best one of the season with more being revealed about the mysterious Trinity Killer. This ep shows the cracks forming in Dexter's marriage as well as Debra's reaction to the death of Frank Lundy.

    This week Dexter wants revenge for the harm done to his sister by finding and killing Trinity, the one he blames for Debra being shot. Dexter is able to get recordings from Lundy's hotel room which leads him to stakeout for Trinity at the next sight of his ritual. Dexter finds the location of the next killing and plans to get Trinity on the night of the murder. Lundy's description of Trinity as the lone wolf and as a loner is put to the test when Dexter trails him in his car to attack him at his home. But their is nice twist in the tail that makes this villian an interesting one indeed.

    Dexter has more personal problems at home as Rita discovers that Dexter still has the apartment. Dexter has no idea how to fix the problem as Rita comes on the attack and begins to question to his commitment to the marriage. Is it just me or is Rita becoming a real cow!

    Meanwhile, Debra is taking the death of Lundy to heart and is punishing her self by not taking the painkillers. She opens up to Anton and pushes him away afer confessing that she was with Lundy because she was sleeping with him.

    This ep brings out more of the Trinity's nature and slowly unravels the mystery around who he is and what Dexter is so drawn to about him. Essential viewing for any fan of TV and this ep leaves plenty more to want for the weeks ahead!