Season 1 Episode 9

Father Knows Best

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 26, 2006 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Dexter is at Rita's having a shower and says to himself "Thank God for showers. Private time to think. Harder to come by now that I'm in a real relationship". Rita then hops into the shower with him and asks "Do you mind?" Dexter replies "Not at all'. Rita's kids Astor and Cody start banging on the bathroom door, once in they both comment on Dexter's scar and he tells them "Sword fight. I won". Dexter quickly vacates the bathroom.

Angel Batista and Sgt James Doakes are driving in a car discussing Angel's separation from his wife when Doakes spots a man walking along the sidewalk carrying a bag of groceries. Doakes tells Angel to stop the car. Doakes then pursues the man on foot while Angel drives the car after them. Angel pulls up the car and gets out as two gunshots sound out. Angel runs down the hill under the bridge yelling "Doakes". The unidentified man is lying under the bridge not moving with a pistol lying beside him near his hand. Angel asks Doakes if he is alright and they approach the man to check if he is dead or alive.

Crime scene technicians have arrived on the scene and the body has been covered with a sheet. Dexter is examining the blood splatter on the bridges framework. LaGuerta is questioning Doakes and Angel beside the bridge. Angel says "The suspects name was Jaques Bayard according to his driver's licence" LaGuerta asks "Haitian?" Angel replies "That would be my guess". LaGuerta asks Doakes to go over what happened again. Doakes tells her "I saw a gun in the suspects waistband I went to question him and he took off running when he saw me". LaGuerta asks Angel is he saw all this and he says "Yeah, I saw Bayard bolt and I turned the car round in pursuit". Doakes tells LaGuerta that the suspect "took a shot at me. I took cover and returned fired from that corner" as Dexter walks up and says "No, not from there" Doakes replies "Yeah from right there" and Dexter says "If you shot him from right there the blood splatter would go in that direction". Doakes gets angry with Dexter. Angel defends Dexter saying he is just doing his job. LaGuerta asks Doakes if he is ready for the DA's team and tells Angel that he is up next. Angel tells Dexter that he isn't even sure what happened. Dexter says "trauma can distort the memory".

Debra Morgan and Dexter are in his office at the station. Deb is telling Dexter she wants him and Rita to meet her boyfriend Rudy. She is getting angry that Dexter isn't really keen. Deb tells Dexter that Rudy is different and that she thinks she is falling for him. They are walking through the office to the elevator when a courier comes in and asks where he can find Dexter Morgan. Dexter says right here and the guy gives him an envelope. Deb takes the envelope from Dexter and Angel arrives and asks Dexter if he can have a word with him. In the background Deb is opening the envelope. Angel asks Dexter if he finished the report on the Doakes shooting and if he still thinks Doake's version doesn't add up. Dexter says "Blood never lies". Angel asks Dexter to "Sit on that until I talk to Doakes". Dexter agrees and goes back to Deb to get his mail. Deb says reading out loud "We regret to inform you of the death of your father. Dad died ten years ago". Dexter says "This isn't about Harry" and reads that a man named "Joseph Driscoll of Dade City Florida names his son Dexter Morgan of Miami as his executor". Dexter says to Deb "It's a will". Deb says that it can't be Dexter's biological father as Harry told them he died before Dexter came to live with them and that SHE is Dexter's next of kin and not to forget it. As Deb walks away Dexter calls out to her "Oh, and I inherited a house". A voice over begins and Dexter says to himself "I know the truth, because Harry always told me the truth. He had to. He was teaching me principles, a code. He knew what I would become without it. So, Joseph Driscoll of Dade City must have been mistaken".

Flashback: Harry, Deb, and Dexter are sitting in the lounge and Harry is holding up a piece of paper and says "Do you know what this is? This is Dexter's new birth certificate. The adoption finally went through. You're a Morgan now". Dexter says "I thought I was already a Morgan" Harry responds "Well, you have been to us but it's official now". Deb asks Harry why he never told them what happened to Dexter's real parents. Dexter says they died and Deb asks how. Then Dexter also asks how they died. Harry says "It was an accident, a tragic accident".

Dexter and Rita are at her place tidying up in the lounge and Rita is asking about Joseph Driscoll. Dexter says he looked online and looked up police records but there are no birth records or driver's licence just the deed to his house and a mention about his bowling team. Rita says "Dexter, you're not feeling any of this are you. You're obviously so overwhelmed that you've shut down". Dexter says "Maybe". Rita says that it's too much for Dexter to handle and says she is going with him (to the house in Dade City). She also tells Dexter that he will need her.

Deb is lying semi naked on a bed with her eyes shut and Rudy is walking around beside her. He spots some scissors which he touches. Just as he is about to pick them up Deb opens her eyes. Rudy goes to the bed and kisses Deb then sits down beside her. Rudy asks Deb if they are still seeing Dexter for dinner Friday night. Deb says no, that Rita and Dexter have got to go to Dade City and tells Rudy about the man who thought he was Dexter's biological father and left him the house. She also says it's a big mistake. Rudy says to Deb about Dexter that "it's got to open up some old wounds". Rudy hops into bed and cuddles up with Deb. Rudy asks when Deb is leaving and she tells him that she isn't going, that Dexter likes to do things by himself. Rudy convinces Deb that maybe Dexter doesn't know how to ask for help.

Rita and her ex husband Paul are in the kitchen at Rita's house. Rita tells him that she left a phone message so they wouldn't have to have this conversation. Paul responds that's why he cam over so they could "hash this out like adults". Paul is upset that Rita has cancelled his scheduled visit to the circus with the kids because she is going away with Dexter. Paul angrily swipes a cup off the table on the floor and tells her he has already paid for the tickets. Rita tells Paul that "a death in the family trumps the circus". Paul responds "Dexter is not your family. I am". Just as Paul finishes saying that Dexter arrives and walks in the open door. He asks Rita if she is ready and says hi to Paul and that they better hit the road.

We watch as Dexter and Rita arrive at Joe Driscoll's house in Dade City. Rita says it's nice and Dexter says the lawyer said there would be a key under the mat. An old lady comes out of the house over the road and asks Dexter and Rita is they are her new neighbours. Dexter tells her they are just here to clear up the estate. She says that Joe was too young to have a heart attack as he was only sixty. She said he used to clean her gutters every fall and asks Dexter if she knows how to clean gutters. Dexter tells her they won't be here that long and he and Rita go inside the house. Rita takes a look around the lounge and says "A bachelor lived here. That's for sure". Dexter says as soon as he has straightened things out at the morgue and that he doesn't want a house in Dade City. Rita says that will mean someone has to pack up the house and that nobody else will do it so they will have to. She then says "Told you you'd need me".

At the station we see Angel go and talk to Doakes. He tells him that IA (Internal Affairs) are pressing him about the report on the shooting. He says to Doakes that there is something he is not clear on. That he was sure he heard Doakes' 9mm gun go off before Bayard's 38. Doakes maintains that Bayard shot first. Angel tells him that the blood splatter report says it couldn't have gone down like that. Doakes gets angry at Angel and tells him that he isn't the only honest cop in Miami. Angel tells him he just wants to know why a man is dead. Doakes tells him "If you wanna come at me, come at me straight" Angel replies "You want it straight. I did not see a gun". LaGuerta comes over and interrupts saying "Angel, I need to talk to you'. Angel says to Doakes "Help me out, man".

Rita and Dexter are going through Joe's things and Dexter is looking at a photo of Joe Driscoll with his bowling team. Rita comments that Joe looks a bit like Dexter. Dexter says that they are the only pictures in the house. There are none of any family or kids. The doorbell rings and Dexter answers the door. It's Rudy and Deb. Deb tells Dexter she knows he can't ask for her help but she is here. Deb introduces Rudy to Dexter and he says he has waited a long time to meet him. He then introduces himself to Rita and kisses her on both cheeks. Deb says to Dexter "Isn't he great". Deb takes a look around ands says that there is a lot of work to pack up the house. Rudy says even with the four of them it will still take the whole weekend. Dexter mentions a hotel he saw that they could stay at. Deb and Rita suggest staying at the house. Dexter agrees, as long as Rudy and Deb sleep on the sofa bed. Rita says she will go find some clean sheets.

The next morning Dexter is getting dressed while Rita is still sleeping and says (to himself) "How did a death turn into a couples weekend. Luckily, I get up earlier than normal people". However, when he goes into the kitchen Rudy is there and he has made coffee. He offers some to Dexter who says "Thanks, but I gotta go to the morgue". Rudy asks him if he would like company. Dexter tells him no, it's private. Rudy says he understands. They look at each other and Dexter leaves.

Dexter is at the hospital talking to Joe Driscoll's doctor. As they walk through the hospital toward the morgue the doctor tells Dexter that Joe had no history of heart disease and that they were about to send Joe to the crematorium when they found Dexter. He said they thought his son should be able to pay his last respects. Dexter tells him "I'm not his son". The doctor tells Dexter that "Estrangement in a family is a shame but death is the great unifier". Dexter is looking into the room where Joe's body is lying on a gurney covered in a white sheet. The doctor wheels the trolley out and pulls back the sheet to reveal Joe's top half. Dexter walks around then crouches down beside Joe's body and focuses on the spider web tattoo on Joe's right elbow. The doctor tells Dexter that Joe said he got the tattoo done in Nam (Vietnam) and that Dexter should be proud his father was a patriot. Dexter says perhaps he was also an ex-convict as it is a prison tattoo done with a pen and ballpoint ink, three or four decades old judging by the fading. The doctor tells Dexter that Joe was no ex-convict. He was a good man and a good bowler. Dexter asks the doctor how he determined that Joe had a heart attack. The doctor gives Dexter a funny look and Dexter hastily tells him it is "Professional curiosity" as he works in Forensics in Miami. The doctor tells Dexter he found "Miocroaneurisms in the retina's". Dexter offers an alternative explanation and the doctor tells him he knows a heart attack when he sees one. As he is saying this we see Dexter flashback to a scene where we see him as a passenger in a car with a man who has a tattoo like Joes on his elbow. Dexter comes out of his reverie and asks the doctor if he can have some time alone with his "Dad". The doctor leaves and Dexter quickly rushes to a cabinet in the room and takes out two syringes. He opens one of them and puts into Joe's chest and withdraws some blood.

Dexter is sitting on a toilet in the hospital somewhere and uses his cellphone to call Mazuka. He asks him for a favour, a DNA comparison. He tells him he is going to send two blood samples and wants Mazuka to compare them and also run a "tox" (toxicology) screen ASAP. After Dexter hangs up he uses the second syringe to withdraw a sample of his own blood. We flashback to a time when Dexter was in hospital as a child. He is cut and bleeding on his chest. His parents and Debra are there with him. His mother tells Harry (his father) that Dexter was trying to climb a fence to get Deb's ball from a neighbour's yard when he was chased by a dog he tripped and fell on a wrought iron post. Harry asks the doctor if Dexter is going to be alright. The doctor tells him he will need surgery to repair some internal bleeding and that will be a problem. Harry asks the doctor if they can talk outside. The doctor tells Dexter's parents that the complication is with Dexter's blood type. Harry says he doesn't want to talk about it, not in front of anybody else. Dexter's mother gets angry at Harry and tells him he HAS to do something now or Dexter will die. We look back at Dexter and he is looking out the window of the room at his parents.

Angel is in an interview room with a man from internal affairs. He is questioning Angel about the incident with Sgt. Doakes and Mr Bayard. He says he went under the causeway and saw Mr Bayard lying on the ground with his gun beside him. The IA man asks him if he was "sure it was Mr Bayard's gun?". Angel says "the 38 wasn't mine". He asks Angel if he saw Mr Bayard carrying a gun before the foot pursuit. Angel says "Sgt Doakes did". The IA man asks if Angel say Mr Bayard acting suspiciously. Angel doesn't respond. He then asks if Angel knew Mr Bayard worked as a janitor and never even got a parking ticket since he immigrated from Haiti fifteen years ago. The camera goes close up to Angel's face and he says "He got a lot more than that this time didn't he". The IA man asks Angel "Are you sure you heard the 38 go off before Sgt Doakes' 9mm". Angel just looks at the IA man and does not reply.

Dexter, Rita, Deb and Rudy are in the lounge at Joe's house. Dexter is going through some papers and reading from one of them says that Joe bought the house outright in 1976, paid cash and that there are no records before that. Rudy says "No records. No childhood photo's. The guy was sixty and it's like his life started when he was thirty." Rita says Rudy is right. Deb asks "what happened between years one and twenty nine?" Rudy says "Maybe he butchered his entire family". Deb says "Or he walked out on his two wives and a lot of bad debt. The guy was a loser after all. I mean, who else owns this many bowling balls". Rudy asks Dexter what he thinks. Dexter says he thinks "Joe spent some time in prison and mixed with some bad people. Maybe he had to hide from it". Rita says "Whatever it was. Drugs were involved." She is looking at some medals that Joe got in alcoholics anonymous. It looks like Joe was clean for thirty years. Rudy says "Well Joe said no to the drugs but not his rock n roll. Nothing in his collection since 1980. Gotta love a purist". Rudy then puts a record on and he and Deb begin dancing around the lounge. They coax Rita and eventually Dexter into joining them dancing. They continue packing while the music plays. Rudy uses a Stanley knife and string to package up some things and Dexter uses garbage bags and duct tape. Rita's cellphone rings and it is Paul. He is calling from his apartment. There are some empty beer bottles on a table beside an ashtray. Paul asks Rita if "Dear Dexter is dealing decently with his dead dad". Rita tells her they are fine. Paul wants to keep talking and starts talking about how he should be at the circus with his kids right now. Rita tells Paul that this is not helping her confidence in him and that if he wants to work towards spending more time with his kids then he needs to avoid this kind of behaviour. Rita suggests Paul politely hangs up. Paul agrees and tells Rita she is right and that he is sorry and says have a great weekend before he hangs up.

Dexter is standing at the kitchen sink and thinks to himself "A secret life, the only thing Joe and I have in common. There's nothing else in this house to connect us". Rudy walks in and says "Hiding out?" Dexter responds "cleaning up". Rudy says he can only imagine what Dexter is going through and Dexter jokes that he is going through a lot of lemon fresh joy (dish detergent). Rudy continues saying that Joe may actually be Dexter's dad. Dexter says the only way that is possible is if Harry was wrong and that Harry was never wrong. Rudy says maybe he lied.

Back in the past at the hospital Dexter is lying on the gurney being wheeled towards the operating theatre. Dexter tells the doctor he thought there was a problem. The doctor tells Dexter that his dad fixed it. He tells Dexter that he has a very rare blood type, AB-. He says that Harry knew somebody with that blood type. Harry asks he if can have a moment with his son. He tells Dexter that everything will be fine. Dexter asks "I will?" Harry says "Hey, would I lie to you?".

Angel is sitting in the driver's seat of a car. He says that when his dad was dying he asked only one thing. That Angel "Be an honest man". Angel continues saying he made a blood promise and that is why he is a cop. He says that now the Haitian man is dead and he doesn't know why but he knows it isn't right. He says if he talks he will be a rat to the whole precinct and that is when we see the man from internal affairs sitting in the backseat of the car. He tells Angel to "hold up" while he changes the tape in the voice recorder. When he puts the tape on again Angel hands him the blood splatter report and tells him it doesn't match what Doakes said and that he heard Doakes gun go off before Bayard's. The man says "So Doakes fired first?" Angel hesitates then finally responds "Doakes fired first'. The IA man gets out of the car.

Rita is serving dinner to Deb and Rudy while Dexter is outside putting rubbish in the neighbour's bins. Dexter's cellphone rings and Deb answers it. It's Mazuka. He has the results of the DNA test. Deb says "What DNA test". Outside as Dexter puts some rubbish in a bin Deb comes out and says to Dexter "You trusted Dad your entire life so why question him now?" Dexter says "Am I missing something?" Deb says "DNA Test". She tells Dexter that the DNA matched. Joe Driscoll was Dexter's "bio dad" (Biological father). After a long silence Dexter says "Interesting". Deb asks Dexter if he thinks Harry lied. Dexter says he thinks he would have known Joe was there. Deb defends Harry saying "he must have had a damn good reason" why he didn't tell Dexter and that she won't let someone he didn't even know draw that into question. Dexter tells her he isn't questioning anything. Deb says "That's why you ordered a tox screen too".

Deb goes back inside and tells Rudy she needs to clear her head and asks him where his car keys are. Dexter comes inside and tells Deb he ordered the tox screen as Joe had no history of heart disease and the coroners report was inept. He says it was professional curiosity. Deb says that he'd be professionally glad to know that the only toxin in his system was a sedative which he probably took to sleep. Rita says that would surprise her as Joe was thirty years sober and the strongest thing she found in his medicine cabinet was advil. Rudy says it wouldn't be the first time an addict fell off the wagon. Dexter says maybe someone slipped him the sedative so he wouldn't struggle when he was injected with something. Something like diabetic insulin which can cause cardiac arrest. He says it's nearly impossible to detect unless you find the point of injection which he wasn't looking for before but if he has another chance to examine the body again he would find it. Deb gets upset and tells Dexter that Joe wasn't even his family that mum and Dad and she was and doesn't that matter to him. Dexter says he doesn't know what Deb wants from him. Deb says she wants what Harry wanted and that was to have nothing to do with Joe. She wants to just finish packing up the house and walk away. Dexter says "Alright, that sounds like a good plan."

Dexter is in the garage looking through things. He says to himself that he understands why Deb is upset. They both idolised Harry and lived by what he taught them but Deb never had to be taught not to kill innocent people. He says that is why Deb doesn't understand why he needs to know. He spots the elderly neighbour coming out of her house and runs across the street and picks up her paper for her. Dexter asks her if she saw any visitors at Joes in the last week. He says he is wondering if there are any outstanding bills he owes. Such as a gardener, delivery person or repair man. The elderly neighbour tells him there was a cable repair man there last week. He was polite but he couldn't fix her TV antenna. Dexter asks her what he looked like. She said he had dark hair and was average height, normal looking.

Doakes is sitting at his desk in the station. La Guerta comes and sits with him. She says she did some checking on the suspect Bayard. Doakes asks if she is lending IA a hand. She replies that she just likes to know what is going on in her department. Doakes asks "What is going on?". LaGuerta says it turns out Bayard changed his name when he immigrated to America. It used to be Renee Tibbo, a former officer in the Haitian military. She asks Doakes if his tour in the army included a special op in Haiti. Doakes doesn't reply. LaGuerta says "Right. Special means you don't talk about it. But I know you've heard as man horror stories as I have about what went on down there with those death squads. What were they called?". Doakes replies and LaGuerta translates "The bogeymen". She says they did a lot of terrible things, killed a lot of people.Doakes starts saying some of the things they did such as making mother's carry the heads of their dead sons. LaGuerta tells Doakes that if Bayard did those things then he deserved a lot worse than he got. She gets up and says to Doakes "Don't worry James it will be over soon" and walks away taking the report. When she is gone Doakes says "I know it will".

It's night and Dexter walks through the lounge at Joe's house and looks to make sure Deb and Rudy are asleep on the sofa bed. He has his shoes in his left hand and opens the front door with the other and goes outside. As Dexter climbs onto the hospital roof he thinks "If Joe was shot up with insulin there will be an injection well, maybe between his toes, or in a freckle. If it's there I'll find it." Dexter tries the window and it is open. He walks through towards the room where they had Joe's body and finds it is gone. He stands outside Doctor Pittman's office and thinks "Come on Doctor Pittman, which crematorium did you send Joe to?" and opens the office door. Inside on the desk he discovers a box. It is the cremated remains of Joe Driscoll. He picks up the box and walks out of the office. In the hallway he is seen by a large security guard. The man chases after him but Dexter gets away.

Dexter is jogging down the street when a car pulls up beside him. It's Rudy. He opens the passenger door and tells Dexter to get in. Rudy tells Dexter he heard him sneak out of the house and figured where he would be going. He said he was going to try talk him out of it. He notices the box Dexter is holding and says "Jesus Dex, did you steal something?'. Dexter tells him his fingerprints were all over it so he figured it was a good idea to get rid of the evidence. Rudy says "Guess you weren't able to find out if he was injected with anything then?" Dexter says "No". Rudy asks him what he is going to do with the ashes. Dexter suggests putting them in the rubbish. Rudy tells him he has a better idea.

Dexter and Rudy drive to a bowling Alley and get out of the car. Dexter puts the box of ashes on the bonnet of the car. Rudy tells Dexter that "No matter what Harry said, No matter what Deb thinks. That's your father". Dexter says "A cardboard box". Rudy says "I know you don't want to acknowledge it which is why you are running around breaking and entering, and searching for some killer. But you took that because there is a part of you that knows that this, that box, is your real father." Dexter opens the box and takes out the plastic bag of ashes and says "My father." He walks to a grassy area outside the bowling alley and tips all the ashes out onto the ground then rubs them into the grass with his hand.

Rita is asleep in the bed at Joe's when Dexter walks back into the room Rita wakes up and asks if he is alright. He tells her he was just getting some air. Rita tells Dexter she found a bunch of papers in Joe's closet and points them out to him. Dexter picks up the box and sits on the bed. He picks up a homemade card out of the box and opens it. On the front in child's writing it says "Thank you" and has a picture of a syringe with blood in it.

Back in time Dexter is in the hospital bed sitting up making a card after his operation. Harry comes in to see Dexter and sits on the bed. He tells Harry he is making the card for the man who gave him the blood. Harry tells him that the man is gone and they won't be seeing him again. Dexter says that's alright and throws the card in the bin saying it doesn't mean anything. Harry says yes it does and takes the card out of the bin and hands it back to Dexter telling him to finish it and he will make sure the man gets the card. Back in the present Dexter puts the box down beside the bed and puts the card back on top of it.

Angel walks unannounced into LaGuerta's office and says "You had the case dropped?" LaGuerta says "Do you seriously think I have any say over what IA does?" Angel says he put himself on the line and told IA the truth and that there is a lot of evidence to back that up. LaGuerta tells Angel that all she knows is that IA got a call from an agency in Washington, maybe military, they took over the case. Angel asks if it was Black ops or CIA, she says maybe. Angel says "And I ratted him out, Jesus Christ". LaGuerta says "Angel, you did what you thought was right". Angel leaves LaGuerta's office and as he walks out the door a uniformed officer deliberately bumps into him and says "Squeak squeak" Angel asks him if he has a problem. Before the man answers Doakes appears behind him and says loidly for everyone in the station to hear "Officer Benson. You just bumped into your superior. I believe you owe Detective Batista an apology". Officer Benson says "Yes sir" to Doakes then apologises to Angel. Doakes looks at Angel then leaves. Officer Benson leaves next then Angel too goes on his way.

Dexter is standing out the front of Joe's house then hands a real state agent the keys. Rudy walks up to Dexter and tells his he should be sorry they met under these circumstances but that he thinks it was the best way to get to know him. Deb joins them and asks Dexter if they are good. He tells her they are fine. She says she will see him back at the station and she and Rudy go to their car. As Rudy is getting in the elderly neighbour comes out and calls out to Rudy "Cable repairman. Wait. I want to ask you something". Rudy starts the car and drives off while the old lady keeps calling out to him. Dexter joins Rita in his car. She says "Alone again". Dexter says "Finally". He starts the car and tells Rita he was glad he came. She says "I thought you would be". He begins to drive off as the elderly neighbour calls out "Yoo hoo" but Dexter ignores her. She asks if the cable repair man said anything about her TV antenna. Dexter just waves and drives off.

Rita is back at home in her kids' bedroom. The kids are asleep. She gets up and leaves their room when someone knocks at the door. It's Paul. She answers the door just wearing a nightgown. Paul barges in. She tells him the kids are asleep and that it's late and he's drunk. She tells him she wants him to leave. He tells her he doesn't care what she wants. He says he wants his kids and that they are going to remember who the head of the family is. Rita says softly "You're right. I've been awful. I didn't realise I was hurting you so much. But I can make it up to you" She caresses his face and leads him to her bedroom. As soon as she shuts the door Paul grabs her and throes her on the bed. He asks her if she wants to play rough and calls her a whore then begins to take his top off. While his top is covering his face Rita reaches under the bed and pulls out a baseball bat which she uses to hit him over the head. Paul falls on the ground beside the bed and Rita gets up and grabs a top which she puts on while she is going out the door. She goes to the kids' room and wakes them up. She picks up Cody and they all run out of the house.

Dexter is in his apartment. He selects a record and puts it on. He sits down and picks up a bag. He takes the card he made for Joe out of the bag and opens it up. On the inside it says "Thank you for the good blood. From Dexter Morgan." We flashback to the young Dexter riding in the car looking at the tattoo on Joe's elbow while Dexter's voice over says "I had a father, someone other than Harry who called me son". We flashback to Dexter still holding the card as the voice over continues "The thought never occurred to me. Harry was all I needed". As Dexter's voiceover continues we flash to a man in blue overalls walking up a path to a door. Dexter continues "It was Harry who had all the answers. He knew who was good, bad, safe, or dangerous. I'd built my life on Harry's code. I live by it". We see the elderly woman neighbour from Dade County (Across the road from Joe Driscoll) open the door and greet the man. Dexter continues "But Harry lied. Why would he do that? What else don't I know? My concrete foundation is turning to shifting sand. As the man turns around and shuts the elderly woman's door we see that it is Rudy. Dexter's voiceover says "Maybe Rudy was right. You never can truly know anyone".