Season 7 Episode 6

Do the Wrong Thing

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Sal Price!

    Really starting to enjoy this season! I love Santiago Cabrera as Sal Price and I love the idea of a true crime story within the story. And wow... That ending!
  • Dexter sets his sights on killing Hannah McKay

    After Dexter found out that Hannah is a killer with immunity on the previous episode she is now his number one target and through the whole episode he wanted to kill her and when he got the chance at the end he didn't take it and he let her go I was surprised to hear La Guerta mention the vigilantes from season 5 because she thinks that one of them was the Bay Harbour Butcher and obviously she is right but Deb figured out that the other vigilante was Lumen but I don't think she can ever be found but it would be good for her to come back in the show.
  • Do the Wrong Thing

    This author character is a train wreck, so I certainly hope that he is short-lived. His scenes just did not add anything to the show, just another storyline deriving from the main plot, and taking this show in an unnecessary, and often boring, direction.

    Better than most shows, but below Dexter quality.
  • Wildflower Temptress

    This week's installment took a break from the suspenseful Isaac storyline and gave Dexter more room to stalk a new kill; this time getting his sights on Hannah McKay whom he begins to suspect has killed beyond her Wayne Randall period which is backed up by suspicious heart attacks happening to those around her beginning with her dead husband and the former owner of the floral operation she runs and a counselor who she blamed for assaulting her who only got a slap on the wrist before having a heart attack two weeks later. Dexter doctors the blood work on the newly dug Randall victims even though he promised he wouldn't take any more cases from the police but he is right that since Hannah has immunity the police couldn't do anything even if they wanted to. Batista wants to buy a restaurant and is considering retirement, and LaGuerta begins to get her own hunch much like Dexter in regards to the Barrel Girl case and that BHB might have been the one helping kill the rapists and Jordan Chase too to which Deb asks Dex if she needs to be worried about and Dex says for him to worry about LaGuerta. I don't get it, I know he doesn't want Deb involved in any of this but her help is necessary to keep LaGuerta in the dark. Dexter shows up at Hannah's place apologizing for calling her a killer and brings her a copy of his blood report. In tandem with this a true crime writer wants copies of the case files for an updated book on Randall's killings and tells his own suspicions about Hannah McKay with Dex who asks him to sign his book if he puts in a good word if he asks Deb out which he does and Dex keeps his words. Dex breaks into the writer's home and steals a file with evidence on Hannah and finds that she may have poisoned the previous owner of the floral operation. Hannah shows up at Dexter's apartment with a flower that is better suited to his needs and puts it in his bedroom with a lot of URST happening between them. This comes to a head when he shows up at her place again to question the handyman who tells him that when the owner was dying Hannah wouldn't let anyone else close to the owner making her the only one who could've poisoned her. When Dexter finds the plant that verifies the heart attack plant on Hannah's property and the toxicology report from the previous owner of Hannah's business. Hannah tells Dexter that his showing up repeatedly is creepy and he asks her out since he has so few options and she agrees and that she wanted to see the snow when Wayne was alive at a theme park in Miami. I like that Deb decided to go out with writer and we got to see the plot device of Deb being told that Dexter's conclusions about the newly dug up victims was sloppy and that the writer's own guy found that someone smaller killed the woman making Hannah suspicious to Deb as well and putting her in her sights as well and possibly onto what Dexter is up to. Quinn giving back the money was a seemingly good step after last week, and seeing Isaac even being a badass as a lone fighter behind bars was a brutally effective scene and his cold regard of not wanting to kill anyone on the inside so that he can be back out on the streets was a good outlook of him getting out next week and Dexter enough time to do away with Hannah. Dexter takes her to the theme park where she can see the fake snow and he injects her with his typical stuff and he does the typical plastic wrap thing. Then when he explains that this is what he meant when he wanted to "Take her out" and she simply responds "do what you gotta do" he slashes her plastic restraints and the two make love on the would be kill table and the episode ends. Seeing Dexter follow his gut this week is a typical "instinct" storyline that pops up often in this show but kept me guessing that even though there was evidence against McKay that doesn't mean that she poisoned both her husband and the owner there are other explanations and her guilt isn't entirely proven much like in Season 4's "Slack Tide" where Dexter didn't go deep enough into the evidence. Quinn's meeting with the club owner and him being told that he needs to make the blood evidence disappear in Isaac's shooting, even though they even said that Isaac could plead self-defense since his victims were armed to the teeth, or else Nadia will be moved to a horrific Eastern European sex house. Quinn agrees and only pockets the evidence after Nadia never calls him back after he leaves her like 50 messages; I wouldn't have done it because there wasn't even proof that she still in Miami so they could still have shipped her off and Quinn still would've betrayed the police department. Quinn's character has always been dirty since Dexter saw him pocket money all the way back in Season 4 and he continually lives on the edge getting super drunk last season and barely escaping with his job and being a murder suspect for Liddy and being let off for that even though there's blood on his shoes and his utter self-destruction in Season 6 and now in Season 7 it's like he's kept around as filler I don't even think he's redeemable anymore he's just "that dirty cop" who can make the big bad for the season get out of jail and of course the department will be suspicious and it will come back to bite Quinn in the ass because he's a jerk who should've been made dead, fired, or turned likable a long time ago he's like a dart board the writers keep throwing darts to hoping that it will stick. That being said, it will be nice to have Isaac back on the street with the second half of the season now having Dexter in a relationship with Hannah (although his change of heart was not so well executed and had me asking myself "whaaaaat was that?") although the romantic tension between them was palpable Dexter looked like he was definitely going to ice her but I can look past that if next week is more stable which I suspect will be the case with the ever great Ray Stevenson back on the street.
  • Decisionsdecisions...

    The chemistry between M. Hall and Y. Strahovski is one of the strong points in this season. Others being Isaak's vendetta and the inner struggle of Debra and the possibility of a rematch between the Miami Metro and the BHB in the 8th season.

    Dexter's decision to boink Hannah instead of killing her will probably bite him in the ass, but I didn't want Hannah to die anyway. Sure I wanted Dexter to be wise and kill her but I didn't want her dead.. Not just yet. Dexter makes a bad decision which I "forgive" because I am way too curious to see how fucked up Hannah really is.

    It's not a coincidence that Dexter breaks the code in such a significant way in the season where Debra finds out about him. I think that even though Debra decided to go with the 'ignorance is bliss' approach on Dexter's extra-curricular activities, she is going to realize that Dexter needs something physical to remind him to do what he does (or did) best.

    I didn't care about Quinn's storyline in the previous episodes at all... But now it seems like Isaak got himself a man inside Miami Metro.. Who knows maybe Isaak even tells Quinn about Dexter and re-awakens Quinn's suspicions of Dexter in the process.

    So to conclude my ramblings... 'Do the Wrong Thing' was a mediocre episode and yet I enjoyed it a lot. Quinn basically released Isaak which fixes two problems with this season; Isaak being in jail and Quinn's pointless sidestory not being SO pointless. Dexter doesn't kill Hannah ('Phew' and 'Oh man...') Batista's storyline doesn't seem to be of any importance to the Hannah/Isaak storyline
  • Bizarre.

    What an ending. I knew that he wouldn't kill her - but I did not expect him to end up screwing her where he usually has his sacrifices!

    It was mainly concerning Dexter and Hannah, but there wasn't much intrigue - we knew she would end up on the 'death bed'. The interest will lie within how Dexter/Hannah vs The Law will take place. Also taking into account that Isaac will more than likely be a free man now, Dexter has a lot to think about.

    However, I can't help but think that Hannah will turn into Dexter's accomplice - even if it's just for a while. He's in too deep concerning his sister, the brotherhood and now the crime book author will be too much for him to handle all at once.

    This episode did little to set the tone for the second half of the season - the plot is all over the place now. The writers need to straighten it up quickly and smoothly for the audience to enjoy the final stretch of the season.

    However, the show is still Dexter, and it remains at the core to be about a cunning serial killer trying to justify the means of doing so. I just can't help but feel that this episode took it on a complete tangent from the original premise. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  • What?

    What happened? I'm just not feeling Dexter and his bloodslides lately(I know there there are no more slides but still. There are a lot of interesting things and a lot of weird things the ending was freaked.
  • What?

    What happened? I'm just not feeling Dexter and his bloodslides lately(I know there there are no more slides but still. There are a lot of interesting things and a lot of weird things the ending was freaked.
  • WTF...

    I don't really know about this episode. I liked it but I also didn't like it. So much stuff is happening and it is starting to feel like all the other shows. I'm starting to miss Dexter
  • Do the Wrong Thing

    Do the Wrong Thing was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Dexter. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was interesting to watch Deb and Dexter interact and for Dexter to interact with Hannah. There was a lot of intrigue and drama with suspense and plot progression. It was cool how Hannah gave Dexter a "Blood Spatter Orchid" . It was interesting to watch the story lines play out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Well...

    I don't know what the writers want to do here. This episode was all over the place and didn't even feel like Dexter anymore. The first part of this season was great but has fizzled out quickly. They really need to pull something out of their butts or this will be another disappointing season. I'm assuming Batista is getting written out, which I'm okay with. He's been next to pointless for 2 seasons.