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A different ending

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    So like most of the viewers, i was way disapointed with the last season, they had so much potential to make it one of the greatest series ever and instead we had... that...

    So i thought, what if we could re-write the end, here's mine

    " We have a great villain, even better than trinity, he's epic somehow, and he last the whole season, not just a couple episodes, dexter's nemesis, they hate each other so much, but they have kind of a weird relationship too, Deb knows about him and the relationship dexter has with him, and even though she's back at the police force, she can't catch him, but she don't want him as bad as dexter.

    We somehow get Dexter and Deb to have a confrontation about the villain being dexter's last kill, they fight big time about it, Deb can't let that happen for some reason, she just can't, not this guy, for some reason, they leave each other on that fight, later Dexter finally gets the villain on his table, we have an epic dialogue, because he is dexter's last kill, he kills him of course, there is a weird moment when dexter looks at him, because he now know he was his last kill we realise it with him so the show can end, but then we have Deb coming in the kill room, quinn and baptista too, and some other police force, but only Deb knew that it was dexter the killer so everyone is just speechless, Deb looks at him, for a few seconds thats seems like hours, they speak no words, just looks, and then she reads him his right calmly, handcuff him and so it was the last scene, no music no one is speaking, and then we have Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter work of course to make it work good, try and remember in weeds season 8, spoiler just ahead, when Shane arrest the kid who soot Nancy in the hotel room, i loved that scene

    What do you guys think? of course there is a need of work for details that are not really clear in my head as i am not a writer and i can't re-write the whole season, english isn't even my born language, but the main idea is to get deb to arrest dexter for the last scene with every police force watching, no music and just silence, like the silent clock in 24

    How about you, try and make a story, and i hope i'm not too confusing

    How would you guys do the end

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    I made some changes to the entire season with a recut:!

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