Season 8 Episode 2

Every Silver Lining

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 07, 2013 on Showtime

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  • Every Silver Lining

    Last week I predicted that Vogel was behind the killings and this was some kind of "test" to get Dexter back to his old self and not the one Debra tried to stop, and this episode made me feel stronger about that theory.

    Whether that happens or not, this was just an average episode of Dexter. Not a lot going on. And can we please end Quinn's time on the show? No need to have someone mumble and display no personality whatsoever.
  • 9.0
    Dr. Vogel is creepin me out, she seems to be up to something. maybe some kind of test for dexter??? maybe she's behind all the brain scooping killings???
  • Still lamenting seasons 1-4

    This latest episode reminded me a bit of the dreadful fourth season to Prison Break when the writers just added layer after layer of absurd conspiracy in an attempt to provide earlier plot lines some gravitas. Ultimately it made the whole thing look silly and incoherently absurd. I don't for a second buy into the notion that this woman created who Dexter is then decided to show up when brain started appearing in jam jars on her front doorstep. It just seems such a silly narrative, when they should be focusing on Dexter's demise and have a juicy final season packed full of twists and turns based on that. Instead, we're getting a daft '6 months later' which doesn't really make much sense, bucket loads of dull expository dialogue, and the inclusion of a great new actress wasted on a character with a ridiculous back story.

    Batista and Quinn are essentially useless now; they're not being written for with any care or attention, and Masuka is at prop-level status. They pop up every now and again so we don't forget they exist but they're essentially being kept in the game so we can see their REACTION shots when Dexter is revealed.

    The one good thing about this season is that the focus is shifting to Deb. She's by far the most interesting character now, if they write for her properly, and Jennifer Carpenter is a great actress. I'd like to see her stop flailing around and start acting in her right mind because another season of her being confused and upset isn't going to be terribly engaging.

    So far nothing post season 4 has made me thankful this show is still on the air.
  • Someone to Watch Over Me

    All my issues with the premiere seemed to wash away in the first few minutes of the premiere which had felt sloppy with the time jump and all that. The first ten minutes being devoted to Vogel's having helped Harry with teaching Dex the Code was a great touch with the grainy video and everything. This episode was also a lot more focused than the premiere clearly revealing why Vogel is in Miami and that she needs Dex's help finding a former patient turned serial killer the Brain Surgeon who leaves the part of the brain that Vogel studies on her doorstep. Vogel taking credit for having created Dexter, as Dexter points out, is a very Frankenstein way to go about seeing their relationship begin. What's most interesting is that she is surprised that Dex has had emotional growth and craved to speak to someone about his issues after Harry died. We also saw the genesis of how the whole Blood Slide thing came to pass which is great for a show in its 8th season to still give new/old info revelations. But Dex gets on the wrong trail when tracing a finger print off of a plastic bag used to kill a Brain Surgeon victim and works ahead of Miami Metro as usual. But when he finds the print owner strung up on a meat hook at a hunting cabin he learns that he was wrong and that the guy had been coerced into killing the victim at gunpoint by the Surgeon. Deb goes in search of Briggs' stolen diamonds and finds the link to a storage locker which she has the key for. When she finds the diamonds she is cornered and beaten up by El Sapo, the hitman that was supposed to meet Briggs last week before Dex killed him, who turns up dead in his car. The revelation that Deb had killed him was a bit shocking since I surely thought that El Sapo had locked her into the locker at first when he left her there. But her having killed El Sapo out of anger makes for a much more interesting story and Dexter is now fully seeing the consequences of how his choices have destroyed his sister's life. He even swaps out evidence for her. But I think Vogel can even help Deb down the road as someone to talk to for her own good and her PTSD as Dexter now has her to confide in as well. But Dex shouldn't be so surprised that he was wrong about the Brain Surgeon, in fact he's been wrong before about a lot of suspects so him being wrong about this shouldn't be such a surprise just because "it's my thing I Also, in the premiere how Dexter was so clueless about Deb not wanting to be near him also became much more clear to him now with the damage he's done. He has created another killer, it would seem although a much different one from his own monster-ish-ness. Vogel seems a bit too fond of psychopaths and may have a little of her own inner monster if you ask me. Quinn and Jaime fight because Angel wants him to take the Sergeants exam if he wants Quinn to have him be ok with him seeing his sister. Why is Quinn so tied up on not wanting to excel anyway? And why does Angel want someone as awful and dirty as Quinn to be a second in command anyway? I'm glad that Jaime and he are on the rocks, she deserves much better. Angel shouldn't be ok with them at all if you ask me. While one thing I like about Quinn this year is his attachment for former love interest Debra who he pines for now that Dex can't be seen to help as her sole confidant and his complicated feelings are coming up after having been quickly erased two seasons ago out of nowhere. But overall, this episode gave us a much more honed focus on where this final season could go and gave us a mentor/confidant for Dex and pushed Deb to a much scarier place beyond just hanging out with creeps. Hopefully Dexter gets to live with the consequences a lot more for what he's done not simply reducing his affect on Deb's life with Vogel's "you're not as evil as you think you are" stuff.
  • Dexter looks for the Brain Surgeon.

    In this weeks episode we learn a lot about Dexter's past and how it was Vogel who created the code and Harry went along with it Now that Vogel has told Dexter the truth she wants him to kill the Brain Surgeon because arresting him could link back to Dr. Vogel and her methods I can't believe how Debra has turned out like this because she is really going down a bad path and she told Dexter killing the hit man wouldn't be her last Dexter and Vogel realize that the brain surgeon is smarter than they thought when in the end they find he has taken two victims and the killing scene show why episode 9 has got it's name.
  • Deb: El Sapos Not The First Person I Shot And May Not Be The Last...

    Last week's series finale opener started clumsy with a fast-forward six-months, Deb's disappearance, and a park bench memorializing LaGuerta. It plodded a bit for the first half with the strange appearance of psychopathic criminal expert/writer Dr. Vogel's introduction in the new case of a potential ritualistic serial killer. The last half moved with much more fluidity dropping a bombshell of mystery as to Dr. Vogel's knowledge of who and what Dexter is. Thus it ended as an excellent set-up to dark things to come.

    This second episode entitled "Every Silver Lining" uncovers that "bombshell" which connects Dr. Vogel and Dexter. Harry sought her help to reign in Dexter so he wouldn't become a monster. Instead of some cure, Dr. Vogel tells Dexter she formed a "good psychopath" which saved Dexter's life. Dr. Vogel needs to call in that favor as she maybe a victim of the killer who is quite possibly a former patient. Dexter, of course, resists until he watches a second video. In it he learns that Vogel believes Dexter had his own innate sense of justice that will, ultimately, be able to a link to saving good humanity by destroying bad. Dexter realizes, in fact, he's deeply beholding to Dr. Vogel and acquiesces as he decides he will try to help her. This is a huge revelation in so many ways that its hard to fathom how this will play out.

    Even with another brain related murder the episode moves slow, but the tension is strong and building all around Dexter. He's wrestling with more of his recessed humanity than he's ever had to deal with. As Vogel tells him he's her perfect creation he believes he has fell so far from Harry's Code that he is lost. The fact Deb has become, more or less, a murderer is pressing down threatening to blow everything apart. Dexter is having to do things he's clearly not able to reconcile with the Code just to save himself and now he's taken on being Dr. Vogel's protector as he is strangely bonding with her after the video revelations of her connection to who he is.

    The drama is so intense now the show doesn't have to have "big" action. The evolution of Dexter is quite enough to carry things into some shocking turns already began. One thing that is noticeably lacking is humor even though Vince is, well Vince. , One of the only humorous things occurs when Dexter searches Gusman's home and glances at the window air conditioner with his voice over narration dropping a wickedly funny "nah" to a passing thought he expresses.

    This episode really brings an absolutely huge revelation to the viewer, not to mention Dexter, about how an unusual psychopath was molded into Dexter. The story of Deb has never been more dangerous as she is truly no longer self-respecting and is on the verge of self destruction. Thus, another "must see" episode provides lots of heavy drama. sure to be expanded further soon. In the end, Dexter seems in full time mode to cover all of his past glories as well as mistakes. Dexter is evolving into a person who has many of the same feeling all normally feeling humans possess. This is a great juxtaposition for what he may be about to do. Without his cold remove who is Dexter Morgan now?

    This has been an interesting twist in Dexter's story. To find out that Dr. Vogel had counselled Harry and helped channel Dexter's killer instincts into killing only those who deserved it. Dexter seeems particularly vulnerable now. Usually he is busy covering up his crimes. Now, he is covering up for Deb. His humanity is showing. A born psychopath would not be able to care about anyone but himself. He is even softening up to Dr. Vogel. Does she really care for him just as Harry did and will Dexter find himself capable of a wider range of emotions love, guilt, goodness,empathy (psychopaths can't feel empathy right!). Dexter is special... he's human.