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Favorite Season.

What is your favorite Dexter season?

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    Seasons 1, 2 and 4. 3 was disappointing considering the first 2 were brilliant. 4 come back with a vengeance though; John Lithgow as the trinity killer was creepy lol!
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    In order:

    Season 1 - The whole cat and mouse game between Dex and "Rudy" was awesome and the big reveal would have been even better if a friend hadn't told me in advance.

    Season 2 - Loved the whole "hunting Dexter" scenario.

    Season 5 - Probably not a popular call, but there were a lot of little things I loved about this season especially the fact that Dexter mostly was doing something for a real person and not just to feed his dark passenger. Also Teenage Wasteland was one of my favorite episodes... of all the kills that Dexter makes against seriously evil people I think humiliating and beating up an abusive step father left me with a far more satisfied feeling.

    Season 3 - Jimmy Smits was a great Miguel and frankly he was my second favorite big bad right after Rudy/Brian Moser. Also liked how they integrated Harry into the season as Dexter's personal Jiminy Cricket. Real problem... it was pretty much over before the last episode, last one felt like a mop up.

    Season 4 - I think this season disappointed me more than anything. I felt the killing of Lundy was shortsighted, some of the episodes just fell short, Rita's character had evolved too far, and... well I know Lithgow is a good actor but frankly every time I see him all I can think is hey that's Dick Solomon.

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    the 5th season rocks. the best ever!
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