Season 3 Episode 7

Easy as Pie

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Dexter is asked to kill two people and doesn't want to kill any of them.

    Dexter rarely turns down kills and in this episode he turns two down one of them from Miguel to kill Ellen Wolf and the second one was Camilla because she can't take the pain of dying anymore and Ellen Wolf is just someone doing her job We find out that Camilla new Brian Moser was Dexter's brother and she tells Dexter that he could never be like his brother but when Dexter decides to kill her she learns Dexter could be like his brother when he tells her that he killed Brian.
  • Anything that makes me cry gets 10.

    Anything that makes me cry gets 10. And I never cry for anything.

    Mercy - Dexter makes the hardest decision of his life and throws the code out of the window for a friend in need. A unique take on euthanasia was crowned by the delivery of the "perfect pie" for Camilla. It was poetry in motion as far I was concerned. Friendship – Like a true friend, Dex does what was hardest for himself to benefit another. Miguel was a real man by admitting his errors, and Camilla gave Dex a measure of redemption as her last act. I'm not a big fan of how Miguel replaces Dad in the dreams, and hope it is not permanent.

    Love – Anton and Angel both find seem to find it here. Interesting how this will backdrop on the wedding.

    Die, La Guerda, Die! – I simply cannot see her climbing any trees, so I pray to the writers that it is a false lead.

    I never thought that Dexter could ever work so well with emotions, but I was proven comprehensively wrong. I think this show is my new Dark Passenger. And I love it to bits.
  • Dexter says no to Miguel's request to kill someone.

    Finally we get rid of the whining dying lady. I'm sorry if it comes off as rude but Dexter is not about a fat woman crying every week and finally that story arc is over.

    This was not that bad an episode, but it was probably the worst of the season so far. The 56 minutes just seemed to drag on forever with very little action. The lack of an old-fashioned Dexter Morgan murder may have been the reason for that.

    Jimmy Smits is still doing a great job and I can't wait to see things truly pick toward the end when Miguel's friendship with Dexter implodes. Until then I'll sit back and wait for next week's show because this didn't do it for me.
  • The Mercy Of Death Written by Lauren Gussis Directed by Steve Shill

    Dexter: "I want you to know that you were right about my brother. But there's something else, I killed him."
    Camilla: "It's good you did."

    He dices, he slices but the drawn out agony of a family friend was the first time Dexter got a comprehension of the term 'mercy'. Not that any of the people who've had the misfortune of being on Dexter's hit list are deserving candidates for leniency anyway.

    Last week there was the implication that Camilla's quest for a key lime was a hint that she wanted Dexter to bump her off. This week she actually asked him to do the deed and he balked. Thank God. I think I would've been shocked if Dexter was all too ready to dispatch of Camilla. Reservation does have its advantages.

    Especially when Camilla is someone that Dexter identified as a friend and also as a woman who knew a lot about his family history. Having lost my own mother nearly a year ago to the disease that is cancer, this was the kind of episode that actually made me uncomfortable and I'm pretty good with blood and guts. What Camilla was going through not so much.

    About a couple of months before my mother's death, I was doing an Access Course where in Philosophy, I wrote an essay for euthanasia. I'm not even going to relate it to my own situation but the idea of someone, especially a loved suffering so agonisingly for months as they slowly decayed is every bit as horrible as losing them.

    Deb herself raised the point that if she were in Camilla's position, she'd want Dexter to finish her off than let her go on suffering. Camilla herself more than discussed the fact that she wanted to die at this point due the terrible news of the tumour slowing down.

    So how would Dexter kill her? For him, in the kindest way possible. After several cases of terrible key lime pies, Dexter finally found one that he must've known would sate Camilla's taste buds. Of course he also added something else into the mix that would send Camilla on her way.

    Episodes like this do raise the debate of euthanasia and like I've said, I am for it but it's determining the cases in question. Everyone has a right to live but no-one should suffer unnecessarily either. It's easy to understand Camilla's perspective – she wasn't getting better and having your life prolonged so you can suffer has a certain cruelty to it as well.

    Dexter's feelings of guilty as he actually carried out Camilla's request though only further served to explain that he isn't quite the monster he thinks he is. It's always good when Dexter does show human emotions such as guilt. If he had done what Miguel had asked of him in this episode, he'd certainly be carrying around a lot more as well.

    There are a lot of things I would do for my friends and family but kill for them isn't one of them. Miguel's unashamed hatred for Ellen had him ask Dexter to bump the lawyer off. Dexter showed reservation, researched Ellen and then came to the logical conclusion that such an act would be a bad idea. It was too bad that Miguel didn't exactly share Dexter's opinion at first.

    Instead he virtually blew a gasket and Dexter hastily left his house with Rita and the kids. That's the other thing, Dexter – friends do fight but they also make up. Dexter making up with Miguel should be good, even asking the hot headed ADA to be his best man should be good but it's not. Miguel's dangerous and this episode proved it.

    Entrusting such a dark secret like the one Dexter has with someone like Miguel is like waiting for a bomb to go off and it will. Miguel did seem genuinely affronted when Dexter refused to kill Ellen. It even made me wonder if Miguel was going to kill Ellen himself.

    However some people can deal with dark secrets. Camilla knew all about Brian Moser/Rudy and his connection to Dexter and took it to her deathbed. Dexter even told her that he killed his brother and she didn't judge him. It was more than implied that she was aware of Dexter's vigilante killings as well.

    As for Ellen, well apart from the fact that I like Anne Ramsay, there is a part of me that can see why Miguel's so hateful of her. Though him and his **** up brothers are hardly saints, Ellen has proved to be the cause of a lot of scum bags getting off when they should be being bars or on the electric chair.

    That being said, even though she was pretty hostile to Dexter, Ellen did not deserve death. Dexter even found plenty of cases where she actually did good and maybe it was Maria's influence but Ellen did end up helping Miguel by getting her client – murderer Albert Chung arrested. Even Miguel had to admit that Ellen did the right thing there.

    When Dexter wasn't dealing with the issue of killing innocent people, Deb was doing everything in her power to uncover more about the Skinner. Put Deb in a stressful situation or have the life of a potential love interest threatened and she'll work even harder to crack a case.

    She made some excellent progress by realising that the Skinner was someone who used the guise of trimming trees to get close to his victims. Seven episodes in, it's great that something was being forwarded with this particular plot but even though I actually do like Anton, it wasn't very smart of Deb to compromise her case just to protect him. I'm only saying.

    In lighter plots, Rita acted both as a sounding board for Silvia when she wasn't pressuring Dexter for a number of people that he was going to invite to the wedding. I'm guessing we will have to wait for the finale before we get to see this wedding, right?

    Also in "Easy As Pie"

    In terms of pies, I've never had a key lime one. Recently I've been more of a strawberry cheesecake sort of guy.

    Rita: "Nightmare?"
    Dexter: "Not sure. Ever have one of those dreams where you're exposed?"
    Rita: "All the time. I show up at school bottomless."
    Dexter: "Body parts out in the open. Exactly."

    Dexter was looking for Harry in his dream, only to find Miguel. That's taking male bonding somewhere else.

    Dexter: "Isn't this a little bit -"
    Camilla: "- Morbid? Death will be mercy. No more pain, no more chemo, just peace. And the best part is, I get to see Gene."

    Masuka: "So, what, you and the ADA are pals now?"
    Dexter: "Yeah, we are."
    Masuka: "Kiss ass."
    Dexter (to himself): "Another crack like that and you're off the list."

    Deb was incredibly touched by the old photographs of Harry that Camilla gave to Dexter in a shoebox.

    Mrs Owens (to Deb): You lead that animal here. Right here to my only baby and now he's gone. Wendell is gone because of you. He's gone."

    Camilla: "You're not Catholic."
    Dexter: "I'm definitely not Catholic but I do live by a certain code."

    I loved the exchange in the lift with Angel and Barbara discussing their horrid nicknames. Fatista and Vagianni – that definitely proves that kids are cruel.

    Barbara: "I like our friendship. Are you gonna make me feel bad for that?"
    Angel: "No, I like our friendship too."

    Ellen (re Albert): "It's not my job to judge, Maria."
    Maria: "Well, you're certainly judging Miguel."
    Ellen: "And if he ever gets arrested, I will defend him too."

    We learned in this episode that Ramon was given a retirement plan instead of jail time. I think Ellen had every right in the world to be disgusted by that.

    Deb (re Camilla): "Just shoot me if I ever get like that."
    Dexter: "Really?"
    Deb: "Hell, yes. I'd do the same for you. Pull the plug, put a pillow over your head, whatever. I'd never let you suffer."
    Dexter: "You wouldn't, would you?"

    Yuki: "I had a high opinion of you, Deb. Guess I was wrong."
    Deb: "I told you repeatedly to stay out of my **** and you wouldn't."

    Yuki said that Quinn cutting corners was the cause of a cop's death. I'm not sure if she's telling the truth.

    Ellen: "I am not good at this, letting people help me."
    Maria: "I know that about you too. Why do you think I brought scotch?"

    Chronology: None has been really specified at all this season. Even Rita hasn't really begun to show that much.

    "Easy As Pie" for me is the season at it's best. Beautifully poignant moments with Dexter and Camilla, Deb and Anton and some of the tightest writing from the staff as well. The Miguel debacle certainly isn't going to end well.
  • Emotional ending.

    This is one emotional episode, especially near the ending.

    In all of season 1 and 2, I don't think that Camilla appeared on screen more than 10 times, but I guess it's about time to let her go. At first, I don't really feel anything when I knew that she was about to die, but when she told Dexter that she "knew his secret", it's where the scene begins to make me feel emotional. The scene where Dexter has to let her go in the end is very good.

    Well, about the Dexter and Miguel. I expect Miguel to appear for one season only, so sooner or later Dexter will get rid of him, the question is how. In this episode, we see that Miguel and Dexter obviously have difference in "codes" of killing. I was thinking "I saw it coming", but I didn't think that they can resolve this issue this soon in the same episode. So we will see what will happen between them in future episodes. I expect they will have more conflicts coming and Dexter will have to kill him in the end, as the season finale. That's just my guess.
  • Dexter continues to grow and learn about himself. Mercy, friends. I love his honesty (to us at least)

    Goofs: Lt. Maria Laguerta pours Ellen Wolf and herself a glass each of scotch and then cut to her glass empty and she pours herslf the scotch again.

    Dexter continues to grow and learn about himself. His thoughts are of mercy and friends. I love his honesty (to us at least). He has always had a good 'go with the flow' 'roll with the punches' attitude about what happens to him contunies to do so here. I was suprised that his 'no' to Miguel Prado was so blunt and not more subtle. We had two murders in this episode. Keep up the body count.
  • Dexter is faced with a dilemma

    A very good episode, I love how the show carries on to be interesting week after week. I love how Dexter sticks to his choice about Ellen, but not until he actually does some research. I didn't want her to be "bad according to the code", I'm a bit curious as to what she has on Miguel. Let's just hope Miguel doesn't deviate from the official code and goes and offs her himself. Miguel seems alright with Dexters decision to exclude her, but I'm not convinced. I think he has his own agenda... Deb is taking some responsibility and actually cracks a case on her own. Perhaps she should get personally involved more often ;)
  • More brilliance in an outstanding show

    Ive noticed a minority of fellow reviewers seem to ignore the fact that it is bad policy to include spoilers in a review, so im doing my best here to avoid this for people who may not have seen this one yet.

    Dexter is faced with some difficult decisions from two people that request his "service". However this does contradict with his code. We also get to see progress on the skinner case.

    In my opinion this is one of the best episodes so far this season. Dexters dillemas with ethics arent exactly unfamilliar territory, but this episode really does put it under the spotlight. You can almost see Dexter growing the human emotion he's lacked all his life, through his undivided rationale.
  • This show is perhaps unique in that it makes me feel I've become a better person after watching it.

    Say what you will about showing actual killing scences on television, but this show just has got to take credit for the thoughtfulness of its characters, their depth, and their careful development. I must confess, season 2 felt a little like they were producing it on the fly, suiting every episode's twists to whatever direction the writer felt like taking the story in. But season 3 really adds more valuable ideas and emotions to the whole, episode by episode, and by now you feel like you yourself are evolving in sync with the characters. This is a psychologically very narrow line the show has to tread on, but it's being handled absolutely superbly. The Angel of Death theme is used to great effect in subtly reminding us that there are better angels to our nature. I'm a better person for watching this show.
  • looking for the perfect pie

    well the camila story was nice of course the best about that was seing dex handle killing a friend and more important someone inocent but she was in pain so i think he did the right thing also seing dex confess that he killed his brother was priceles.
    now this felt as a transision episode and for me the episode have two proposes: show miguels dark side ( he is becoming more out of control every episode)
    debs lead with the skinner about the trees i have a feling that she will be the one to get him (or her)
    it was also nice to see relathionships develop: deb and anton, angel and gianna.
  • I was so disappointed by the past two episodes that I had decided to stop watching Dexter. But reading some reviews convinced me to give it an other chance. And I'm glad I did !

    I couldn't disagree more with the reviewer comparing Camilla to a "whining dying lady" and writing Dexter is "not about a fat woman crying every week". First she has cancer and all people suffering in the world deserve respect. Second she was like the mother Dexter never had. And last but not least, her swan song was very important to hear. So I'm glad this episode was a special Camilla. Thanks to her euthanasia was covered. It was very interesting because I don't know about America but in France the subject is highly controversial and even a law, the Vincent Humbert one, was signed by 300 000 people ! The episode was also a bit religious as Dex learned more about mercy, when he thought he already knew all about it. I also found interesting that Camilla knew more about his brother than she told him when health wasn't an issue. And what Dex told her before she died was just priceless. So I'm sad Camilla is gone now even if she was playing a minor role. May her fictional soul rest in peace.

    Next, Albert Chung. This episode made me realize how funny Vince can be. All his asian jokes were good and I think it's the funniest Dexter episode so far. The socks, the news coverage, the photo on the newspaper. The new "vilain of the week" was so smoothly introduced and his impact on the season so important. All the characters were revolving around him. First Ellen Wolf morality was questioned. The meeting between her and Miguel was entertaining and for once we weren't the only one watching, Dex was too as he was smiling in the background thinking they were like sharks fighting in a fish tank. Second Miguel used Chung as an excuse to place Ellen on Dex slice list. By the way I can't wait to see what will happen to Miguel now Ellen and Maria have teamed up. After hesitating he refused because she's just doing her job. But instead of weakening their friendship, it made it stronger and now Dex and Miguel are true friends. It was interesting to hear Miguel saying Dex did the hard thing, saying no.

    Last but not least, Deb and the Skinner case. Jennifer Carpenter is such a talented actress ! The scene where she reveals her lead to Batista and Quinn was mesmerizing and so funny. The crazy camera angles, the café overdose, the papers all around the floor, her acting… Moreover it made the whole Quinn arc even more mysterious because I still can't picture his role this season. And what about Yuki showing up all the time from nowhere ? Sometimes I even wonder about Batista's new girl friend. Anton also had a very important role and I can't wait to see what happens in the upcoming episodes. There're so many characters involved ! It's a bit like if Deb was trying to figure out the puzzles the Skinner made up for her, of course I'm refering to her past bad experiences.

    So I'm glad Dexter is right back on track because I was quite disappointed by all the butchery that happened in the previous episodes. I really liked All in the Family but Turning Biminese and Sì Se Puede were too much for me to handle. For me Dexter is not about a serial killer slicing bad people into pieces, it's about a broken human being trying to reconnect emotionally with the world. Rita, the kids, the upcoming baby, his work pals and new best friend Miguel, his lovely swearing sister… I want him to get better because if someone like Dex can be fixed, then it means there's hope and impossible things can be accomplished.
  • One of the best!

    By far one of the best episodes in the series so far. We learned a lot more about Miguel and the prado lineage in this episode. As well as a little more Dexter daydreaming goodness. Drama, tension, great music, superb acting: What more could you possibly want?

    One of the things that stood out for me in this episode was the scene at the end of the episode, not to spoil for those who may not have watched, it was special and showed the viewers a side of dexter which he himself didn't know existed. A compassionate side.

    His friendship with Miguel is appearing to grow stronger, while he seems to be growing further and further away from Rita and the kids. Deb finally expresses her feelings for Anton, Yay! A great episode, plenty of character development, and a genuinely engrossing storyline. What a great show! Bring on the next episode, it looks even better than this one! =D
  • Miguel wants Dexter to get rid off Ellen Wolf

    Miguel gives out a request to Dexter, he wants him to dispose of Ellen Wolf another defence attorney although this doesn't go in with Dexter's Code he keeps an open mind. The problem Miguel has is that Ellen seems to be letting murderers and rapists go free after giving it some thought he decides against it. Camilla seems to be fading away quite quickly when told she has another month to live she can't take it anymore and asks Dexter to end her life.

    Elsewhere Deb looks like she's cracked the Skinner case she figures out that the killer is watching them from the treetops. Batista seems to have found a nice romantic pairing with Detective Gianna.
  • Dexter keeps an open mind when Miguel asks him to kill a defence attorney. Deb gives her CI a tip of danger coming his way.

    I have to give it to the minds behind Dexter, they are consistent in giving its viewers a top notch piece of entertainment every week. I am happy to say that this ep was no exception.

    Miguel tests Dexter's freindship when he asks Dexter to kill defence attorney Wolfe. Dexter knows this doesn't fit with his code but for the sake of his friendship says he will look into it. When he realizes that he can't kill Wolfe he soon discovers the temper of Miguel when he is told no.

    Meanwhile Rita asks Dexter to start making a list for his guests for the wedding. He soon realses that he doesn't know who to invite other than Debra and even worse, who will be his best man?

    Debra is having problems of her own with her CI boy toy put in the firing line for the skinner to be caught. Deb doesn't want him to die and tells him to flee ton. The obvious sexual tension rises this ep.

    Finally, Dexter is at an old friend's side for her last few days when she asks him to help end her life. Dexter is hesitant and fears it may start a precident for him of killing innocent people. In true Dexter fashion this delicate theme is handled very nicely.

    As far as comparing it to previous eps it is pretty much the same in terms of quality. It truely is hard to see where this show can go wrong with a great crew guiding it to great places.
  • Miguel offers Dexter a new potential victim, but does she fit the Code? Dexter is asked for a surprisingly difficult favor from Camilla. Deb jeopardizes the case to protect Anton.

    Miguel offers Dexter a new potential victim, the Defense Attorney Ellen Wolf, but after properly vetting her, Dexter isn't sure she fits the Code. When he informs Miguel of this, he reacts with anger, making Dexter believe the new friendship is in danger. Of course, Miguel comes around, and Dexter asks him to be his best man. An old sickly friend of Dexter's, Camilla, reinforces this idea, when she asks Dexter to help end her life, insisting she would never ask a friend to do something against his conscience. Dexter learns what mercy really is about when he decides to help Camilla end her life, and gives a whole new meaning to the perfect key lime pie. Meanwhile, Rita finds out that Sylvia is beginning to suspect her husband, Miguel, is having an affair. She encourages Syl to confront Miguel, which ends up making things worse in their relationship!

    Debra ends up revealing to Anton that he is being used as bait to lure the Skinner, forcing her to find new way to find the Skinner. As a result, Anton realizes Debra cares for him more than he thought, and Deb finds another link to the Skinner case!

    The Good: The Camilla story line turned out to be actually very effective, from Rita tending to Camilla to Dexter's confession to Camilla about having killed his brother Brian. It was carefully constructed.
    - Deb and Anton were pretty hot, hope he doesn't get skinned (knowing Deb's luck, the idea isn't that far off)

    The Bad: What's with all the romantic vibes I get from LaGuerta and Ellen Wolf?!
    - Angel's story line continues to bore me.
    - Yuki…yucky
    - Dexter is barely involved in the Skinner case, wouldn't he be invested in finding and killing this guy?

    Bottom line: One of the best episodes of this season so far!

    Next week: Dexter has an apprentice, but is it more than he can handle?

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