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Does anyone read the Dexter novels?

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    [1]Jul 21, 2011
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    I just got Dexter Is Delicious for my birthday and reserved Double Dexter. I've read all the other novels aside from Dexter In The Dark, but I'm curious to know if anyone else reads them.

    I like them because they tell their own story which is different from the TV series, so it's like there are two different timelines or something, which I find unique. There are minor changes in the characters, and although I prefer the TV series more, I still find the books to be really enjoyable.

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    [2]Jul 28, 2011
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    I've read the books, the first season and the first book are close to the same with a few differences, especially how it ends. But from then on they go in completely seperate directions. It's less like two different timelines and more like two different realities. It will become apparent just how different in the third book with the moloch story line. Something to do with the dark passenger that the series completely avoids. The series just refers to the dark passenger as Dexters desire to kill, his darkness within. The books however go a different direction. It's hard to say which one I like more, because I like them both, and both have aspects which are better than the other medium. While large debate could be had at whether or not it is better to watch a TV show or Read a book. I prefer watching to reading, perhaps its just because I'm lazy and like to watch something created from someone elses imagination rather than create my own Dexter world in my head while reading, seems like less work. However I do both like to read Dexter and watch Dexter. I've also listened to all the Dexter books on audio-tape. A lazy way to read I suppose. If you haven't read the books and like the series you will probably like the books. Dexter the TV series is pretty dark but the books are a little more so I would say, but its still Dexter, Jeff Lindsays beautiful deadly creation.
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    [3]Aug 1, 2011
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    I love the books. They're a bit weirder than the series, but they're very well written and imaginative. I've read all five so far, and loved them all. Even Dexter in the Dark, albeit less so. At least Lindsay had the common sense of not referencing its events too much in the following books. And
    had me giddy with excitement. Can't wait for Double Dexter.
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    [4]Aug 8, 2011
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    Absolutely love the books!! I tell all my friends that reading the Dexter books is like having extra seasons of the show, even thought the books are super short comparatively. But I love them all!!

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    [5]Oct 19, 2011
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    The books are OK ... but the series is a lot better.

    The Dexter in the books isn't quite as cool, smart or badass as the TV Dexter.
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    [7]Oct 24, 2011
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    pumpkinhead2 wrote:
    The books are OK ... but the series is a lot better.

    The Dexter in the books isn't quite as cool, smart or badass as the TV Dexter.

    that's because michael c. hall made tv dexter way too cool
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    [8]Oct 24, 2011
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    I read only first book
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    [9]Nov 14, 2011
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    Yeah I've read all 6 books so far and they have been a very mixedaffair.

    The first is astounding and was rightly altered for tv... some ideas would not have translated into a show hoping for any longevity. I love the realism and grounded basis of the tv show more than some of the fantastical bents of the books.

    The second book is slightly less powerful and i found Deb's knowledge of Dexter's hobby to be a real liability to the story.. but still great because ofDoakes'presense and hounding of Dex throughout, which wasably translated to the screen... but once again the more fantastic events of the book brake the realism they went for in the they show.

    Book 3 was very rightly slated for its poorstory-lineand even moreunbelievablepremise.. although i rather enjoyed the start and theideabehind it.. really gives more context to Dex'smotivations.. i wont go into it here, notwantingto spoiler it.

    From there on the rest of the books are all above average thrillers, a bit choppy and rough around the edges but satisfying enough. Dexter's trip to France was somewhat silly in that the story was very obviously taken from the real world news from the art world at the time but fun enough.Dexter Is Delicious is probably the best of them.. Double Dexter was... hard to say i have to read it again and see if if sits better.. but is a worthy read.

    What is interesting is thejuxtapositionof reading and viewing.. in the books we read Dex'sthoughtsand get a larger insight into the DarkPassenger... which is delightful but also can make some of Dex's choices on the show seem rather inept.. he is far more cold, careful and emotionless in the books (esp. his views on his new family) where as on tv he has to make stupid mistakes to put him into situations more often.Of course this also means he gets to kill more so its both a slight bother and a joy.

    Also how Dexter gets involved in crimes and situations is much more thoughtfully done in the books, Lindsey makes sure theres a reason for everything Dex does and a reason for him to be places.. something the show has given up on, especially this season, with Dexter just wandering around messing with evidence and actually helping the investigation.. in the books his prime motivation is killing and working for the police is just a cover to do that.. and foiling the police efforts is as much of his job as it is killing the bad guys.

    Reading the books is probably why i'm finding this season horribly sloppy and unrealistic with Dexter running around doing knee-jerk things and leaving evidence everywhere..

    Last nights show was a case in point.. i can't see Dexter of the books shagging a girl in a truckstop just to get a gun.. Dexter detests guns.. they are impersonal and boring to him. All he did with it was shoot at signs.. calling unnecessary attention to himself and giving the killer a gun.. there was no reason for it (i can see a ham-fisted future line with the store girl and the gun giving Dexter from issues to deal with but the shoddy work this season rather leaves me hopeful they won't try it).. not to mentionshowing his face,talking to people who can identify him with little to no thought to his cover story. Leaving his beloved knives and kit to be stolen! Dexter'spassengerrings bells when in the presence of bad people, esp killers and potential killers, and is careful to a fault.. recently he blunders into the tricks of the dimest hood. Even his hiding of the body was shoddy.. and he seemingly had no actual plan for the boy at all.

    His slides are his life in the books (and the show to some degree) so having him drop them and be totally unbothered from then on was extremely sloppywritingi felt.. since there seems to have been no purpose to it. Having him go to make kills last night without his kit was again just wrong IMHO.

    Yes the Dex of the tv and of the books have a similar birth and both have had some very shaky story-lines its a shame as the tv show has avoided being brain-dead till now.

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    [10]Nov 22, 2011
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    I read the books but prefer the TV series
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