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Dexter Submission Guidelines

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    Hello, I'm Gilmoreism, the Editor for Dexter. This show is unique in it's set up. So I'm going to put some stuff in here that is specific to this set up, and this is how I want submissions to be submitted.

    First off- This show has cursing in it. It is rated TV-MA. This means that the guide for this show is going to have cursing in it. If you are offended by the cursing you shouldn't watch the show and you shouldn't come to the guide. Now that being said, I don't think it is totally necessary for the recap to be filled with cussing. It can be left out of there for the most part unless it is a rather poignant line.

    Secondly- Spelling and grammar are very important to me. I feel that a guide should look neat. I will correct grammar a few times for people after that I will start denying and explaining that the grammar is too confusing. Spelling, same thing. I will be less tolerant about spelling... There is a spell check on the submission forms for a reason. I will copy and paste anything that I deny into the form to explain why. Character names misspelled is a big pet peeve of mine. There is a cast list at the top of the page, if you aren't sure check.

    Now I'm going to go through the types of submissions and what each one needs to look like.

    Summaries and Recaps

    A summary should be a brief but inclusive description of the episode. Since this show runs about 50 minutes, a good summary will probably be around 3-5 sentences about what all happens in the episode.

    Recaps should be very detailed and should cover almost everything that happens in an episode. The current recaps have things like "The episode begins" "The show ends"  "We are led to believe..." I would prefer that your recaps not have these in them. I will be working on rewriting the current recaps so that it is more about the show and less about the reader. It should read almost like reading a book recount. A novelization of the show if you will. It can be peppered with quotes or it can have none at all, as long as each scene is covered it's a good recap.


    Notes are about Production. A director/actor walks off the set during filming. An actor is injured during an action sequence. A guest star is better known for.... If it occurs on Screen it's Trivia.


    This is for goofs, and collection of tid bits that people watching the episode might miss. The content of a letter seen on screen, a license plate number, The type of car a person drives. If a famous location is scene in the background. This stuff belongs in Trivia.


    I am a real stickler about quotes being accurate. I do have a DVR and I save the episodes on there, so I will be checking that what you submit is word for word accurate. If it's minor I may fix it a few times.

    A quote should look like this

    Dexter: It is?

    The name is bold, the Colon is outside of the bolding, and there is a space before any dialogue.

    Now if they are doing something before the line

    Dexter: (shakes head) Why are we here?

    Again name is all the same the action is in italics in parentheses and there is space between the colon and between the parentheses and first word of dialogue.

    Now if it's just an action no dialogue...

    (Dexter comes around a corner)
    Deb: Holy smokes! You scared me!

    It should be formatted as above, and not the same as dialogue.

    Now one of the best things about this show is that a lot of the character development and things come from Dexter's voice overs. So this needs to be designated that it's not an actual spoken dialogue by dexter but it's his internal monologue because generally Dexter talking and Dexter thinking are two different sides of his "personality".

    SO a voice over

    Dexter: (voice over) I have a very strange feeling.

    Or if he interrupts his spoken dialogue with a voice over.

    Dexter: I have no idea. (voice over) But I'm going to find out.

    Now as far as what to credit the person as in the quote.

    Dexter should be Dexter and not Dex. Debra However, is usually called Officer Morgan or Deb. I would prefer that all of her quotes be credited to Deb. Lt. Maria LaGuerta, should be credited as LaGuerta, please remember to capitalize the G. Sgt. Doakes should be credited as Doakes. Angel Batista as Angel. Harry Morgan can be credited as Harry. As for the younger Dexters there is no need to distinguish which one is speaking, if he's talking to Harry it's pretty obvious he's younger.If you use a quote from Capt. Matthews then you should credit him as Capt. Matthews, and not just Captain or Matthews.  As for smaller/non recurring characters things, like "Killer" for a character like Mike Donovan are not acceptable. but a random officer in the police station can be credited as "Police Officer" or "Detective".  I think those are all the major players that need to be pointed.

    All right well that covers all of that.

    Any further questions about submissions, I do have a public profile, and you can feel free to submit questions there, if you aren't sure about it.
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