Season 7 Episode 11

Do You See What I See

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Dexter so cool

    I love Dexter
  • Dexter tries to throw La Guerta off the Bay Harbour Butcher case once and for all.

    La Guerta now believes Dexter is the butcher but now tries to prove it I didn't see that coming with Hector because La Guerta let him out of prison as a trap for Dexter which nearly worked if Hector hadn't of told Dexter that she was the one who let him out Dexter also has problems with Hannah McKay after Debra believes that she was poisoned so Hannah wouldn't go to prison Deb was ok but when Dexter found out that Hannah actually poisoned Deb he never killed her but just let her go to jail.
  • Oh Really, Dex?

    Why the hell did you apologize to Hannah when she got arrested, Dexter? She totally deserved it! I was hoping something more on the lines of "Don't you dare ever touch my sister again!". You still don't realise that she was a bad choice COMPLETELY. You still think that she is the right family for you whereas you need someone like Rita or Deb(as a sister) who would watch your back and truly care about you and your loved ones. Not Like Hannah.

    I don't know about others but I'm tired of this back-and-forth of Dexter's love life almost every alternate season(Except Rita). I think Rita was the right ray of light that Dexter needed. After that, I just think that knowing the rest of the women he eloped with were guest stars made things pretty obvious of what would happen at the end of this season.

    Until this episode, I didn't know that 'Dexter' was such a predictable show. I kept reading comments after each episode and most people's opinions came out to be true such as the idea Hannah would poison Deb to save herself. 'Dexter', the show, lost its unpredictability after Season 4's finale for me.

    Let's hope that next week's finale surprises us all with it's unpredictable ending.
  • Past, Christmas Present, and Future

    Dexter begins to see a potential future with Hannah and things seem to be going his way when the man that ordered the hit on his mother, Hector Estrada, is brought up for parole and Dex sees it as a great holiday gift to himself. Deb gets into an automobile accident after having taken too many anti-anxiety meds which is coincidentally how Hannah said Sal Price would've gone out if he hadn't stopped at Dexter's. Deb was visited by Hannah that night before the accident when Hannah said that she wanted to mend fences between them since Dexter will be in both of their lives from now on. Dexter tests a bottle of water that Deb was drinking from the night she got into the accident after she seems quite positive that Hannah poisoned her. Dexter finding the anxiety meds in the water bottle seem conclusive enough which makes him question if he can ever really trust Hannah even though when he confronts her she denies it. There's no way to be sure but I think Deb did it to herself although I don't remember if Dexter told Deb about how Sal Price was supposed to go out but nonetheless it makes Dexter decide that he would always think it was Hannah when Deb was targeted since she's the only one who is actively going after her. I wasn't really worried for Hannah's witness to her poisoning the counselor since she is a junkie and in a murder trial Hannah's right that any law student could discredit her with her past drug abuse. Dexter gives Deb the tip of the pen laced with the poison Hannah used to kill Sal and Hannah is taken away and her saying "You should've killed me" was heartbreaking since she has been so integral in Dex's life this season and she would rather die than live in a world where Dexter betrayed her. Meanwhile, the other fantastic part of the episode was Matthews questioning Dexter about being the BHB. Dexter concocting the story of Doakes having a boat and then he and Deb buying one and setting it up to look like he kept it hidden to dispose of bodies was a great tag. Although if Matthews is actually more manipulative than he seems and is on LaGuerta's side and only tricking Dexter with the good cop act. But LaGuerta isn't convinced since Dexter is a forensics expert and when Dexter approaches Estrada as a guy needing to offload narcotics to a guy who knows people they set up a meet. That night they meet in a shipping container and Dex injects him as typical and Dexter lets himself be known, "Dickie Moser" but Estrada accuses him of being in on his death with "that cop bitch" which gives Dexter pause and he is told that LaGuerta pushed Estrada's parole up to trap Dexter into the kill. LaGuerta had uniforms tailing Estrada and arrives on the scene to see the kill room, hopefully Dex didn't leave any trace evidence behind in his rush to leave and when he is escorting Estrada away Estrada dives into the ocean and Dexter manages to sneak away too though without his kill. There's a lot to deal with next week, and I don't even need to go into the Quinn finding out Nadia moved and was too hurt to tell him the truth thing. But Batista I hope will get out alive and retire happily to be a restauranteur since there are very few options left for Deb, Dex, and LaGuerta without life altering consequences folding in on them. By far the best episode of Season 7 and one that refreshes how Dexter can still surprise and be enthralling as he dances with the cat and mouse with LaGuerta now. The next episode being titled "Surprise Motherf**ker" makes me think that Doakes may have kept more on Dexter than we believed and may have just the nail to put Dexter in the prison coffin.
  • Do You See What I See

    An enjoyable episode here. The Hannah character seemed to complement Dexter will, but this writing actually did her character justice, as it was unlikely she would led Debra stand in her way.

    Dexter almost getting caught was good, but you knew it would not happen like that, so the suspense was lacking a bit.
  • clanger

    I was shocked to see the car that Deb had her crash in was her old car from previous seasons! She was driving a newer 3-series BMW and the crashed car was the old one. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Why did they think it'll do? It has tainted the quality for me...
  • Who did it

    come on people. Hanna really loves Dex and I feel like she really sees a future with him. I have no doubt about who poisoned Deb, it was Arleen. She was scared that Deb was going to put her in jail on a conspiracy charge for the counselor she saw Hanna poison. I can't believe that Dex didn't run DNA on the hair that he found in Debs apartment. He's going to realize he made a grave error in turning on Hanna.
  • Dexter producers, fire your writers... and never give them a job again.

    Even though Dexter, as a character, is my favorite off all on TV, screen-play writers are SO BAD. The only things I actually like are probably all taken from the book.

    And what I hate is that it the same story all the time - they repeat stupid things. Dexter chooses Deb everytime... Ok, great... than why doesn't he love love her or smth, or just listens. Yet it is ok to kill your brother, kill super-hot British chick, and now another one is sent to jail, while knowing everything about him, by the way. They all made him happy. It's just that Deb didn't like them. WTF?

    Moreover, couldn't Dex just say, well I don't know: Deb, back off... I killed my real brother for you, let me be the fuck happy.

  • Really!

    Great episode! The question you might ask yourself is if Hannah really did poison Deb. Although out of character, couldn't have been Debra who poisoned herself with a low enough dose to make Dexter turn against Hannah. As Hannah says when Dexter confronts her about it. If she were to have poisoned Debra - she'd be dead.

    Overall a great episode!
  • Do You See What I See

    Do You See What I See was a perfectly entertaining episode of Dexter. I really enjoyed watching because the story was good and the character development was fascinating. I liked how Deb continued to not like Hannah and with good reason. Dexter meets with Matthews and learns of LaGuerta's obsessive theory. It was intriguing to see how every thing played out and I liked the ending. It was sad to see what happened but it was for the best for both Dexter and Deb. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • I was so upset by this episode.

    Dexter gave in.. and handed Hanna over to the authority with his secret... are these people crazy!?! She can definitely use his "Dark Passenger" against them.

    I've always been looking forward to see the brilliant plan that they would use to catch Dexter in his act and how he would evade detainment... but... to use an obvious plan such as releasing the guy that had an hand in the death of his mother out on parole and use him as bate was so lame... I'm mean should've been obvious to Dexter. The guy got release about the same time you got word that LaGuerta is so close to revealing your true identity and you went after him nonetheless. I mean the sign said.. "Bad dogs inside" and he still pulled the gate and enter.

    I was so upset by this episode.
  • Dexter the show is over before it ended...

    The writing was all over the place, the drama between ana and dexter was just plain stupid. The dialogues are becoming ridiculous it gives me pity.

    They completly ruined the chainsaw scene. That shoulda been the main focus of the episode not some shitty hung over girldfriend bitch. It was so predictable.

    I'll keep watching because I know it can't go wors than this...
  • The best season yet.

    I'm very conservative with these kinds of statements, but I think that this is the best Dexter season. Simply fantastic drama, with great dialogues and powerful acting.
  • do you see what i see

  • A clever title goes here!

    I think debra drugged herself and were find that out next week but it won't be till dexter kills hannah first and he and deb will fight over what deb did

    I don't think Doakes is alive i think dexter is imagining the arrest and imagining what doakes would say if he gets arrested. but i have never read the books so i don't know if doakes is alive

    Great episode and great build up to the season finale
  • A good episode with hints of bullshit :)


    I believe it's quite obvious that Debra set it up so that it appeared as if Hannah McKay tried to kill her. She said she'd do anything to protect Dexter from her. I think the writers got lazy and made it seem as if Dexter was that dumb to get tricked. If Hannah wanted Debra dead; she would be - as she also said herself. Also I highly doubt she would allow evidence for Dexter to find in the water bottle. The writers concocted this bullshit all because they wanted the season finale scenario to be Hannah leveraging what she knows about Dexter to Debra and pushing Dexter having to kill her. Anyways, the finale should be good. Also, perhaps Debra may kill Hannah rather than Dexter doing it (just a theory).