Season 3 Episode 2

Finding Freebo

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Dexter tries to stay ahead of the police to find Freebo.

    This episode as everyone would've predicted is about finding Freebo because he has saw Dexter and knows that he would've killed Oscar Not much happened in the episode overall but the last few minutes of the episode is what will impact the rest of the season when Miguel finds that Dexter has killed Freebo but Dexter claims self defense and because Miguel thinks Freebo killed Oscar he thanks Dexter Throughout the episode Dexter wanted to stay away from Miguel but now he is going to be seeing a lot more of him.
  • I love the development between Miguel and Dexter, genius!

    Dexter impressed last week with its 3rd season premier and this episode once again didn't disappoint. The whole theme of Dexter and children was really entertaining, what would his child be like? I also enjoy his relationship with Rita, she's a great character. Deb is also a brilliant character, I loved watching her trying to solve the case...but what she doesn't know is that her brother is racing her.

    Miguel is already a excellent and interesting development to the show. I have to say that I loved the ending, how Dexter killed Freebo...Miguel appeared then Dexter put on that act...all of a sudden he's hugging him, saying 'we're in this together'. Just brilliantly written and something I cannot wait to see more of.
  • Impending Written by Melissa Rosenberg Directed by Marcos Siega

    Rita (to Dexter): "I'm not trying to pressure you but we have to make a decision before one is made for us."

    Parenthood. If there's something that will definitely bring you out in cold sweats, it's possibly that. We know that for all of his murderous ways that Dexter actually is pretty cool with children. You get him to babysit and not worry about him dispatching them.

    However that's not much of a cert for fatherhood. Rita's pregnancy is certainly enough to get Dexter in a tail spin and when it's confirmed for definite (because actual proof is needed to back up Rita's realisation of old patterns); it's also the last thing that Dexter really wanted to discuss.

    Outside the hospital, he couldn't get fast enough to work and even at Rita's house, he still wasn't able to talk to her about the potential of being a parent. Rita even made a half-baked attempt to try and get him to open up on their way to Miguel and Sylvia's house and that still didn't work.

    Rita almost made a point of telling Sylvia that she was pregnant. Maybe because it was heavily playing on her mind or maybe it's a depiction that aside from co-workers and occasional sitters for Cody and Astor, Rita doesn't really have that many friends she can confide into.

    Valerie Cruz (next to be seen in True Blood) is a good casting choice for the role of Sylvia and seems to work well along with Jimmy Smits. It's also more likely that whatever friendship Rita and Sylvia will have is probably going to be healthier that the friendship Dexter finds himself being thrown into with Miguel.

    Tension aside, it's nice that Dexter and Rita didn't have any explosive arguments or cross words with each other. When Rita stopped by Dexter's apartment and started talking, I did at first think that she was going to suggest a termination in order to gauge Dexter's reaction (the one thing he wasn't giving her).

    Instead she made the point of telling that she was keeping the child, in spite of the list of cons the both of them had earlier discussed. However she did give Dexter an out by telling him that his role in the baby's life was his decision. While Rita's not stupid, I doubt emotional blackmail factored into her discussion with Dexter.

    As for being a good parent, I think we can vouch for that, especially when considering that the other parent (Paul, not Dexter) was a wife beating drug user. Rita's certainly stepped out of the role of cute but dim girlfriend into something more with a backbone and personality.

    Dexter spent a good part of this episode wondering whether or not his child would inherit the sociopath gene. Given that Dexter's original father wasn't a violent killer (if not exactly a law abiding citizen), there is the vague possibility that Dexter Jr could be a well adjusted child. Stranger things have happened and you've also got to remember that Rita's there too.

    When Dexter wasn't brooding about impending fatherhood, the search for Freebo was also on his mind. There was a time when Dexter would bask in the incompetence of his own work place, only for them to now actually be more proactive in their search for Freebo as well.

    Dexter had hoped that it was going to take them longer to link Oscar and Tegan's murders and Freebo's involvement but it seemed that Deb was doing her job just a little too well for Dexter's liking. Isn't it terrible when the police are actually good at their jobs? It's certainly going to be problematic for Dexter if they get too good.

    One big shining problem that came Dexter's way this week was Miguel. Miguel's suspicions of Dexter in the previous episode had signalled enough trouble but this week he was actively making a point in vetting Dexter out. That cosy little dinner incite had nothing to do with friendship or at least not the conventional kind.

    When I meet up with friends, there's usually chatter, pool, food, beverages (whether caffeinated or alcoholic). When Miguel met up with Dexter it was just so he could get an honest reaction in figuring out whether or not the police would end up catching Freebo.

    There are a lot of things that can easily be called out on this show but Dexter being caught by Miguel after he murdered Freebo wasn't one of them. I know Miguel was in the house while Dexter was getting busy on Freebo in the garage but I assumed (and hoped) that Dexter would escape and Miguel would just find Freebo's corpse. Not so much apparently.

    Miguel knowing that Dexter killed Freebo, even if he does believe it was in self-defence is trouble personified. Although Miguel intrigues me as a character (he could be a very interesting foil), I just don't trust him and Dexter really is going to have to tread carefully with this guy.

    Also speaking of treading carefully, Deb seems to be on a slippery slope. Although she's always been the ambitious type, she really seems to be even more fixated on getting her shield more and more this season; to the point where I think she's gonna mess up.

    I'm not sure about Quinn as a character but I'm also uncertain that it would be wise for Deb to spy on him as well. Plus it doesn't help that Yuki's a massive **** Seriously, there's someone lacking people skills in a big way and using Harry in a bid to try and get Deb to play ball is just low.

    At least Deb got some results with Tegan, like actually finding out whom she was and that there was a link to Freebo. Of course, it's also very interesting that Quinn wasn't best pleased when Anton actually delivered the good. Now, that's jealousy that could either be professional or personal but either way, both Quinn and Anton seem to fancy Deb. That part is certainly clear.

    As for Masuka, I had to delight in him getting published but is there any chance we might actually get a snippet on the article he wrote about the Bay Harbour Butcher. Maria's scenes with Miguel had some interesting moments. She did look pretty sad when Miguel kept things purely platonic and while Angel talked about the cons of his new position, I did love his little scene with Dexter on fatherhood.

    Also in "Finding Freebo"

    I don't think there's anyone who hasn't seen this episode and realised that the title is a nice little play on "Finding Nemo". Still, at least Nemo didn't get gutted whereas Freebo certainly did.

    Dexter (re Tegan): "I already saw what I saw and it was nothing."
    Deb: "Well, see what you see again."

    Masuka's little shrine made for a funny moment in the episode as did Dexter's pointed response on crucifixions.

    Deb: "You're gonna give me a shield for being a snitch."
    Yuki: "No, for being an honest cop, Deborah, like your father."

    Anton: "You know there is more to life than policing."
    Deb: "So I've heard."

    Anton plays the guitar in a band when he's not doing snitch work on drug dealers. He also poked fun at Deb's swearing.

    Deb: "What the **** is scrap-booking?"
    Dexter: "The tradition of putting photos and memorabilia into family keepsake albums along with relevant journaling."
    Deb: "I don't even want to know how you know that."

    Harry: "I always wanted to be a grandfather."
    Dexter: "I think we're all better off without you."

    Naturally Dexter's dream of a normal child would be skewered; though I'm surprised the kid only went after Astor. In the books, it's both her and Cody that display sociopathic tendencies.

    Deb: "You're a little young to be in business for yourself."
    Javier: "I'm a wonder kid."

    Masuka: "I got the call. I'm getting published."
    Dexter: "Congratulations, the shrine must've worked."

    Maria had to tell Miguel that his conviction for Chicky Hynes was wrong. Miguel looked like he wanted to flip on Maria but instead he chose to thank her for being honest with him.

    Rita: "Having this child is a huge mistake. I weighed up all the pros and cons and all I've got are the cons."
    Dexter: "I was thinking the same thing."
    Rita: "I'm keeping it."

    Rita (to Dexter): "This child is happening but your role in its life is entirely up to you."

    Rita's list of cons included expense, sagging boobs and in Dexter's dreams, was that a syringe rattler Harry had with the baby?

    Freebo: "What the hell is this?"
    Dexter: "Show and tell. It's been so long since you killed them, I thought you'd forgotten."

    Chronology: More or less a day or two since "Our Father".

    "Finding Freebo" certainly livened things up a little. Dexter works better when he's on the hunt for someone and the pursuit of Freebo was entertaining enough. The Miguel plot however pushed the episode and it'll be interesting to see how that develops.
  • Interesting turn of events

    After a rather "going nowhere" season premiere, Dexter returns to its typical awesome self. Ok on the whole, the episode was not that great. Between Dexter dealing with Rita`s pregnancy and Debra`s internal affairs thing..not really that interesting. However, the last 10 minutes were totally worth it.
    First, I must say Miguel Prado is a very interesting character and Jimmy Smits is doing great in the role. Definitely grown on me already. Freebo being at his dead girlfriend`s place was unexpected (rather stupid actually) but Miguel being there too, that was even more unpredictable and thrilling. Dexter kills Freebo and Miguel sees him and actually thank him. Looks like the beginning of a very odd "friendship", with Miguel being the only who actually witnessed Dexter killing. Very interesting turn of events.
  • an average episode with an awesome ending

    the best part of the episode was the ending but the rest aws still pretty good . the pregnancy storyline if handeled wrong can be a desaster but so far so good. also dexters dream sequnece during the episode wore great and it is nice to see harry back but what mekes this episode so good is the ending first of all dexters spech to freebo before killing him wa awesome and the death it self is one of the best in the series history also having miguel know dexter killed freebo makes for a even better dinamic between the 2 and alot f excitment for the next episodes p.s: it was insinueted that freebo didnt kill teegan . is it possible there is a new serial killer out there?
  • Good

    This episode was good, not one of the best I've seen, but still good. The whole child situation is quite interesting, and it will be fun to see how it pans out. It appears that every season of Dexter will include the storyline where someone directly or indirectly knows about Dexters secret life, or at the very least is close to figuring it out. Overall a good episode, I think it was nice to see Deb receiving some credit for her job for once. She's a bit off, but I think she's deserved to be acknowledged now. Looking forward to next week to see how the Freebo story onfolds.
  • Best writing on television. (spoilers)

    You know, I had to wonder how they were going to top the writing of the first two seasons. What else could they possibly do? Well, they topped it!

    The pregnancy seemed inevitable, but adds for good drama. Dexter is going from excited to panicked at the prospect of raising a child of his own. Not that I think he has anything to worry about. Who Dexter is, is not genetic, but a result of an extremely tragic event when he was 3. But I can see why he would be worried.

    And now the DA has caught him killing Freebo! He's such a good actor (the character) making it out to be an accident, and even had the brother's bayonet on him! So now the DA and possibly his Sherrif Brother are going to cover for him?

    How is this going to play out. I can see a season of much suspense ahead of us.
  • A special friendship.

    I'll jump right in: this is probably the best episode of Dexter since the first season ended. I've never been a fan of the second season, with the season finale marking a low point, but the new season started off good (albeit it little bit slow). This second episode is just great. I'm very curious how this will turn out. There are still some bad lines, especially in the voice-overs. Sometimes the writers underestimate their audience and try to explain situations that are perfectly clear to those who tune in to the show every week. The acting is great. I'm a big fan of Jimmy Smits. His character (and the situation he's in) is a little bit cliché, but he manages to make it interesting. Fans of the actor will know that he is always convincing. I'm looking forward to future episodes. The spark I thought the show had lost is back again.
  • another gr8 episode

    the episode starts off with dexter waiting for rita at a doctor's clinic to confirm the pregnancy. the man of the moment is "freebo". everyone is trying to find him. it was a very good episode.dexter is trying to tie up some loose end (freebo)while the ADA and his bro are waiting to dish out some justice themselves. the end really caught me by surprise. the ADA isnt what he seems to be. the snippets of the forthcoming episodes at the end were more revealing. dexter and the ADA are nos working together and he seems to be getting a little weary of all the compnay and as the ADA is the only person who has seen with a knife,things could get interesting between them. will dexter kill jimmy smits? cant wait for the next one
  • Dexter continues.

    Another great installment of Dexter here tonight. Jimmy Smits is blending in very well with the cast and we had a very intense scene where it looked like he may have caught Dexter, only for our favorite serial killer to talk his way out of trouble again.

    Deborah continues to be on of the most entertaining female characters on TV and I'm curious as to where her storyline with the internal affairs woman goes. There were some boring parts this week and I did not like the whole pregnancy thing as a great show like Dexter should not need to resort to publicity stunts like that to gain in ratings. Still, we had some great action, and an old school murder by Dexter Morgan.

    Not as good as the premiere but this show is still banging out great episodes in its third season.
  • The shape of things to come

    Dexter begins to deal with the idea of being a father. Does a man who enjoys killing have the right to bring life into this world? And what kind of life would it be? Like him? Can he take that chance?

    There is a part of him which wants nothing more than to have that white picket fence and three happy children running around it. Mostly so he can prove that he too is capable of it. That he's not all monster like he thought. Like his father thought.
    But the dark avenger will never leave him...and he doesn't really want it to. Rita, despite the hardships this will bring, is ready to keep it. But of course she leaves the final decision up to Dexter. We'll have to wait and see what that will be. Personally I hope they don't intend to actually have her give birth to a child. I feel it will bring the story downhill.

    Deb continues with her obsessive attempts to crack any case that's placed in front of her. Per usual, if she does crack it, it doesn't border out well for Dexter.
    She's also been shaken up after being told in two different occasions that she has no life outside the police force. No friends, no boyfriend, no hobbies. She may not admit it but the remarks have gotten to her. Badly. Because they're true, she's simply been too busy to notice.
    And I think that may open the door for her and this informant to enter a relationship. He certainly looks interested and they were continuously put together in this episode.

    Quinn seemed very upset that Deb has continued to go to his informant. She slyly asks, "Unless there's another reason you don't want me to talk to him?". The answer obviously appears to be there is. Can't wait to find out what exactly is behind his cute little smile.

    And now we come to the real stand out incident of the episode. Dexter finds freebo...and Miguel finds Dexter.
    Now I think it's been hinted that there's more to Miguel (And his deceased brother) than meets the eye. Sure, this was personal and he's seething with revenge. But the fact that he was so automatic in deciding to keep things a secret made me raise my eyebrow. (I also suspect he knew perfectly well the man he put away wasn't guilty).
    Dexter's excuses for being there and murdering freebo were pretty transparent. Miguel can't be that dumb. Either way, those final ten minutes had me at the edge of my seat with my heart coming out my throat! I cannot wait to see how this relationship develops. Or how it will end.
  • Need to Find Freebo

    It's all about Finding Freebo, Dexter finds him and kills him, so now Freebo's dead. Freebo has now been dispatched with a knife to the neck. He did manage to sputter out a few hints that maybe he wasn't, in fact, the one who killed his ex-girlfriend and cut off a square of her skin.

    In a convenient coincidence, Miguel shows up to think about killing Freebo at the exact same moment that Dexter is actually killing him. Dexter manages to convince Miguel that he killed Freebo in self-defence, looking at the bloody knife in his hand. At which point Miguel … hugs him. They're bros for life!

    Elsewhere Debz is still being harassed by an internal affairs investigator about Quinn, Dexter deals with the fact that Rita is pregnant and what it will be like to become a father.

    It's always the last 10-15 minutes of The Episode that keep you right on the edge of seat, Great Stuff!
  • Why must they do this to us, leave us hanging when it just gets better then ever before.

    In this very well written tale of Dexter, The man we know as Dexter is busy struggling with the ideal of being a father, how will his child grow up, what will his name be, is Dexter a good father. Dexter has to keep ahead of the force who is hunting Freebo, Debra cracks a lead that brings Teegans and Freebos case together. Dexter finds Freebo inside the dead girls home. Miguel catches Dexter with a bloody knife, Miguel hugs Dexter.The camera moves out revealing a blood stain on the side of Miguel. Side Notes. Rita has expressed to Dexter that she is keeping the baby, and she will support his decision to stay or leave. Closing Comments. Now i love this episode, it dives deep inside of the mind of Dexter. What will become of his son if he chose the ideal to bare this child of his. Debra is fighting to get her shield, now i must say i do not like Debra as this fierce women type of character am sorry i just find it bugging. This show really has no fillers they keep digging inside the characters and pulling out all the twists and turns to keep you wanting more. I just can not wait for the next episode.
  • Brilliant. Sublime. Broody.

    This level once again broke new ground. How on earth are the writers managing this level of consistency and perfection?!

    The kill: My word. How can the director still captivate me as Dex goes in for the kill in his third Season? The shocking nature of it is tempered oh so thinly by the veneer of guilt that all victims have. And Dexter's face *every* time he does it is scary. Yet I back him to the hilt (please excuse the shameless pun), and root for him all the way.

    Evolution: Dex's methods are becoming ever more adaptive to the situation. How he built a clean room as the situation evolved, without a trap being set is a testament to his new-found risk-taking. And the kill "table" made of a ladder in cling film hammered it home for me. The knife used was simply poetic.

    Dex Jr: "I take life. Giving it is new". How Dex muses and calculates having a baby was gripping viewing, and it is good to see the writers' appetite for ethics is alive and kicking. His son killing Astor had me on the floor laughing. And it was funny how Dex automatically assumes it will be a boy – maybe because it is harder to picture a female killer in his garb and holding cheese wire. It also brought to surfaces questions about Dex's objectivity and potential emotions – all new to us fascinated viewers. How he actually cannot disassemble the issue with cold logic was amazing. Will this make him less effective as a bringer of justice? How will he cope with full time family life? Will "nesting and hunting" be the future? And Rita's unexpectedly cruel and subtle ways whilst handling Dex amazed and delighted. Her ultimatum for him before he takes down Freebo was brilliant, and the anguish showed on his face. I would *love* to see how Dex Jr. would interact with daddy. Dad: Both Dex and Deb have *serious* father issues. As if we did not know, but it is drummed into us again. Deb retreats to everything her dad taught her after her fiancée tried to kill her, whilst Dex is moving away from everything his dad taught. Yet, despite evolving beyond the Code, Dex still struggles with it and Harry – as demonstrated by his father holding a grandson. The big needle pacifier was a genius reference to his real father.

    Masuka: the Buddha was a brilliant touch, and go very far to reveal how much the writers obsess over even small characters.

    Angel: Coming along nicely as a leader, and his encouraging words to Deb were a very nice touch.

    The DA: The preview to the next episodes was MAJORLY tedious. Please don't go down the "buddy" route. PLEASE!

    Apart from the tiny glitch at the end, this episode is proving that the writers have it in them to deliver us the best damn show TV has ever had.
  • Dexter looks for Freebo and hits a few bumps on the way.

    This episode was great. Everything was very well connected. The last few minutes had me on the edge of my seat. I was thinking of a different outcome, but the way the writers handled it and the look of the upcoming episodes look promising. The baby storyline is getting a bit more indepth as well as the prado case. Everything so far in the season has been developing very well. This episode is evidence that Dexter has only more to give as the storylines progress. I was a bit worried that season 1 and 2 were dexters high points. Its still to early to tell, but at this rate season 3 will be equal or better.
  • Dexter dreams of better days, but what would life really be like with a mini-Dexter around? Meanwhile, Miguel Prado totally has a boy crush on Dexter! See this bromance evolve! Oh yea, there's some other crap with Deb, but do we care?

    The Good: Dexter as a father? It's an angle I've never considered beyond Esther and Cody. A new fear arises for Dexter, will the child be just like him? We see him fantasize a little Dexter Junior in the same 'murder' outfit that Dex always dons before a kill. Very surreal to see, and I'm sure Rita would think twice before keeping the baby if she knew who Dexter was truly.

    - A constant battle in Dexter's mind is his question of whether Harry did everything he could to reform Dexter, could Dexter have been normal?

    - Jimmy Smits is great as Prado, clearly there's more there than meets the eye, and his forced friendship with Dexter is one I look forward to seeing evolve.

    - Masuka gets published! lol

    The Bad: Deb's story line is far from interesting, I don't really care if Quinn is a dirty cop.

    The Ugly: This new random case where Prado prosecuted that wrong man? Why is it even important? Is Prado going to become Dexter's unwitting partner in crime? Either way, right now it

    Bottom line: The storylines that revolve around Dexter are so engaging, I wish the writers would more to engage me to the subplots. I find that they aren't as compelling or interesting, but it's still early on in the season! So things can change!

  • This episode is very cleverly plotted and written up to the last moment. Everything comes to together like tumblers in a lock and it's magnificent.

    The cool thing about this episode is everything in it came back to the same points. Dexter continuously thinking about having a child. Rita continuously pushing Dexter to make a decision. Miguel continuously staying bitter about his brothers death. And Debra continuously attempting to solve a case.

    It all leads up to Rita giving Dexter a way out of her life, Debra getting back on the Freebo case, and Dexter getting caught at Freebo's house by Miguel. This is probably the greatest twist on the show so far. Miguel now knows Dexter killed a man. So now what? Will Dexter kill an innocent man? Or will he stick to the code? Or does he really consider Miguel a friend?

    This episode is very cleverly plotted and written up to the last moment. Everything comes to together like tumblers in a lock and it's magnificent.

    Michael C Hall once again does an amazing performance. Along with Jimmy and the other cast. This episode was great. Season 3 is looking up. 9/10.