Season 5 Episode 6

Everything Is Illumenated

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2010 on Showtime

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  • For me, this was the best episode of the season, and it could've been even better if it didn't have such a dud for a side plot.

    Dexter is always going to be one of those shows where the most interesting stuff is happening with the main character himself.. all the side characters and supporting people exist mostly so the show doesn't follow Michael C. Hall around for 50 minutes. Not that all the supporting characters are bad... Deb has always been good, and Quinn is becoming more interesting... and Masuka is fun as well at times. However, while the show does good with the supporting characters sometimes, tonight, it felt like nothing much.

    This episode just might be the best one of the season so far. It had good acting all around, and one of the most tense middle acts the show has had in a long time. While I usually assume that Dexter will not caught when a commercial leads me to believe otherwise, I truly thought Deb would catch him in the act today.. but I'm getting ahead of myself. The episode focused on Dexter trying to get back into some sort of routine now that he assumes Lumen is gone. He finds a man named Lance who lures men to him under the false pretense of sex or a good time, and kills them. However, Dexter's kill is interrupted by Lumen, who informs Dexter that she's killed one of the men responsible for her rape.

    It's here that the episode gets so much of its power. Dexter and Lumen are forced to track down the man she shot (who was actually alive), and along the way, Dexter slowly grows more and more irritated at how unstable she seems to be. Meanwhile, while Dexter and Lumen deal with that, Dexter has Lance in the back of his car and Deb is on the way, with homicide and the police, to investigate the same area him and Lumen are. For nearly a half hour, we're left to wonder if Deb may actually catch Dexter here. And the writers do a great job of making you believe it could happen.

    The side-plots were the usual stand-still. It's a shame, because I'm actually interested in a majority of what's going on with the other characters. For instance, Quinn's investigation into Dexter seems to be getting dragged out until the end of the season.. it's a good plot, so focus on it! Instead, we get a couple of short scenes between Quinn and Peter Weller's character, where Quinn learns that Dexter seems to be too clean, much like a drug dealer. And the Santa Muerta case, which was picking up momentum as of late, had no updates. Just a few scenes of the group hanging out inside of a club, waiting for the brothers to show up. Boring.

    But the episode ended on a fantastic note, with Dexter and Lumen having a heartfelt discussion about their lives in the same room Rita died. It's nice to see Dexter is still affected by her death, and I knew he would give in and help Lumen. I wasn't sure how I would enjoy Lumen as a character this season, but it's easy to overlook her irrational decisions: she was an abused woman who needs help, and Dexter can see that. I look forward to seeing where this season will go in it's second half, because the first half, despite being somewhat slow, was a great set-up for where we're at now.
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Intense Dex & Lumen driven story, literate writing, wicked jokes and enchainting ambivalent ending

    One actress to rule them all, Julia Stiles. Each fictional goddess should have her shrine and Lumen is no exception. This sixth installment was a turning point. The decisive moment when we have to choose between entering her temple, with the risk of never getting out of it, and running for our miserable lives. When Lumen decided to stay in Miami it was obvious she would inevitably stumble upon our favorite daddy. So as expected the story was driven by her and Dex. The way it was developed was both refreshing and exciting. Their intense run was full of wit and puzzling contradictions. Moreover their growing relationship puts the monster we all know in a completely different light. I even spotted a possible reference to Descartes and his famous rule on slicing things up to gain control or solve a complex problem more easily. The compartment metaphora was as smart as the others and should deepen the layered vision you have of the show. From the serial killer to the father Dex personality is composed of so many mirrors that it's hard to keep up. Everything is Illumenated severely tested his multi-tasking ability and the writers kept surfing on the edgy wave summoned in the past season. Master Masuka was also back with his vicious wisdom and non sense theories. The guy deserves his own talk show ! An other guilty pleasure was the baby. Good or evil ? The recurring joke about him was just irresistibly wicked ! Last but not least the ending duration and velocity were perfect. It successfully packed up all events in a nice wooden box, ready to be opened as a Pandora and unleash its cataclysmic fury. The controversial reference to Rita was heartbreaking and perfectly executed. You should specially be moved by the contrast between the cold floor where the characters are sat down and the ambivalent warmth of the dialogs. Lumen.
  • 506

    Dexter and Lumen were at the forefront of this episode, the Batista and Maria scenes were kept to a minimum, so what a shock it is that this was a great episode and the second best of the season. It feels like so long ago that Dexter was mourning over the loss of his wife Rita, but the viewer realized how it still resonates with our favorite serial killer by how stunned he was looking at the bath tub.

    I do not know if a season about Dexter chasing her abusers is going to garner my interest, but I know now to never count out this show.
  • This episode pulled us all back in.

    I love this show. As the season has gone on I feel like people were a little bit to unfair with how they were judging the episodes. But Everything is Illumenated brought us everyone right back in.

    Lumen is going to be a real strong character. But there are going to be some things to watch out for in the future. The scenes with Dexter following the blood trail with Lumen was some of the best writing we have seen. It was funny and made us actually care. I didn't see the turn coming with they guy getting the phone and calling the other guys. That one was a little out of nowhere. I thought for sure the cops would be called on this one. By far one of the strongest episodes this season. I cant wait for next sunday now.
  • Everything Is Illumenated

    Everything Is Illumenated was a perfect episode of Dexter. This episode contained so much and really made every thing perfectly. There was lots of action which kept me in suspense, drama and human nature that intrigues, and portents of whats to come. This episode is perfect because it blended every component together seamlessly. There were a few small story lines happening which will keep things moving along. Dexter was busy killing someone when Lumen calls for his help. When he goes to help things start to look grim as the police will soon be there. The last scene with him and Lumen was very interesting!!!!!!!
  • 5x06

    this cahpter was good but not exellent, there were a lot of interesting momments here but the scene where the hostage man revels he was one of the guys who raped lumen was very unreallistic, if you are hostage for a crime and you have the oportunity to make a call for surviving, you are not going to spend it talking with your partner about that crime revealing that you are guilty. another thing I didn´t like was the way in wich dexter solveD his problem, he didn`t have enough time to undercover his two murders before the team arrived there.

    bUT I had to admit that the scene where dexter was persuing that man was awesome, and this cahpter gets extra points by some funny momments like "Die, die" xD

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in English, please forgive my mistakes
  • Dexter's new friend may have him in some hot water; Angel and LaGuerta continue on their rocky path.

    This was the lamest episode in the entire series. I recognize that it must be tough to find side plots to keep Jennifer Carpenter's character on the screen, but I am certain nobody cares about her love angle this season. What may be even more lame (or at least the same amount of lame) is the LaGuerta / Angel marriage drama. Uh oh, they work together. Tension.

    Dexter's main story in which he has to once again account for the actions of Julia Stile's character did little to pick up the pace, although it was by far the most interesting part of this week's episode. Overall I'm quite let down.
  • "What A Night": A Lumen and Dexter Tag Team Event

    Dexter goes after a target who takes fantasies too far but just as he is about to dispatch him Lumen calls, having shot one of the men who allegedly raped her needing Dexter's help to clean it up. Things get even more complicated when their target is still alive and turns out to actually be one of the men who raped Lumen. His uttering, "They'll find you" was really creepy only let up my Dex snapping his neck. Topsy Turvy and tense this episode really upped the game from last week when she really was after the wrong guy and made the guy saying that she is just a crazy lady that much more believable. But now that we've got to mid season and Dexter has made up his mind to help Lumen find these men and get some solace for Rita's death we're in for even more tense awesomeness even though this was a middling episode. Episode Highlights: Masuka's hand gestures overlapping Dexter's narrative of what Masuka thinks happened at the crime scene as well as Dexter admitting that Sonja is an Irish Super Nanny.