Season 1 Episode 9

Father Knows Best

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 26, 2006 on Showtime

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  • Dexter meets the Ice Truck Killer

    When Dexter learns his biological father has recently died he questions Harry who told him he was already dead He has also been given his fathers house so Dexter goes but it turns into Rita coming with him and then Deb and Rudy who we have just found out is the Ice Truck It was very good to see Rudy with Dexter because Rudy has wanted to meet Dexter for a long time Rudy was following Dexter through the episode and trying to get to know him At the end Rudy nearly gets found out when a neighbor recognizes him as a cable man but everyone drives away before they find out what she was saying he was the cable man This means that Rudy killed Dexter's bio and he also comes back at the end to kill the neighbor just in case she can recognize him again.
  • This one didn't have enough of that strangeness that I have come to love in the show.

    Thought the show was alright I think it was a good filler episode that gave some information about Dexter and setup so new story lines. It was interesting to see the serial killer and Dexter together and Dexter not even know it. I think that the killer is lonely and he is trying to make Dexter, the sister, and the girlfriend all a happy little family. I think that he likes Dexter more that the sister. I was glad to see that the ex finally messed up the good guy act was becoming annoying. I hope Dexter does something to him soon, although she showed in this episode that she didn't even really need his help.
  • Matters of family

    I think this episode has the irony when looking after knowing some things to come - it all goes around family for Dexter.. I mean his family.. the families of others around him.. Rita's scene in the end promises much trouble for woman.

    I think it was quite weird that Deb introduced her new boyfriend this way, but it was needed for the story and development and it did well. There was little unknown, mystery and much we never know but what we can think - I mean the mark what Dexter had no change to find and "tv guy".

    The only thing that little bothered me was the police station storyline. Maybe it has it's own use later, specially the special force background but this way it was little off and little not connected.
  • Beside You

    Dexter se entera que su verdadero padre murió y que heredó de él una tierna casita en las afueras de Miami. Su noviecita se ofrece a ayudarlo a ir y sacar todo lo que ya no sirve y a ellos se le suman la parejita feliz de la hermanita con the ice truck killer que está encantado y fascinado da al fin conocer a su mentor (alguien se dió cuenta que no me se los nombres de los personajes?).
    Podría haber sido un capítulo de p*** madre a lo Jason pero terminó siendo uno más, donde se dan muchas vueltas al p***.
  • Revealing...

    We have finally found out who the Ice Trucker is (Rudi) In this episode...

    Dexter receives a registered letter informing him that his biological father has recently died. This comes as a shock, because Harry, Dexter's adoptive father, had told him that his real dad died over 30 years ago. As Dexter heads off to visit the house of his deceased biological father, Rita decides to come along to help him make it through the weekend. Then Debbie and Rudy join them at the house and things become even more awkward.

    Back in Miami, Doakes is involved in the questionable shooting of a middle-aged Haitian man. Internal Affairs investigates and Batista has to decide if he's going to tell the truth about the shooting, or back Doakes' untrue version of the actual incident.
  • Review

    A great episode with some highly informative background info.

    Dexter discovers that his biological father has died. This means that Harry lied to him and Debs because they both remember Harry telling him Dexter's real father was dead.
    This doesn't really seem to shake Dexter's faith in Harry, but the knowledge that Harry lied may have repercussions for future episodes.

    The arrival of Rudy, his as yet unknown, fellow serial killer was interesting. It was fun to see them interact, Rudy in the full knowledge of who and what Dexter is, whereas Dexter is as yet completely unaware of who Rudy is, apart from his sister's boyfriend.

    I loved Rita hitting Paul with the baseball bat, she clearly is not longer the suffering wife. Good on her.
  • Review

    I think it was the worst episode of the series to date. Dont get me wrong, I love what they are doing with the Ice Truck Killer and Dexter - letting them get to know one another a little better before the big showdown which Im sure is going to take place at the end of season one or so. I also think the Rita storyline took an interesting twist in this episode, with Paul coming over and getting his head smashed in with a baseball bat as Rita runs the kids out of the house. I think the end of the epsiode was very well written, but the entire episode seemed a little slow for me. The flashbacks were solid - as Dexter finds out everything Harry said might not have been the perfect truth like he always thought it was. Learning the cable repair man is the Ice Truck Killer and also was the one who killed Dexters dad was another big one for me. Ice Truck Killer remains to always be one step ahead of Dexter, which Im sure will turn around very soon. Overall, not a horrendous episode by any stretch but I think its the shows weakest to date.
  • Dexter, Rita, Debs and Rudy (aka the ITK) all end up in the same house spending time together.

    A great episode with some highly informative background info.

    Dexter discovers that his biological father has died. This means that Harry lied to him and Debs because they both remember Harry telling him Dexter's real father was dead.
    This doesn't really seem to shake Dexter's faith in Harry, but the knowledge that Harry lied may have repercussions for future episodes.

    The arrival of Rudy, his as yet unknown, fellow serial killer was interesting. It was fun to see them interact, Rudy in the full knowledge of who and what Dexter is, whereas Dexter is as yet completely unaware of who Rudy is, apart from his sister's boyfriend.

    I loved Rita hitting Paul with the baseball bat, she clearly is not longer the suffering wife. Good on her.
  • Daddy Lied Written by Melissa Rosenberg Directed by Adam Davidson

    If there's one thing television loves to do, it's to do the parental issues and if you happen to be a show like Lost, you'll have done it to the extent where viewers no longer care as opposing to being gripped by it. Thankfully this show doesn't seem too likely to inherit that fate and with any luck, it'll remain like that too.

    Dexter is in for quite the rude awakening as the biological father he assumed was dead for the majority of his life has only recently passed away and there's no better way of dropping that bombshell than with the help of a registered letter telling Dexter that not only is a Joseph Driscoll his biological father but also that he's been left the dead man's house.

    Finding out that a parent you didn't know you had alive and that has managed to die before you could ever establish a relationship with them has got to be pretty tough even for someone like Dexter who claims to be unable to feel anything emotional, despite recent episodes proving to the contrary.

    Of course Dexter isn't the only one who is affected by this news as Deb's first reaction is to remind her brother that she's his family now and then after spending the night with Rudy, her attempts of dismissing the thoughts of her brother going through something emotional are challenged by her psychotic lover.

    The one thing that both Dexter and Deb have in common is the fact that they believed everything Harry has ever told them and never seemed to question it. With Dexter that belief had to go deeper when Harry was preventing him from killing innocent people so if Harry told Dexter that his real parents were gone, they should be no reason to doubt him at all, right?

    Well in theory you could say yes but the reality is, that while Harry might care for Dexter, if he had to flat out lie to the lad in order to protect him, then that's exactly what Harry would do and has done. He knew about Dexter's real father being alive and kept it from him so I would assume that Harry had good reasons behind this.

    Whatever those reasons are however, we're not told right out but when Dexter hurts himself pretty severely and winds up in hospital in need of a blood transfusion, both Harry and Doris are quick to disagree with contacting Joe. Eventually they had to when Dexter got better but why Harry wasn't so keen on doing it straightaway does raise a few questions.

    I could guess that maybe Harry didn't want Joe in Dexter's life due to the fact he was a drug addict or that maybe if Joe spent time with Dexter, he'd realise the lad had sociopath like tendencies. Those are the two most likely scenarios but either way, the discovery of Joe now brings up a lot of tension in the episode.

    In that regards Joseph may have posed a danger. Rita was quick to spot his addiction to narcotics and Dexter even spotted the prison tattoo when he went to the morgue and Rudy also made a rather perceptive comment about the way Joseph's music collection didn't pass the early 1980's.

    Going by that comment of Rudy's, I wondered how much of an actual life Joseph managed to have as such. I mean he lost his kid, probably his wife as well as himself through drugs, jail and loneliness. None of the neighbours were really close to him and Dr Pittman also gave the impression of not really knowing him very well either.

    It's kinda sad that for some people life doesn't really start at a young age or even at all but the fact of the matter, a lot of people really don't have it all and sometimes it might be their own fault and other times, it just mightn't be. With Joe, I think it was the former but I could be wrong on that one.

    The idea of Rita going out there with Dexter to help pack up the man's belongings was a sweet gesture. He's been there for her all season long and at the moment that he needs someone; Rita automatically is there by his side. It's another in an impressively long line of reason why I continue to ship this couple.

    Although Dexter had shown reservations at first by the end of the episode and also dealing with the Rudy/Deb invasion, he was pretty glad to have Rita by his side and she took a nice delight in being glad that he wanted her there. Given that she was with a complete monster before Dexter, a part of Rita feels like she's finally landed on her feet and in a way she pretty much has.

    Getting to the actual house stuff itself, the invasion of Rudy and Deb was definitely not on the menu for Dexter but in fairness both of them added to the material behind this plot and it might not have been quite as effective if it was just Dexter and Rita. Plus I absolutely loved the scene where Rudy coerced all four of them into rocking out to some of Joseph's music. Little moments like that do big favours for this series I have to admit.

    But of course the fun the got tossed aside for some actual tension between Deb and Dexter when Masuka blurted out that he was helping Dexter with a certain DNA test and Deb was quick to blow a gasket. Even though I felt Deb was overreacting just a bit, I bought her loyalty to Harry. That being said in no way whatsoever was Dexter being disloyal to the man who raised him for all his life either.

    If someone leaves you a house and claims to be your biological father, then how can you not do something about it? Even if the thing was to prove the dead guy was wrong, you would do it to put your mind at rest and the fact of the matter is, Harry did lie and Joseph was Dexter's father and now both Dexter and Deb know this.

    Deb blurted out about how she didn't want anything to do with Joseph and fair enough to her but the guy is dead and Dexter showed no interest in keeping anything of Joseph's anyway. By finding out that the man was his father through biology, Dexter had everything he needed but it took Deb until the end of the episode to realise when her and Dexter finally made up.

    Then there's also Rudy, who after last week we know is the Ice Truck Killer but his scenes with Dexter this week were the highlight. That being said, Rudy certainly knows how to invade someone's personal space and every time he's around Dexter, he's quick to analyse him and ask some rather uncomfortable questions to.

    We know for the past few months that he's been testing and spying on Dexter and assuming that he doesn't want to reveal himself just yet, I was kinda surprised that Dexter didn't seem remotely suspicious of him. If someone I had only just met was acting towards me in the same manner Rudy did with Dexter, I would definitely think something wasn't right.

    Also as soon as Dexter escaped the morgue with Joseph's ashes in tow, Rudy popped out of nowhere to give him a lift under the pretext of trying to stop him from doing something risky. Dexter's not dense but I have to admit I was weirded out by him not feeling remotely suspicious of Rudy, who by the way really does give off creepy vibe even if Doakes can't detect them.

    Still there's a rather cathartic scene where Rudy gets Dexter to scatter Joseph's ashes and Dexter embraces the fact he's lost another parent. As for Rudy, was it much of a surprise that he was cable repairman that dotty neighbour of Joseph's had claimed? Nope but given the fact Rudy ends the episode paying her another visit, I bet the old dear had wished she never said a thing. No surprises to if Rudy turned out to be the one who killed Joseph, though why is anyone's guess.

    Speaking of visits, it pains me everytime I have to see Rita's vile excuse of an ex-husband and when she has to blow off his schedule to see Cody and Astor so she could help Dexter, Paul responds by getting high and calling her. I wish annoying Rita was the only crime that Paul inflicts on her but it's really not.

    No sooner than when he swore to stay clean and agree to Rita terms does Paul fly spectacularly off the wagon and while getting high was bad enough, turning up to Rita's house and attempting to rape her was really the worst thing he could've done and luckily Rita had a good shot with the baseball bat, giving her long enough to get herself and the kids out of the house. Though why she let him in the house in the first place was kinda silly. Simple thing would've been to call the cops but with any luck, Paul's reign on the show is coming to a short end. Rita and her kids are better off without that monster in their lives. Dexter may be a scum bag killer but at least he isn't a wife beater and would be rapist. That trumps Paul any day of the week.

    Elsewhere the wonderful Angel had suffered a crisis of conscience this week when an erratic Doakes took to shooting an innocent man in cold blood and after Doakes let rip on Dexter, Angel had no choice but to actually drop him in it.

    Anything that gives a character like Angel more to do in my book is never a bad thing and while this plot wasn't as good as the main stuff in the episode, it certainly had a surprise twist as such to it.

    It turns out that the guy Doakes had shot, a Mr Bayard was actually something of a tyrant in the Haitian army and given the rather horrific description of some of his past crime, its little wonder that Doakes did what he did. I also have to agreeing with the validation Maria actually gave James.

    However not only did we get a bit of a backstory with Doakes' army history but we also saw him at one point telling Angel that they are other good cops besides him. Doakes clearly thinks he's a good cop and he also thinks Angel is one too because the only thing he did in response to Angel "ratting" him out was to force another cop to respect Angel. I have to admit my respect for Doakes did go up in that scene.

    Also in "Father Knows Best"

    I think this might be one of the few episodes in which Dexter barely had a scene by himself, especially with Rudy tailing him like a love sick puppy.

    Cody: "Where did you get that scar?"
    Rita: "Cody!"
    Dexter: "Swordfight, I won".

    Joseph Driscoll was an expert bowler. Didn't Dexter once mention that he liked bowling?

    Rita: "You're obviously so overwhelmed that you've shut down"
    Dexter: "Maybe".

    Rita: "A death in the family trumps the circus"
    Paul: "Dexter is not your family, I am".

    If Cody/Astor didn't stay with Paul, then did Invisible Colleen look after them again? Why haven't we met her yet?

    Harry: "Everything will be as good as new"
    Dexter: "It will?"
    Harry: "Would I lie to you?"

    Dexter: "What do you want from me?"
    Deb: "I want what Dad wanted, to have nothing to do with this guy".

    Paul talked in a similar way to the prose of the book series. There's no way I'm forgetting this show is based on a book franchise.

    LaGuerta: "Don't worry James, it'll be over soon"
    Doakes: "I know it will".

    Dexter: "Figure I need a ride?"
    Rudy: "Figured I could talk you out of it. No such luck, huh?"

    Dexter is AB Negative, the rarest of blood type. Dexter is in himself a pretty rare kind of person.

    Dexter: "My Father sounds strange"
    Rudy: "I know".

    Deb: "We good?"
    Dexter: "We're fine".

    Standout music: "Slow Ride" by Foghat and "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" by Creedence Clearwatch Revival.

    Dexter: "You know what? I'm glad you're here"
    Rita: "Thought you would be".

    Chronology: According to Joe's cremations, it's the first week of December 2006.

    An episode in regards to fathers isn't the most unique television experience and while the links between Dexter and Rudy are a more powerful plot, I can't deny the charm of "Father Knows Best" and with three episodes left; things are certainly getting hotter than ever on this show.
  • You can just see the hero worship look in Rudy's eyes.

    I loved this episode. Two killers (sorry, I really don't classify Dex as a killer sometimes), hanging out, having a great time, with an underline of evilness in the house. Rudy just loves Dex, and you can see it everytime he talks or looks at him. It's kind of nice to see Dex with a friend. I loved when the two of them were packing using knives, plastic garbage bags and string (just like their murders). Little tdo the ladies know who they are sleeping with. I felt bad though that the Ice Truck Killer was the one who killed Dex's dad. But, how did he know who he was? Interesting to see what happens next week.
  • 2 psychos, 1 place. This can only be good. Or...

    This episode, I was waiting for it. Dexter and Rudy in the same house.
    Last episode it was revealed that Rudy is the Ice Truck Killer.So everybody, including me, would except a big event, twist, breakthrough or anything. But instead, we got a very calm episode with good character moments. The big event is delayed.

    This is also probably the first episode where Dexter doesn't kill anyone, or even, not feel the urge to kill anyone-not even in his flashbacks.

    What this episode offers is, may not be appreciated by everyone. Not everyone appreciates character moments. It's understandable. However, without them, you wouldn't understand many things.

    Unfortunately, you can't develop characters, and do twists at the same time. Twists always mean a twist of a character: doing something that the character would usually never do. But how do we recognize usual, if we don't know the character itself?

    In this episode we learn about Debra and her relationship with her father. It's interesting, because, so far, Debra didn't show any emotion when it came to Harry, but in this episode, she's all upset that Dexter wanted to find out who his real father was. Dexter, on the other hand couldn't let his fathe go without him knowing the truth. He also found out Harry lied to him which made Dexter upset - Harry, with his code.... lied? He must've had a good reason...

    Rudy was great, but not what I or everybody else excepted. Overally compelling, interesting, with a bang at the end - Rita hitting Paul. Hitting, I mean, with a baseball bat. Haha. That was good!
  • A couples weekend......................

    Dexter: Father Knows Best

    Dexter is at Rita’s. It’s morning and he has started showering, when in comes Rita……… and then the kids just have to get in there too. Uh! I don’t like our Dear Dex is this domestic scene.

    Doakes riding with Angel, spots a man he recognizes. A chase ensues. Next thing we know, the guy is dead under a bridge. Dex says the blood doesn’t match up with Doakes account of how the death/(”hit” *wink*) happened. Angel disagree with Doakes but holds back saying anything to Lt. La Guerta. La Guerta asked if Doakes is “good”. She is going to stick by her “partner”.

    Deb harasses Dex to meet her new boyfriend, Rudy. Deb tells Dex about Rudy, “I feel safe with him.” (Some women are beyond dumb with no judge of character.) When a special letter comes telling Dexter that his bio-Dad has died and Dex is executor of his estate. Deb doesn’t believe it because Harry told them that Dexter’s parents died.

    Angel asks Dex to sit on the shooting blood report with Doakes. Dex gives the report to Angel to sit on, as long as he wants.

    Back story: Harry showing young Dex his new birth certificate, “officially a Morgan”. Harry tells Deb and Dex that Dex’s parents died in an accident.

    Rita jumps at the chance to help Dex in his our of need. She thinks Dex is overwhelmed and shutting down and volunteers forcefully to go with Dex‘s to handle Joe Driscoll’s estate. *rolls eyes*

    After strenuous sex, Deb laid out on the bed, Rudy manipulates her into going to Dade County to help Dex with his Bio-Dad’s estate. Rudy manipulates Deb so easily…… Uh! Good thing I don’t like her or I would be upset over her being so gullible. Rudy declines a weekend of sex with Deb steering her towards going to Dex. Paul is annoyed that Rita is going away with Dexter for the weekend. Paul won’t be able to have the kids because his visits are supervised. Paul is like a big white gorilla on the loose, ready to smack Rita around if he doesn’t have his way. Rita and Dex arrive at Joe Driscoll’s place. Dex feels a little sick from the nasty burgers they had to eat on the drive to Dade County. Then the nosy old lady across the street from Joe’s place comes out to try and manipulate Dex into doing her gutters. Uh! Exploiting old ladies are a bother. Rita comments that Joe’s house is a bachelor’s house. She is so happy to be up in Dexter’s personal life.

    Angel is full of anxiety. He can’t hold the line on Doakes story about the shooting of Jacques Bayard. *rolls eyes* He knows something isn’t right but does not know what is going on. Angel confronts Doakes. Doakes informs Angel that Angel is not the only honest cop on the force.

    Rita and Rudy arrive at Joe’s house. Dex meets Rudy. I have a teensy problem with Dex and Rudy meeting. Why can’t Dex tell that Rudy is the Ice Truck Killer? Anyway, Deb and Rita are just happy as hell to be telling Dex what to do, intruding on his personal life. Rudy is beyond creepy, up early in the morning making himself at home at Joe’s.

    Dex views Bio-Dad’s corpse at the morgue. Joe has a prison tattoo. The small down doctor, who knew Joe, argues against Joe having been a convict. A little challenge between Dex and the doc over Joe’s cause of death. Dex suspects foul play. He then has a memory image of seeing Joe’s spider web, prison tattoo, as he rode with him in a car as a child. Dex is disturbed by the image. He steals some of Joe’s blood and phones Masuka. Dex requests a DNA comparison. Back story: Young Dex injured trying to recover a ball for Deb. He is cut up as they are rolling him into the emergency room. Young Dex has a rare blood type. The hospital’s supply of that blood type is low. Harry and his wife argue over Mom telling that Dex is adopted. Harry does not want this information told to the hospital doctors.

    Angel is interrogated by Internal Affairs. He wants to tell.

    Back at Joe’s, Rita, Rudy, Deb and Dex are going through Joe’s things trying to get an idea of who Joe was and how he lived. Rudy finds some old classic Rock. Rita, Rudy and Deb dance to slow ride as they pack up Joe’s belongings. Paul calls. *sigh* Please kill him Dex.

    Rudy is creeping around Dex ………. Being sympathetic. He alludes to the fact that Dex might be upset that Joe could be his real Dad.

    Young Dex being wheeled on a gurney as the doctor tells him that they have the blood he needs. Angel is in a car spilling his guts to an Internal Affairs officer. *roll eyes*

    Deb answers Dex’s cell phone. Masuka give the report to her that Joe is Dex’s Bio-Dad. Deb is very upset…….. Angry. She confronts Dex that Joe Driscoll, indeed, was Dexter’s bio-dad. Deb is worried about losing her only family………. Dex. No worry there. Dex is her brother.

    Dex and Deb discuss the toxin’s in Joe’s body. Dex suggests that Joe could have been injected with insulin. This would go along with Rudy having killed Joe. Deb is upset because she wants Dex to have nothing to do with Joe. Dex just wants to know what happened. Deb’s intuition and the fact that Harry thought badly enough of Joe to tell Dexter that he was dead.

    Dex questions the nosy old lady across the street. She remembers a cable repairman. Her general description fits Rudy. La Guerta confronts Doakes about the killing of Bayard aka Rene Thibault, a Haitian Military. Doakes was in Special Ops, when he was in the military. Thibault had committed some vicious atrocities. La Guerta understands and tells Doakes it will be over soon. Meaning that she is going to cover for him.

    Dex sneaks out to the morgue at night to look for an injection welt on Joe’s corpse. He finds an open window at the morgue and slips in. He finds a box. It’s Joe’s ashes. A guard spots Dex and chases him. Dex escapes out the window and guess who pulls up…….. Rudy. He said he heard Dex sneak out and guessed where he went. He asks Dex if he found out if Joe was injected with anything. Dex tells him know and wonders what do with Joe’s ashes. Rudy says he has an idea and they dump Joe’s ashes at his favorite bowling alley. He tells Dex that Joe is part of him, his real family. Wrong Rudy, Deb is his true family, his sister, who loves him and was raised with him.

    Back at Joe’s house, Rita tells Dex she found some papers. There is a box containing a hand made “Thank you” card from Young Dex.

    Back story: Young Dex is making a “Thank you” card to send to the guy, who donated blood for him. Young Dex almost pitches the card because Harry tells him that the blood donor is gone and won’t be seen again. Then Harry has Dex finish the card and says he will get it to him.

    Angel confronts La Guerta about the Bayard/Thibault being dropped. Angel is terrified that his fellow officers will condemn him for being a “rat”. A cop intentionally bumps Angel inn the outer office. Doakes steps up and orders the officer to apologize. Signaling to the other officers to leave Angel alone.

    Dex, Rita, Rudy and Deb prepare to leave Joe’s house. Dex says he doesn’t want the house Joe left him. Rudy sees the nosy old woman and she calls him the “Cable Repairman, don’t go. I want to ask you something.” This gives hint that Rudy did indeed kill Joe. Rudy ignores and dodges the old woman. She calls to Dex but it doesn’t seem to know what she is talking about.

    Rita is back home with the kids. Paul knocks. Uh! Rita lets him in and starts getting loud. He is angry because Rita was with Dex. Rita can tell he is going to turn violent. She offers him sex to “make it up” to him. Paul is about to rape her when she reaches under the bed and grabs a bat. Rita hits Paul with the bat knocking him out and leaves the house with the kids.

    Dexter has a memory as a child of riding with Joe.

    Rudy dressed as the cable repairman walks up to the house of the nosy old lady, who lives across from Joe’s place. She opens her door. Smiles at Rudy in recognition as she lets him in. We assume he is going to kill her because she is a witness. Or…. Just because he wants to kill her. Frankly, I am glad he is going to kill her.

    Dex is holding the Thank you card he made Joe. He is thinking about having a father. He remembers Harry, Harry’s code. His life is built on Harry. I think Deb is more correct here. She told Dex that Joe must be bad news for Harry to have lied about him. I, also, understand Dex wanting to know more about his family past.

    Overall, a very good episode, despite the fact that Rita and Deb are often pushy in a nice obnoxious way.
  • Blood splatters are great…..

    Dwelled into Dexter’s past, not sure to feel sorry or what for him, there are people who have been through worst and picked up, but I have to admit it’s tough. Dexter met ice truck killer – Rudy, unknowingly at the house by his dead biological father. They became friends, shooked hands. No one was killed this time. Lots of flash backs, though I am not particularly keen to know but rather wish they could have get on with the story: what’s gonna happen next? As I suspected, Rudy was the cable repairman been into Dexter’s biological father’s house. Rita’s ex, Paul, is going get killed for messing with Dexter, you just watch for it.
  • Love, Love, Love this show! Dexter gets notified that his “bio Dad” had past away and left him his house and belongings. Dexter is skeptical because Harry had always told him that his bio parents were dead.

    Dexter gets notified that his “bio Dad” had past away and left him his house and belongings. Dexter is skeptical because Harry had always told him that his bio parents were dead. He can’t believe that Harry would ever lie to him. Harry was also so honest and straight forward with him.

    Dexter tells Rita about his “bio Dad” and that he has to go down and take care of the house. Rita shows some more back bone and “tells” Dexter that she’s going with him, that he’ll need her. Great for Rita! Her ex gets mad because she cancels his visit with the kids. He insists that Dexter isn’t family.

    Debra tells her new boyfriend, the ice truck killer, about Dexter’s “bio Dad.” He manipulates her by saying that Dexter needs her support, that this must be bringing up old “hurts” and that she needs to be there to support him in his time of need. Oh, and of course he’ll go with her and finally be able to meet Dexter face to face.

    Dexter gets down to his “bio Dad’s” and starts to investigate. He starts to question the cause of death. He takes a blood sample from from “bio Dad” and from himself and sends it to his lab back home to be analyzed. He finds out from going through “bio Dads” things that he doesn’t seem to have a past or any record of what happened to him before he was 30. He also finds out that his “bio Dad” use to be an addict and has been clean since he was 30. Debra and her boyfriend have arrived by this time and Debra doesn’t like that Dexter seems to be questioning what Harry had always told them – about Dexter’s parents being dead. When she answers Dexter’s phone and it’s the lab calling with the results – “bio Dad” IS Dexter’s real “bio Dad” she confronts Dexter and freaks out on him. She can’t understand him questioning Harry. She feels like it’s also questioning her and their relationship. Dexter continues to investigate “bio Dads” death and upon questioning a neighbor finds out that right before his death that a so called “cable repair man” visited. He breaks into the morgue to check to see if “bio Dad” was drugged but the body was already cremated. He almost gets caught. He grabs the box of ashes and runs. As he’s running down the street a car stops by him, throws open the passenger door and the driver says “get in!”. Dexter looks in the car and it’s Debra’s boyfriend, Mr Ice Truck Killer himself. Of course Dexter doesn’t know the later yet… He gets into the car and the boyfriend talks Dexter into spreading the ashes properly and not just trashing them.

    Rita’s ex calls her in the middle of her, Dexter, Debra and boyfriend bonding over “bio Dads” old music collection. Ex is high on something. Rita calls him out on it and tells him if he wants to keep seeing the kids then he needs to just hang up and not call her again high. He agrees and hangs up. Later she finds a box of old papers of “bio Dad” and gives it to Dexter. Going through the box he finds a card he’d made for a supposive “mystery” blood donor that he’d asked Harry to deliver/send for him. Everything is confirmed for him now. Harry did know that this was his “bio Dad.” Why did Harry lie?

    Is this why it took so long for Dexter to be legally adopted? Because his “bio Dad” was still alive? Maybe he fought it or at least questioned it?

    When everything is packed up and the two couples are leaving, the neighbor recognizes Debra’s boyfriend as the “cable man” and calls out to him. He ignores her and leaves quickly with Debra. She also tried to call out to Dexter but he thought she was just a lonely, slightly crazy old lady and didn’t stop to see what she had to say.

    We later see Ice Truck Killer guy come back to the old lady’s house and she lets him. Poor her. She’s dead now. No witnesses…

    As far as Rita and her ex – he shows back up to her place when she gets back. It’s late and he’s high/drunk again. He’s yelling and she gets scared. She talks him into following her into her bedroom so he won’t upset the kids. As soon as he gets into her room he turns aggressive. He strikes out at her and attacks her. He throws her onto the bed to rape her. BUT she has a surprise for him. She grabs a baseball bat and hits him in the back of the head. He falls off of her and she runs to get herself and the kids out of the house. When this was all happening I was hoping she’d keep hitting him until he was dead. It was self-defense – see?! Then her problems would be over! But she ran. I’m guessing she ran to Dexter’s. Now the question is what does Dexter do? Is this enough to convince him that the ex is evil and needs to die? Oh, also the black cop guy that hates Dexter, he shots and kills this Haitian guy. Angel was there when he did it and didn’t think it was a “good” kill. That the other guy wasn’t justified in the killing. Angel tells IA about it. But instead of the investigation continuing – it gets dropped. Something to do with a special military program the black cop guy was in. So now we’re left wondering where this is going to go. Is the black cop here on some sort of special assignment? Or are they just covering for him because he use to be one of them…?

    Any how, great ep! Love Dexter! Can’t wait till next Sunday!
  • the episode felt a bit void. also, debra was acting really weird just because dexter wanted to know about his real father.

    it is entertaining to know that debra's boyfriend who she is so trusting of is actually the ice truck killer. i don't understand why debra was overracting about dexter's father? the black guy at the station (i forgot his name) that shot and killed the Haitian man, is an a-hole and a liar and hope everyone finds out.

    what was debra's boyfriend doing at that old woman's house at the end?
  • It was a great episode but it wasnt what I was hoping for.

    In this episode Dexter learns his biological father has just died and left him executor of his estate. Dexter is confused because his foster Dad told him that he died. Well he recounts a time in the hospital where he needed blood and his Dad goes in seach of the blood because it proves to be a special sort of blood. Thus showing that Dexter is a special person doing almost Godwork.

    We also get to see his sister with her new found boyfriend. Of course things are going to get interesting once Dexter starts putting the pieces together. Because what I think the guy that gave this episode a 5.0 thinks is that Dexter knows all. He doesn't he's a mortal man. And also that guy isnt acting too out of the ordinary. We only know of this because we know truly who this guy is. Dexter upon seeing him will figure this out. But what really can he do? This guy knows all his secrets. He knows who he kills, he knows where he dumps the bodies, he knows everything about his past life. He's going to be hard pressed to keep this guy underwraps because if he's caught then he's exposed as well if this guy chooses to talk. Interesting concept but I think we will see him sucking lozenges soon to bring them full circle.

    Rita has her troubles as her husband comes back and tortures her life again. Finally though she fights back and shows him that she's not going to just let him walk all over her. A bat to the head and running for her life helps that out. And why doesnt she just call the cops and his parole officer?? You know he hasnt changed with his feelings toward her and his use of alcohol and drugs. Just get it over with Rita and stop being the victim and running around! But of course Dexter will need to help her and show theres no reason to fear things that you can control.

    All in all not my favorite episode this season but gave us a few little parts to enjoy and some more character development. Maybe a little more touches of emotion on Dexter's part but I think coming up to the end of the season will show exactly why this show is getting renewed!
  • A filler episode in every aspect, with little development in any direction and some characters acting completely out of their usual way.

    Excuse me? This is just plain... well, not exactly bad, but definitely not what I had come to expect from this show! Weak plot, some of the most confusing plotholes imaginable (Dexter not noticing anything weird about Rudy - joke or what?), all in all minimal development at the expense of expanding on some of the rather boring elements of the show, like the whole Rita/Paul thing. Honestly, who cares about the subplots in this show? I, for one, am just waiting for what does Rudy really want to do with Dexter! I hope that the next episode brings something really fresh to the table.
  • excellent!!!

    this show is amazing !! I havent been available the past two sundays so i have miss two episode but last night episode had me at the edge of my bed!! LOL I love this show i even if i had miss the last two episodes i still knew what was going on right away !! GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The best show on television!!

    There are so many people missing this show because it's not mainstream. It's a shame. It is the most captivating show ever!! All Dexter knows is what Harry taught him. Harry is God. Harry kept secrets from Dexter and Debra. Harry must have known Dexter's biological father, and yet told Dexter that he had died a tragic death. Dexter must be the spawn of something awful. The ice truck killer is determined to show Dexter who he really is.

    This show is driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!